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Elvis Dumervil if Jake Long walks

Jake Long is back in South Florida after his marathon visit to the St. Louis Rams. Interestingly, Elvis Dumervil, a Miamian, is also in South Florida because the place is his home.

Both are unrestricted free agents.

Both are very accomplished players at their positions.

Both have flags.

Both have been to the Pro Bowl.

Both are likely to get around $8 million per season from the next team they play for. Both want more but, hey, that's about the market right now, guys. Maybe even less.

So if you're Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland do you continue to try to re-sign Long as he's been doing for a couple of weeks now? Or do you shift focus to Dumervil?

After all, the Dolphins would like Long back as a blindside protector to Ryan Tannehill. But they would love a pass-rush phenom to place at the other defensive end position opposite pass-rush phenom Cameron Wake.

Two possibilities. Can't do both. What to do?

I conducted an unscientific twitter poll about this Friday. I got over 200 responses in five minutes. Fans voted 95 for Long, 84 for Dumervil, 15 for both and 10 for neither. There were other smartaleck answers as well but they didn't get counted.

Of course, what fans want doesn't much matter to the Dolphins. Sounds harsh but it simply is true. They conduct business based on what they believe is the proper course.

But this is where I fall on this one:

I cannot fathom the Dolphins selecting Dumervil over Long because it would upset their salary cap structure specifically as it relates to Wake. Remember Miami's Pro Bowl defensive end signed a five-year, $33.2 million contract with the Dolphins last year.

It was a brilliant deal by the Dolphins because a 15-sack pass-rusher is worth much more than $6.6 million per season. Michael Bennett, a one-year wonder nine-sack guy just got $5 million for one year from Seattle after visiting the Dolphins.

Well, if the Dolphins add Dumervil at $8 million per how is that going to sit with Wake?

Maybe Wake is a saint and sees it as help for the team which is awesome. Maybe Wake even looks at it as a being a help to him because suddenly offensive lines cannot always slide their protection to him. But maybe Wake sees it as screwy that he's making less than a teammate who last year accomplished less elsewhere.

No, that's not simple Xs and Os thinking. But any team that only considers Xs and Os and doesn't think about chemistry in the locker room is shortsighted.

So I suppose I agree with getting Long over Dumervil.

But ...

What if Long goes to another team? What if all the effort the Dolphins have made getting him is for naught. What if the cap space they budgetted for him suddenly comes free?

Well, then I would say go chase Elvis Dumervil.

Turn a loss into a win if you can. Draft a tackle in the first round and replace Long cheaply while making the defensive line a monster.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, what about that chemistry issue with Cameron Wake?)

I call Wake and tell him the plan. I share with him that the move is afoot and it is meant to improve the team and take the team to the playoffs and perhaps even shorten Tom Brady's days in the AFC East. I make sure he understands he will benefit from this move.

I make sure he's on board. I don't give him the opportunity to complain.

And then I add a proven 9- to 17-sack guy.

Yes, he's short. Yes, he's 29.

But yes, he'd be a great addition.


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oscar is a nerd




My bad Rick...I was making reference to a SECOND RB after Miller....not choosing one in the 2nd ROUND..lol..

...and I agree...that is too soon....and too rich for Jeffy's blood..

.....there would have to be a Ledanian Tomlinson or an Adrian Petersen type @ #12 for him to pull that trigger....

Oscar down boy

Otra forma mas de comer mier-a on a boring Sunday afternoon.

Yup we do need a power back I love staffon Taylor from Stanford in the 4 th round or even 5th

Or christin micheal

We are gonna knock off New England this year , they are done

Okay..let me offer this..

..now that Long is basically at the mercy of Jeff & co. ......

...what if he is made to accept the same type deal they gave to Wallace....

..a minimal cap hit with a larege bonus (which is prorated over the contract life...all built into a guarantee...

...then there would still be cap space remaining to get grimes or Eric Winston,...or maybe even both...

....that is a possibility....

Apparently, we are feeding our Boys well down here.

Yo Oscar ..what's for dinner tonite...any more Penne Bolognese ??

