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Elvis Dumervil if Jake Long walks

Jake Long is back in South Florida after his marathon visit to the St. Louis Rams. Interestingly, Elvis Dumervil, a Miamian, is also in South Florida because the place is his home.

Both are unrestricted free agents.

Both are very accomplished players at their positions.

Both have flags.

Both have been to the Pro Bowl.

Both are likely to get around $8 million per season from the next team they play for. Both want more but, hey, that's about the market right now, guys. Maybe even less.

So if you're Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland do you continue to try to re-sign Long as he's been doing for a couple of weeks now? Or do you shift focus to Dumervil?

After all, the Dolphins would like Long back as a blindside protector to Ryan Tannehill. But they would love a pass-rush phenom to place at the other defensive end position opposite pass-rush phenom Cameron Wake.

Two possibilities. Can't do both. What to do?

I conducted an unscientific twitter poll about this Friday. I got over 200 responses in five minutes. Fans voted 95 for Long, 84 for Dumervil, 15 for both and 10 for neither. There were other smartaleck answers as well but they didn't get counted.

Of course, what fans want doesn't much matter to the Dolphins. Sounds harsh but it simply is true. They conduct business based on what they believe is the proper course.

But this is where I fall on this one:

I cannot fathom the Dolphins selecting Dumervil over Long because it would upset their salary cap structure specifically as it relates to Wake. Remember Miami's Pro Bowl defensive end signed a five-year, $33.2 million contract with the Dolphins last year.

It was a brilliant deal by the Dolphins because a 15-sack pass-rusher is worth much more than $6.6 million per season. Michael Bennett, a one-year wonder nine-sack guy just got $5 million for one year from Seattle after visiting the Dolphins.

Well, if the Dolphins add Dumervil at $8 million per how is that going to sit with Wake?

Maybe Wake is a saint and sees it as help for the team which is awesome. Maybe Wake even looks at it as a being a help to him because suddenly offensive lines cannot always slide their protection to him. But maybe Wake sees it as screwy that he's making less than a teammate who last year accomplished less elsewhere.

No, that's not simple Xs and Os thinking. But any team that only considers Xs and Os and doesn't think about chemistry in the locker room is shortsighted.

So I suppose I agree with getting Long over Dumervil.

But ...

What if Long goes to another team? What if all the effort the Dolphins have made getting him is for naught. What if the cap space they budgetted for him suddenly comes free?

Well, then I would say go chase Elvis Dumervil.

Turn a loss into a win if you can. Draft a tackle in the first round and replace Long cheaply while making the defensive line a monster.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, what about that chemistry issue with Cameron Wake?)

I call Wake and tell him the plan. I share with him that the move is afoot and it is meant to improve the team and take the team to the playoffs and perhaps even shorten Tom Brady's days in the AFC East. I make sure he understands he will benefit from this move.

I make sure he's on board. I don't give him the opportunity to complain.

And then I add a proven 9- to 17-sack guy.

Yes, he's short. Yes, he's 29.

But yes, he'd be a great addition.


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All we can do is to trust the team to do what is best for the 2013 season. Bill

I would love to see Dumervil on our team. Get him and Winston. FA would be a huge win for us.

You have no clue as most beat writers do not any ways one day Miami is overpaying the next day they are not doing enough! The reason we have cap space and picks in the first place is because Ireland and Philbin refused to get the cart before the horse yet everyone talks about Ireland being on the hot seat! Some things like our President doesnt make sense!

Forget about Long.

Mando - you always know the right thing to say and are not just throwing stuff out there to stir the pot like that guy at the sun sentinel who wanted to be a super hero !

I think Long stays a Dolphin. Good and bad. He is a good to great player who was over paid in a rookie contract a couple of years ago. Very tough to justify tieing up star scoring money in a tackle even if he protects the qb's blind side. The market for that position has been determined and Jake has to start believing that he is a chevy truck not a mazeriti.

Or try signing Dumervil for something roughly similar to what Wake is getting. Perhaps the Phins can get a hometown discount, plus there's the no income tax angle.

I dont tell Wake the time of day. Hes been paid and Dumervil is paid. Both are paid, rather well, I might ad, so go cry on some elses shoulder, man up and chase the QB.

I'm curious about Jake Long's situation, I wish I knew the size of the contracts offered by Miami and St Louis.

