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Elvis Dumervil if Jake Long walks

Jake Long is back in South Florida after his marathon visit to the St. Louis Rams. Interestingly, Elvis Dumervil, a Miamian, is also in South Florida because the place is his home.

Both are unrestricted free agents.

Both are very accomplished players at their positions.

Both have flags.

Both have been to the Pro Bowl.

Both are likely to get around $8 million per season from the next team they play for. Both want more but, hey, that's about the market right now, guys. Maybe even less.

So if you're Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland do you continue to try to re-sign Long as he's been doing for a couple of weeks now? Or do you shift focus to Dumervil?

After all, the Dolphins would like Long back as a blindside protector to Ryan Tannehill. But they would love a pass-rush phenom to place at the other defensive end position opposite pass-rush phenom Cameron Wake.

Two possibilities. Can't do both. What to do?

I conducted an unscientific twitter poll about this Friday. I got over 200 responses in five minutes. Fans voted 95 for Long, 84 for Dumervil, 15 for both and 10 for neither. There were other smartaleck answers as well but they didn't get counted.

Of course, what fans want doesn't much matter to the Dolphins. Sounds harsh but it simply is true. They conduct business based on what they believe is the proper course.

But this is where I fall on this one:

I cannot fathom the Dolphins selecting Dumervil over Long because it would upset their salary cap structure specifically as it relates to Wake. Remember Miami's Pro Bowl defensive end signed a five-year, $33.2 million contract with the Dolphins last year.

It was a brilliant deal by the Dolphins because a 15-sack pass-rusher is worth much more than $6.6 million per season. Michael Bennett, a one-year wonder nine-sack guy just got $5 million for one year from Seattle after visiting the Dolphins.

Well, if the Dolphins add Dumervil at $8 million per how is that going to sit with Wake?

Maybe Wake is a saint and sees it as help for the team which is awesome. Maybe Wake even looks at it as a being a help to him because suddenly offensive lines cannot always slide their protection to him. But maybe Wake sees it as screwy that he's making less than a teammate who last year accomplished less elsewhere.

No, that's not simple Xs and Os thinking. But any team that only considers Xs and Os and doesn't think about chemistry in the locker room is shortsighted.

So I suppose I agree with getting Long over Dumervil.

But ...

What if Long goes to another team? What if all the effort the Dolphins have made getting him is for naught. What if the cap space they budgetted for him suddenly comes free?

Well, then I would say go chase Elvis Dumervil.

Turn a loss into a win if you can. Draft a tackle in the first round and replace Long cheaply while making the defensive line a monster.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, what about that chemistry issue with Cameron Wake?)

I call Wake and tell him the plan. I share with him that the move is afoot and it is meant to improve the team and take the team to the playoffs and perhaps even shorten Tom Brady's days in the AFC East. I make sure he understands he will benefit from this move.

I make sure he's on board. I don't give him the opportunity to complain.

And then I add a proven 9- to 17-sack guy.

Yes, he's short. Yes, he's 29.

But yes, he'd be a great addition.


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oscar these lbs are big time unproven. but much cheaper and younger. we havent a clue if they will be any better than the 2 overpaid bums we had but least they are better in coverage and pass rushing

Don't worry so much Oscar...just toast a bagle....smear it with cream cheese, and chill...

....Jeffy Boy has been reinvigorated ...he has awakened from his slumber...

...and all is well in Dolphinville....

All the intelligent Dolfans left this garbage franchise a long time ago and all thats left are dummies.

The Hypocrisy!!

The Guy Who Never Sleeps And Never Leaves. Is Still Posting. And Has Been Posting For Over 3 Days Straight.

Why You Mad Truth? Or Oscar? Or Aloco? Or Whatever You Call Yourself This Hour?

Why Do You Come To A Football Blog And Rarely Talk Football? Are You Phishing or Trolling?

Troll- is someone who posts inflammatory, [1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response [2] or of Otherwise disrupting normal on-Topic Discussion.

Oscar/A loco/1001 Names Are You A Troll?

All the intelligent Dolfans left this garbage franchise a long time ago and all thats left are dummies.
Posted by: Obviously | March 17, 2013 at 10:13 AM

Gee...thanks ...comin from you it means a lot

The best playmaker on offense Reggie B is gone, Fassano didn’t drop a pass the entire season and he’s gone, S Smith a good cover corner is gone. Dansby and Burnett are gone. Long may be gone. WTF? We lost way too many starters in FA especially with all that cap room we have.

