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Dolphins interest in DE Michael Bennett makes sense

Agent Drew Rosenhaus has a gift for getting the Miami Dolphins interested in his clients.

Sometimes that's been a problem such as the year he got tight end Eric Green to Miami as the signature free agent signing when the team really needed a defensive end. Sometimes, it's blessing.

Consider this a better moment because the Dolphins are interested in prospective Tampa Bay free agent defensive end Michael Bennett, a Rosenhaus client.

Bennett, one of the top pass rushers on the free agent market, is visiting the Dolphins today, The Herald's Adam Beasley has confirmed. 

It makes sense.

Bennett, a five-year veteran, had nine sacks last season and the Dolphins desperately would like to add a classic 4-3 defensive end to put on the other side of the line opposite Pro Bowl defensive end Cameron Wake.

Bennet also makes sense for Miami because of the familiarity. He played at Texas A&M under Mike Sherman, now the Dolphins offensive coordinator. It's not a stretch to believe Sherman knows his former player.

Bennett has 13 sacks in the last two seasons (in 30 games) and 15 sacks in his career. Tampa Bay has said it wants Bennett back but obviously has not done enough to get him.


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Bennett 1 year 5M - Ireland back to his old cheap ways.

Oh and fins are trash you can s*ck my d*ck


Maybe Bennetts momma is a hooka. Jeffy no like that.

I believe that Ireland, besides a Personnel Man, has to be an Administrator of $. I am, personally, the farthest removed from that, but I understand it. In Business, nothing is solved if you spend recklessly without calculating the Future. Now I know where all this $ the Dolphins have came from. Will we be a SB contender? Definitely. But perhaps not as fast as many of Us would want.


Next years cap explained here. Not bad at ALL considering how many guys we'd even resign.

And in 2015 the only guy worth resignig is Pouney!

fins are TRASH is an idiot

The next Nenee or Colombo is coming soon. Just watch. Tannehill better hope that the next cheap goof up by Ireland is not at RT or it may be a painful year for they kid.

Bennett 1 year 5M - Ireland back to his old cheap ways.

Posted by: Stevet | March 14, 2013 at 08:15 PM

That Ross is a cheap SOB. He wont even pay to repair his own stadium.....or to hire a real GM.

We are in good shape guys. We signed the priority FA's. Ireland sees a dollar figure with every FA and he won't go over the limit on anything that he can't find in the draft.

The capacity for frustration of most People here is less than the size of the Higgins.

Sorry if this is old news - Bennett to Seahawks for one year deal at $5M.

gentlemen i realize we got picks but way some of u are talking u make it like we got 10 pics in 1st 3 rounds not 5 trade up for this guyget thi need get that and 2 say oh yeah wil find all these starters in drat.U know how hard that can be,even for the good drafting teams which miami is not.I made post bout their 1st and2nd round picks dating 5plus yrs back the percentage o players not on rser not good.2008 and 2009 alone if long leaves that2008 class all gone 2009 hd 1st round and 2 2nd rounders none on roster.To say that has me concerned is an understatment.

This what I found on Incognito, he is not a free agent yet...i don't think.

Dolphins LG Richie Incognito is a candidate for offseason release.A poor fit for Joe Philbin's zone scheme, Incognito is due $4 million in 2013 and doesn't have a long-term future with the Dolphins. He won't be guaranteed a roster spot if Miami upgrades its line in the draft or free agency. Pro Football Focus graded Incognito as the No. 24 overall guard in their year-end ratings. Jan 19 - 7:30 PM

Worst FA signings for Ireland (starters only)-

1. Mark Colombo
2. Nenee
3. Gibril Wilson
4. Richard Marshall
5. Chad Johnson

To be fare he has had some good finds in the draft and in FA but I am just frustrated with how the last 2 days have gone. It is like he signed Wallace and then decided to take it easy. It looks like he is low balling players now. He has the money so he needs to spend it. As the pool of players shrinks, he is going to be left with garbage to pay big money for.

Ya forgot about Ernest Wilford and Jake Grove

I don't understand why everyone is ripping Ireland for sighing players in FA. Isn't that what everyone wanted? He signed Wallace and upgraded the LB corp. I realize we still have holes but you have remember the draft, did people forget about that. L.Johnson or Xavier Rhodes in the first, one hole filled. We still have 2 second rd. picks and lots of Quality players still available at that point. I think he's taking young players with huge upsides and dropping the way over rated maxed out vets.

Of course, as a Personnel Man and with the amount of $ ha has given to himself to spend on very good Players, Ireland has 2 years to take us to the SB. Everybody knows that.

Dolphan Rick,

Like I said he is serviceable but far from elite. He does not fit the Philbin's zone blocking scheme. We need an upgrade at some point but not yet. There are too many other holes to fill.