I expect Long is using these offers to try and leverage something better. He seems pre occupied with how the size of his contract effects how he is precieved. I think Mr and Mrs Long have grown used to 1st over all status, irrespective of performance on the field, as if it actually has any objective value beyond $$$

The Dolphins have options, and I wonder if Ireland wishes to stick by Long due to the high pick. I'd give him 24 hours to decide and then go in another direction. Alternativelly withdraw the contract and and offer him a lower contract, reasoning that no one else has offered him significantly better and now Dumervil is available the cap space might be better used elsewhere.

Gimme Dumervil and draft a LT at #12 or look for a RT in Rd 2. Long cant even finish a season and he's overrated. Dumervil is better than the pass rushers at the top of the draft. Take Dumervil and replace Long in the draft.

Yes, offer him the same as Wake, he was supposed to be taking a pay cut in Denver and he can only say no. If Long learns that the money might be going elsewhere it may prompt him to make a decision.

Pete suggests approaching the situation like an amateur. He obviously has no experience in business or negotiating.

The managmeant here knows exactly what they are doing & will only consider Dumervill if they get him for money compairable to what Cameron Wake makes. Remember that even though Dumervil is a great pass rusher, he is god awfull against the run. Also keep in mind that the Dolphins currently view Olivier Vernon as the guy to start at the opposite DE spot, presumeably starting this year. So I guess it all depends on if they feel Vernon is ready to take over as the RDE this year or not. Now if he isn't ready to surpass Jared Odrick this year maybe they consider signing another DE for this year, otherwise I wouldn't spend the money. Keep in mind that Miami now needs to be carefull of their remaining salary cap space, so that they don't have to cut guys that they don't want to.


Dumervil is too small to set the corner as a 4-3 DE and is essentially a very good pass rush specialist. This is why Denver was forcing Dumervil into a pay cut.

You answered Yourself.

No Need For Dumervil. Specially Not When You Are Going To Pay Him More Than Wake.

Thank God!! Ireland Is The GM and Not You!!

Mando Signing Dumervil At $8mil A Season Is A ComeMielda Move!! Or Craig M For Short!!

Keep Up The Good Work!! Ireland!!

Don't Listen To The Peanut Media In Sfla!!

What Disservice Do We Give Our Players!! They Have To Answer Questions From These Nimrods!!

Mando, Please Don't Stoop To O.Kelly's Level!! And Start Speculating Asinine Things!!

Ireland Will Not Overspend At This Point In Free Agency!! For $8mil Ireland Can Go After A DE And A CB!! Which Will Have More Impact Than A Injury Plagued Dumervil Who Is Past His Prime!!

Ireland can afford to be patient, afford to play the situation out without rushing anything. He has picks and options in the draft. He holds the winning hand, not Long, not Dumervil.

I didn't tweet...but I'm with the 10 that said neither. They both want too much money. Move on! But, lets do it quick. I think we need to pick up a RT and CB in FA as depth and address both positions early in the draft.

And who plays CB?...

I agree Rob. Dumervil makes our defense super athletic. We can then always trade up with the xtra picks. If we cant get up to 4 or 5 (is Joeckle or Fisher fall there) we can surely get up to 7-10 and take Johnson.

Disagree. Wake is under contract -- one he signed after a sub par 2nd season. Dolphins didn't know if he was a one season wonder or if defenses had figured him out. Turns out they hadn't. He was also older. His contract is reasonable even if Dumervil signs at say 7-7.5mill. 8 is too much. Long isn't worth 7 and certainly not another another muti year contract unless back loaded @ 6mill or under in 2013. He's broken.

who needs CBs when the QB only has a second to get rid of the ball. sounds awesome. so long Jake.

If you can get both and sign B.Grimes this would be 1 of the greatest off seasons in the history of pro sports !! Ireland do far is doing a very good job you a** ho*** in here leave him alone !!

Forget Long & Elvis. Ireland did what he needed in FA. He should sign a budget corner & a budget OT that way he can go anywhere in the draft.

Enough of the big spending. I don't care if theres still room. The phins can't rebuild the entrie roster in FA but, it does speak volumes about the state of the roster before FA began.

At some point, Ireland must hit on more than 1 or 2 draft picks. That's the only way this team will survive going forward. Once these big contracts start to get axed someone has to step in & take their place.

