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Dolphins interest in DE Michael Bennett makes sense

Agent Drew Rosenhaus has a gift for getting the Miami Dolphins interested in his clients.

Sometimes that's been a problem such as the year he got tight end Eric Green to Miami as the signature free agent signing when the team really needed a defensive end. Sometimes, it's blessing.

Consider this a better moment because the Dolphins are interested in prospective Tampa Bay free agent defensive end Michael Bennett, a Rosenhaus client.

Bennett, one of the top pass rushers on the free agent market, is visiting the Dolphins today, The Herald's Adam Beasley has confirmed. 

It makes sense.

Bennett, a five-year veteran, had nine sacks last season and the Dolphins desperately would like to add a classic 4-3 defensive end to put on the other side of the line opposite Pro Bowl defensive end Cameron Wake.

Bennet also makes sense for Miami because of the familiarity. He played at Texas A&M under Mike Sherman, now the Dolphins offensive coordinator. It's not a stretch to believe Sherman knows his former player.

Bennett has 13 sacks in the last two seasons (in 30 games) and 15 sacks in his career. Tampa Bay has said it wants Bennett back but obviously has not done enough to get him.


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Paul, please explain to us why the Pats would want Bess when they just signed Amedola to a big contract?? I'm interested in your reasoning?

Crickets...good grief. How about some crack reporting Armando. Whats the next move if Keller is a no go???

If Johnson slips to 12 for what ever reason you take him.

Orlando Dolphan | March 14, 2013 at 06:46 PM

Agreed on L.Johnson and after Combine see that both he and Fisher are better athlete's than Joekel so it makes that mock put up by all the pundits that much more interesting but disagree on Rhodes.

He was for my money the most complete corner I saw last Yr. Cover ability, tackling all fazes and I don't get the tag of slacker given I saw all of FSU's big games this Yr. while the U tried to get back to relevant and he was lights out.

I also saw alot of Milliner and for the life of me don't get the HEAVY man crush! For starters he was Coached up by the best DB Coach in either College or Pro Football with Saban (hate the Satan but can Coach DB's)

If you watch any College Football then you know that up until now all any of us know regarding Milliner is he is a press CB who didn't need to keep coverage long with Saban's attacking front-7 style.

I haven't seen a thing that shows me what happens in the P.I. happy NFL when he's forced to actually have to cover double move go wheel routes ect... I love reading what the experts have to say about players I've actually seen with my own 2 eyes and then everybody parroting waxing poetic without having really watched the player in live games.

Antoine Winfield ran a 4.41 40 at the combine years ago. Still made 100 combined tackles last year, had 3 picks and 12 passes defended. More important he is 5'9" and can stick with those CB's that our taller CB's couldn't cover. We always get burned by these small receivers on 3rd downs, we need a low center of gravity guy that can cover these small receivers like Amendola and the kid from the Jets. Winfield would also bring in veteran leadership, which we lost with Dansby and Bennet.

I would loooooove a trade for Reevis, cost be damned! giving up #12 overall and a late pick next yr righttttt now! Take a 2nd n a 3rd to move up into the end of 1st to try n get me Autin, K.Allen, Eiffert or Lacy. Revis Island in Miami Gardens baby, lock it down!

Another CB to consider to bring in to cover these small quick slot WR is Adam "Pac Man" Jones. Had a great season with the Bengals last year and is already familure with Coyle's defensive scheme. And Coyle has already coached him in Cincinnati.

Report today said the Hoodie was offering the Jets their 1st for him, why not us Jeffrey? If short sleeves wants him on his team then it muuuuuuuust be the right move, no?

Wow, the hatred for smith is more than a bit over the top! He was very good at certain think, especially against big WRs. He didn't catch enough ints, but was in position to defend. I'm not all that happy to lose him and will stay that way til I see some one play better in his spot. Right now there is no one.

Article on pft basically explains Miami's cap situation. They will be in hell in 2-3 years. They have a point.

Good GM's don't build in free agency and he is putting us in a really dangerous position. They have tons of cap space this year & still backloading. This gives people the impression he is out to save his as* & it looks like that more n more.

Not sure how the ramifications will play out but I think he's done spending big right now. Thats why Keller didn't sign, he wants Cook money. Think he's gonna carry over cap space to use it to restructure and pay these inflated deals.

Hope Ireland, in efforts to save his behind, won't kill us for the next decade again.

Another CB to consider to bring in to cover these small quick slot WR is Adam "Pac Man" Jones. Had a great season with the Bengals last year and is already familure with Coyle's defensive scheme. And Coyle has already coached him in Cincinnati.

John "The Dolfan" | March 14, 2013 at 07:20 PM

Been thinking this myself seems to have found new career as slot CB and Coyle is familiar.

I don't know.