Omar Is Great Describing Play By Play In Practice. And Anything he Doesn't Have To Give His Opinion On.

Didn't I Say He Was A hard worker?

bush is replaced easily. rbs dime a dozen. fasano was awful. smith decent at best with worst hands ever. dansby and burnet over paid lbs who never made a big play

Only Long Was A Priority.

All Those Other Guys Have Been Upgraded. Even S.Smith!! Not Having Him On The Team Is An Upgrade!!

long shouldbe be brought back either, he simply isnt good anymore. our biggest need by far is 2 starting corners. right now we have none

Monte, I agree that Reggie Bush was a HUGE loss. He was the entire offense and Tanny's safety valve. Feel bad for anyone that bought his jersey or supported him. He played HUGE in Miami. This team has this nasty habit of getting rid of their best players. Makes it very tough to be a fan anymore....

what "best' players have fins gotten rid of.

According to BenVolin on twitter:

Ben Volin‏@BenVolinPBP
"Also hearing that Lance Louis visit to #Dolphins this week was in regards to upgrading at RG. And that Davone Bess may indeed be in trouble"

This makes perfect sense. If Ireands plan, which it appears to be, is to cut a guy & use his salary to pay for a new one, he can free up another $4 million by cuttting both.

Consiering they are both FA's next year the only cap hit is this year & beteen them them its less than a $1m. I I understand the cap correctly.

Gibson was the first. Potential budget RG may be next. Won't rule it out.

5th consecutive losing season coming up.

All of you people are freakin retards , with all the additions our team just made we should all be quite happy we added new dimensions on offense we have not had since the 80s we added new young fast linebackers and you are still not happy , you guys are pathetic

Damn you idiots

That's what my boyfriend say...

We are going to the playoffs like it or not,,,,,,,

And Rick is my boyfriend, they call him midget Dick

Bend over and touch your toes ,,,,and I will show you where the wild goose goes

Wallace , Gibson , Bess , hartline , Keller dudes that is nasty

Replace Long cheaply? Are you high? Offensive Line and Defenive Backfield are the Dolphins' most glaring weaknesses.

Oscar/A loco/1001 Names Are You A Troll?

Posted by: Truth's Daddy | March 17, 2013 at 10:13 AM

Long will resign , we will add a corner as well then it's draft time

We are going to the playoffs
Posted by: Marc from nj | March 17, 2013 at 10:47 AM

You've said that every year, IDIOT.

I also don't understand why people are upset over the "losses". I consider them additions by subtraction.

Smith? Who couldn't locate a ball to save his life. And when he did couldn't catch it.

Bush? who danced behind the line & lost yardage but occaionally broke a big play?

Fasano? He couldn't beat lb'ers in coverage?

I'm perfectly fine with losing Long & all his injury depleted seasons as well.

Dansby & Burnett? Who were briought here to cover lb'ers and couldn't? WHo also provided ZERo big plays?

Sorry, I'm not in the least bit sad that they're gone.

Oscar is a real man he makes cigars in key west and he loves black bean soup

Playoff bound baby

I think the bisexual agenda and homoerotic foreplay on this message board is quite refreshing and entertaining.

Most other football message boards do not have nearly as much explicitly gay and bisexual content as this one.

Next cut will be Marshall and carpenter that's 9 million right there

Gay is in dude ever here of gay pride you biggiett

Especially when your a bottom boy like "glass closet doors" you can drive a VW in his back door.

No need to cut Carpenter now. He's a FA after this year & we have plenty of cap space to afford him ths year.

Heck, it'll take the players and coaches months to learn each others names let alone the playbook LOL

I am not gay I love girls way too much but I do have friends that are gay and ya know what that's their business , so you should respect them. Hate is a very ugly thing

We are building this team the right way,nothing will be missed maybe we can sign a gay cornerback would you like that

We have 10 draft picks you guys please don't forget that 5 in the top 100

Our goal is to topple New England

You know it's an old fart if they obsess over who is/isn't gay or get all nervous/angry/defensive over the subject.

Well, either an old fart or a closet queen I should say. I don;t know anyone under the age of 35 that still gives a flying eff about whether someone is gay or not.

