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Dolphins interest in DE Michael Bennett makes sense

Agent Drew Rosenhaus has a gift for getting the Miami Dolphins interested in his clients.

Sometimes that's been a problem such as the year he got tight end Eric Green to Miami as the signature free agent signing when the team really needed a defensive end. Sometimes, it's blessing.

Consider this a better moment because the Dolphins are interested in prospective Tampa Bay free agent defensive end Michael Bennett, a Rosenhaus client.

Bennett, one of the top pass rushers on the free agent market, is visiting the Dolphins today, The Herald's Adam Beasley has confirmed. 

It makes sense.

Bennett, a five-year veteran, had nine sacks last season and the Dolphins desperately would like to add a classic 4-3 defensive end to put on the other side of the line opposite Pro Bowl defensive end Cameron Wake.

Bennet also makes sense for Miami because of the familiarity. He played at Texas A&M under Mike Sherman, now the Dolphins offensive coordinator. It's not a stretch to believe Sherman knows his former player.

Bennett has 13 sacks in the last two seasons (in 30 games) and 15 sacks in his career. Tampa Bay has said it wants Bennett back but obviously has not done enough to get him.


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He played for Sherman and you think he might know him ? Just think he does ? Really ?

The sad thing is, if this pans out at all, it could have been the perfect hook to sign Martellus Bennett too.

His 2014 # is over 17 Mil. followed by a steady average of 12 to 13 Mil. every Yr. from there. It's worth taking note and my point is Ireland (who so far has done a solid job and can see his plan)needs to hit on these 5 picks in top-100 of coming draft.

Posted by: fin4life | March 14, 2013 at 03:24 PM

No question! Those early picks MUST work out. Some players won't restructure later even though they know when they sign their deals, they'll never see the end of them.

They get cut & the first ones in the fold are the draft picks. Jeff needs to do well.

Get him

People say this would be a bad sign for Odrick, but Soliai has a cap number of almost 8 mil this year and if he was gone would save 6 mil towards the cap. Could they be looking at Wake, Starks, Odrick, Bennett and either trade or cut Soliai?

Sign Bennett and Winston (after Long inks his deal with the Rams).

why would you want to cut odrick or solia. We can use both for depth this year. Injuries happen all the time.

Nobody is getting cut or traded, it's called depth !

bobby d does not like him, so El Paso

So we swung and missed on Dustin Keller oh well can't get them all

I would love to here by COB that we have just signed Keller and Bennett. Would have been awesome to have the Bennett bros but Keller was a solid with the Jets passing.

From the Odrick angle, you guys are looking at it all wrong.

With a guy like Bennett, who would immediately start alongside Wake, it makes Odrick far more versatile. The guy it may spell end to most maybe the injury prone McDaniels. This guy rarely stays healthy.

What it also does is gives Vernon tme to hone his craft as Wake's furture replacement. Vernon move to 2nd on the depth chart backing up Wake. Odrick, who says he will lose weight to get down to 4-3 DE size, probably goes to 2nd on the DE depth chart on the other side behind behind Bennett.

Still it lends versatility to what can be done with Odrick. So IMO, a Bennett signing has more potential to spell the end of injury proned Tony McDaniel's fin career.

I also don't wanna hear about the phins overpaying anyone. Has anyone seen the contracts the colts have giving out?

Insurance by moving Odrick inside as Soliai is again a free agent after next season

Mike Sherman recruited Bennett in college. So hopefully he remembers the "hot button" he pushed getting Bennett to sign that letter of intent.

We'll need to press the same hot buttons to get him to sign a fa contract. Hopefully one that isnt trying to break the bank and 2013 cap friendly.

You gotta be kidding me...........now Ireland effed up Keller..........we coulda gotten a TE & eliminated a Fin Killer in one move.

So now what? Eggnew?

And some here think FA has been a success.

Utter Failure!

LOL you are so right!! The colts are blowing through their cap space! As much as it's driving me crazy, ireland is making sure he spends his money wisely (wether we agree or not) Like I really want Keller like a MoFo( probably cuz my boss is a Jets fan) but I guess Ireland wants him at the right price, hell for all we know he is already signed.

