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Dolphins to cut Karlos Dansby

The Miami Dolphins are parting ways with middle linebacker Karlos Dansby, according to a club source.

The team informed agent Todd France that his client would be waived this afternoon. The move to sign younger, cheaper Dannell Ellerbe from the Baltimore Ravens led to this move.

I explained the salary cap ramifications of this move in the last post.

But what you have to know is te team saved $3.9 million in cap space by cutting Dansby. The Dolphins apparently gauged interest in Dansby on the trade market but there was none of note.

By the way, aside from being a cap move, the reason Dansby is gone is his play didn't produce the kind of game-changing plays the Dolphins wanted or expected when he came to the team in 2010 as an unrestricted free agent addition.

In addition, Dansby irked head coach Joe Philbin on a couple of occassions  by openly criticizing the team's handling of the Chad Johnson cut and also by announcing he was playing with a torn biceps muscle after the Dolphins asked him not to speak about the injury.

Philbin discussed the issues with Dansby but it apparently left the coach at least wondering if Dansby was a fit.

If Dansby has been a better player, the issues with Philbin might have been forgotten. He wasn't so they were amplified.

Dansby, 31, led the Dolphins with 133 tackles. He had nine tackles for loss but he neither caused nor recovered any fumbles and did not intercept any passes.

This move takes into account the player Dansby is today, but also next year when he'll be 32 years old and costing $11.575 million against the cap.

Instead the Dolphins will carry $4.6 million in dead money for cutting Dansby this year and another $2.3 million in dead money next year.



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You don't worry about DT now, are you crazy

Wow we need a TE baddddddd nothing else is out there

The ravens just made probably their biggest splash with Chris Canty. Their about done LOL

Posted by: LOL | March 12, 2013 at 07:48 PM


Was there actually supposed to be a humorous component to that comment or do you just put 'LOL' after everything you write?

Alex Smith is now throwing to Fasano and that's not great considering he had Davis as a safety valve. Fasano is a great team player but has trouble separating so Alex just took another hit. Too bad for him. :)

Dashi made a great point. If you Safeties have 200 tackles between them LB play is suspect

Wow we need a TE baddddddd nothing else is out there

Posted by: Shockmode360 | March 12, 2013 at 07:51 PM

Both baltimores TE's are rfa. We have plenty of draft picks. Don't discount the possibility of Miami going after Pitta or Dixon. They don't have to use their draft picks in the draft, they can use them to sign RFA.

Baltimore sure could use the draft picks since their rebuilding the roster with younger players & newsome has said as much.

Darlington said he has a lil inside info on Miami's draft strategy & I would not be surprised to use the draft picks this way!

What is everyone so cheery about? We have zero corner backs and zero tight ends.

Dashi made a great point. If you Safeties have 200 tackles between them LB play is suspect

Posted by: Clue | March 12, 2013 at 07:55 PM

Not to burst your bubble, but that point has been made about 3000 times on 50 different sites.

What is everyone so cheery about? We have zero corner backs and zero tight ends.

Posted by: Ramp | March 12, 2013 at 07:55 PM

There are a ton of FA cb's available. There are RFA TE's available & Miami has a plethura of picks.

It's only the 1st day of FA, you should relax & enjoy the ride.

This whole thing reeks of Ross trying to buy votes. There is no football sense behind it. Do these move help us win the division? No. Inside linebacker wasn't even a need. And we'll see how good Wallace is with a fat wallet and without Big Ben. We'll just see.

Ramp, you can't be a serious blogger. We have no TE or CBs?? Who cares?? It's day ONE of FA. No CBs were taken today, ZERO. Add in there is still TE options out there. What do people like you think??

Oh no, we haven't signed a Cb or a TE in the 1st 4 hours of FA. The sky is falling.

With the collapse of the Cook acquisition, I find it very hurtful to continue conversing with everyone here in the comment section.

I am going to sign off, pop a disk of Edward Scissorhands in the BluRay, and try to get myself together for tomorrow's FA activity.

Hopefully we can acquire some useful players like a TE or DB tomorrow. Otherwise, today is the void w/o Cook.

Or, Ireland is treating the Cb position this year like he did WR's last year. That would be bad! LOL

Steppin' out in my HOT PANTS and leather brasseire now, boys! Me-WOW!

The more I read the more I believe Jake Long is regretting his decision. Reports saying he is giving the Dolphins every opportunity to match any offers from the Rams

Sapp just said he likes what he Dolphins are doing.

I guess since I knew Wallace was gonna happen it just doesn't seem like the splash the FO has been talking about so far.

Its still early though and surely they plan to sign a veteran TE. Surely?

I wonder who their plan B TE is after Cook. Myers?

I had to stop watching the NFL Network. Sapp is the biggest A#H. Him and Pioli were really hating on the Dolphins. Bullock said that FA is a big risk and to just look what happened to Baffalo and Tampa last year with all their FA signings.

Dansby has decided to call it quits. Him and Crowder will host a morning drive talk show.

Egnew better be the next Kellen Winslow Sr.

Pioli critiquing FA is like having Fatso Tuna on ESPN evaluating player personnel.


Two failures. Money-grubbing, work-shirking Franchise Destroyers.

