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Elvis Dumervil if Jake Long walks

Jake Long is back in South Florida after his marathon visit to the St. Louis Rams. Interestingly, Elvis Dumervil, a Miamian, is also in South Florida because the place is his home.

Both are unrestricted free agents.

Both are very accomplished players at their positions.

Both have flags.

Both have been to the Pro Bowl.

Both are likely to get around $8 million per season from the next team they play for. Both want more but, hey, that's about the market right now, guys. Maybe even less.

So if you're Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland do you continue to try to re-sign Long as he's been doing for a couple of weeks now? Or do you shift focus to Dumervil?

After all, the Dolphins would like Long back as a blindside protector to Ryan Tannehill. But they would love a pass-rush phenom to place at the other defensive end position opposite pass-rush phenom Cameron Wake.

Two possibilities. Can't do both. What to do?

I conducted an unscientific twitter poll about this Friday. I got over 200 responses in five minutes. Fans voted 95 for Long, 84 for Dumervil, 15 for both and 10 for neither. There were other smartaleck answers as well but they didn't get counted.

Of course, what fans want doesn't much matter to the Dolphins. Sounds harsh but it simply is true. They conduct business based on what they believe is the proper course.

But this is where I fall on this one:

I cannot fathom the Dolphins selecting Dumervil over Long because it would upset their salary cap structure specifically as it relates to Wake. Remember Miami's Pro Bowl defensive end signed a five-year, $33.2 million contract with the Dolphins last year.

It was a brilliant deal by the Dolphins because a 15-sack pass-rusher is worth much more than $6.6 million per season. Michael Bennett, a one-year wonder nine-sack guy just got $5 million for one year from Seattle after visiting the Dolphins.

Well, if the Dolphins add Dumervil at $8 million per how is that going to sit with Wake?

Maybe Wake is a saint and sees it as help for the team which is awesome. Maybe Wake even looks at it as a being a help to him because suddenly offensive lines cannot always slide their protection to him. But maybe Wake sees it as screwy that he's making less than a teammate who last year accomplished less elsewhere.

No, that's not simple Xs and Os thinking. But any team that only considers Xs and Os and doesn't think about chemistry in the locker room is shortsighted.

So I suppose I agree with getting Long over Dumervil.

But ...

What if Long goes to another team? What if all the effort the Dolphins have made getting him is for naught. What if the cap space they budgetted for him suddenly comes free?

Well, then I would say go chase Elvis Dumervil.

Turn a loss into a win if you can. Draft a tackle in the first round and replace Long cheaply while making the defensive line a monster.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, what about that chemistry issue with Cameron Wake?)

I call Wake and tell him the plan. I share with him that the move is afoot and it is meant to improve the team and take the team to the playoffs and perhaps even shorten Tom Brady's days in the AFC East. I make sure he understands he will benefit from this move.

I make sure he's on board. I don't give him the opportunity to complain.

And then I add a proven 9- to 17-sack guy.

Yes, he's short. Yes, he's 29.

But yes, he'd be a great addition.


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Get Nnandi

As bad as Dansby was, he was still a better LB than Crowder ever was.


Agreed. I Fell Right Into The Game.

I Forget "" Plays The Same Game Every Day. I Heard Child Prostitution Is Legal In Cuba? That Is What The Herald Is Saying...Not Me. I Would Have To Ask My Cuban Uncle. But He Always Likes To Have The Last Word.

But You're Right. Dashi Grandmaster Of Football And Basketball(#Fire Spo!!), And World Champion Of Beisból!!

The Japs Are Lucky The Game Are In San Fran And Merengue Bands Don't Travel That Far!! Play Them In Houston!! Still That Tournament Is Almost A Wrap.

And I Can't Complain About Spoelstra Til He Loses 1 Game!! If Spo Loses Against The Raptors!!

The U Is Getting Back To Being The U. Laranaga Is Winning And Golden Will Be To.

Philbin Is Still The Best Coach In Sfla. He Has Only Been The Coach Of The Dolphins 1 Season And He Already Has Us Talking Superbowl!!

OK... To Early For That. After The Draft!!

Jake Long And A Good Draft!! And Dashi Will Call The Fins The Favorite!!In The AFC!!

YG, I have the similar issues with "M". However, I address it when he's here. I don't ramble on for pages when they're not.

You're going on & on about them & their not even here. You should save it. No need to spoil a good blog with a diatribe about people who aren't here posting.

Theres a tme a place for everything.

Carolina/Canes coming up right now. ACC championship on the line. GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dashi long isnt even good, he wont put us over the top of anything.

canes getting screwed they still will give duke number 1 over canes. go canesssssssss

Dollar For Dollar!! Crowder Was Better. Crowder Cost A lot Less Than Dansby. For About The Same Production.

Ellerbe Will Have A Better Year. The Fins Can Still Draft A LB In The Mid Rounds. The Position Still Has No Depth. CB's And LB's Are Still The Weakest Position On Defense.