...even though you do cheat a bit when you prepare it
..... lolol

......a thought which has awakened my appetite.....so I'm off to the kitchen...bbl

I bought me some thin cuts Porterhouses which I'm seasoning and tenderizing now for the Grill.

nice...sounds great...bon apetite

The Dolphins got different last week by rolling over 30% of their starters but its doubtful they're any better. Ireland was blasted on Bleacher Report for paying Wallace.. Calvin Johnson money and letting Reggie Bush walk away.

great insight vagman, bleacher report a bunch of idiots always. course we overpaid, not our money. doesnt make wallace not good. bush who cares, rbs dime a dozen

damn oscar, i'm cooking chicken wings.

well....overpaid...that's debatable..weren't going to get a deep threat, proven receiver for much less...

....and overpaid is a relative term..

...he only counts for 2.7 Million against the cap...so it didn't strap us that way..

....his appx. 11 Million signing bonus is prorated over the life of the contract....

...and his Guarantee is $30 Million....so if he plays productively beyond year #3 , that amount is justified...

...so saying we overpaid depends on how you define it...

Ireland was blasted on Bleacher Report for paying Wallace.. Calvin Johnson money and letting Reggie Bush walk away. Posted by Vazman
Everyone has their opinion but just because Bleacher Report blasts a GM does not make it valid. Ireland paid what the market dictated to get what the Dolphins needed to improve the offense and not have teams playing '8 in the box'. Calvin Johnson would get much more on todays open market. What would your plan be to get better Vazman? Draft a rookie receiver who may take a year or two to develop!

You know its funny the Seahawks can spend money like a drunken sailor and nobody says a word. The fact is you have to win.

Jeffy has done his job up to this point excluding the draft. After that its up to Philbin and company to get it done on the field.

seattle much much closer to title thats why. plus they made great moves mia better be the one seed in east!

canes great draw

The Seahawks made the playoffs but lost to the Dolphins. Who were without an offense. No Wallace, no offense from the TE, a rookie QB, facing '8 in the box' often because the receivers were slow, slow LB's etc...I'm sure that Seattle has improved but so have the Dolphins and the draft has yet to come.

Indiana 1 seed. Miami 2.

I am starting a kick the crap out of the patriots movement , who's on board

Eric Fisher. Very confident,highly competitive,athletic left tackle who plays with a small-school chip on his shoulder and looks to bury defenders in the dirt. Proved his worth at the senior bowl and has the lenght,agility,flexibility and bend to become a perennial Pro Bowler.

We will still add speed in the draft , that's for sure

I remember poor Flipper getting all beat up in order to jump, but when he did, he was Magnificent.

Maybe a tackle and guard 1 and 2.

Those were the good old days Oscar, the glory days

...not sure if the immediate target is being the #1 seed in the East....

...rather improving the record enough to make the playoffs ...at least as a Wildcard..

....that would probably translate into 10 wins...

...after posting a negative record for 4 successive seasons...I would think the short term goal is to establish a minimum 8-8 record...

....turn that corner....and then stay on the positive side of the ledger going forward...

..hoping that 10 wins or more can be realized say....in two or three years...

Buster we are all in this year 10 win is a must not an option

Marcus Lattimore RB A good sized, one-cut, downhill slasher who sustained a gruesome, potentially career-threatening knee injury less than a year after blowing out his other knee. Could be a late-round, gamble-on-greatness pick for a team willing to take a chance on his outstanding intangibles. If he could come back from his injuries, I would surely take a shot at him in the later rounds.

....so then a question...if we are 9 and 7...and on the rise...that's not acceptable..

...?????????? trying to understand how that improvement is not acceptable...

...sure they are aiming higher ..but just saying...at this point....I bet every dollar I have that Jeff and Ross and the Coachies will take it over another losing season...

Not much talk about Derrick Harvont yet but I think that is going to change. I don't think he lasts beyond mid second round.

Buster, making the playoffs is the minimum standard for success in the NFL.

Dolphins are going to take monte ball and the hony bagder with there second round picks and then destroy the pasties :)

so true bellicheat is the most overated coachs of all time his defences are as soft as creamcheese so called guru of defences my a ss

Any advantage of Long deciding who to play for only after the Owner's meeting? If so, we have to wait.

Okay..promichael...and I think they will make the playoffs , and make them consistently...but if they FAIL to do it this season.... that doesn't make the improvement process a failure....

