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Dolphins interest in DE Michael Bennett makes sense

Agent Drew Rosenhaus has a gift for getting the Miami Dolphins interested in his clients.

Sometimes that's been a problem such as the year he got tight end Eric Green to Miami as the signature free agent signing when the team really needed a defensive end. Sometimes, it's blessing.

Consider this a better moment because the Dolphins are interested in prospective Tampa Bay free agent defensive end Michael Bennett, a Rosenhaus client.

Bennett, one of the top pass rushers on the free agent market, is visiting the Dolphins today, The Herald's Adam Beasley has confirmed. 

It makes sense.

Bennett, a five-year veteran, had nine sacks last season and the Dolphins desperately would like to add a classic 4-3 defensive end to put on the other side of the line opposite Pro Bowl defensive end Cameron Wake.

Bennet also makes sense for Miami because of the familiarity. He played at Texas A&M under Mike Sherman, now the Dolphins offensive coordinator. It's not a stretch to believe Sherman knows his former player.

Bennett has 13 sacks in the last two seasons (in 30 games) and 15 sacks in his career. Tampa Bay has said it wants Bennett back but obviously has not done enough to get him.


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Don't paint the late 80's very early 90's D futility on JB Brown who actually was a steady player who held his own at RCB and had I believe an 11 Yr. career which is substantial at CB playing another few Yrs. in the NFL after JJ cut him in order to save money in what was one of a ton of moves to get out from under the bloated DREAM TEAM MESS assembled in 95 for Shula that fell flat!

I actually felt we should have kept the 94 group together that would have gone to the S.B. if not for the Stoyo MISSED F.G. in Div. RD Playoff loss to S.D. were the D led by guys like B.Cox, Coleman, J.Cross, Bowens, Vincent ect...

And Dansby

Looks like Ireland will not move a single finger again until Jackie Long decides if she stays in Miami or not. Not even if his own job is at stake.

Posted by: Craig M | March 14, 2013 at 04:27 PM

Craigahhrea........so nice of you to come out and sht all over yourself today. LOL.....

Idiotramus, for one Bennett isnt signed. For two, if he is it doesnt spell the end for Vernon. Bennett represents opportunity if he's signed.

You have to be the world's greatest nutzoidmost supremost, if in anyway you're comparing drafting an unproven nfl pass rusher 1st or 2nd rd vs an signing a proven nfl pass rusher with 9 nfl sacks last year.

Sir Duncelot, if they sign Bennett, there's even less chance a pass rusher gets signed. Whats your fking point? I said it makes nio sense in "DRAFTING" a pass rusher after spending a 3RD RD pick at the position last year.

Ask your boyfriend Child Predator Alligator Mark what this means:




I brought that point up this morning. How many good players is he missing out on in the interim. I don't get the loyalty. I wonder if we're going to miss out on Winston two years in a row. I think he'd be IDEAL for this team!

Hydra, I posted it earlier. if Ireland allows a broken down LT to hold him hostage while better, younger & cheaper players evaporate in free agency, allow me to quote Dennis green:


The asswipe CraigM fight with no one. He only finds new way to be cleverly stupid.


Asswipe flushed again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO......

1. Antoine Winfield (36-years-old, but he played 1,057 snaps in 2012)
2. Adam (Pac Man) Jones (30-year-old nickel) - has ties to Kevin Coyle.
3. Sam Shields (restricted free agent) - tendered a 2nd rounder by Packers
4. Terrance Newman (878 snaps, and some at safety)
5. Sheldon Brown (he's 34-years-old)
6 Chris Houston (every down starter) - re-signed with Detroit
7. Greg Toler (308 snaps) - signed with Indianapolis for 3-years, $15M
8. Tony Carter (511 snaps)

When Tanne wins the SB he will vault over Marino into 2nd place behind Griese as Phins best QB ever.

9. Darius Butler (nickel) - re-signed with Indianapolis on a two-year deal
10. E.J. Biggers (every down starter, 25-years-old)
11. Leodis McKelvin (354 snaps) - re-signed with Buffalo (4-years, $20M)
12. Bradley Fletcher -(only 374 snaps last season) - signed with Eagles
13. Keenan Lewis (every down starter)
14. Dunta Robinson - signed with Kansas City, 3-year, $15M

Personally I think the LB moves will do more than Wallace to get this team to the postseason.
Then in the postseason Wallace will be key.

JD, wth man! I said that at 4:21. Almost word for word!

Either you are plageurizing or trying to rile up the masses in their conspiracy theories!

Either way, GO F-YOURSELF!


15. Captain Munnerlyn (nickel and return specialist)
17. Brent Grimes (52 snaps due to injury, and he's 30)
18. Tracy Porter (316 snaps before injury)
19. Cary Williams (every down starter)
20. DeAngelo Hall (29-year-old)5. Captain Munnerlyn (nickel and return specialist)

Great rebuttal YG....makes ZERO sense but great rebuttal.

Whenever you see asswipe CraigM's post, just have an audiolized thought of a toilet flushing and move on.


Dont forget to say hello to the tidy bowl man for us this time Cr-ASSWIPE-igM! LOL...