I wonder how you entertain / negotiate Bennett and Gibson at the same time and is Keller still in Miami?
I feel like a FA crack head, constantly refreshing my browser, I have a serious problem

Nutcracker / Mark,


JB Brown was a late 1989 draft pick that played for us till JJ (inherited him) cut him loose in 96 (salary CAP casualty as would be Vincent as well when he left for the BIG payday). So he did play into the Mid-90's. He was an after thought 12th Rd selection that played steady coming in as a rookie for injured Don McNeil and keeping spot holding his own opposite Troy Vincent through early to Mid 90's.

T-Buck was a player we traded for who couldn't unseat him and gets the job in 96 by default were some fans were actually upset given the disaster Buckley was in G.B. and less than spectacular Nickle back for us at tail end of Shula run. The DISTINCTION of worst Brown that ever played for us at DB is held and reserved for Bud Brown our SS till 88.

He was thankfully unseated and shown the door in 89 by 1st RD rookie Louis Oliver and also the end for aging and injured FS Glenn Blackwood who blew out his knee on the unforgiving turf at Philly's old Veteran Stadium.

Posted by: Dolfandave | March 14, 2013 at 03:49 PM


What part of Kevin Coyle saying he isnt 100% comfortable with moving Odrick inside on a fultime basis arent you guys comprehending?

It tells me, sure they're comfortable playing him inside, just not on a fulltime basis. But it sure does open the door to a Starks/Odrick pass rush on sure passing downs.

On those downs Soliai sits and Odricks rushes the passer. Thats my best case scenario.

What are they going to do with Odrick if they sign Bennett. I think Odrick is better than a part-time player.

I think the Phillip Wheeler contract was a waste of money. Plenty of cheaper/younger options on the table.

I guess they are planning to draft a Xavier Rhodes or trade up for Dee Milliner? Still on the table are:
Asomugha, Grimes, Rodgers-Cromartie, Winfield, Talib, Gamble, Williams...

What's the deal?

Nick, your mom and dad called and said they think you are an utter failure. Go away.

I just want to say farewell to Sean Smith. Thanks for the memories, and by memories I mean all the possible game changing plays you didn't make. I have never seen a CB who managed to drop so many beautifully placed interceptions.

You sir did an outstanding job of building QB ratings for our opponents.

: Nick Giaquinto | March 14, 2013 at 03:53 PM

Now there is a blast from the past, early 80's player at RB, tell me were is Tommy Vigarito??


Why are you already talking crap about the new signees?? Let the guy play a down first before you start talking negatively. Go munch on some but.

Oh nooooo, I just got home and read that Sean Smith is gone? WHATEVER SHALL WE DOOOOOOOO?!

Who's going to drop every interception that comes his way? Who's going to allow small fast receivers to run wide open down the field? Who's going to celebrate after a wr he let get open drops an easy td pass? Who's going to be as god awful stupid as Sean was for us?

I'm soooooo happy this kid is gone. He can underacheive somewhere else. Buh bye Sparano guys, hello football players!!!!

'I just want to say farewell to Sean Smith. Thanks for the memories, and by memories I mean all the possible game changing plays you didn't make. I have never seen a CB who managed to drop so many beautifully placed interceptions.

You sir did an outstanding job of building QB ratings for our opponents.'


And the Chiefs just paid him $6 Million a year. Go figure...LMFAO!!!

Where is the proof we lost out on Keller?

I swear if things are handed to some people immediately you start panicing and posting all kinds of nnsense that throws others off.

If Keller is no longer available, post a link or source. If not, keep your impatient ramblings to yourselves.

Sean Smith started the nt drop epidemic in Miami. Now that he's gone maybe that ends too. We gotten rid of the virus!

The Chiefs shouldnt be surprised if all of their db's began dropping ints now. Theyve now signed the std's of int's.

Sean "prophylactic-wannabe" Smith!

Marc where did you hear Keller won't be signing? I've been out, please help with info.

Sean Smith and Vontae Davis. Thanks Ireland. YIKES!

What I can say is if KC is signed Sean Smith they are looking to get number one overall in 2015. Or should I say Deshawna.

We want Keller. Get him sign JI.

Next time we play Andrew Luck, Luck will be very sad to learn Sean Smith has moved on.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | March 14, 2013 at 03:58 PM


here i thought kent was the biggest dummy on the boards and then i read posts by nick. so now the order is
1. kent
2. kent
3. kent
4. nick

Jeff Ireland is still waiting by the phone hoping & waiting that Jake's agent calls. The Dolphins complex has been in 'lock down' mode for the last two days & if he signs with the Rams--expect AT LEAST a week of mourning the loss of a player that can no longer protect a QB's blindside.

