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Dolphins interest in DE Michael Bennett makes sense

Agent Drew Rosenhaus has a gift for getting the Miami Dolphins interested in his clients.

Sometimes that's been a problem such as the year he got tight end Eric Green to Miami as the signature free agent signing when the team really needed a defensive end. Sometimes, it's blessing.

Consider this a better moment because the Dolphins are interested in prospective Tampa Bay free agent defensive end Michael Bennett, a Rosenhaus client.

Bennett, one of the top pass rushers on the free agent market, is visiting the Dolphins today, The Herald's Adam Beasley has confirmed. 

It makes sense.

Bennett, a five-year veteran, had nine sacks last season and the Dolphins desperately would like to add a classic 4-3 defensive end to put on the other side of the line opposite Pro Bowl defensive end Cameron Wake.

Bennet also makes sense for Miami because of the familiarity. He played at Texas A&M under Mike Sherman, now the Dolphins offensive coordinator. It's not a stretch to believe Sherman knows his former player.

Bennett has 13 sacks in the last two seasons (in 30 games) and 15 sacks in his career. Tampa Bay has said it wants Bennett back but obviously has not done enough to get him.


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no orlando he clearly wanted keller and couldnt close deal, same as cook. option number 3? pathetic

YG is on the money about the importance of being able to pressure the QB. However, even if we don't pick up shut down corners, we have to be able to find two quality starters and we do not have that on the team right now.

Yes, Xavier Rhodes is starting to look more and more like our first round pick.


I have to agree with dusty, no way you start the season with 2 rookie starting corners.

I hate how the press is all over the Patriots and Broncos jock. Like the Welker and Amendola signings are the hottest news since we landed on the moon. They don't give out prop's to what Ireland and Dolphins have done, just saying they overspent on Wallace. After they rated him the #1 WR F/A on the market. Now if the Patriots or Broncos signed Wallace and paid the same price, they would call the move genious and what the market dictates. By the way Seattle just signed Harvin to a $67 million contract with $25 million guarenteed.

Could Ireland be wanting RIsland? He has the bread to buy it.

Egnew wont make the roster.....

What the scoop on TE Brandon Myers. He obviously can catch but can he block?

Posted by: Marc from nj | March 14, 2013 at 05:51 PM

The report I hear was roughly 20 million. But how many times does it have to be posted for you to under stand 10-11 million of that has to be put aside for signing draft picks(roughly 6 million) then practice squad(roughly 800,000). Then players get hurt and need to be replaced( So roughly 3-4 million).

So we're talking roughly 10-11 million has to be set aside for that. When a player gets injured the 53 man roster goes to 52, to get it back up to 53 you have to sign someone or be short handed. Even if you sign a guy from the practice squad, you cant sign him for practice squad pay. Then you have to fill that practice squad position. That doesnt get done for free either.

You cant spend your entire cap money in fa. You cant be broke after signing your draft picks either. I hope some of you dont run your households like this. Or Im sure that you only live pay check to paycheck. You always gotta have some resrved for rainy days. Whether they happen or not.

Some of you guys are incredible. Dustin Keller is leaving Miami but his agent and the Dolphins are continuing to work on a deal. If you can't give out accurate information then please don't give out any.

myers had his first good year last season, kinda like the other guys we signed except wallace

Well don't worry about the TE position guys, we still have Mastrud.

The Networks don't "give out props" to the Fins because they deserve none. After that initial splash, Ireland has reverted to from, focusing on targets but unwilling or unable to pull the trigger.

We have FAR too many holes CREATED this week to say FA deserves props.

AND TARGETS don't leave town if they're gonna sign........once the seat belt sign comes on, they ain't coming back......nice try bd12.

So we need CBs, a between the tackles RB (alongside Thomas) a pass rusher, o line help and a TE. possibly another WR.

We shall have to be patient. We will not get another Wallace type signing. We need to fill holes with good value additions and get our star players in the draft. I'd like to see one CB, a stop-gap TE (Keller or Myers) and Bennett in FA. Ideally a cheap RB - Turner would be great.

That would set us up to take best player available within reason with all our 11 picks, although CB, WR and O line would have to be addressed with the first five.