Jerry is even worse on the other side. I think that they will both be gone next year.

what a disaster this turned out to be

So if I've got this straight LOL we're going to replace 2 guards, an OT, a TE, and at least one corner (probably should be 2)still?

seahawks tearing it up, sb favs have to be denver vs seattle

You characters are funny, and sad. Listen to you talk about Cogs and who does or doesn't fit Philbins scheme. Alls you know is the nonsense fed to you by sports site writers that no nothing and are there just to get your blog hits.

Cogs is one helluva strong beast. Zone shmone, guys like that are not readily available, you work around the talent your players have.

..Boy reading some of the comments from today and you would think that the team has failed because we didn't sign every top free agent at every position we need. There are only so many top tier guys. The first few days of free agency are meant for them. There are still 300 plus free agenst available if that is the route we choose.

But this idea that we haven't filled tight end so Ireland had failed. Or Corner is a problem..All the besy guys are gone we are doomed!!! We weren't going to be able to fix everything via free agency..Nobody can who has as many holes as we do. Who is the better pickup..Wallace or the top tight end? For the money which is a better team decision. Overhauling the linebacker corps, or signing one cornerback? Any way we would have went people would have complained.

The key is still the draft. I know I had the opinion that we should be aggressive in this free agency period. We have been. There may be a few more moves. I'm sure out of the 300 plus free agents left..There may be some good players out there. Just because we don't know them doesn't mean they can't contribute should they be signed up.

Finally..of course the top guys get overpaid. Think about it this way..Because of the rookie wage scale. The idea was to reward veterans with larger contracts, instead of paying rookies who haven't played a down these outrageous sums..The money is going to go somewhere. It may as well go to proven players.

Make that 2 TEs. The TEs left on our roster cannot play. (Egnew and Clay)

Losing Bush, Smith, Dansby, Burnett, Fasano and Long is a nightmare . ..this team is going backwards. We're on the hamster wheel playing musical chairs with players. If Ireland had one ounce of class he'd resign citing he's in way over his head.

Chill out people just chill .....we did get Wallace , two new lbs , hartline , Starks , Matt Moore ,and Clemmons

The same guys you get your information from told you Pouncey was not really a center and Long wasn't an NFL LT. 4 pro bowls later, they never remind you again they said that.

And we have the draft ..........we are rebuilding !

Ireland took advantage of the opportunity to replace two aging LB's with two younger and better LB's at the same cost or less. It was a wise move. One less thing we need to deal with for the next few years. You seize the opportunities that make the most sense.

Jake has not signed anywhere yet

i can see playoffs. Lotta teams sittin on their thumbs due to cap. And i expected more from cinci. Indy didnt getmuch better despite all their signings. WE WILL STILL HAVE HOLES THIS YEAR. But we will be better. Get10 and we're in

Maybe that's what's up maybe long wants to come back

Jay at 5:24. Correction, no one knows s&%t unless they can see into the future. People are speculating what COULD happen so of course that has now become fact instead of opinion. Unbelievable.

"The Yankees will never win a world sereies with Alex Rodriguez"! This is what some idiot kept screaming in a baseball blog I visit. The next season the Yankees won the world series and the mvp runner up was Rodriguez.

So anyone saying Wallace won't put up the same numbers when he will now be our #1 target is guessing. And the argument is that now he will be double teamed? He just said on national t.v., "I've been double teamed my whole career, it's nothing new".

And actually who cares what his numbers are, the main goal is winning.

We still have options that will play out


You are probably right. My biggest concern is CB because we have no starting CBs and we do not want to start two rookie corners next year. You are right that you cannot sign FA super stars at every position. They are going to have to sign some stop gaps that are not so expensive for now in FA at CB, TE, and RT. This can still be accomplished. If they can find a starting RT and CB in the draft and a 2nd TE then we will be OK. Thanks for calming us down.

Believe in miami !!!!!!!!

The sky is falling damn it..lol

This team could not afford to lose any starters. They had tons of cap space and STILL LOSE 7 STARTERS!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phins78 stick to one name, its so obvious.

Daryl D.....

I have no issues with your post....but I do understand where some of the anxiety and worry comes from that has over taken this blog in the past 12 hrs or so.....

The Ireland track record seems to be sign the #1 guy.....AND NOBODY ELSE....as in nobody else to really help him....

He did it with Dansby and the defense.....he did it with Marshall and the offense.....

Its great to get the #1 guy in FA...LOVE IT...but you can't follow that up with the 270th-300th guy to round out your team....and that seems to be the pattern....

The Parcells pattern if you will...Parcells had the ORIGINAL LT......and then a bunch of guys who were able to make plays around him...and become stars in their own right....

