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DT Vaughn Martin visits Dolphins

The Dolphins spent the day visiting with unrestricted free agent Vaughn Martin today, the team announced.

The 6-4 and 308 pound Martin fits as a five-technique defensive end but also a 4-3 defensive tackle which is where the Dolphins see value in him.

Martin is not really a pass-rusher. He three career sacks in four season -- one sack in each of the past three years.

Martin, 26, started 12 games for San Diego last year and 15 games in 2011.


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Ho,Ho!, ALoco.

Id be happy if we could turn 11+ picks into 2 first's a 3rd, and maybe an xtra 4th or 5th. Screw all those picks, use them to move wherever u want to go including to a better round next year. (ex. this years 3rd for a 2 next year). Id like to see us give #12 and the 2nd from indy to move up to #5-9 to get a tackle (whoever it is) Then use the other 2nd and a 3rd to move up to mid-late 20's and get Trufant (if there) or another player we really like. Then BPA, BAP, PBA rest of the way. Move up Jeffrey, swing for the fences kid. Maybe u can set off the Manti Teo home run statue in left at Marlins park. Besides Stanton, aint nobody else gonna do it!

Dr. Conan Doyle was called in many times to help solve difficult crimes, as he had acute powers of deduction and extra-perception. He is one of the important Ones of our Collective. From there Sherlock Holmes.

Rick, i hear you. No doubt Ireland drafts 2, maybe 3 corners this draft (depending on Grimes, Porter, FA) but i am expecting 2 from draft for sure. We will be ok if we can get 1 more impact rusher (from wherever DE, DT, LB). Applying heat and hurting the qb hides alot of blown coverages.

Why are people freaking out? You have to sign guys for depth.. breath its a process.. they have a plan..

C.PATTERSON & KEENAN ALLEN, both better than midget man TAVON.

good to see armando realizing how bad we need to sign grimes finally.

My favorite wr in this draft is K.Allen!

Austin looks like a playmaker, but so did Pat White in college (not comparing them).

And then they get the living pi$$ knocked out of them with the big boys!

I seriously doubt the Dolphins draft Austin and I'm not suggesting they do. We really don't have the luxery to take the risk IMO.

I think that someone who does could an explosive playmaker though if they figure out how to use him.

I don't think the "midget" is a whole lot smaller than Steve Smith and he's been tough so far. Supposedly never missed a practice at UWV.

This Is About As Interesting As Oscar Speaking The Truth.

Ireland Filling Out the Roster. The Interesting Part Is That He Fits The Odrick Mold. DE/DT. Randy Starks Is This Kind Of Player.

While We At It. Ireland Should Ask Urlacher For A Visit.

The Good Thing Is All The Major Shopping Is Done. And Ireland Will Only Be Signing Players To 1 Year Deals.

We Will Still Have Cap Space For Next Year. Looking About $20+Mil. But Who Is Looking Ahead Right Now.

The Fins Have 11 Picks In This Draft. Which They Can Trade Down For More Or Trade For Future Picks. So The Fins Can Have 11 Picks Next Year.

In The First Part Of Ireland's offseason, Ireland Gets A "B+".

Now Comes The Draft. Ireland Needs To Do Real Good In The Draft To Truly Have a successful Offseason. I'm Talking About 2 Of The First 3 Better Have An Immediate Impact. And 3 Of The First 5 Better See Some Action As Rookies, In A Position Of Need. OT, CB, TE.

Dusty, yea took him awhile to come around but hoping we get Grimes.

We need to take the BPA with the 12th pick. We should not reach for a CB as a need. Best possible players available when we pick:

1. Lane Johnson
2. Chance Warmack
3. Ansag
4. Tavon Austin

The more I look at Tavon Austin the more I think we should take this guy if he is there. He is electrifying, elusive, and has major swagar. There is no player in his draft that is as dynamic as him. Can you imagine Wallace and Austin lining up and taking the top off the defense and Hartline lining up in the slot. You talk about a team that can take it to the house on every play, WOW. Take a look at these highlights of Tavon "the triple threat" Austin:


Grimes is a 29yo cripple. Why do you think he is still unsigned?

Orlando, what matters is what Philbin thinks of him. Just as with Gates he will ask, is he a football player?

No way do they take him at 12. I agree with those that say we need a top LT, otherwise your won't have time to run any plays.