Posted by: LOL | March 17, 2013 at 01:06 PM

Im done with that. Was just expressing an observation to the blog hoping more would be aware. I know its not likeanyone really cares. LOL...

How can NC beat Miami? Nohow. You seen those strong Watusis we have in the Middle? Plus mostly Seniors. Forget it.


I hope the ravens win that battle. The Pats have upgraded enough keeping Talib and signing Adrian Wilson, we don't need them to get Dumervil.

It doesn't appear that Grimes will sign anywhere just yet, apparently he's not 100%.

I'm not gonna jump off the ledge over the cb thing just yet though. I just read an article about the Bucs who are in dire need of cb's as well. They said they are being patient and didn't want overpay for guys like Cason or DRC.

It doesn't look like theres a whole lot of cb's left in the fa market though so I guess we'll be drafting a couple.


The #2 seed is great also. You play the 2nd worst team seeded in your bracket. No big deal. The #1 seed plays worst bracket seed first game.

#2 seed, 1st seed, you still play an inferior opponent first game. The final 4, and championship game only matters.

myers to giants, bet he has big year with eli. icognito tgweeting a really gay looking pic of him and long, saying "i miss us"

#1 seed means absolutely nothing if getting upset first game. LOL...

NC playing well. The very slim chance they have to Win lies in Transition.

Go Canes!!! You gotta love it, even as the the Canes were drubbing Duke by 30 a couple weeks back the announcers were talking about Duke being the team to beat.

disagree yesterday, being the 2 means u have to go through the number 3 and 1 seeds

YG, you're sad really... really pathetic ... you're getting counselling in here from other posters because I'm so far deeply entrenched in yous head. Wow, get help man...

yesterday that has never happened ever

canes havent played well lately, ga tech loss at home was awful. im guessing nc will beat them today so prob get a 2 or 3 seed. if they get hot again they could be dangerous

kindry @12:29...

thanx 4 excellent explanation.

btw, I can still hear Mandich's voice in my head, as our abysmal streak of not-covering TEs well began, asking STRONGLY why our DBs weren't jamming opposing TEs more more frequently

Yeah, work it down to the Post.

http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000151412/article/richie-incognito-doesnt-want-jake-long-to-get-away .

YG, what do you imagine me doing now?

What else do I do in this fake imaginary existence of yours?

You think anyone else thinks about the other posters here and what they do all day??

Get help man .. now before you climb a bell tower looking for people you think are me with a rifle in hand ...

FAT, OLD, PATHETIC, WEAK, OBSESSED, STUPID ... all words that fit you to a tee ...

klndry @ March 17, 2013 at 11:33 AM

Dansby was slow and it was upgrade, no argument but I and a lot of other people were surprsied by the move. Here's an analoogy: You're in a boat and there's a couple of holes pouring sea water flooding the boat. And then you notice a few small leaks that need to fixed but can wait. What would you do?

Dont forget Ppppppprrrrrrrrrtttt!

LOL, if you're still here, I dropped in to check if there are some Dolphins news . but there is none ... and I find that idiot postic stuff about me in a weak attempt to make me a "blog outcast".. I haven't seen that tactic since I was in grade school... like fukkin Desperate Housewives in here ... pathetic and weak.

Anyway, I'm about to watch Wreck It Ralph ... let you know what I think ...

They let us have DVD players in our cells here in prison ... sheesh


Just stopped by for a few minutes. I wanted to make refernce to your earlier posts. I don't get the obsession with mey having to be 'onside' with all the moves that Ireland is making. Truth by known, I like MOST of the moves. Kris, when the team resigned Moore I liked that move. You had issue with it because 'Moore doesn't have the fire in his belly to be a starter. Give me a guy with fire in his belly'. The moves I have issue with are the two LBer moves and ONLY getting Keller. The rest I'm good with. So how does that say I 'want the team to be slow and methodical with their approach'? I think both you and Phins78 have insinuated that. Please show me. I didn't want Smith back but I'm going with everything else they've done. So I don't get this constant twisting of my posts.

Lastly, I already tipped my hat to Dashi for getting the call right on the LBers. But be careful what you wish for. If you do your research on these guys, the knock on them is that they struggle covering TEs. Isn't that EXACTLY what Dashi's knock on Dansby and Burnett were? So yeah I'm not impressed with what they did at LBer. I get the 'younger/more pressure on the QB' but what are we losing. You guys say nothing...so let's see. I'm also not nearly as in love with Keller as you guys.

So here's the wrap-up: I hope you guys are right. I want nothing more than to see this team win. I'm just expressing an opinion that I have on some of the moves. Not sure why people have a problem with that.

