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ESPN: Dolphins calling about Charles Woodson

A few weeks ago the Green Bay Packers cut safety Charles Woodson, a likely future Hall of Fame candidate, in order to clear salary cap space.

That made Woodson a free agent able to sign with any team he likes. Now ESPN's Josina Anderson is reporting that multiple teams have inquired about Woodson -- including the Miami Dolphins.

Citing NFL sources, Anderson says the Seahawks, Jets, Dolphins, and Giants have called to discuss Woodson as a possible addition.


I reached out to the Dolphins to ask if there is interest in Woodson and the reaction I got was like, "huh?"

Seriously. That was the text I got. It wasn't a denial, but neither did it seem like the Dolphins are fully in on the idea of adding Woodson.

Nonetheless, assuming the report is accurate -- and I must say Anderson is a crack reporter -- the Dolphins showing any interest in Woodson is a little out of character.

[Update: The report is accurate. Another Dolphins person is saying the Dolphins have called about Woodson.]

[Update 2: Now I'm told by someone else with the team the interest level in Woodson is "moderate."] 

Yes, Woodson played the last seven seasons with the Green Bay Packers after joining the team as an unrestricted fee agent. Yes, Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin was in Green Bay for six of those years as an offensive assistant.

But Woodson will be 37 years old in October. And everything the team has told me about its free agency approach includes the idea of adding young players in the prime of their careers that will be able to contribute for years to come. So I'd understand this if Woodson was 27 rather than going on 37.

There's also the matter of Woodson's health. He missed all but seven games last season with a broken collarbone. And did I mention he's going to be 37?

Nonetheless, the Dolphins do need help at safety. Chris Clemons is an unrestricted free agent. More importantly, Miami desperately needs a playmaker in the defensive backfield and Woodson is all that -- with 26 interceptions in the last five seasons. He also forced 12 fumbles during that span.

But there is a rub: 

Anderson tweeted she spoke with Woodson's agent Carl Poston and related this:

"Agent Carl Poston to me on Charles Woodson: 'I talked to Charles Woodson yesterday and we're discussing possible upcoming visits. There are a number of teams that have expressed interest in him. He is still interested in playing for a contender.'

Alrightie then.

Then why is he talking with the Dolphins?

The Dolphins are not today a contender for any type of championship. Sorry if that offends your fan sensibilities, but that's the truth. The club has had four consecutive non-playoff, losing seasons. The team has multiple needs. The quarterback has not yet proven he's elite. The team plays in the same division as the New England Patriots. And the last time the teams met, the Patriots dismantled the Dolphins in a season they swept the Dolphins and won five more games than Miami.

So if Woodson, who has said he wants to win another Super Bowl, is picking teams based on that, he might want to eliminate both the Dolphins and Jets from that group Anderson relayed.

But I guess anything is possible. (Not really).



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I think this is an agent ploy to drive up his clients price by getting a certain team to up the ante.

it's just as said Mando, INTEREST. Kicking the tires, doing your homework, taking a flyer. Doesn't mean anything in the end.


Okay...Let's try this. Is there anyone who we are NOT interested in??? That might make it easier.

Remember how many players Ireland met with last year & how few signings there were...

I love how a reporter reports something he got from the guys agent and suddenly it's gospel. Reporters, especially sports reporters are like National enq reporters. Miami isn't interested in a 37 year old safety. I'll bet money on it.

Assuming the cost is reasonable and doesn't interfere with adding any players who'll be here for the long haul, I think it'd be a great signing.

The secondary has been awful for several seasons now. If Woodson's able to provide even one year of relief, I'd take it. Maybe some of his skills will rub off on Reshad Jones; who knows?

At any rate, it seems like a long shot. The team is likely just doing their due diligence. And why would Woodson chose Miami over a team like the Seahawks or Giants, who are more likely to be contending for a Super Bowl next season?

Pass on Woodson & Winston.

Draft a capable rt in the draft, even with the 1st round pick assuming you can get your playmakers in FA.

Since it's a deep position address it in the draft with a cheaper longer term solution than winston.

Save the cap space for PROVEN playmakers. If not, kick Jerry to RT & slide Garner in to RG for a year.

Can't speak for anyone else but it doesn't offend my "fan sensibilities" because it's a fact, not an opinion.

Which is why I'm surprised anyone thinks we have a shot to land Wallace when a handful of contending teams will be offering him the same contract. Doesn't make much sense.

Is there a 27 year old Charles Woodson out there?

No ... didn't think so ...

what the hell is a crack reporter? Does that mean she works in the hood?

But I guess anything is possible. (Not really).


Come on...Where are we @ with Hartline. Two days ago the reports were that we were 'close' & actual numbers were being thrown around. WTF???