We All Know I Use Only 1 Name!!

Don't Be A Clown.

You Are The First One To Cry Dashi!!

Dashi Don't Hide.

While We At it .... You Can Write It Down!! (I Know You Hate That) Jake Will Finally Be Back To Form!! He Will Finally Be Fully Healthy And In Shape To Start Camp. Philbin Did Right By Him Taking Him Out. Not Having Jake Play While Injured, "Unlike Dansby".

Plus, This Offensive System Is Less Demanding On Jake. Quick Passing Means You Don't Have To Hold The Block As Long. And 4 Wide Means Teams Aren't Going To Have 3 LB's On The Field.

And Lacy In The Backfield!!

Posted by: LOL | March 17, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Takes alot of brain power to hijack someones name.

Pathetic. Hijack a name = banned by armando.

Enoy it while it lasts moron.

A few random thoughts....
For days I wondered why our LB unit was overhauled. I understood the Wallace move, we just didn't have a starting #1 WR. Just like we didn't have LT, CB or TE.

I get the new LBs are probably better but the fact is, we weren't hurting at LBs. I mean Dansby & Burnett weren't exactly screaming to be replaced. Especially when a team has no starting LT, TE or CB.

So, why? Then it hit me. I have believed for a while now that Philbin and his staff didn't have some players buying in to their way of doing things. And then the last game of the year when multiple players just quit. I'm sure this wasn't lost on the coaches. We do know a few players were vocal about V. Davis being traded and then Ochocinco in preseason. Dansby in particular as I remember. So, what you have here is Philbin getting rid of locker room problems.

We All Know I Use Only 1 Name!!

Dashi Don't Hide.

Posted by: Truth's Daddy | March 17, 2013 at 11:09 AM

Could dashi be even dumber than Craigarrhea?

Troll + Gay + a total dipwad = Jeff and all his names

If Not Lacy, Mike James. The Perfect Compliment To L.Miller And A Beast At The Combine. Better Numbers Than M.Ball.


What you say could very well be a part of it, but even without that, even if LB wasn't the most glaring need, the opportunity was there to recycle and upgrade for a lower price, so it was wise to take advantage of that. I don't see that it had any effect on any of our other needs or decisions. That was Ireland being alert and ready to act.



Man, our linebackers couldn't cover TE's after 5 yards. They were slow. That puts pressure on CB's and Safeties who are the guys that look bad because the pass is between them and the now trailing linebacker. They have to break off to make a tackle and are often run over by a big tight end causing us to call them nancy boys while Dansby or Burnet arrive a minute late to the tackling party looking like they were doing their jobs. Linebackers need to cover the middle of the field from the line to the safeties. They tackle and defend there. I didn't see them do too much last year against good teams at least.
So you have a need of fast hard hitting linebackers. Fast and hard hitting does not describe the linebacking corps from last year.

"The Palm Beach Post reports that Marcus Thigpen could take over the "Reggie Bush role" in the Dolphins' offense in 2013.
Not in the essence that Thigpen will start or play heavy snaps, but beat writer Ben Volin expects him to line up in the slot and act as a scatback on third downs. Thigpen handled return duties for Miami last season, but he played just 33 snaps on offense. We'd be surprised if he played a big offensive role."
Source: Palm Beach Post
Mar 17 - 11:29 AM

This makes a TON of sense to me. He's another burner. If Thigpen can stay healthy he could be a very valuable weapon. Love this kid.

Makes a hell of a lot os sense....

Made a LOT of plays on STs.....and always seemed close to breaking one....

these guys are on fire.....

were in good hands....even tho I wanted Bush back....this move makes sense....

ESPN's free agent grades are seriously whacked. I thought it was cool that they had Jake Long graded as the highest free agent period but as a took a closer some of them are just ridiculus.

They have Brandon Lloyd for example graded higher than Mike Wallace, Dwayne Bowe, and Greg Jennings.

Looking at Lloyd's stats I didn't realize he had 900 yds and 4 tds last year though. However last year and 2010 are they only 2 decent years in his eleven year career, yet he was graded as the sixth best free agent just below Joe Flacco.

Ireland And Dashi Had Been Speaking For A While.

Ireland Knows Starks And Long Are The #1 Priority.

So Was Getting Wallace.

