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Elvis Dumervil if Jake Long walks

Jake Long is back in South Florida after his marathon visit to the St. Louis Rams. Interestingly, Elvis Dumervil, a Miamian, is also in South Florida because the place is his home.

Both are unrestricted free agents.

Both are very accomplished players at their positions.

Both have flags.

Both have been to the Pro Bowl.

Both are likely to get around $8 million per season from the next team they play for. Both want more but, hey, that's about the market right now, guys. Maybe even less.

So if you're Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland do you continue to try to re-sign Long as he's been doing for a couple of weeks now? Or do you shift focus to Dumervil?

After all, the Dolphins would like Long back as a blindside protector to Ryan Tannehill. But they would love a pass-rush phenom to place at the other defensive end position opposite pass-rush phenom Cameron Wake.

Two possibilities. Can't do both. What to do?

I conducted an unscientific twitter poll about this Friday. I got over 200 responses in five minutes. Fans voted 95 for Long, 84 for Dumervil, 15 for both and 10 for neither. There were other smartaleck answers as well but they didn't get counted.

Of course, what fans want doesn't much matter to the Dolphins. Sounds harsh but it simply is true. They conduct business based on what they believe is the proper course.

But this is where I fall on this one:

I cannot fathom the Dolphins selecting Dumervil over Long because it would upset their salary cap structure specifically as it relates to Wake. Remember Miami's Pro Bowl defensive end signed a five-year, $33.2 million contract with the Dolphins last year.

It was a brilliant deal by the Dolphins because a 15-sack pass-rusher is worth much more than $6.6 million per season. Michael Bennett, a one-year wonder nine-sack guy just got $5 million for one year from Seattle after visiting the Dolphins.

Well, if the Dolphins add Dumervil at $8 million per how is that going to sit with Wake?

Maybe Wake is a saint and sees it as help for the team which is awesome. Maybe Wake even looks at it as a being a help to him because suddenly offensive lines cannot always slide their protection to him. But maybe Wake sees it as screwy that he's making less than a teammate who last year accomplished less elsewhere.

No, that's not simple Xs and Os thinking. But any team that only considers Xs and Os and doesn't think about chemistry in the locker room is shortsighted.

So I suppose I agree with getting Long over Dumervil.

But ...

What if Long goes to another team? What if all the effort the Dolphins have made getting him is for naught. What if the cap space they budgetted for him suddenly comes free?

Well, then I would say go chase Elvis Dumervil.

Turn a loss into a win if you can. Draft a tackle in the first round and replace Long cheaply while making the defensive line a monster.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, what about that chemistry issue with Cameron Wake?)

I call Wake and tell him the plan. I share with him that the move is afoot and it is meant to improve the team and take the team to the playoffs and perhaps even shorten Tom Brady's days in the AFC East. I make sure he understands he will benefit from this move.

I make sure he's on board. I don't give him the opportunity to complain.

And then I add a proven 9- to 17-sack guy.

Yes, he's short. Yes, he's 29.

But yes, he'd be a great addition.


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Agree on the pc Dashi. My work furnishes my laptops anyway. No point spending big bucks on a Mac.

QB's are the exception. They always want the ring. Somehow it confirms their erections, without the ring they feel impotent.

Agree Pearl....

I was thinking the same thing...to each their own....its all about one's preference....

I would let Long go, or sign him on an incentive based contract plus he did not care about the Phins,he is not worth more than 5 mil. Move Martin to LT sign Vollmer at RT 6 mil. Bring in grimes (incentive) and Doom. Draft Lane and get banks in the second (OT/Cb?S). If they wanted to sign M Bennett why would the not go after Doomerville?

Posted by: salvaje | March 16, 2013 at 09:39 PM

Yo disrespect, but I very much disagree with your assessment. If we don't get Long, we either get Vollmer or draft a Tackle. There is very much no need to do both. It really comes down to if our Coaches think Martin is a future LT or a RT. If he is considered a viable LT, no doubt we very much need a CB in round 1. If he is seen as a RT, we need Joeckel,Fisher or Johnson. Even if we have to trade up a bit, it is necessary because keeping a clean pocket is very much a priority so T-hill can get the ball to all our new weapons.


Dashi was There for O.KELLY'S DEMISE!!

Dashi was Putting It In Truth's Mouth On The Regular. A Couple Of Us. And Contradicting Everything Kelly Was Saying. (But The Clown Does Work)

Could that be one of the reasons Dashi is so heavily heckled? The Truth knows.

NOBODY Talks In 3rd Person Anymore Except Dashi!! That's The Truth, Truth!!

I've heard of her......

Again, you're FOS, Dashi.

Dumervil fired his agent. Ok, that means he still doesn't realize he is not worth as much as he thinks. I say pass.

Why does nobody have faith in Vernon? He has upside. Let's remember it is only the rare exceptions that shows it all in their rookie year.