Zonk, if you would like to have a real debate about what I just read from the last blog let me know. I'm referring to your contention that Tannehill will never be a good QB and we should be replacing him before the season starts. Enough with the one liners. Want to debate this point or are you just here to stir the pot?

..IMO there should be millions of reasons free agents should have the Dolphins on their visit lists. Teams lose their minds all of the time. Who knows maybe Woodson gets his last big payday here? I would say it is highly unlikely that Woodson comes here, but he isn't the only one "kicking the tires" I would imagine there will be lots os free agents that want to "kick the tires" here and take a look at what the Phins can offer. At least they will until the cash runs out.

Save the cap space for PROVEN playmakers. If not, kick Jerry to RT & slide Garner in to RG for a year.


First we need to re-sign Garner. Would be very dumb to let a player with his versatility walk.

Clayton talking nfl on sportscenter now

Top tackle in free agency Smith from Cinci looking for 9 mil a year. Jennings was misdiagnosed early this year causing him to miss more time then he should have according to Shefter.


I love the posters who just say draft a guy at this position & then draft a guy at that position & we'll be fine. I guess people still haven't realized that it works that way.


The draft is a f#cking crap shoot people. The reason why guys cost so much in FA is b/c they have PROVEN they can play in the NFL & no one in this draft is a 'sure thing.'

Miami doesn't need Woodson. Draft a safety in the first 3 rounds. Wooedson is WAY too old.

James Harrison could be released if he won't restructure his deal.

One of my verification words was "softHo". Hey!

*....doesn't work that way.

..Mark in Toronto...Brutal game Tuesday..That red card was unbelievable. This isn't the forum to go into a footie rant(Republic of Mancunia) but that killed the game..Renaldo was straight class about the whole deal. He looked bummed after he scored the go ahead goal.. That was akin to the replacement refs making that call in Seattle..But in the NFC Championship game.

he'll end up in NE.

miami sent 55 personnel people to the combine and i am sure they have done some checking on about every free agent there is available, the likelihood of miami being interested in woodson enough to make an offer is remote.

..Phins 78..I had a Romney loser the other day..It was awesome.

4 a contender = phinz don't bother.

Unless they are using him as a 3rd option safety in a dime coverage, I don't see the point of Woodson.

Depends on his price I suppose too. Like minimum wage?

Why would Woodson want to play for the Dullfins unless they paid him triple?

Nothing wrong with Ireland checking on Woodson. It's called doing your due dilligence. Just cause some of the knuckleheads here think they have it all figured out and he's not the answer doesn't make it wrong. He was chopped because of his age and salary in GB. It didn't add up. Could he be better than Clemmons was last year, and the price not too bad? Maybe. I'll trust Philbin over some numbskull here, with an IQ of about 50, who's spent about two seconds thinking about it. Nothing wrong with looking into it. You want your GM to do that with everybody.

A 34 yr old is no part of the rebuild.

He wants to play for a contender. Will we be a contender if we sign Mike Wallace, Jared Cook/Jermichael Finley, Eric Winston, Woodson, and draft a passrusher, a cb or two and maybe another safety? Assuming we finalize Hartline too. I think we will.

cheap ross lookin' fo a bargain from a 37 yo.

And by the way Armando, the Ravens were 10-6 last year. We were two missed FGs away from being 9-7. No, I'm not saying we're as good as them nor am I saying we're a Super Bowl contender but who knows where we are with the right pieces in place this offseason. Who were the 'contenders' last year? Steelers and Giants? Didn't they finish right around where we were in the standings? I don't remember too many people picking the Seahawks and Colts to make the playoffs last year. So we're in the mix. A lot will depend on hwo we do this offseason and how much Tannehill grows.

Phins 78, I'm not here to debate, argue, or stir the pot. I'm just expressing my thoughts and letting out my frustrations. Its cathartic for me. I'd actually prefer if you ignore my posts.

zonk,78 is 1 of those men that gets beat up by their wives everyday, he comes here 2 blog to feel like a man.


DD, I'm not upset about the result in the game but I hate that it was marred. Apparently there were instances were ManU received the benefit of the doubt on officiating too (offside goal - one of the twins got away with what could've been a penalty) ... anyway shoddy officiating in soccer ... what else is new?

I actually like Miami having a cup of coffee with this guy! He brings a lot to the table as a leader and teacher to our DB's.

It is worth a look.

Hey, where did my post on TEs go? Anyway I ran Eifert's athletic tests against some of the ebst TEs in the league today and he did quite well. I'm giving my official and "oh so important" thumbs up to that choice if they go that way...


You've really done a reversal on Eiffert. Safe to say he's 'your guy' now?

So the real purpose of this article was for Armando to tell everyone that the Dolphins are not contenders.

"Is there a 27 year old Woodson out there, no ..."

Well, I guess that seals it. The fan who doesn't watch tape, doesn't talk to players, doesn't attend games and has never played the game says it, so it must be gospel.