That model rarely works any more.....and if anybody should understand that it should US FIN FANS....and Ireland in particular.....

guys want to see some action....they want this team to show REAL signs of progress....not just a flash in the pan....and then no sizzle....

I want a dam TE....and another 2nd tier wr...

we all have our list.....

we just need to see which one Ireland and Philbin fill next....

Daryl the comments are easily explained. There are A LOT of idiots in here on a daily basis. The comments you are referring too are so off the wall stupid they can't even be taken seriously. Dumb f%&ks.

now we have bears g louis coming in for visit, missed most of least year with knee injury,lol it just gets worse

It will take Ireland 12 years just to adequately replace the talent he lost the last 3 days.



Losing Bush, Smith, Dansby, Burnett, Fasano and Long is a nightmare . ..this team is going backwards. We're on the hamster wheel playing musical chairs with players. If Ireland had one ounce of class he'd resign citing he's in way over his head.

Posted by: Monte | March 14, 2013 at 08:38 PM

monte, you are moving close to dummy posting status up there with Kent and Nick. If nothing else ireland has redeemed himself.




Rick, I dont follow your question. I think in thi Fa we probably nab 1 TE & either 1 OT or Cb. Thats it.

Ben Volin on twitter floated the idea he hears Miami will go in with Patterson & marshall on the corners because we plan to play alot of zone. Maybe we do have starting CB's and we just dont know it!

We will likely draft a couple & likely cut marshall or patterson or both next year to make way for the rookies & save cap space. Marshall & patterson can also be restructured now.

I think we draft a couple cb's, a rb, a couple guards for sure this year. Then I think the rest of the draft will be to address the positions we stand to lose in FA next year.

I think that's what this years draft is about.

This team could not afford to lose any starters. They had tons of cap space and STILL LOSE 7 STARTERS!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: AMAZED | March 14, 2013 at 08:46 PM

what? so you were good with keeping the old starters? draft picks wouldn't replace a starter either? this is the dumbest comment yet, and i had to read kent and nicks posts




BUSH .......


adam shein(refering to nfl.com article) is an idiot. Apparently he doesnt like all that youth and mobilty we paid good money for. No reasons cited. He just dont like em. We should all be getting paid for THIS (what we're doing right now).

Ireland should have done this or that. It's like some of you expected to sign a complete all star team after 3 days of FA. Just because a player is a top 3 FA doesn't mean he is a top 3 player!!!

You are going to knock him for missing on a player? I see. So Ireland is supposed to suddenly be held to a higher standard than the other 31 GM's? He has done well. If he doesn't pay up, you call him cheap, if he does pay up you call him crazy.

Many of you obviously just have a stick up your butt over Ireland.

And yes we lost a bunch of starters....who went 7-9.....in hoping to not go 7-9....again. YOUR POINT?

FA is about taking care of team needs. Yes, we made only one big spalash with Wallace. However, an "URGENT TEAM NEED" was taken care of swapping out our lb corps.

Dansby/Burnett were never going to be pro bowlers. But they sure as hell were being paid like they would.

I tried to tell at least a week ago when playing arm chair gm's, the Dolphins arent the only teams bidding for these players. But you felt so comfortable just "PENCILING" them in to Miami like others teams out there just didnt exist.

And............ now you're alarmed at your wake up call? Geesh, I just dont get it. Earth to dolfans, you can come out of your slubering sleep just about....... right now! LOL....

aloco, i quoted someone else who is an idiot.
s. smith? take a look objectively and statistically, he was rated at about 50th best CB for the number of big plays and completion percentage against him. Bush? Miami's starting RB this year will have more rushing yards than Bush

@Dolphins_world: LB Thomas Howard Visiting With Miami Dolphins - Cincy Jungle http://t.co/pfvE1KWtH6 guess we not finished with our LB core

Bennett had one good season, it was last year. That can be the only reason he accepted a one year deal. The Seaslags must have said they want him to prove himself and they could talk long term if and when he does. Meaning they could extend him in season if he hits the ground running.

Why would he pick Seattle? They're already built for a run so it may not be about the money. If the Phins offered him similar money he would pick Seattle for the opportunity at a ring. Omar is over there scratching his head over this one. I'm sure he will catch on in the next couple of days.


Some of you just want to criticize for the sake of it. So you want to keep all the same players that gave us 7-9?

Talk about dumb. You give up players and acquire others. FA 101.


No biggy. I thought you were suggesting we replace Cogs and Jerry right now along with the obvious other holes we have. TE, OT, and CB.

Plus, any players signed right along in now, arent any guys that are strong pro bowl candidates. Only thing out there right now are has beens and never beens yet.

So what, we still need holes filled on the starting units. That's what the freaking draft is for.

If any here thought that we were going to be a sb calibre football team after this offseason alone. Then youre still snoring away in your concussive sleeps of slumber.

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