Ok my wife is watching the Client List that she tivo'd. I am acting like i'm not paying attention but Jennifer Love Hewitt is HOT! lol

Team still has cap space especially after june 1. But I would sign dumervill
Sebastian Villmer
Bush rod had better year than Jake did last year. Phins should go for broke to see if they can make it to the super bowl. Because next year over $43mil will account to the cap on six players alone. So next year JI the genius got his hands full. Wallace alone gets $17.75 mil.

D Rick

You are probably a typical American that fished in the American pool of stuck up women. I got my wife from South America - Argentina - totally different world on that continent. Men rule. Women accept almost anyone under 250lbs that treats them with respect and dignity. I only drool over my wife and I'm happy.

Rd 1 Lane Johnson OT, Oklahoma
Rd 2 Alex Okafor DE, Texas
Rd 2 Desmond Trufant CB, Washington
Rd 3 Stefan Taylor RB, Stanford
Rd 3 Bidi Wreh-Wilson CB, UConn
Rd 4 Alvin Bailey T/G, Arkansas
BPA in the later rds
Go phins!

I seriously doubt we kick the tires on Dumervil Senso. Out of our price range first of all. Secondly he's a 3-4 lber.

They did bring in Michael Bennett for a visit before he signed with the hawks though. So their obviously not completely sold on Odrick / Vernon.

A TE in the later rds as well as special team depth.

It doesn't mean they were not completely sold. It just means they are doing their due diligence on any player that they think might be worthwhile now or in the future.


Agreed. Dashi Is Never Giving Up His PC.

Now Operating System?

That Is A Little Different!!

Dashi Is Waiting For Google(Android) To Come Out With One(Was Suppose to Happen). That Or After Microsoft Fixes All The Kinks In 8. It Usually Takes 1-2 Years With Microsoft. Whenever Bill Gates Feels Like It.

But A Different OS To Compete With Windows?

We Can Call It Dashi The Master OS. I Heard It's Big N Japan.

Things change if we get JLong back or some other FA

Posted by: Dashi | March 16, 2013 at 09:13 PM


Ed Pope is probably the greatest sports writer in Herald history. I absolutely love his 1-3 articles a year. IMO, he's legendary Miami history.

I thought you liked Gwen Stefani Lars. You got her in the 2nd rd.

Android is nothing but a customized Java shell that runs on top of Linux.

Java can not compete with native C++ code. Java has to be interpreted on the fly. C++ is complied down to the native machine language.

Think of it as the difference between a Porshce and a tricycle.


How come Lars only comes around when your here???




5th Rd Pick

Mike James RB UM


Ed Pope came from an era where to gradulate journalism college you acually had to prove you were a journalist.

Nowadays they just pushed these kids thru college just to keep the money coming. Theyre a dime a fking dozen right now. Every blue moon a real journalist comes along.

The worst journalist coming out of college 30-40yrs ago would be the best journalist when compared to whats being pumped out today.

Android for a cell phone, ok, much less demanding. For a computer operating system...think slooooooowwwwwwww

Posted by: Pear | March 16, 2013 at 10:09 PM

Yes, this is the modern sales machine. Call a dinosaur a greyhound and everybody wants one. LOL...

The worst journalist coming out of college 30-40yrs ago would be the best journalist when compared to whats being pumped out today.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 16, 2013 at 10:10 PM

This is not opinion, it is fact. I don't even know Armando yet I feel embarrassed for his inept writing skills.

I would trade Odrick and sign Dumervill,
Also Dumervill commands double team and QB fear him more than Odrick
Trade Odrick for another third and sixth round draft pick
And we don't know if JI cut or trade Bess he has done it before
I like the lane Johnson or Just OL from Alabama period


I thought there was a few games Vernon made an impact. I do like his enthusiasm and he seems to have a high motor.

It does seem like he faded a bit at the end of the season.

He was also the one who blocked a couple fg attempts wasn't he??

Nothing's really technicalogically advanced. Even a dog gets the crumbs that falls from his master's table.

Master = Government
Dogs = It's dumb citizens


Agreed. But it is Done.

My phone or my tablet doesn't have 1/10th of the power of my computer and it Could Run almost anything.

Linux Will be ideal. And Android Has 1 Thing In It's Favor. Software Developers. They Have A Bigger App Store.

Odrick can play 3 Downs.

Dumervil Can Play 2.

Odrick is 6'5" 305

Dumervil is 5'10" 250

Odrick is 25

Domervil is 30

Odrick $1.5

Dumervil $8mil


Another Saturday night spent on the internet blog. How sad...

If Dumervil was A MLB

I would take Him.

Oh, Wait We Did his name is Ellerbe, Trained By Ray, Replaced Dansby.

The Fins Don't Need DE's Unless They playing For nothing.


There are about 1000 windows developers for every android or ios developer. And most Android developers are born out high school kid hobbyists, they are not real engineers. They don't understand the processor, managing memory, efficiency...because they don't need to. Android wraps it all up and hides it from them. It is ok for clicking a button on your phone, it is a joke for a pc operating system. How many pc's at Best Buy have Android? Zero.

How would I know, Rick? Now don't go paranoid on me(easy to do so on Internet).