Update--Jeff Ireland has offered to take a 'substantial' pay cut for this season & against all future earnings just so he can match the Rams offer to Jake Long. Sources say he's also say that he's willing to throw in his wife & kids to sweeten the pot if necessary.

The waiting is like having a baby.

JB Brown actually lasted until the mid 90s? Wow, I stand corrected. he lasted quite a while for a guy who obviously wasn't equipped to be an NFL starter. Dang Olivadotti defenses ...

"Saints signed CB Keenan Lewis to a five-year, $26 million contract with $11 million guaranteed.
Related: Steelers"
Source: Sean Jensen on Twitter
Mar 14 - 4:08 PM

That's the same GUARANTEED money that Smith is getting!!! The Chiefs are a JOKE.

Your DE!! Craig.

You Back On The Bandwagon?

Ireland Being Quiet On The CB Front. We Shall See Some Action In The Next Couple Days. S.Smith Is Off The Board. Ireland Will Replace Him With Someone Younger, Cheaper, And Better.

Noticing A Good Pattern On Ireland FA Signing. NO OLD VETERANS!! Sign Guy On The Rise!! Not Guys At The End Of Their Careers.

Even Jake Is Replaceable.

YG, The Jokes Are Pretty Funny. Specially The One About Bubble wrap and The Purse. Keep Them Coming.

St.Louis Is Is Closer To Michigan Than Miami.

The four major reasons We started off 0-7 two years ago are gone. Think about it.

Dansby, Burnett, Smith and Davis all came in out of shape or played like girls when they were counted on.

Butt guy, decent post allthough I completely disagree about Wheeler. The guy is a beast while rushing the QB and he is really good in coverage, it's why we wanted to sign him last year to replace Misi. Luckily Misi came into his own and is no longer a worry. Now we get the guy we wanted, at a lower price then the guy before him who was older and less productive in the rush and coverage.

I can't see how this is a bad deal at all. We got younger, faster, and less expensive.

WTF is wrong with that? Why are people so dead set on keeping players who are older and don't make impact plays? You're too loyal to the players, think,,,,,,what is going to benefit the team and then ask yourself why you are so against the signing.

Not only that, why argue with Coyle? Do people in here seriously think they know who will fit better in our system than our d-coordinator? Come on guys, really?

"Eagles signed CB Cary Williams, formerly of the Ravens, to a three-year contract."
Mar 14 - 4:11 PM

F#ck. There go the two best CB's in FA. First Lewis & now Williams.

Don't expect Bennett to sign. I think Ireland, if he even tries, will low ball him.

Look at the money he has tied into the deline. Starks, Soliai, Wake.

I would not expect a major signing here. More likely would be to draft a DE early and he'll come much cheaper.

IF any FA money gets spent from here on out it should be on a CB, TE & OT.

Yeah Luck and every other qb who has to play us! I'll go on the record right now, Marshall AND Patterson are both better corners than Smith. There are still very good cbs out there, the market is saturated and we have tons of picks in the draft.

Anyone thinking the Bills might be calling about Matt Moore? What could we honestly get for him? A third or 4th rounder?

YYYYYEEEAAAAA!!!! Smith is gone with him gone that means our victory column increase bye 3 he is the best none catching db in the league what was Andy thinkin

Woodshed The 1 Major Reason We Started 0-7!! Is Gone!! Dansby!!

The Guy Even Blew The tebow Game To Get Chad Henne Replaced and Sporano Fired.

Seriously!! The Fins Were Up 15-0 With Less Than 5:00 Minutes To Go!! And Tim Tebow Turns To Dan Marino!!

Z.Thomas Would've Ended Tebow's Career Right Then!! Intercepted 1 Of His Passes!! Stop Him From Hitting The Corner!!

Ellerbe Is Way Better Than Dansby!! Bet Ellerbe Gets Over 150+ Tackles Next Season!! With At Least 5 Impact Plays!!

We Finally Have LB's That Run Like RB'S!! Not LB's That Run Like DE's!!

What a travesty it would be to think a broken down LT would impede Ireland from signing other players who are cheaper & better at other positions.