...what I'm saying is one season is a fragile thing...ANYTHING can happen in a single season...

evidence 5 years ago when we won 11 games....was it a successful season , yes...did it last...no....

..I would rather look at the standard for success as being CONSISTENTLY contending for a playoff spot...which we haven't done for the better part of a decade....

..so if it takes one year to turn the corner on failure...I have no problem with that..

....and I understand everyone's perception of what is a success is subjective, to say the least

Oscar...I don't think he has any decision....it's obvious the Dolphins offered him more before his excursion to St Louis than did the Rams while he was there...

....his only decision is whether to fire his agent before or after he accepts what the Dolphins have offered him..

..which certainly is still on the table... they want him beholdin' and on board, but they don't want him disgruntled wishing he wasn't....

How much do we pay him Buster in your opinion?

Dunno....I'm thinking they write it as a minimum cap hit...with a signing bonus....and a modest guarantee ...packaging that over the first three years of a five year deal, with years 4 and 5 contingent upon his being physically able to perform

...thereby protecting against his being injured again early on....and rewarding him if he remains healthy over the life of the agreement...

...there is no doubt regarding his ability , the question is , and for the last two seasons has been, his health....

....so I would think like an 8 Million signing bonus plus a 2 Million salary year one...that would be about 3.6 Million against the cap this year...and a guarantee of maybe 25 Million...which would require 6 Million in salary for year 2 and 3...followed by 6.5 Million each of the final 2 years...

.....he would then count as appx 7.6 against the cap in yrs 2 & 3 , and 8.1 in years 4 and 5....if he plays for the life of the deal...

...how's that sound??????????

Like I said before the world is our oyster

just sayin'..............

........we are not giving enough weight to the fact that his fellow lineman are, post-St Louis, lobbying hard for him to be retained.

Something to be said for chemistry, etc?

We will destroy the pats philbin is sick of it the buck stops here

ps...that would then be a $35 Million contract over 5 years...averaging 7 Million per....

Hopefully big jake gets onboard if not we draft a tackle high

Anything less than a wild card will be seen as a failure. This team has been in rebuild mode for too long. If we fail again they are going to strip it back down to nothing and start fresh with new people. With the Jets and Buffalo going backwards, there is no reason not to win at least 10 games this year. I don't care what the schedule is.

Two tweets, @ArmandoSalguero: One: Jake Long did NOT visit the #Dolphins facilty Sat. No one from Dolphins was even there. Philbin, Ireland, Aponte were in Ariz already.

I think we will get another 4 or 5 at the meetings

Number 2, @ArmandoSalguero: Two: Davone Bess status NOT immediately in danger. He's not being cut following add of Wallace, Gibson and re-sign of Hartline.

Fischer,Lane Johnson sound good to me

But what happens draft day when a stud receiver is sitting there in our face, goodbye Devon

I could live with Buster and thanks for the more than thorough guestimate.

Mr. Berbatov,

I think there is something to be said for chemistry. I also like the way players like Hartline, Moore, an Clemons who are staying, are talking about how excited they are to be here.

The new signees like Keller and Wallace are also talking about the direction that we're going. I think players are buying in to what Philbin has going on here and thats the ticket.

New blog up.

Before even contemplating this, one peice of information is impairative. Can Wheeler or Ellerbe stop the run ? We pride ourselves as being a great run defense. If none of them can stop the run, we would be in big trouble by signing Dummervil.I would love him on the other side of Wake but,no thanks if we give up big chunks against the run.

How can a team re-make their roster and still have close to 28 mil in cap space is just mind numbing. Is time for us to say, GREAT JOB JEFF AND DAWN and company. The only long term contracts are Wallace and Ellerbee. Next year and 2014, 2015 another 30 mil in cap space...Tony

I think Jake Long is stalling and hoping to limit the Dolphins chances with his FA competition to put himself in a stronger position. I would not kiss jake's ! Let him walk . I think hes overpaid and selfish. i wish the Dolphins persued Reggie with half the enthusiasm. An improved receiving corp with Reggie would have been fun to watch.I think there are better receivers in the draft(Hopkins)that we could have gotten cheaper. The Dolphins must be drafting a lineman again.

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