Ireland has had a great FA start. Finish it by signing RT Winston and DE Dumervil. DE talent doesn't often come available under 30, and Wake needs help. Imagine what he'll do with a few 1 on 1's. Take advantage of this opportunity.
draft 1. OG warmack or Cooper- now the OL is set
2a. CB - best available - interchangible w/2b
2b. TE - best available
3a. CB - Tyrann Mathieu - we need playmakers.
3b. WR, 4a.4b.5.7a.7b. best available

My first pick either that WR from WV runs a 4.3 also the corner that got kick off the LSU team that use #7 jersey FSU corner back. DE.

I will go watch Twin Peaks now.


We don't need either one of them. jake long has deteriorated even to pay $8M. The big D we don't need either at $8M. The problem... Miami has only spent $12M of the $44M available this year... However, next year changes the cap money because miami added it onto next season where the signees jump to $43M in cap, so the $44M is gone. Any players signed now need to be one year deals or like other teams will be dumping players next year to clear cap room. Not a way to build for the future. We still do not have a safety, at least one more CB, a lineman to replace Long and a dependable running back that can average more than 4 yards per carry. All that in the draft and be able to make an impact right away? Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell but the spending needs to be smart.

Posted by: dmccants | March 16, 2013 at 10:29 PM

Dumervil isn't happening. We will probably draft an OT if Long doesn't resign. Cooper is probably a better fit than Warmack.

3rd is way too early for the honey badger. I wouldn't mind us taking him in the 5th but I don't see Irealnd doing it.

So You Change Names To Hide Behind Your Lies?

I Saw What Happened To You Yesterday!!

dashi, regarding your comment above about omar kelly. his main problem is that he is a bad journalist. the reporting of jake long being signed by st. louis is just one example, but perhaps the most humiliating as far as he is concerned. you are exactly right that he can't take the criticism. he was on twitter earlier today bemoaning the fact that he has been "lied to" many times in the past few days. a journalist is nothing in not a vehicle for sifting through lies.

Mike, Dolphin ticket sales are at a 45 year low.

Omar Kelly is an illiterate moron.

Mike, Dolphin ticket sales are at a 45 year low.

Posted by: Shula | March 16, 2013 at 10:42 PM

That is because immigration is at a 45 year high! It is all foreigners down here! Do you know how many people at work talk about football Monday morning during the season? 1 out of 100. Most people here are not from this country and have no interest in football.

The "Truth" Comes Out?

Yes? Or No?

For How Long Do You Plan To Hide?

How May Times Must You Have To Go Home?

Why Do You Still Try?

Don't Answer We All Know!!...

I think Miami has pretty much done what they need to do - unless they want to upgrade at CB and cut one of the existing CB.

We have filled virtually all of our major holes. From here on the draft can really center on picking the best available players. Exactly what you want a team to be able to do.

The key is the change in player strategy that follows from the new CBA. Young players are cheap. Use the draft to fill in your 3rd and 2nd line positions (depth and hopefully starters as possible), dump your mid-level expensive veterans in non-play-making roles (too expensive) and use the remainder of the money to buy playmakers. Exactly as Ireland has brilliantly done.

From here, we do not need to spend every dollar we have and create salary cap problems for the future. If Long comes in at a rational price and we believe he can heal up , fine, sign him - but we do not want to spend a huge amount of money on a non-playmaker position when Martin can do almost as good a job for a quarter the price.

There are about 70 people in my office. I'd say 55 are foreign born. I only know 1 that follows football and he is not even American.

Who lied about what?

my guess is kelly was claiming that one of his sources lied to him regarding long agreeing to sign with st. louis. he must be under an incredible amount of pressure from his editors right now for such a public gaffe (for example, the inaccurate report was placed on pft).



What Happens If The Programs Are Smaller? It Is Still 128bit.

A Smaller OS Let's You Use Even More Of Your Hardware To Run Your Software.

As Long As You Have Software Developers Your OS Will Succeed .

You Can Install It On Anything Except A Mac.

Linux Based. Right?

Is this the 1st time the Dolphins have 4 consecutive losing seasons? That would explain the empty stadium.

Omar and Armando always competing to see who tickles Ben Volin's balls and who handles the shaft, cuz somehow they both always end up getting it!

Truth's Daddy | March 16, 2013 at 11:02 PM

This post makes no sense at all.

Anyone think it is strange that we all know the name of Jake Longs wives name? Going to be very interesting to see what the contract ends up being.

A longer deal would allow us to stroke his ego till we cut him. Just sayin. I like Jake, but hope him and his wife come back to Earth.

Truth's Daddy | March 16, 2013 at 11:02 PM

It Is Still 128bit.


A Smaller OS Let's You Use Even More Of Your Hardware To Run Your Software.

This makes no sense and is patently false anyway.

As Long As You Have Software Developers Your OS Will Succeed .

Wrong again. Tell that to Motorola and Nokia and severa of the old mainframe companies that bit the dust.

Why do people pretend to know about things they obviously know nothing about?


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