Can you imagine Revis to Miami for Odrick and 3 picks!!!


Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 14, 2013 at 05:54 PM


I agree we overpaid for Wallace, but only by 1 million a year. What the extra million a year bought us was that Wallace wouldnt court any other team and guaranteed us getting him signed right away.

Ellerbe/Wheeler over Dansby/Burnett wast so much about getting a supremely higher level of play. Its far more about getting at least the same level of play at a much reduced cost. Plus younger to boot.

All I expect is to at least be able to get Dansby/Burnett type production at a "FAR MORE CAP FRIENDL" cost. Wallace is at 17 million on the cap in 2014. Dansby's 2014 alone was 12 million, I think.

So you see how no way that was going to work? Because we have Jones and Pouncey as fa's in 2014 too. So the Ellerbe/Wheeler signing is also in anticipation of 2014 while quality lb's were still available.

Thats where the greatnss of this Ireland move is greatlt emboldened.

I want Tavon Austin at pick # 12. Problem is he likely will be gone by then. He is quickly moving up draft boards. I know we have other needs at OT,TE, and CB. But you just don't run across the kind of match up problems he will create everyday. Think Wes Welker with blazing speed, great hands, and run after the catch ability. Hope we do trade up to land him.

We still need play makers.

No to Gibson.

Yes to Tavon Austin.

Brandon Myers would be a nice pick-up!

The Raiders are so bad they couldn't get the ball to him enough. I like him better than Keller.

Garsh, Ireland sure is swell! What moves, what vision.

John "The Dolfan", JUSTIN CREDIBLE,



Incarcerated Bob says the Jets need to take Bellichik's offer because they wont be competitive again until Revis's hairline recceed's further than Lebron's.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 14, 2013 at 05:35 PM


Would love to see Revis Island here. If the price is right. He might be the final piece of the puzzle that would make the defense dominant.


Fred Hampton or the troll with a million names. You are the most UNINTELLIGENT person who has EVER blogged here. I can care less what you think. National, local and everywhere in between has praised Ireland in this FA. You, on the other hand are just some douche on a blog who does nothing but cry like a little girl year after year. You have a miserable existence and no life whatsoever except to hide behind your million names. The day you croak will be a National Holiday for this blog and Dolphin fans everywhere. I hope to

To finish, I hope tonight is the night. I wish you nothing but misery.


Tavon Austin is incredible. I am starting to lean that way myself. I know that it is sort of a luxury pick as we already have Wallace, Hartline, and Bess but this guy creates mismatches. He is a big time football player. I think that he would have an immediate impact his rookie season. I would not be surprised if he starts over Hartline and Bess from game 1 if we took him at 12.

So now we're flirting with the possibility of having to draft two cornerbacks. People are starting to worry about possibly STARTING Two Rookie Corners.

Forget about it. If we have to give up the pick(s) anyways, we might as well give up the 2nd rounder that Green Bay tendered Sam Shields with.

Wah-Lah! Problem solved. With Shields being a proven commodity, we **COULD** get away without even drafting ONE Corner(I would still draft one high).

If we signed Shields, we could draft just ONE corner and let the rest fight it out. Pair Shields up with Xavier Rhodes and let Patterson and Marshall battle for the nickle and dime.

Piece of Fvcking Cake Ireland! Sign Keller and Shields. Then draft Rhodes or the BPA!

Come on Jeffy, you're Sooooooooo Close, Yet Sooooooooo Far! It's not all that difficult. Don't start wussing out when the jobs only half done. Pull up your Panty Hose and get back to work.

What about Gavin Escobar at the bottom of the 2nd/top of the 3rd?

Fred Hampton or the troll with a million names. You are the most UNINTELLIGENT person who has EVER blogged here.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 14, 2013 at 06:26 PM


Um. I beg to differ. You are by far the dumbest thing this side of Craigarrea. You have a 9 word vocabulary and you put down people that read books.

Obviously you were raised in Miami.

Ok if i leave out the curse word and i drop the all caps...can i please point out to everyone that odrick and misi both suck? Please? Neither should start. My other post was better. Thank you for your time.