It cannot come from mult million dollar contract free agents. It has to come from cheaper draft choices.

simple. just redo wake also and give him a bump up to dumervils numbers. duh....

i like the dumervil idea. There are a lot more OL in the draft and FA, but elite pass rushers are not readily available. the addition of dumervil would just about fee up miami to draft with the BPA idea rather than a need where they start reaching at icks.

scott anderson, that is a dumb idea

Short Players Tend To Fall Off Quicker Than Prototypical Players.

Ireland Will Make The Right Decision!! And A 5'10" DE When N.Solder Is 6'10" and D.Ferguson Is 6'6". Doesn't Sound Logical To Dashi!! Specially When He Is Already Losing His 1 Attribute Speed!!

On The Jake Long Situation?

It Will Get Done When It Is Done!! All You Cornballs That Want Jake Gone!! For No Other Reason Except That You Guys Love To Complain!! And Need Something To B'tch At Ireland About!! GIVE IT A REST!! JAKE IS #1 PRIORITY!! And Ireland Will Sign Him At His Price!!

It's simple. The draft is stronger and deeper at Tackle than Pass Rushers. If you have to choose, go for Dumervil and draft a tackle rather than keeping Long and drafting a pass rusher.

Jake and Jackie, Inc are delusional. He was rated 34th out of 75 tackles last year and 21st in 2011. So, he has been declining for two straight years (by a lot) due to significant injuries. He needs to realize he must sign at a massive discount or that money can be better allocated elsewhere (i.e. Dumervil). He was farked when he left St. Louis after 3 days of prodding. No leverage.

I'm torn about wanting Long to sign elsewhere but it's because he's a hell of a gamble for 8 or 9 mil per year with his huge pile of injuries he's had coupled with his declining play the last 2 years.

Reminds of the words from the late great Junior Seau..you don't leave this game it leaves you. I maybe paraphrasing a bit but you get the point.

The Fins Are Stacked On The D-Line. DE Is Not A Draft Priority.

The D-Line Is The Strength Of This Team.

Dumervil Doesn't Make Sense Even At $4Mil A Year.

And Ireland Is Not Renegotiating To Pay Anyone More Money!! That Is Not How Ireland Does Business!!

Signing Freeney And Abraham Combined Will Cost Less Than Dumervil!!

And If The Fins Don't Want To Ruffle Jake's Feathers!! With The Denial Of Talking To Winston Or McKinnie!! Who Can Replace Him!!

I Know Ireland Won't Say He Is Looking At Other Positions(Of Zero Need) To Let Jake Know The Money Is Being Spent Elsewhere!!

The Fins Only Real Needs Right Now Are O-Line And Secondary!! And If/When We Resign Jake!! Secondary Becomes The Only True Need!!

You all need to realize while Miami has had a great free agency period, they must now start considering the future as well. That means that they will have to draft & structure contracts in a way that will keep allowing to field a great football team next year & beyond. With that in mind Reshad jones, Paul Soliai, Ritchie Inconito, Jared Odrick & Davone Bess are all due to become free agents next year. Of those players probably only Reshad Jones and maybe Rithie Incognito & Jared Odrick may be brought back. Paul Soliai will probably be replaced with Jared Odrick at DT or a new DT. Davone Bess will be allowed to walk with Brandon Gibson becoming the regular replacemeant.

If the Dolphins retain Long and he gets injured again, what then? He'll be on good money regardless of whatever the final numbers are but will have proven himself not worth the contract. He will need to be dropped. How good are O linemen in the 2014 draft? They're supposed to be great in the 2013 draft.

Use the money on Dumervil or another area of need, draft a Olineman (something I initially wasn't keen on). We would then have 3 young players on the O line to play alongside Tannehill and Miller for the next 5 years.

It all comes down to the likelyhood of Long getting injured, and I think that is very likely.

would rather see them take Umenyura (sp) than Dumerville and draft a lineman. We need an experienced corner ( sign Grimes ) as well as drafting one.

Talib 1yr/$5Mil

Dumervil Will Not Even Get $6Mil From The Fins!!

The Chiefs Overpaid For S.Smith!!

Peoples eyes haven't deceived them Jake has declined quickly the last 2 injury plagued seasons. Look at his numbers they tell the story...they don't command top dollar. We're negotiating with Jakes ego.

