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Dolphins to cut Karlos Dansby

The Miami Dolphins are parting ways with middle linebacker Karlos Dansby, according to a club source.

The team informed agent Todd France that his client would be waived this afternoon. The move to sign younger, cheaper Dannell Ellerbe from the Baltimore Ravens led to this move.

I explained the salary cap ramifications of this move in the last post.

But what you have to know is te team saved $3.9 million in cap space by cutting Dansby. The Dolphins apparently gauged interest in Dansby on the trade market but there was none of note.

By the way, aside from being a cap move, the reason Dansby is gone is his play didn't produce the kind of game-changing plays the Dolphins wanted or expected when he came to the team in 2010 as an unrestricted free agent addition.

In addition, Dansby irked head coach Joe Philbin on a couple of occassions  by openly criticizing the team's handling of the Chad Johnson cut and also by announcing he was playing with a torn biceps muscle after the Dolphins asked him not to speak about the injury.

Philbin discussed the issues with Dansby but it apparently left the coach at least wondering if Dansby was a fit.

If Dansby has been a better player, the issues with Philbin might have been forgotten. He wasn't so they were amplified.

Dansby, 31, led the Dolphins with 133 tackles. He had nine tackles for loss but he neither caused nor recovered any fumbles and did not intercept any passes.

This move takes into account the player Dansby is today, but also next year when he'll be 32 years old and costing $11.575 million against the cap.

Instead the Dolphins will carry $4.6 million in dead money for cutting Dansby this year and another $2.3 million in dead money next year.



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Phillip Wheeler?

Who is this Wheeler dude? Another castoff not good enough for a crap team?

Did Jake Long, Bush or Smith sign today?

Pitt and Baltimore two class operations. If they don't want to pay up for their crumbs, why should we?

Folks there was NO COMPETITION for Wallace at that price. Ireland gambled with emotion and not common sense.

Well the TE's have been hurting us for two years. I think they are finally going to try to fix that problem with speed.

Oakland fans and Baltimore fans are screaming bloody murder about these two LB losses. That has to be a good sign.

Guess this was all necessary after switching back to a 4-3 from 3-4. We still need a DE to complement Wake. If Long comes back then really you could probably fix TE/CB and RB in the draft. I think Bess and Bennett are the next two Dolphins to be shown the Door. Really like Bess and think Pats would love to have him.

Feels like their is a plan and that is something new.

Go Dolphins!! Still holding my breath dont care what you guys say.

Posted by: Ramp | March 12, 2013 at 08:37 PM


Nice info YG, I am further educated. You really can learn anything from anyone.

This is close to Insanity. Hopefully, next year, it doesn't happen as now.

Could Misi be on his way to seeing time at DE?

You know you can save 8,583,334 if you cut Burnett, Bess and Carpenter.

Drafting a kicker late rounds might be the right idea guys. That type of money could allow you to sign Jennings or say Avril from Detroit ( think he is out their.)

I am thinking things are going to get really interesting. You guys who wanted whole sale changes just might get them.

I really like this LB thing after thinking a while about it. Next year is when this money will become a big thing (forward thinking by the front office, someone finally might have learned how to work the cap in Miami)

Go Dolphins!

Wasnt wheeler a colt for a few years? Hey guys do i seriously have tofill in all this other crap just to post? I read these covos all the time (even when its hardto) and i wanna join in but NOT worth it if it requires my f-in email evrytime.

Keep dumping Ireland acquisitions and allow him to bring in brand new dissapointments. The recipe for insanity. Thanks Ross.

Misi should be cut too.

It will stay in there josh. Join in, enlighten us.

No way you cut Misi.

I don'think is Ireland alone, in getting these new acquisitions, Philbin also.

The musical chairs on this team every year is F'N incredible. So many busts and dissapointments. A franchise without a face. But some still get excited at every new addition.

I don'think is Ireland alone, in getting these new acquisitions, Philbin also.

Posted by: oscar canosa | March 12, 2013 at 08:57 PM

ur right oscar, Philbin and Ireland are miami's dream team ... :D

One + way of looking at all these new acquisitions and the furure of the Dolphins franchise is there is no possible way that Philbin is as bad a HC as Sparano was. Be hopeful.

You know we were talking about a trip to Ireland and I got cold feet because the word Ireland gives me nausea.

Great move..Dansby has never lived up to that contract..he's just not that explosive

i believe ireland will get the credit but these signings have philbins name on them. he knows ballers;ireland never did.

However this year turns out, you have to like the fact that the Front Office is decisive and seems to have a plan. We just have to wait now and see what happens to the other positions that need to be filled or upgraded. I haven't been keeping track, but looks like they have to be somewhere over $30 Mil (maybe towards $40 Mil) in signings against the cap.

Ireland s done a good job so far.Too bad we couldn t get Cook but now a TE draftee will likely be the Plan.Bottom line....going into next season....Miami has already IMPROVED big-time their team overall with just Wallace alone.Amazing to think we still have next month s Draft to look forward to.

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