I know that we are heading for a youth movement and I love that. But what we have never had and I have always said that we need is a corner that is about 5'9" or 5'10 to cover the quick, but not fast slot receivers that have ripped us new ones every year. Big CB's just can't cover the Welker's and Amendola's and the slot kid from the Jets. How about Antoine Winefield if we can get him on the cheap. He is like 5'9 has a wealth of experience and hit's like mack truck. Would also love to sign Berrnard Pollard, the guy just loves to knock out Patriots.

All these signings are going to hit the cap hard in 2014. We won't be so nimble for the next few years after this. These moves have to work out or else...we'll be starting all over...again.

I don't believe I'm typing this about Ireland.......but.......GO JEFFY!!!!

odinseye | March 14, 2013 at 05:44 PM

I don't think there are 2 people that have RIPPED Ireland harder than the 2 of us but so far I'm impressed and like the moves.

He missed on 2 of his targets in Cook and Long whom all indications are will sign with the Rams from what I hear on NFL Net. but at this point with the injuries it could be a blessing in disguise, 8 Mil per at this point is alot to invest in Jake given the injuries and steep decline.

On NFL Net. there talking draft and there seems to be swell of interest in G.Smith given his physical talent and the Raiders at pick 3 have tossed there hat in the ring (or looking for trade partner) With the conversation centered on whether there will be a surprise QB pick up in the top-10, especially with the Bills cutting Fitzpatrick and the Mallett to Browns deal still in the air.

I don't believe any of the QB's on this draft board is deserving but we've seen stranger things like Ponder a couple of Yrs. back going from middle of the 2nd into the 12th overall spot.

I feel L.Johnson a better physical athlete than Joekel but the crew on TV have us taking him falling to 12 and I feel him an upgrade although again I tend to agree with you that this guy should go top-10 and the indications of our actions have us taking a CB. I am a big fan of Rhodes as you know and would welcome the pick.

I still feel there are moves to be made in FA and believe everybody jumping the gun on were we go in the draft till the process plays out.

Is it to early to say that we are the second best team in the division?

The Jets are a mess right now and the Bills are the Bills.

i am more concerned with corner. We gotta have a vet out of fa dont we?


Here is something worth considering. In GB Finley isn't signed yet. He could get cut by GB if they decide to pay and bring back Jennings. If they do sign Jennings, they can't possibly pay Finley!

That is were Miami steps in! This could happen. Ireland is just testing the waters with Keller for plan B, C, and D!


I just saw that too. It means Ireland probably knows who he wants to drop in 2014. I like the planning ahead. hopefully we'll get a number of more in and drop those who don't fit next year.

We have lots of picks this year and at least an extra 3rd rd and maybe compensatory pick in the 4th for 2014.

In a few years our draft picks will own this team (including Tannehill and Miller etc) we won't need FAs. By the time the rookie contracts expire the cap hits will be in the past.

It seems that Brandon Gibson is in Miami as we speak. Say goodbye to Davone Bess if he signs.


If Lane Johnson is available you take him. Specially, if we don't make a move at OT in FA. I doubt he will be there.

I don't think there is a huge difference between Rhodes and a CB that we can take with our first pick in the second round. Except for Millner there is no lights out corner this year. In contrast there are 3 elite tackles this year: Joeckel, Fisher, and Johnson. If Johnson slips to 12 for what ever reason you take him.

Clapping like a trained seal who has been thrown a fish - - kinda the way you cheer every one of Ireland's moves (& non-moves) - - is a sign of sycophancy, not intelligence.

Not to mention your vulgar hostility, which you substitute for a rational examination of your Hero Jeff.

Plus...........betcha more folks in Fins Nation & even this blog would celebrate the day Jeffy is gone, & a competent GM appointed, far more than my demise.

ps.--Thanx Pepto====I'm sure you're ready for him to say you are me. Ah well, what the hell.

pps. Ireland still represents the Peter Principle writ large. Wallace, Ellerbe & Wheeler to the contrary notwithstanding.

Orlando Dolphan bro we were second best in div. from the START of last year and are still at least that. My opinion.

If we go two rook corners one of em better be named Dee

Just read an article on PFT that stated the cap hit for Hartline, Matt Moore, Wallace, Ellerbe and Wheeler totals only $12.725 million for 2013.