Dansby was solid. Impact plays?? Thats the problem with the whole defense! Remember everyone said the same thing about Crowder! Can tackle but no INTs. Dansby is a good tackler and good locker room guy. When our defense was bad most of the time it was terrible schemes. Hope we are right about Ellerbee! When Dansby wasnt in there people couldnt wait til he came back.

Hirelands post made me laugh.

Phillip Wheeler has agreed to term with the Fins. Burnett on the way out?




is Martellus Bennett still available?

Yeah I have to think that is the end of Kevin Burnett as a Phin

I called it on Wallace 13-15million a year to sign with Miami. LOL....

Titans actually getting the most love from the contributos on nfl.com for levitre & Delanie walker. Which is fine, no one wants to be known as the team who wins March.

What the heck is with getting all these linebackers!!!???

Bennett signed with Bears early today. One of the first to sign.

Don't forget about ol incarcerated bob YG.

At this point I would consider bringing our own players back rather than continue on the shopping spree. The Bills did this last year and ended up with a worse record than the fins.

I would try to bring back Long and Smith. Long's price has to be going down right now. Take care of the rest of the needs in the draft. Take Warmack in the first round to replace Jerry (not a big fan). Draft Zach Ertz with the first pick in the second round and then take Swope, another TE (Dion Simms), and a pass rusher.

Why do fin fans always think another teams garbage will save us?

Posted by: Kent

what other teams garbage did we collect???
Mike Wallace?....Ellerbe?
if you call that other teams garbage, you obviously don't know who the good football players are in the league !
These aren't other teams garbage .. these are other teams playmakers that they could afford to sign because they are asking for a lot because they are worth it , and their teams can't sign them because of their salary cap problems... Man you are the stupidest person on this blog.. Haha , and everyone see it... why dont you go be stupid with jet fans and coaches? you and them are on the same level and have no clue on how to run a team.

meant to say " they could NOT afford "

Incarcerated Bob was the first to call the Mike Wallace signing.

I wonder if he has any more information.

Eff Smith............Long okay but not for his unrealistic $11mil.

TJ @ 8:16...............current LBs smell.......thass why we're trying a new lot


I was wondering why Cee Lo Green was hating on us on NFL Network and then I realized it was Jamie Dukes lol

Posted by: hireland | March 12, 2013 at 07:47 PM

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Thanks Man, we needed That One!

Is good to see Jeff Ireland caming of his shell, no thans to Bill Parcells.

I was shocked we got Wallace but am happy we don't have to hear any more of the BS how guys don't want to play for the Phins OR how Ross is too cheap. It's an unbelievable day to be a fan. Mr. Ireland is not playing around. Just WOW.

I wonder if Miami is done with big free agents now. They do have Marshall & Patterson under contract for next year. Maybe they're prepared to go into the draft with those guys and draft a couple more db's along with a top TE prospect?

Will be interesting to see if Miami is done. According to Volin, Miami has $33m after cutting Dansby? That number an't possibly be right, could it?

Ben Volin‏@BenVolinPBP

Guessing Ellerbe has a cap number around $3 million and Wallace around $7-8 million for this season. Dolphins have $33m after cutting Dansby

Apparently the Fins needed lbers with hair..lol

guys can anyone tell me whether wheeler is any good, never heard of him TBH?????

So, we signed Phillip Wheeler...Who get's cut, Burnett or Misi?

Great call my man. All hail to Dashi!!!!

We need a TE. How did they let Fasano walk? If we go into the season with just Egnew and Clay we are Fulcked.

Phillip Wheeler isnt garbage either. He will be in only his 6th season and had 109 tkles as a starter for the Raiders last year.

Its now goodbe to Burnett too! LOL...

LOL, cap hit on Wallace is 6 million, 3 on Ellerbe. Dansby only saves us 3.9 this year. Next year the cap hit on Dansby would have been 14 million

I saw Philip Wheeler graded out as the #6 best 4-3 Outside Linebacker last year according to Pro Football Focus so he apparently can play.

We do need a TE Steve. Your one ugly dude btw.

Right now it looks like the fins are building through FA. That is a bit scary. Teams that do this generally do not succeed.

Could Darrel Rivas be next. I am just thinking we need a top CB in a bad way and Ireland is making a lot of bold moves this off season.

Major House cleaning it is. Philbin not fooling around, he wants his People here.

If Wheeler plays outside then Misi is gone? Or he moves inside?

it said wheeler was actually oaklands best player last year

Ellerbee had 92 tackles. Wheeler 109 tackles last year.

Guy relax on the Cook situation if you havent already. I wanted his pass catching and speed too (cuz fasano is/was slow) BUT cook CANNOT bBLOCK. Please explain his worth to me if you love him so much. Our lb core was/is weak glad we did SOMETHING

Orlando, do you think he is doing it this way as he now has a foundation of young players that have been drafted, and now adding the better more established players to fill the holes/needs to make us say a playoff team????

We just got so much younger, don't worry boys, we have more $$ to spend

I live the creative nature on the LB front....two agressive guys we just picked up

I see more singings to come, need a TE, CB and OL, then we have 8 picks in first 4 rounds

I also have a sneaky suspicion we sign the kid from STL and Bess may be gone......

Myers the TE had a good year in Oakland last year as well. 79 catches 800 yds. 4 tds

Phillip Wheeler

Born: December 12, 1984 (age 28), Columbus
40 yard dash time: 4.76 seconds
Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)
Weight: 240
Salary: 700,000 USD (2012)

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