You are right that Philbin will have to make the call. However, in listening to Mike Mayo he indicated during the combine that this kid was not just a track star, he is a football player. He ran a 4.3 in the 40s and has a knack for finding the end zone. This kid is tough, he had 343 yard rushing against the sooners. You can line this kid up wide, in the slot, and even in the backfield. He is going to be a match up nightmare for teams in the NFL.



Orlando, like your choices the only one I add in there is Vaccarro if available. I will take any of those guys you mentioned.

Midget man horrible blocker in the run game. Same as mini me Bess, chest catcher Hartline and the French Canadian Gibson.


We won't know if he is tough until he gets slammed a few times by the vicious monsters in the NFL. Will he bounce off them? Will he get up? Or will he be out cold like Pat White? He is really small. Physics are physics.

Martin was not good at LT, he needed lots of help. If we don't get a solid LT, every play is going to be a broken play with Tannehill on the move. LT is by far our most desperate need.

I agree that it will be a tough call between Lane Johnson and Austin (The other 2 top OTs will be gone in the top 5). I probably would take Johnson but I will be suffering as I watch Austin selected by the Panthers at 14 or the Rams at 16. I just think that you have to value players. If the 3 OTs are gone when we pick, then you have to consider who is the bpa. If not Austin it will be a DL or Guard. Why not take the most dynamic and electrifying player in this year's?

No mock I've seen has Austin as high as 12. But from what you've said Orlando is he sounds like a Randall Cobb clone. That guy is a player. Austin sounds good but probably not at 12, but what do I know?

Really is this guy the best we can do for a back up DT? 1 sack, 1 FF and 19 tackles in 12 games. All the guy has is upside but really is this guy worth any money?

I'd roll the dice on Patterson at 12 before I'd take Austin.


I agree with you on the importance of the OL. However, the 3 OTs will be gone by the time we pick and I would rather wait until the second round to take an OT and not move up to take one. The other option is to take Chance Warmack at 12 and then moving Jerri to RT. Warmack has actually been my choice for months until I started watching highlights and analysis of Austin. If they took Warmack I would not be upset as some say that he may actually be the best all around player in this year's draft.

We actually might have to fill the RT position with a stop gap like Winston for this year and then either try to groom a young guy or take one high in the draft next year.

I found this pic of Armondo from the 1980's


K Randall is solid DT depth, no?--I'm ok with signing Grimes but they should still draft 2 CBs, even if they do......Grimes coming off a major injury, Marshall too, D Patterson ok but not great......draft 2 CBs to shore up that position--and in Rd 1, follow the talent and draft OL or DL--thats where the BPA will be at 12.

Only after the Obvious is pointed out to Dashi, does he recognize it. Never before.


Never assume anything. If they really covet one of those LT's they have the ammo to move up. It won't cost all that much to move up a few spots.

Only after the Obvious is pointed out to Dashi, does he recognize it. Never before.

Posted by: oscar canosa | March 26, 2013 at 08:34 PM

Judging from the way he writes, he is most likely a very young person without much life experience.

agree with Bodine......throw in one of the 3's and 5s and move up and get Lane--we'll have 2 good/young/cheap Tackles for years.....and Pouncey......but, I wouldnt mind Warmack at all, even if we dont need a Guard as much--he's quality.

Tavon Austin had the best performance of the year by any player against Oklahoma. 550 all purpose yards, 343 yards rushing, and TDS. He also had 160 yards receiving and 4 TDs in the Orange Bowl against Clemson. This kid led the nation in all purpose yards, runs a 4.3, and has great hands.

I know that he is small but in this new NFL he should be able to survive. Players no longer have to worry about running across the middle. In this new NFL it is about creating mis-matches. This kid would be a nightmare for opposing offenses.

It's okay if we are frequently falling behind due to our lack of DBs because Tannehill will plenty of time to find Wallace.

And we didn't need stupid Reggie Bush or his production because we have Daniel Thomas.

Here is what some of the experts said about him.

Todd Mcshay:

"The best thing about Tavon that nobody really knows is his toughness. I can't tell you how many times he's battled through little aches and pains, a lot of other guys would have taken some time off. In four years of practice...Tavon Austin didn't miss one"

Mel Kiper:

"Wherever he's been: high school, college and now the NFL, he has been spectacular. In this day and age of the NFL...he is built for what the NFL is right now."

Sounds like a Philbin type of guy.