The D-line MUST have a true 4-3 pass rushing DE for us to get more pressure on opposing QB's. I would like us to take D. MOore in the first round for all the previously listed reasons. Love that guy and no I don't care about his workout numbers.

this all sounds great guys, but you better find an experenced CB/FS before we go all Dumerville on us.

I do not care how great the draft is supposed to be at CB, you can not go rookie/rook and if we are then we think Paterson is sufficient.

I would like a cheap Freeney on the other side of Wake. I would also like to draft Fulker or Warmack. What I do not want to be is boxed in at CB come draft day.

By the way we better find a bruiser for RB also. Think we are going to chill a little for a while on this free agency thing.

Long probably is what everything hinges on. Go dolphins!

My question for the day. We are budgetting 6 million on the draft class, but dont you have to cut some of the people at the bottom of the roster when you do this and dont most of those people make more than the rookies?? This salary cap math always throws me for a loop. Seems like teams with no cap space always have money and we who are suppose to have a ton of cap room seem to always not be able to get things done.

I would go with long I think he got what it takes to bounce back. If we can get Grimes and the best Aviable CB in the draft I really like Milliner or Rhodes and that would be great for us. Then draft an OG and then the best aviable DE, TE, WR, RB.

How come nobody remembers Olivier Vernon. He had a great rookie season (3 1/2) sacks only in nickle play). He is vied by the Dolphins as the DE to surplant Jared Odrick this year & keep in mind that Miami will blitz Ellerbe & Wheeler much more than they ever did with Dansby & Burnett because now we have LB's with major speed & playmaking abilities.

You Clowns Actually Pray For Guys To Get Injured!!(Why Is That?)

Same Ones Wanting Bush Back Want Jake Gone. Yet, Long Is Less Of An Injury Risk!!

And Soprano Isn't Here To Drive Jake Into The Ground Again. I Believe The difference between Jake and Ireland Are Years!! Ireland Probably Wants To Sign Jake To A 3 Year Deal!! Jake Wants More Years!! But Ireland Has All The Leverage!!

Can't Wait To See The Final Deal When It Is All Said And Done. Bet It Favors Ireland.

He is a 3-4 outside linebacker. Miami now runs a 4-3. You would now pay a guy 8 m who is undersized and ask him to play DE ,a position he has never played. I wouldn't .

I really think Long is going to prove this year that he can and will return to his pro bowl form of a few years ago. I sincerely hope that the Dolphins and Long can come up with a reasonable compromise on the money. The Dolphins are a better team with Jake Long.

I hope they get him back. We can find a pass rusher with one of our round 2 picks (after addressing CB in round 1).

It looks like the way the draft is shaping up that probably 3 LT's will be gone by the time the Fins draft at 12.

It would be dumb and sad to chase the 4th best OT with the 12th pick so I presume Ireland won't go that route. We pray at least as there is a drop off after those 3 OT's.

If he wants to blow some of the draft pick stash that he has worked so hard to create then he could move up some to get OT Lane Johnson. Very good prospect and about at athletic as you will find anywhere. Depending on what was given up and that #12 seems to be a bit of a no mans land for this draft it could be a possibility. It would be an outstanding move to get younger and cheaper at OT.

The downside is, you lose valuable draft picks on a rebuilding team (Danial Thomas anyone???). Also it may be a bit of a reach as Fisher and Joekel have earned their spots in the Top 10. Lane Johnson is more of a riser based on being super athletic and having the upside teams covet.

Me I like having more bullets in the gun. I would trade back in a second and select S Matt Elam as he will be a wrecker at Safety.


I thought the draft was loaded with talented DEs. Why overpay for Elvis when you can get someone cheaper and younger? I'd rather sign an FA cornerback and draft Xavier Rhodes to complete the CB position.

Answer is neither. Sign Vollmer NOW before its too late

Miami needs only to be smart with the remainder of the salary cap space. None of us know what fits into their plans, but we do know that they have really improved the team so far with their FA moves. Remember that next year Miami has a load of FA's again & they need to start planning for future seasons right after the draft is over to keep the talent here beyond next year.

Speaking of Elam the Saftey. I believe the Dashon Goldson-less Niners AND the Baltimore Ravens looking to replace Ed Reed (when he goes) will be jockeying for the right to select him.