The rush on CB's is on. They aren'tt waiting for revis. But, we're waiting for Long? LOL

Could they be looking at Wake, Starks, Odrick, Bennett and either trade or cut Soliai?

J | March 14, 2013 at 03:34 PM

Insurance by moving Odrick inside as Soliai is again a free agent after next season

Dolfandave | March 14, 2013 at 03:49 PM

Very good points nowhere have I read Koyle has a problem with Odrick inside, were you get that YG???

It's also worth noting that Solia is a prototypical 3/4 DT and would garner much interest in a sign and trade. Off the top of my head Philly is a team in need with Patterson (Brain Tumor) up in the air and they have a very high draft slot and Solia could net a 3 easy.

Hey Dashi you were right they got rid of Dansby the sports talk shows wont be happy they could always count on Dansby for an interveiw that was quoted in other media.

Sean "Poser Boy" Smith's gone and so is Home. Seems we got a 2 for 1 fellas! LOL...

What it also does is gives Vernon tme to hone his craft as Wake's furture replacement. Vernon move to 2nd on the depth chart backing up Wake

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 14, 2013 at 03:47 PM


Are you fukking kidding me man? For weeks you ranted on about how the Dolphins wouldn't draft a DE first round, as it 'would mean they were giving up on Vernon, after only one season'. Now all of a sudden he's 'honing his craft'.

You kidding me? Classic folip-flop right there...

"F#ck. There go the two best CB's in FA. First Lewis & now Williams."

WNP I'm nopt trying to be a wise guy so please don't take offense. But these statements are starting to drive me nuts. I would think Coyle must have an idea of who he wants.

I can't believe people are saying this, there goes the best cb on the market. Says who? Is every defense the same? Personality? There are so many factors and the two guys you mentioned, not one word from Dolphins camp that they were even interested.

So to say we're missing out when Coyle and Philbin couldn't care less about these players is shortsighted imo. If we were actively pursuing these players, bidding against another team and the player picks the other guys, that's missing out.

Not signing Cook because you had him valued at 5 mil a season and someone was willing to give him 7 million isn't missing out imo. Two CBs that were never even mentioned as a possibility for us going somewhere else is not missing out imo.

People are freaking over the cbs. We have 5 picks in the first three rounds! We could trade up and steal Miliner if we want. There are at least three other guys who can immediately start that wll be drafted. We could draft a couple of guys and let them fight it out with Patterson and Marshall.

Patterson blanketed guys when he played and Marshall ,before being injured, showed us he has some playmaking ability that Smith and Davis lacked.

I never do this but PREDICTION. The 2013 Miami Dolphins will have better corner backs then they have had in a LONG time. I'm banking on it because it's not going to be hard to replace ZERO PRODUCTION.

Posted by: fin4life | March 14, 2013 at 04:21 PM

Man, do many of you have bad memories, I thought at my age my memory was getting bad. LOL...

Anyway, it was the coordinator interview day, during the week of one of our last 4 games Coyle said this. Armando even lavished on it in his blog that week. I guarantee Armando remembers it.

Coyle said that he was not 1005 comfortable with Odrick playing DT on a full time basis.

Coyle stating also led to Armando creating a blog that maybe we should trade Odrick because he isnt a true 4-3 defensive end. You guys do at least remember that Armando blog a few weeks back right?

Armando created that blog based on what Cole said about Odrick the last few weeks of the season.

The first rd pick is contingent on whether we believe J. Martin can play LT or not. If it is yes, we will likely get a CB. A no would mean we trade up to get one.


I agree with your comments at 4:29pm. I believe Croyle and Ireland have a plan on what they want to do at CB. Just because we the fans aren't privy to it doesn't mean, they don't know what they are doing. If liked Rhodes at 12 for some time now and it's starting to make more and more sense. It's starting to looking like most of our help at CB is going to come via the draft. I'm not sure what their plan is for CB in FA and I'm not sure what the holdup is but I imagine they have a plan.

We're losing more then we're gaining. Its 1 step forward and 2 steps backward. Losing Bush, Smith, and Long is a friggin nightmare. Its not like we didnt have the cap space!!!

I'm sure it's already been mentioned but Wallace's cap hit for 2013 is only $3.25 mil. Tells me we have lots of cap space left and that we're not going to spend to the cap this year because of future commitments.

Great comments fin4life. I am in Atlanta; but a Dolphin fan.

Craig why do you fight with everyone?

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