If we draft LT, CB, RB to replace our lost starters we can draft Autin with our first pick in the 3rd.

Wait a second.
McShay? Kiper? Clayton?
Aren't they the geniuses that said what a great player Cassel would be for KC?
And Kolb for Az?
And Wallace for Miami?

Here is McShay comparing Patterson to Austin:

"To me Austin is so much more polished and provides so much more in terms of what you can do getting the ball in his hands."

Greg Gosel on Austin:

"If NFL is passing/space league, why is WVU Austin not top 10 pick. Most explosive playmaker in draft. Can align anywhere. Matchup nightmare"

I am convinced. If Austin is available, I think that he should be considered.

I am sure they have a list of positions they need filled and are going through the motions of kicking all the tires. This guy is not the best by far but we do need some depth on the Dline. So sign the guy if he fits. Why is everyone going negative on the team because we are looking at roll players?

I'm sticking with the theory I heard and it's worse than we thought if true. The reason they haven't signed Winston is because they don't want to end up with 2 right tackles. In other words they don't believe Martin is the LT for next year. Which means we either play a rookie at LT or trade for one.

corners and more corners is what we need, we couldnt even stop the jets wrs right now

A loyal dolphins fan for over 40 years, and I'm getting sick & tired of hearing about low grade players coming in, and not getting deals done for quality players we NEED TO SIGN. WTH is going is lately with this team. They are gettig gun shy are are going to lose out on guys because they're trying to sign everyone for cheap. We have $$$$ to sign Winston, Moore and a CB (maybe Grimes, Porter, Jenkins) and we'd be set. Very frustrated fan!!!


We will all see how he works out, and he may be just what you think. But let's not forget college and draft hype are often not indicative of NFL performance. Look at the top 3 picks of 2006 - Mario Williams, Vince Young, Reggie Bush...none ever played anywhere near their draft status, but you can bet all the pundits were wild about them.


What the heck are you talking about? FA doesn't mean you sign every single FA at their price. There are 32 teams, tell us how many had a better FA so far than the fins?

Grimes can't even pass a physical yet, that is why NO TEAM has signed him.

You need a dose of reality.

My favorite part:

Wallace will count $17mil against cap in 2014.
That means no matter what happens in 2013 Ireland has to stay around to take the heat for Wallace contract.

Ireland has handled this situation with the corners and OTs beautifully. He is not overpaying for Winston or Grimes. Winston is barely a starter in this league which is why he is still available. Ireland is bringing the price down on these questionable players. At this point there is no one worth spending top dollar on.

The Chiefs (worst team in the NFL) signed Winston to a 4 year 22 million contract last year. After one year the Chiefs cut him. How bad was this guy that the Chiefs cut him after one year? No one lets OTs go if they are top tier. Ireland should not pay this guy much if he signs here. He is just a name and a stop gap.

WOW, Orlando,

Sounds if you were Fins gm, you would trade up from the #12 spot to get Austin, just to make sure that you got him. LOL...

Not one single report that I have read days Grimes has not passed a physical, not one.

I am better than T. Austin. I am Stedmon Bailey.

Columbus > Winston


I don't know if a contract offer has been made to Grimes yet. But reports are that Grimes has narrowed his choice to 2 teams. Miami and Cleveland.

TheSMF and Bobbyd12 are trolls just looking to stir things up.

Don't engage them.

I'm glad that Wallace is not the type of WR to bad mouth a 2 time SB winning QB.
Because if Wallace were that kind of player than Tanne won't stand a chance.

I don't know if a contract offer has been made to Grimes yet. But reports are that Grimes has narrowed his choice to 2 teams. Miami and Cleveland.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 26, 2013 at 09:06 PM

Translation, only 2 teams out of 32 are desperate enough to take a chance on a corner still trying to recover from an achilles.

Think about it. At 100% Grimes would have been signed within the first few days of FA. He has had no offer yet for a reason.


I am with you on FA. We have done more than enough in FA this year. It is time to be smart on the rest of FA. These players will eventually settle for less. We should not be over paying for players that other teams have let walk or that have baggage. Now we have to take advantage of those first 5 picks and 11 over all.

Your point on the draft is good. Who knows what will happen with Austin or any of these guys. All we can do is hope and dream that we take that next big time play maker.

Blog Alert,
I gave you guys 2 months off without me.

The truth needs to be spoken.

YG I read that, SB Nation also said a decision could come in the next couple of days..

and now...





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