Just a thought.


Let Jake walk...We need help for Wake...With Dummervil opposite Wake QB's will have no place to go and will be forced to throw quickly...I vote for Dumervil and replace Long in the draft...Bump Wakes contract another Mill to make him feel good. He will be worth it!

What Happened When Dumervil Signed His Deal With The Bronco's?

He Got Injured For The Whole Season. Dumervil Has A Longer More Serious Injury History!! Than Jake Long.

Reason He Has Been Let Go From 2 Pro Teams. The Guy Gets Hurt A lot.

But Let's Concentrate On Jake!! Because We Hate Jake!! Why Do We Hate Jake? Because He Is Jake Long!! And We Should've Drafted M.Ryan!! (This Is How You Clowns Sound)

Never mind If We Drafted M.Ryan He Would Be Out The League Right Now!! Or A Backup On Another Team!!

When The Coach Goes The Qb Goes!! And Sporano Would've Definitely Ended M.Ryan's Career Before It Started!!

M.Ryan Is Lucky He Is In Atlanta And He Has 1 Of The Most Talented Offenses In The NFL!!

The 2008 Qb Class Is Full Of Mediocre QB's!!

Flacco Sucks!!(Bet The Ravens Don't Even Go 8-8, Without Ray)
M.Ryan Is Worst!! (M.Ryan Is Not Clutch!!)
And Henne Was Horrendous!!

Everyone seems to forget about Oliver Vernon. I was very impressed every time I saw him last year, even on special teams. Wake recently said he was working hard with Vernon and that he was going to be a beast.

They are saying 5 million a year for Reed to go to New England. I say offer him 6. You put Ed Reed over the top and you might be able to get buy drafting CB.

Ed Reed will make for a very tough D. Especially when you factor in our D line.

Throw some money ED way. Find a cheaper OL late June and Let Vernon and Odrick prove their metal.

You also accomplish two great things. You Piss off the Great Oz of New England. And you also dont allow the Texans to get better. You probably cause a mutiny in Baltimore and all for the Grand Bargain of 6 million per year. That sounds like a deal.

Grimes and Summerville all day!!! Tavon with the first pick, AFC East Champions done! Trust me, you can get the rest of the pieces that we need in the draft.. All of this thanks to an outstanding FA preseason! Thanks Jeff!!!

I don't know if Dumervil is up to accept the rol of a situational pass rusher at this point in his career (he's a starter for the mile-high mules). And the price tag is too damn high anyway. It could be better if Dolphins draft specialist Tourek Wiliams at 5th round.

Anyone else starting to get worried we have the potential into falling into the Washington Redskins/Philadelphia Eagles trap? Not saying I don't like these signings (and God knows we needed to bulk up on talent on this team), but if the dream team doesn't gel and perform, then what you have is a bunch of bloated salaries and CAP troubles in 2 years. Maybe I'm just having FA whiplash because we haven't really done this in 5 years, and now all of a sudden we are (and by the way, GB didn't do it much when Philbin was there either.

I hope this plan works.

I'm sorry but who the f#ck is Wake's agent??? What kind of bullsh#t contract did he sign??? I'm definitely not a fan for overpaying for players based on their production (lack of it) but this guy is one of the best 4-3 DE's in football. There's NO WAY he should be making less than $9 Million a year.

Vernon accoplished nothing on Defense.

2 of his 3 sacks came against the Rams. One he was unblocked(blown assignment) & the other was a result of Wake rolling bradford right into him.

I still have the game on DVR, I suggest some go watch it if you can. And I'm sorry, 1.5 sacks the other 15 games is not anything to jump around in excitement over.

He may have potential but he didn't show it. Unless you're talking about special teams.

The musical chairs this team is playing is pathetic. Are we an expansion team?

The Pats Have Traded Picks Away for

Talib-4th Rounder
Haynesworth- 5th Rounder
Chad - 6th Rounder

And They Plan On Giving Up A 3rd For E.Sanders.

How The Mighty Have Fallen!!

Belichek Needs To Hire Pioli Back!! So He Can Concentrate On Football!! And Pioli Concentrate On Players And The Draft!!

Look At The Pats' Last 5 Drafts. 1 or 2 Players at The Most.

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