But Anybody That Watched A Dolphin Game, Saw When It Was A Crucial Down The Defense Folded!! The Fins Take The Lead In Arizona!! Dansby Manages To Lose The Game!! Kevin Kolb Outsmarted Dansby!! Mark Sanchez Outsmarted Dansby!! Chad Henne Scored On Dansby!! Fitzpatrick!! If Last Year Those Qb's Outplayed Dansby!! What Would The Ones The Fins Are Playing This Year Do To Dansby?

HUGE NEED!! Dansby Believed Himself To Be Better Than He Really Was. Ellerbe Is An Overachiever!! He Naturally Will Play Harder!! Work Harder!! Plus He Was Mentored By Ray Lewis!! He Knows How Things Are Supposed To Be Done!!

Question Is What Are They Going To Do With Misi? A Kaddu/Misi Battle In Training Camp?

Olivier Vernon Saw Some Time As A Nickel LB. But That Was In Relief Of Dansby. and he Will See More Time At DE This Year.

Vernon Is A Better Prospect Right Now Than E.Dumervil.

Vernon is 6'3" 268lbs 4.64-40yd 31-BP

And Is Only 22.

Forget E.Dumervil!! Name 1 DE Coming Out This Draft With Similar Stats.

And Vernon Did Account For 2 TD's Right?

More Than Any Player On Defense! And Any Wr!!

"Omar Is Great Describing Play By Play In Practice. And Anything he Doesn't Have To Give His Opinion On."

This guy Omar is the biggest joke in sports journalism and coming in at a close second is Dan Lebetard.

But Omar, the insufferable player wanna be, is actually hurt that Philbin has cut some of his friends. I read all of the reporters tweets to get up to the minute updates. He is the ONLY reporter who acts like a teenager. It's embarrassing.

And after reading his tweets for a while you can see right through him. He is a player lover and coach hater. He only likes coaches that give team control over to players. He doesn't like authority and lovbed that Dansby and Burnett ran their mouths to him questioning the coach. It made him feel like one of the guys and now Philbin got rid of his posse so he's crying a river over there.

The woirst part is this!!!! The national media is so foolish they constantly use Omar as the Miami source for Dolphins news. That dude has been everywhere spreading his special brand of whaaaaaaaa all over the nation. Is it any wonder the national media is against the Dolphins moves? He's been on First Take, NFL32, Sportscenter, Mike and Mike, ANNNDDD he's been on the NFL network multiple times.

And not ONCE has he fairly described the situation going on in Miami. Just a lot of skeptisism and shots at the approach. Apparently Omar was fine with the three decades of losing and would like to keep the streak going by keeping the players that helped us to such ineptitude!

Armando get on tv bro!

WHYYYYYYY are they talking to Omar!!!???

Marcus played some receiver in college, so he can run routes and catch the ball.

Still want a bruiser for a RB tho....

but i'm sure we'll get one....sooner or later.....

Ireland added better coverage skills and pass rushing skills by dropping Dansby and Burnett. Also he dropped two overpaid players, and in regards to Dansby a bit of a loud mouth. Haven't been impressed by Dansby for a couple of years now. Burnett seemed like the better leader of the two but couldn't cover and provided almost no pass rushing options. The LB core has been a problem on the team for a couple years now, in that for the amount of payroll in it the big game changing plays just weren't there.

Phins 78....

Armando has the perfect face for Radio....

Thomas is a bruiser. He looked strong and fast last year when healthy. The problem is him staying healthy. I think they will give him one more season to show he can last, otherwise he's gone.

Won't spill no tears over SS gone, that's for sure.

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A Smaller OS Let's You Use Even More Of Your Hardware To Run Your Software.

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Linux Based. Right?

Posted by: Truth's Daddy | March 16, 2013 at 11:02 PM

This poster is obviously daShe...and he was BUSTED BIG TIME for spouting nonsense that doesn't even make sense!!!!!

dashe tried to google his way into talking smart with a smart person, and he made a total fool of himself!

dashe is nothing but a delusional, naive, ignorant immature fool that desperately hopes to find anonymous bloggers that will admire him, because in the real world nobody does.

daShe is daShame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agree Lobo....

Thomas can get yards....but as soon as he gets his 8th carry of the game...his vage starts hurting...and he's out for 2-4 weeks....

we need tougher @ the position....

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