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Dustin Keller: Dolphins over the Jets

Dustin Keller just spoke with the South Florida media and the most interesting things about his 10 minute chat follow:

That Jets versus Dolphins rivalry everyone of you pour over?

"Once we got to free agency all that was out the window," Keller said. "I just wanted to check the market and see whre everything was. Coming into the Dolphins and speaking with all the coaches, it was a good fit."

Keller says he had interest from multiple teams but ultimately his choice narrowed to the New York Jets or the Miami Dolphins.

"It was really between those two," he said. "Other teams were talking but there really those two teams that came down to and once I made the visit it made my decision pretty easy."


"We had talked to New York as well but what it came down to was it was a better fit for me. I had a great time in New York but it was time to move on for me. I see my future here in Miami. I see a bright one. I feel like I'm going to be surrounded by a great lockerroom and just great guys and coaches that are going to help me thrive."

I understand that you'll read that quote and perhaps wonder why Keller is talking about a future in Miami when he only signed a one-year deal. Look, that deal gives Keller an opportunity to prove what he believes is his true value.

If he somehow finds great chemistry with quarterback Ryan Tannehill and catches, say, 60 passes for 800 yards, the Dolphins will obviously want to keep him in the fold and could easily do that before he hits free agency.

Keller, being a competitor, is thinking that will be the case. He's not meditating on the possibility he'll get injured again or will simply be overshadowed in the Miami offense. He's expecting big things.

Keller met with multiple coaches including position coach Dan Campbell, who he apparently has great respect for. He also met head coach Joe Philbin.

"They're all about winning and winning now," Keller said. "I know they've had some rebuilding years. But this is the time for them to win and that excited me more than anything."



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Keller > Fasono < Egnew

Wow, so this is what it feels like to be relevant again.

I don't think it's happened in the internet age ..

Odinseye, If you read that anyone says Keller can't block ask them how much he hurt the Jets the three years before last when they had 21 rushing tds and 2700 yds rushing in 09.

Then remind them they followed it up with 2 running backs the following year almost gaining 100 yards a piece Jones was in the 9's and Tomlinson was in the high 7's. Okayt Tomlinson was a little further back but they still had a very potent rushing attack. Then in 2011 they followed it up by having another rusher go over 1200 yards.

Keller was blocking the whole time. Didn't seem to hurt the team.

Sorry, that's almost 1000 yards a piece.

Hey Dustin: a pleasure to have you here. Welcome to the team!!!

Now I hope Ireland brings Dumervil to Miami for a bussiness talk ASAP.

Already love the guys attitude. And yes, it's time for some winning for our Dolphins!!

Schefter just tweeted Gibson ready to sign with Miami!

Time for Elvis to bring his talents to south beach.

Mando, where is Gibson going to play??? Does he take over the slot from Bess or are they going to play 5 wide alot more??

If Gibson signs, is bess on the block or do they keep him. I just don't think he fits or has the speed to be a wr in this offense.

If the phins can get some viable CB's they can chalenge NE. At least in the WC hunt.

Andy NJ, more good news if accurate. Not sure if Bess stays but we will see

Not only are holes being filled, theyre being filled with quality players... Acouple more needs getting addressed and we'll be able to pick best player available or "luxury" picks!!

Holee Molee ... Gibson too?

I feel like a hot blonde with big teets at a club ... people just keep giving me stuff.


Not sure if anyone said it already but when I logged on twitter it wasnt even a minute old lol

Shfter tweeted Gibson agreed to terms.

Wow, Miami is going to let all the contracts go next year except for Starks or Soliai & Jones.

There will be plenty of cap space as I dont think Gibson will break the bank!


tankhood = troll

Have a nice day!

**ALL the Pundit, Talking Head, Poosies**, whether on The NFL Net or ESPN are SHAMELESS!

They made FOOLS of themselves this year and exposed their Anti-Miami Agenda in ALL of it's Glory!
They were ALL lined up to "Oooooh" and "Ahhhhhhh" The Teams that signed guys like Wallace, Ellerbe and Keller.

Then Ireland, of all people, just JAMS a Monkey Wrench right up their WahZoo's! Ireland forced them to do an about face and expose their Blowhard, bandwagon riding, bullshyt Con Jobs.........wait for it........wait.........**ON NATIONAL TV**.

As Phins78 pointed out(Great Point, BTW-Phins78), Sapp moreso than anyone else made HIMSELF look like an idiot. When Wallace was signed, he gave his TOKEN respect for Miami. But when Ellerbe came on Board too, the big dumba ss was ALMOST speechless(I prefer him to be speechless, he's dumerina ROCK!). By the time Wheeler was announced, Sapps.....Sappy Punk A ss had completed his Flip Flopping turnaround(He puts YG to shame when it comes to flip flopping on Miami-LOL). Nonetheless, Sapp totally discredited himself on National TV and we have none other than Jeffy "Bu-oy" Ireland to thank for it-ROTFLMAO!

(I've had to pinch myself the past 3 mornings and it ain't no Dream-LOL)

ValHalla to YOU Jeff Ireland!!!!

"We had talked to New York as well but what it came down to was it was a better fit for me. I had a great time in New York but it was time to move on for me. I see my future here in Miami. I see a bright one. I feel like I'm going to be surrounded by a great lockerroom and just great guys and coaches that are going to help me thrive."