Someone will drop to us. A team will F-up in front of us.

I think that the fact that we did not cut Patterson or Marshall may be an indication that Ireland may risk it this year at the CB position. He may take 1 CB early and that is it. As YG was saying the master plan may be to improve the pass rush and hope that covers the glaring holes in the secondary. Perahps he takes another CB early in next year's draft. This year he starts a rookie and Patterson/Marshall and then the Marshall Patterson in the nickel.


Because of Long's overall situation, I was "Numbed" into a take it or leave it attitude.

I really liked Long in the past, but I would be fine with Winston, McKinnie and/or L. Johnson.

Xavier Rhodes has been on my Radar for eons. A while back I was hoping we could get him with a later pick. I cringed everytime I heard good things or heard he was climbing up peoples boards-LOL.

You mentioned stranger things happening with Ponder going 12th overall. Another Good example would be Tannehill going 12th overall-LMAO!

What do you think of Shields and his 2nd round tender? Do you think Ireland is even considering it?


I have Fun with the inexperienced mentality that abounds here. I see it all the time in Gambling. People win and have a lot of $, they hold on to it. However, when they start to lose, they put out more. Deadly.

Im confused about Keller now. Is he availabble comin here goin there. Mixed reports on my end.

I would give Baltimore one of our 3's and offer RFA T.E. Ed Dickson a deal.

6'4"/255 Pds. (actually bigger than Pitta who was tendered with a 2) 4.67/40 (slightly faster than available in draft) and is all of 25 Yrs. old. I like the upside on this kid and clean medical history. To get the conversation going on were we can still go. If Keller wasn't inked it's because the money was not reasonable. This particular FA period Ireland has a plan. I see it and I like the thought process regarding the structure.

Anyone can see pepto is YG. YG is schizphrenic and born with both male and female genitalia - although mostly female.

He doesn`t have the intellect to hide hmself well.


Here is something worth considering. In GB Finley isn't signed yet. He could get cut by GB if they decide to pay and bring back Jennings. If they do sign Jennings, they can't possibly pay Finley!

That is were Miami steps in! This could happen. Ireland is just testing the waters with Keller for plan B, C, and D!

Posted by: BANE | March 14, 2013 at 06:43 PM

Great point.

For those of you reading PFT about our cap let's not forget that the leftover space we have now can be rolled over. Not only that but other contracts will be terminated or extended.

The sky is not falling, not this year or next.

I still remember when Vigorito single handed dismantle the Steelers on a MNF.

Orlando dolphan 6:51 that interesting. Kinda scary, but wouldnt shock me givenirelands history of seeming to overlook glaring holes. Patience was definetely necessary for his plan ( whatever it may be)

You ahead, you take chances, Man. Calculated chances. That's Ireland's job. All Players picked by Ireland in FA up to now might be said to fit that description. I think there's one more "biggie" to come. We have the dough for it.

Like the Dickson idea too. Was thinkin bout the Oakland kid myself. TE

Antoine Winfield is the ideal slot CB we should be looking at in F/A. We need a short quick CB that can cover Amendola, and the kid from the Jets who burns us for the last 2 years on 3rd downs. We can draft tall big CB's like Xavier Rhodes, or Marcus Trufant. Sign Winfield to cover oposing teams slot's, he is like 5'9" we need a short quick CB to cover those short quick WR's. He also hit's like a ton of bricks and can mentor the young guys that we draft.

What do you think of Shields and his 2nd round tender? Do you think Ireland is even considering it?


odinseye | March 14, 2013 at 06:52 PM

I've been reading your posts and yes I would, what say you about Dickson with the 3rd-RD tender?

If Bess gets cut for Gibson it will be a VERY big mistake because Bess would be a Patriot with 48 hours and we would be tortured again by a player we let get away. I don't get the hate on Bess and why they feel Gibson is an upgrade. The ONLy upgrade is Gibson is 25 and Bess 27. His age at 27 shouldn't be an issue. He is flat out a better player than Gibson.

I don't want to see a penny left over from all that $ We have to spend, Ya hear!

Isnt Winfield 36 and recently released? He still fast?

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