21. Derek Cox (every down starter with injury history)
22. Sean Smith (every down starter)
23. Jerraud Powers (signed with Cardinals)
24. Aaron Ross (30-years old, 682 snaps)
25. Aqib Talib (306 snaps due to suspension, injury)
26. Mike Jenkins (317 snaps)
27. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (every down starter, and he's 27)
28. Nnamdi Asomugha (every down starter, 32-years-old)
29. Quintin Jammer (every down starter, 34-years-old)
30. Antoine Cason (every down starter, 27-years-old)

"No bodys getting cut or traded", go tell that to Dansby and Burnett.

Again, I cannot find one source saying Keller has decided not to sign with Fins.

The Dolphin postseason is golf every year.

Last tweet from Shefter said maybe tonight with Keller.
That's what he said last night too!


Tommy Vigorito is an Arby's franchisee in Arizona, the last time I checked. I was a fan of his. Great player.


Posted by: Craig M | March 14, 2013 at 04:50 PM



Guys there is the complete list of free agent cbs. Can someone please look it over and let me know who is gone so I can revamp it? Can't find a site that shows all of the corner back movement. Just thought it would be interesting for us to look at and debate who we might grab.

I can see the 7 year old is at play again. Never mind the constant flip-flopping he does every day but now he's pretendning he's on the '60's Batman show.

That's enough for me....I made my point.

Latest tweet from Shefty said maybe tonight on Keller.

If we get Bennett, put him opposite Wake, Ellerbe coming up the middle, this defense will be scary!!! Please make it happen Jeff!!!

Sosa, so what??? Cook couldn't block either. Fins are looking for a TE who can split out and run that seam. They are looking for a hybid TE, not a blocker. geez

No need to fret about the CB position, if Ireland and Coyle wanted one of the FA CB's now signed elsewhere they would have gotten that guy. The money is there / was there to do it.

They either plan to address CB in the draft and/or are still are pursuing one the FA CB's out there.

And consider that Patterson, Marshall and Caroll are not bad CB's at all - so there are 3 CB's, 2 more needed - unless the Fins are high on Jimmy Wilson at CB. Then, 1 more is needed.

JD, you're an a**wipe. Once again, it's too coincidental that it returns & the trolls appear.
Go play in traffic!

Good talking to most of you today.

I actually felt we should have kept the 94 group together that would have gone to the S.B. if not for the Stoyo MISSED F.G. in Div. RD Playoff loss to S.D. were the D led by guys like B.Cox, Coleman, J.Cross, Bowens, Vincent ect...

Posted by: fin4life | March 14, 2013 at 04:38 PM

Damn I remember, your right that was a good team.

Phins 78, Keenan Lewis signed with the Saints, Sean Smith signed with KC, Cary Williams to the Eagles, Cromartie to the Broncos, Aaron Ross back to the Giants, Cox to the Chargers I believe,

The corner situation is starting to concern me. If Nolan Carrol is our starting CB next year we will be in deep trouble.

I don't get why we are looking at players where we already have depth. We better work on the right side of the line or the moves we are making will be wasted. Tannehill cannot throw the football on his back for Wallace.

Players keep on signing with other teams and we are going to be left with huge holes at TE, CB, and OT.

Thanks NeMo!

I thought I heard there was interest in Antoine Cason. I actually had him as our guy to get when we drafted Vernon Davis.



Have the fins given up on Vernon? Last year Ireland was raving about Vernon. Bennet is not coming here to back up Vernon.

If the Fins sign Bennet, Ireland will be admitting that he failed with Vernon and Odrick.

I think that Nick fella is on point. Too many here are cheer-leading when they should be critically analyzing the failures of the past two days.

This blog needs more Nicks & fewer ad hominem snipers like steve-o.

And I say this knowing I'll be blasted, but comfortable that my standing in the medical community offers some solace.

I just want to take a second to thank the douche who felt it necessary to post pages and pages of the same sentence until the Herald HAD to shut the site down.

We can't post anything over a certain amount of lines now because of you. I was just trying to paste a full list of available cbs so we could further our discussion but had to split it between posts which took far longer and was a pain in the butt.

Thank you, great job. You made it a little worse for everyone in here. Congrats.


Ireland is waiting for Jake Long to cry back home. And if he doesn't, He will start making more moves again.

I mean are we going to have 2 rookie CBs what the hell is Ireland doing. Is he bringing in Nnandi??

That's all I've been saying Craig. We have to trust the plan. I know it's hard for some to trust Ireland but I believe Coyle and Philbin have way more say in this process than people are realizing. After all, it's their a%$es on the line as well. After seeiong what happened with the linebackers and having a small understanding of what Coyle is trying to turn this defense into the bells went off. Seemed like Coyle was totally behind the moves and Ireland obviously loves them because his team gets younger AND saves money. I like the moves so far, but I don't like the money we gavce to Wallace. I was glad to read Armandos story about how the contract breaks down though, it's not as bad as I thought and we can avoid the end if he doesn't earn his pay.

Also, This draft is loaded with CB's. Which is why everyone is dumping CB's.