Keller may as well have said, "Glad to be here in Miami, and out of that other misrable, dysfunctional organization.

Just saw the Tweet Andy NJ, thanks.

Craig M has turned his jeff ireland playdoll into a voodoo doll.

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!Dolphins have signed Brandon Gibson

Would love to see the details of this contract.

Come on Jake. Look at the opportunity in Miami. Come back on the cheap.

You wanna win or you wanna get paid? It's as simple as that!

What are the odds of the dolphins bringing in Dumerville before the patriots

Keller was blocking the whole time. Didn't seem to hurt the team.

Posted by: Phins78 | March 15, 2013 at 04:31 PM


The thing I like the most about Keller(with Wallace)is that he'll create the mismatches and/or dictate single coverage for Hartline/Bess.

And we all know what Tannehill's been taught about getting single coverage!

I'm Freaking PUMPED!

Everything is going as planned. Guess What? It only gets better! We have a ton of early draft picks and I think if we use them wisely we WILL be the team to beat in the AFC East!

We upgrade our Offensive line and secondary in the draft and we look like a contender this year!

mike acc, I think Dumervil likes south beach. Might have actually been where he was arrested. I dont know if Ireland can afford him, might have to draft a pass rusher.

I wouldn't completely rule it though. Ireland is on FIRE right now.

This may answer the questions.
@AdamHBeasley: From what I've heard in recent days, the Dolphins envision a role for Gibson AND Bess. They're trying to be the Packers South.

Davone will be released per Adam Shefftner

Thanks NeMo

Gibson is 6'0 205 25 years old. As for speed, not great. According to nfl article in 2009

"Gibson did the 40-yard dash three times in a 5-mph wind, running in 4.63 seconds against the wind and 4.58 and 4.60 seconds with it"


Dolphins agree to terms with Brandon Gibson.

Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter


Hahahaaaa, I think he likes it ... that's where he was arrested ...

too many awesome nights end like that ...

I do like Dumervil BUT he plays better in the 3-4 and he is 5:11. This not bothering anyone else?? Won't complain if it happens but there are a couple monster DTs in this draft.

Bring in Elvis Dumerville!

Sapp and Pioli were leading the flip floppers in regards to our new Linebackers.

Butki condemned the move earlier today too.

I think some are missing the "POINT" as well as not seeing "The Big Picture".

The "Point": We got younger and faster and cleared out a couple of BIG salaries. That's all Fine and Dandy, but the "Big Picture" is even better.

The "Big Picture": This wasn't just a financial move. TE's have been killing us for years on end. To make matters worse, Bellicheats Patriots go out and get Two Super Good TE's.

So please understand "WHY" Ireland revamped our Linebacker Corps with Younger FASTER Players! Philbin and Ireland brought in these two linebackers with Bellicheats TE's in mind.

No longer will we see Dansby and Clemons two steps behind Brady's TE's. No longer will we see Burnett a day late and a dollar short leaving the middle of the field wide open.


You hit it on the head odinseye. The networks were driving me nuts with there bad criticism of Ireland doing a good job.

With all of the aggressive moves that Ireland is making during FA, the draft is gonna be crazy! I wouldn't be at all surprised if Miami uses some of its picks to trade up and take a playmaker...say, Millner, for instance.


"Touchdown Fist Pump"!

Davone will be released per Adam Shefftner

Posted by: Jake | March 15, 2013 at 04:56 PM

1. I don't know enough about Gibson to want him over Bess. Bess is quiet, but he's money alot of times in 3rd down situations. Then again, I don't know how many times he ran a 7 yard route on 3rd and 8-Unnnnnngh! It drove me Fvcking Nuts! Anywhoo........

2. Why wouldn't we trade Bess for a 4th or 5th round pick. I'm sure theres some REASON why, but I would shop him "Fire Sale" style if their really that sold on Gibson. A 4th or 5th rounder would be "Da Shyt", but I'd even take a 6th or 7th if I had too. I mean, lets get SOMETHING out of the "Deal".

I think Bess is DeGone! Incognito, Carpenter, and Starks will be next year too. Maybe even Big Paul since we've got Odrick and Randall plus a plethora of picks in the next two years.

You no what guys F U C K these so called NFL analysts!!

Ireland brought in young quality players. Don't forget, they can cut Keller and Gibson if they don't pan out after camp. I'm not worries here.

This Miami Offense will now be the GB offense!!

I haven't this excited for this team in 10 years.

Its too bad most of the regulars on these blogs are bandwagon jumping POS. 1 month ago most of you were calling for Irelands head on a platter. Now, you praise him. You guys are all idiots....

I agree JSUFO! Where are all the haters now?

The last time the Dolphins paid for a new team with FA was 93-94. Was exciting, but it didn't get us back to the SB. I wish we could get better through the draft. Looking forward to April. Go Fins! Skeptical but excited nonetheless.

Gibson gets open, catches the ball, scores a few TDs what more can you ask a #3 WR? Come on guys , get real.

If the Brain Trust could only get two of the guys
they seriously want in the draft, say Milliner, and a beast of a DE, or one of the "E" Tight-Ends, or the WV-WR, or Corderell, and gave up all but one of the others picks to get them, would you be mad ? Not me ! Not after the Free Agency period we just had. No Sir ! Go Dolphins !!

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