I am not saying that Rhodes is a bad player, in fact I think that he is the 2nd best CB in this draft. All I am saying is that the differnece between Rhodes or Trufant and the next group (Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Jamar Taylor, Jordan Poyer) is not as great as Lane Johonson to the next group of tackles (Watson, Flucker, etc.).

The way FA is shaping up, I would probably reach for Rhodes at 12 but not if Lane Johnson is available.

Omar Kelley reports on twitter that Winston was in for a visit today along with Kellar, Bennet, LB Thomas Howard, and OG Lance Lewis.

So maybe we are looking at Winston. No sign of a corner though.

Long passed his physical. Working on agreement

The way FA is shaping up, I would probably reach for Rhodes at 12 but not if Lane Johnson is available.

Orlando Dolphan | March 14, 2013 at 07:30 PM

You and me both, I've got this BAD feeling all 3 are gone in top-10 with Flucker sliding into the bottom of RD-1.

Bennett signed with the Seahawks, according to PFT.

Long passed his physical. Working on agreement

cocoajoe | March 14, 2013 at 07:38 PM

NFL Net. already stating deal all but signed.

PFT saying that Bennett has just signed for the Seahawks, I thought he was in Miami?!


So much for the Michael Bennett visit. Agrees to one-year deal with Seattle according to league source. Even while he was still in Miami.


WTF is Ireland waiting for.

Troll with a million names, like I send before. Your a nobody and a nothing. No real man will ever respect someone who hides behind his computer and must use a million names. You are just a scared little person who will always be a pitiful sub human being. Like I said, if you go tonight, no one will be sad. Me, I will celebrate, you will get what you deserve. Expire soon little girl.

Does anyone know what Miamis cap allocations were for 2014 before all these contracts got done this Fa period? or maybe a good site to find them?

This is really frustrating. Just when it looked like Ireland had turned the corner as a GM. He is striking out on all the players he brings in. The fins have more money than any of the teams that we are losing these players to. Is he low balling them that much?

Bennett signed with the Seahawks, according to PFT.

The Signal | March 14, 2013 at 07:40 PM

Didn't the Hawks already sign Cliff Avril! Man if this is true that's going to be one unforgiving pass rush next Yr. on arguably the best DB tandem in the game!

Wow, Avril & Bennett? Plus they get Clemmons back & they drafted Irving last year?

harvin will be concussed before you know it & it looks like they're going to cut Sidney Rice but, what a pass rush, holy sh*t!

No LT, no TE, no CB. Should be interesting.

The Dolphins got smeared in FA. They lost 5 of their top 7 players. How do you recover from that?

No RB, no LB's

I have no idea what Ireland's plan is right now. I am fine with him going younger and faster at LB but I thought we had other pressing needs like OT, CB, and TE. Why not surrender the big bucks to Cook, and Long instead. He could have maybe picked up Ellerbe and then groomed a young LB from the draft but he needed to address at least 2 of the 3 big needs (CB, OT, and TE). This is totally ridiculous right now.

Except for WR we have the same holes that we had three days ago. Ireland better hit on his first 5 picks and hope that Tannehill improves a lot or this will be his last year as a GM.

No real man will ever respect someone who hides behind his computer and must use a million names.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 14, 2013 at 07:41 PM


No breathing human being would respect anyone that makes post like this:

blim, go lick your moms herpes infested pussie....

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 08, 2013 at 09:08 PM

No CB's

We're not being raked over the coals for our free agency guys. Ireland is being raked over the coals. In order for him to be fired (and people around the league not just us want this) this "big play" of his has to fail. If we have a disappointing season people can point and say "and he overpaid for it too!" We're all in gonna be more changes to come.

LOL | March 14, 2013 at 07:45 PM

I sure as hell wouldn't want to be the QB on any team looking to come from behind Vs. Seattle this Yr. The pendulum in the NFC West is shifted to plain even at this point. The 49ers Vs. Seattle will be one HELL of a game and the team whose QB can progress off of this Yr. will win the Div. and probably go to the S.B. V s. Denver.

Ireland is producing busts at an alarming rate. LOL

he signed with Seattle

Except for WR we have the same holes that we had three days ago. Ireland better hit on his first 5 picks and hope that Tannehill improves a lot or this will be his last year as a GM.
Orlando, there's only 3 problems with that. The draft is more of a crap shoot than proven vets. Skill positions (TE, CB & sometimes O-line) take a year or two to see if they're any good & if so, get the hang of NFL. And thirdly, Ireland has final word.

I hate to say it folks but we may have had our day on day one.

Now its time for the Ol Ireland acorn show. Try'n to find him some value.

Ah who knows maybe their scrambling to try to figure out how to replace Long

Next years free agents to worry about as it sits right now: Solia, Starks, Jones, Misi & Jerry.