Man, that's kind of old, almost as old as me. We want fresh blood around here, like 23 y/o females.

The real purpose of this article was for Armando to give us information that we didn't have two hours ago and confirm the thing with the team. Very enlightening and interesting.

Meanwhile, I now understand why I don't usually waste my time reading the comments.

Zonk, the answer to your question last blog (about making the same mistake with Tannehill as Henne) is no. If Tannehill doesn't show marked improvement this year, assuming he'll have more weapons, and 1 year experience under his belt, then it won't be too soon to draft another QB in 2014, or else start the process of bringing in more competition if Devlin isn't the answer either. Marked improvement, by the way, means Tannehill grows in his development, not having anything to do with record. Tannehill can't control what the defense does. So, if he gets the offense to score 35 points avg., and defense gives up 40 pts avg, then I don't blame Tannehill for that, and would say we need better defense.

But we can't wait 4 years to figure out if Tannehill is just some backup. I have faith that Philbin will be quicker to the draw and can figure out what he has sooner than that.

Yes, you got me down to a tee. It's amazing how intelligent you are. Agreeing with your own post makes you look even smarter. Shut up already you know nothing sack of s*&t.

That's pretty funny DD. For some reason my verifacation codes are always put downs. lol

Seeds and stems. When will the D backfield ever get fixed?

Woodson can still play but, that isn't the point. His age makes him a major injury risk. As a vet & highly productive player, he won't take min. money.

Woodson is a playmaker even at his age but, what good is he if he is just keeping the trainers busy?

Would love to have him in his prime but, just doesn't make sense now. I am having MAJOR doubts over how Ireland will spend the FA dollars if this is the type of player he's showing interest in. Troubling to say the least.

My man you are the only one here that has some sense when you write. Absolutely correct about nothing wrong with Ireland checking wasup with the Woodson camp. And absolutely correct about Winston and Eiffert.

I was of the idea of swapping picks in the 1st and land Eiffert later but that also comes with the risk of someone else grabbing him. He is THE only TE draftable in this class. You could even argue, he'd been the highest drafted TE last year as he actually put better numbers in 2011 b/c last year they had poor QB play, which it makes it even more impressive since Eiffert was a big reason the Irish made it a championship game like in 100 years.

Some may consider it a reach but it is never that when you get what you want. I'm hoping Ireland has learned a lesson with Egnew that you get what you paid for, and TE is one of those positions with very little depth atop and that the game has evolved in such manner that having top tier TE is not longer just a luxury.

And please spare me about Ertz, the guy is a system TE, go ask Indy how they feel about Fleener who was the clear better TE of the two at Stanford.

For once the stars are aligning for the Phins in a long time. Pick Eiffert and address WR, CB, OL (in that order) in a draft that has very good depth at all of those positions. And as you mentioned, next step: some show gonads to the rest of the NFL and sign Wallace!

"cheap ross lookin' fo a bargain from a 37 yo."

You are obviously pretending to be the dumbest football fan on earth.

And Zonk/2Watt,

I couldn't care less what you prefer. The blog is here for fans to exchange ideas and read news about our team. If you don't want your posts being questioned then leave.

always funny to see a blog tough guy tellin ppl to shut up. funnier still is that its usually those ppl who are insecure, overly sensitive weenies with a complex.

Mark the word on the two TEs is that Eiffert is the athletic guy in the mold of a Jimmy Graham type and Ertz is more like a Jason Witten type TE.

I have said from day one I want them to grab Ertz and I have not changed my mind on that. The kid plays with TONS of heart and I just have a feeling he's going to do some special things in the NFL.


Great post @12:36pm, and not just because you agree with me. You've actually said it much better than I could and made some great points. I see you get it....BRAVO!

It's nice that you wrote all of that for him DC but he does not care. He's not here to discuss anything, just wants to regurgitate the same one liners every day. The least he could do is change up the rhetoric once in a while to keep it interesting.

You sure Eiffert is the real deal, Sam? We taking you at your word.

yea, tigersam gets it. get's what, exactly? an opinion?

why dont you 2 lovebirds hold hands n sing kumbaya together.


"And please spare me about Ertz, the guy is a system TE, go ask Indy how they feel about Fleener who was the clear better TE of the two at Stanford."


Fleener was a rookie & missed 4 games b/c of a dislocated shoulder so I'm pretty sure that Indy isn't giving up on him. I'd take Fleener or Ertz in a heartbeat over what we have which is now Clay who tore a muscle in his knee & Eggnog.


I was always in the Ertz camp too but I've softened and come around to the Eiffert camp. I can honestly say, I don't know what the answer is. But I'm tired of these 3rd and 4th round projects. Nothing changes until we invest in the position. I'd even take Kyle Rudolph right now....I'm so sick of seeing other teams kill us at the TE position. No more.

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