Jake Long obviously prioritizes money over FO plans, championships and teammates alike. His health is already broken and his below average arm-lenght will NOT make up for it while he becomes even older. We already got the best of him, let someone else pay his expensive retirement once and for all!

Armando created that blog based on what Cole said about Odrick the last few weeks of the season.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 14, 2013 at 04:31 PM

There is a group on here of REGULARS who post, I am one and unless you didn't notice I haven't been here steady in sometime given I work. It's why I asked you were you got that statement, believe me my mind is as sharp as a tack.

The premise of moving Solia and his BIG CAP # off the books given he's playing out of scheme is a good point. He is after all at 340 Pds a 3/4 run stuffer in 4/3 scheme were more active DT's rush or haven't you seen the vitals on the DT Cincinnati Tagged in M.Johnson who is 6'7"/270 Pds. runs 4.87/40 making this visit by Bennett more plausible than ploy. By the way our DC was part of the Coaching staff that drafted Johnson.

I have however heard we will ink Starks longterm bringing that # down and by the way Philbin was pleased after 2012 in an interview I remember with the play of his LB's. So read into comments all you like but I bet Baltimore didn't see us coming, NO HOW!

You could even make a case were not finished at LB moving Misi back to DE were he played in College given he plays at close to 260 and his measurables mirror Vernon, as a matter of fact I've been saying it since last Season maybe you remember?

Lets suppose for C H I T S and giggles that OLB J.Jones and his stynosis issue fell in our lap and the best move with Misi is?? To many moving parts we obviously wanted Long back and Cook at TE mapping out the draft in a best case scenario which didn't pan 100%. So the wheels are still turning with us moving in other directions, looking at other players ect...

By the way Pres. Obama has reported a sharp upswing in the economy for 2013!

running out of corners. please go get grimes

BINGO Woodshed. That's the guy I would be fine with and I hope they grab him. Cason,Patterson,Marshall, and one of ur two first picks on a young guy. Cason is only 27.

Guys keep this in mind when talking corners. Coyle has proved he is a great defensive backs guy. He gets all of his cbs to play above their level. Tremendous teacher and the players really seem to like him a lot. They loved him in Cinci too. He can take a guy and coach him up. Cason is perfect because he's young and still teachable.

falcons got s jackson. long finally to rams, thankfully

Guys I can't redo the list, gotta go. But there it is if you want to use it as a reference for discussion. I will check in later.

WTF is going on with Helen Keller????!!!

Now what at corner back? This FA class is pretty weak at CB. Is Ireland going to use 2 of the first 3 picks on corners? Is he really planning to start two rookie corners this year (we don't have a starting corner on this team)? Yikes!

It makes you wonder if the fins will enter the Darrel Rivas sweepstakes. We still have over 24 million in cap space for an extension and we have a pressing need. Would the fins be willing to part with the 12th overall pick in this years draft for Rivas?

If the Fins sign Bennet, Ireland will be admitting that he failed with Vernon and Odrick.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | March 14, 2013 at 05:02 PM

Not true. Cam Wake's turned 31 in January. Vernon could be the heir apparent to Wake still. Wake will be 34yrs old when Vernon's rookie contract expires. At this age Wake will not be offered another big money contract.

So signing Bennett gives a proven pass rusher opposite Wake. While also giving Vernon time to develop and become the heir apparent to Wake.

Orlando Dolphan - Failing with Vernon after the guy has played just one year? C'mon Man. Odrick is a very good DE, no fail there.

Getting Bennet is called "improving your team". The guy can pass rush. Get em, if the price is right.

Have the fins given up on Vernon? Last year Ireland was raving about Vernon. Bennet is not coming here to back up Vernon.
If the Fins sign Bennet, Ireland will be admitting that he failed with Vernon and Odrick.
Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | March 14, 2013 at 05:02 PM

Odrick is a mediocrity.

agree yesterday, bennet is a need for us. but please also get some damn corners! did keller leave town?

Lastly, real quick. ARMANDO SALGUERO

I know you're super busy with all of the info. Thank you for bringing it to us. But when you get some time I would LOVE to hear your opinion on something.

Why is it every single year we watch espn and read the news in March everyone praises other NFL teams for their big signings but this year the Dolphins are being raked over the coals?

If the Pats signed Wallace they would be throwing parades. Had the Ravens got rid of too aging vets and got younger,cheaper,faster guys with more playmaking ability Ozzie would have been called a genius.

What in the heck is going on? Might be an interesting story?

I guess we're playing musical chairs with the players until we get all Ireland's acquisitions off the team. LOL

Phins 78,

Because Wallace's production will go downhill playing with Tannehill and EVERYONE knows this.

Just say no to these corners nooooooo. Way,,,,,we want to play mostly zone so why pay up it does not compute , instead we must rush the passer and force bad throws into our spider web of defensive backs


Tommy Vigorito is an Arby's franchisee in Arizona, the last time I checked. I was a fan of his. Great player.

Dolfan2008 | March 14, 2013 at 04:51 PM

I was the one who posted the ? great little utility player he was still remember the punt return TD getting us the blow out win at Shea Stadium Vs. the Jets.

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