Only 1 of the Dt's will break the bank. Everyone else will come back relatively inexpensively.

Losing allot of depth next year so allot of contracts coming off the books. The cap situation may not be as bad as it appears.

Not too mention Carpenter & Bess which I assume neither will be back. This is a BIG draft to start drafting eventual cheap replacements!


I'm as anxious as anybody here but we have to let it play out. Ireland is a cautious Man(has to be).

poor Jake, what d-lines he will go against in the NFC west. Had it good here....

One very important for those who elect to ponder is that while everyone is drooling and kissing and making out with Ireland all because he spent $65M for Wallace, with $30M Guaranteed ($17M next year) remember that although FA and the Cap loot is there, the other side of the coin is that in 2 -3 years this team like others is in deep doo doo and will need to make cuts for cap space.

This is just one reason why Ireland is not qualified to be a GM and should be fired. I for one see the writing on the wall and FA does NOT give you an automatic SB ring. Sometimes it works and most of the times your chasing your own tail.

Don't get me wrong about Wallace as I am "OK" with that BUT it cost a ransom. Yes... he is the best available in FA BUT NOT in the NFL.

IMO the signing of Ellerbe will make a HUGE difference IF it pans out, especially since he knows how to put a hurt-in on the Pats of which we need.

We MUST shore up the secondary as it simple stinks like a dead fish and always has. We need solid play makers.

So in the end of which is not over yet, spending everything in FA makes some happy NOW but never forget...

You can Pay me now or pay me later.

The Dolphins.....the worst FA results in the league?

We are not talking about a coach, we are not talking about a QB. We are finally talking about players and a plan. Refreshing!!! We have some holes but we are getting younger and faster. Parcell's set us back 10 years, we need a TE that can run, a good cover corner, an OT, WR and a pass rusher DE. Anyone who thought all these holes were going to be filled by the third day of FA was kidding themselves. Cook and Keller were probably asking for too much, The TE from Oak is better all around anyway, we were waiting on Long to make up her husbands mind before we pursued a Tackle. Lot a corners left on the board and we can draft a WR in the 3rd or 4th round now, hopefully Swope from A&M, still think we can draft a DE as well. Not all is lost but I love the insight on this site, I wish the front office had as much passion as fins fans do for this team, then again maybe that's not such a good idea. GO FINS

This one I called. Nobody would be happy with FA, one way or another.

Pete Carroll isn't being cautious and man I hope it bites him.


I believe that Incognito is also a FA and he has a pretty big cap number. I think Incognito is also over rated.


Everyone read the same thing you did and it's already been repeated here.

Do you still think Cowher is coming?

Ireland getting killed now losing out on everyone. Team is slightly better than last year. Far from good enough. Nice knowing u ireland

Wallace will be a great signing. we don't have to spend QB money for a long time.

irescum .. your an idiot.

the 2 LBs we signed are much better that Dansby and Burnett, oh we can't actually hgit anyone, we might get hurt....LB ar supposed to cause fumbles by hitting people, this will happen now.

Jake Long won't see anymore probowls playing against those defenses out west.

I believe that Incognito is also a FA and he has a pretty big cap number. I think Incognito is also over rated.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | March 14, 2013 at 08:03 PM
Incog is very good straight ahead but cannot pull. Which is a very big draw back to say the least.

Troll, I will never be ashamed to post under MY name. I don't hide behind a computer. So does your moony have to run out to protect you when you were a little boy?? LMAO.




Orlando I don't think Cogs is a FA. Not sure he's over rated either. He's a good high motor nasty guard. I don't think anyone is saying he's a great guard.

Same old bs from fins. First day went so well. Team has a ton of holes and draft not gonna come close to filling them


Ronson -

Fortunately I don't spend 12 hours on here reading and posting like many do, (not saying that you do) so pardon me for not taking the time to read 5 pages.

PS: When we seek out a new HC of course if Cowher is available I will want him. Most likely he will be working for the Giants.

Dolphan Rick,

Incognito is not terrible but he is far from stellar. I saw him getting bulled over at times last year. He gets a lot of publicity because he is a tough guy and he is nasty but we can definately use an upgrade at both guard spots. I did not see a lot of holes up the middle when the running backs had the ball. I don't think he is they type of player that Philbin likes at that position anyways.


we will have to draft well this year and the next two for this to work. Three year of cheap play from youngsters will balance cap.

yes, Incognito is a FA but, I don't consider him a priority or think he'll be resigned. Team is getting younger, they're not gonna reup an aging, and strictly average Incognito.

Not sure what the deal was with the Bennett visit. Did they think they were going to get a book end for Wake for less than $5 million a year.

I gotta say though the Bucs are aggressively trying to upgrade and have coin to spend as well and they let him walk.

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