Phillie @ 1:28 ... YG is the late night burrito fart, that's for sure. Sound describes him perfectly too

since it looks like many of the mocks/pundits (i dont put alot of stock in them, just saying for reference) rate most of the draft at about a wash (talent wise) from roughly pick 10 through the rest of Rd 1, or most of it--I'm having a hard time getting too excited about the guys in that 8-15 range (and most of the lists/rankings are similar.....again, grain of salt), but if so then I'd like to see them trade back into the high teens/low 20s if possible, grab another 2nd rd pick and use it to trade back in to the mid/high 20s, and get 2 solid prospects at need positions (TE/CB?) in Rd 1

mark move on bro, u care way to much about it also. very weird. football blog fellas

Aaaaah those enchiladas! (in best James Woods/Father McFeeley voice from Scream 2). LMFAOOOO


Ley YG go....I couldn't care less what he does. This stupid 'craigrhea' stuff he's come up with....it's the work of a child! And the 'Marcia' and 'Retardo-....'. I mean who does that/ Who cares!

WNPs has him figured out. leave him alone. He's a sick individual.

Have a good day fellas. I'm out to enjoy the sunshine. YG will be here for your entertainment.

Wow its a 3 point battle!!

mckinney jones on fire

Craig M for Moron is canadien.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am, I cried
I am, said I
And I am lost, and I can't even say why


Posted by: HEAT WORLD CHAMPS | March 17, 2013 at 01:43 PM


They just said Miami gets a 2 seed even if they win.

Looking good in this game so far though. Even with all the "Blue Nation" in the crowd and Hairston on fire we're up at the half.

ESPN doing their best lobbying to ensure Canes DON'T get #1 seed EVEN IF THEY WIN.

Is there anything "Miami" - - Canes, Fins, Heat - - that ESPN does not tear down?

YG is a demented person for sure, trying to convince people in here that I'm actually a convict ... then when I appear he hides ... hides .. really?

But one of his weirdo aliases in Canadien Bacon happens to show....

What a jabroni ... get help man, get help


Have you ever been in a backseat with Craig M? If so, about how many times?

M Moore signing is one I'm liking more with the offense they are putting together should Tannehill take a step back or get injured.

For Craig M et al:

Not getting into someone else bidness but just making an observation. I like coming on here and I have come to repect alot of the posters sports savvy and really appreciate the homework that some folks do on our team.

It seems to me like that some of the nonsense and undersirable stuff, like arguments that go on for 3 pages and and even the trolls to some degree, are created by taking this stuff too seriously.

None of us are experts. Even they guys that get paid to be experts get it wrong all the time. We are different people and are going to see things differently occasionally.

All signs point to a more interesting season upcoming. Lets have fun with it.

We are all Dolphin fans though...I think. Lets get back to what we do best..be Pat, Bills, an best of all Jets haters!!!!

My Sunday rant..lol

btw. we need to break P.J Hairston's arms.

What is Miami's Coacg waiting to lean on this guy?

Wow, Craigarrhea and Mark here at the same time. Hmmm... very, very, interesting. Could they actually be one in the same?

Obviously 2 very sick individuals. LOL.........

None of us are experts.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | March 17, 2013 at 02:07 PM


not true. dashe is an expert, just ask him. he is right 98% of the time.

Mark, I wasn't trying to counsel anyone LOL Just trying to keep the blog off the dumb stuff.

You'll love Wreck-it Ralph. My kids really liked it & I loved it!

NC the better Coached Team.

Good point toast

making the call that long will return to miami is about as risky as calling heads or tails right once every 5 flips. he left st. louis after 3 whole days with no contract, and came back to florida. all reports indicate its between these two teams. it looks like jake just needs to get over not being the highest paid LT. then he calls jeff to say ok.

you can bet jake will be one mean son of a gun proving to the world he is still the king kong of lt. you watch.

agree with that too toast. i'm hoping we get him back.

The moves I have issue with are the two LBer moves and ONLY getting Keller. Posted by Craig M
Nothing is going to be perfect. However Keller fills a dire need for an pass receiving down the seem TE and he has skills. The Dolphins are not finished and still have other TE's, I'm not thinking of Egnew. The Patriots won without a running game previously not thinking of last season. They won last season without much of a secondary. Offense rules in the NFL as was the case in the Super Bowl even though both teams had great defenses. Regarding the LB's, there are not many great coverage linebackers in the NFL. That's why the nickle back was created. LB's usually get there late but punish the receiver. The two released LB's with the Dolphins were just to slow in every aspect of the game. Great move by Ireland and no doubt directed by Joe Philbin.




..YG. I wrote you a post on page 9 last night about Escobar. I don't know if you read it. Good player.

This LB talk is spent. Other's pointed out yesterday that it cost us nothing to do it, we exchange two old tires with worn treads for two new ones with more tread at the same cost or less. The point was made, this had no bearing at all on our other moves. We didn't sacrifice anything to do it.

Nobody is saying Keller is better than Cook. Cook was overpriced. Ireland bit the bullet and overpaid some for Wallace, but he wasn't going to do it for everyone, certainly not 29 yo Cook when you have a full hand of picks in the top 100 of the draft.

Getting Keller on a one year deal gives Ireland tons more flexibility now to manage that position in the future.

..Promichael..Great post @ 2:20

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