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ESPN: Dolphins calling about Charles Woodson

A few weeks ago the Green Bay Packers cut safety Charles Woodson, a likely future Hall of Fame candidate, in order to clear salary cap space.

That made Woodson a free agent able to sign with any team he likes. Now ESPN's Josina Anderson is reporting that multiple teams have inquired about Woodson -- including the Miami Dolphins.

Citing NFL sources, Anderson says the Seahawks, Jets, Dolphins, and Giants have called to discuss Woodson as a possible addition.


I reached out to the Dolphins to ask if there is interest in Woodson and the reaction I got was like, "huh?"

Seriously. That was the text I got. It wasn't a denial, but neither did it seem like the Dolphins are fully in on the idea of adding Woodson.

Nonetheless, assuming the report is accurate -- and I must say Anderson is a crack reporter -- the Dolphins showing any interest in Woodson is a little out of character.

[Update: The report is accurate. Another Dolphins person is saying the Dolphins have called about Woodson.]

[Update 2: Now I'm told by someone else with the team the interest level in Woodson is "moderate."] 

Yes, Woodson played the last seven seasons with the Green Bay Packers after joining the team as an unrestricted fee agent. Yes, Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin was in Green Bay for six of those years as an offensive assistant.

But Woodson will be 37 years old in October. And everything the team has told me about its free agency approach includes the idea of adding young players in the prime of their careers that will be able to contribute for years to come. So I'd understand this if Woodson was 27 rather than going on 37.

There's also the matter of Woodson's health. He missed all but seven games last season with a broken collarbone. And did I mention he's going to be 37?

Nonetheless, the Dolphins do need help at safety. Chris Clemons is an unrestricted free agent. More importantly, Miami desperately needs a playmaker in the defensive backfield and Woodson is all that -- with 26 interceptions in the last five seasons. He also forced 12 fumbles during that span.

But there is a rub: 

Anderson tweeted she spoke with Woodson's agent Carl Poston and related this:

"Agent Carl Poston to me on Charles Woodson: 'I talked to Charles Woodson yesterday and we're discussing possible upcoming visits. There are a number of teams that have expressed interest in him. He is still interested in playing for a contender.'

Alrightie then.

Then why is he talking with the Dolphins?

The Dolphins are not today a contender for any type of championship. Sorry if that offends your fan sensibilities, but that's the truth. The club has had four consecutive non-playoff, losing seasons. The team has multiple needs. The quarterback has not yet proven he's elite. The team plays in the same division as the New England Patriots. And the last time the teams met, the Patriots dismantled the Dolphins in a season they swept the Dolphins and won five more games than Miami.

So if Woodson, who has said he wants to win another Super Bowl, is picking teams based on that, he might want to eliminate both the Dolphins and Jets from that group Anderson relayed.

But I guess anything is possible. (Not really).



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I'm SO gay that even your sign in is turning me on. Love the confidence.

Phony pony, lol

Posted by: Phins78 | March 07, 2013 at 02:56 PM

And I can live with that as well. But now the question becomes if at 12th Eifert becomes a reach or is there better value with a DE, OT or WR? Seems to me we can go with the latter, fill a position of need on D or maybe the WR and then target Ertz early in the 2nd. I agree with you on Ertz and would target him early in the draft

Arturo, that's always the toughest call for me. Do you take that value or do you grab a player you feel great about and are worried might be taken before your next pick?

I guess with all of our needs I would go with the value (im assuming you meant best player available?) pick but obviously only if that pick fills a hole. As in, I'm not taking a running back if he's best player available and I need a TE that may be considered a reach but will be gone before I can get to him.

I just love Ertz's makeup.

Posted by: Phins78

You an eye liner or mascara guy?

The funny thing is I KNEW that was coming (not hard to figure out) and was going to make a self defacing comment in the post but I didn't want to steal your fun.

Posted by: Phins78 | March 07, 2013 at 03:05 PM

Yes, BPA. We have so many holes that I'd target best player. Now with a deep draft, I would consider hard trading down to mid/late 20s and take Ertz. We can pick extra picks and then go BPA with rounds 2-3..

Posted by: Arturo | March 07, 2013 at 03:09 PM

'we can get extra picks'

Sound plan Arturo, now call Jeff and make sure he's up to speed! I have to go, it was great talking with you and everyone else and I'll catch you al later. 5 days gentlemen.


Ive quit talking drafting of te early simply because I honestly dont believe Ireland will do it with an early pick. No sense in drafting a te 3rd rd or further becuse he used a 3rd rd pick on Egnew last year.

Therefore, I'll be shocked if Ireland drafts a te period this offseason.

I believe cb, wr, oline(tackle position), and possibly S will be the top 3 picks. But if Woodson is signed, that saves the safety position at least for this draft. Woodson's 37.

So with these afore-mentioned positions, I seriously doubt Ireland takes a te within the 1st 3 picks. And with Egnew being a 3rd rd pick from last year, I dont see Ireland drafting a te 3rd rd or later skewing his 2012 te 3rd rd pick.


If Chance Warmack is available at #12, I dont rule him out as a bpa pick by Ireland either.

The great fallacy Im seeing in posts here is most are assuming they will get what "they" want. Draft history 101 teaches us Ireland rarely follows along these lines.

I have my wants too. But as we close in own this draft, Im trying to get closer into Ireland's head. Which is next to impossible to say the least. LOL...

However, with so many options still existing in fa, that alone makes it impossible to predict this draft so prematurely.

When all the offseason fa and draft gun smoke and horsesht is cleared. I do believe there's very high chance we walk away with 2 impact players, 1 very good players, and at least one upgrade.

I dont believe that even Jeff Ireland can screw this much of it up.

And YG the buffoon does an excellent job of clearing out the blog. YG is the late night burrito fart of all posters.

FA starts in a few days, and here comes Dr. Andrews, saying Jake Long's tricep is fully healed. Why doesn't that quack doctor keep his opinions to himself. Forget Jake taking a paycut now!

Cant the canadiens find a canadien blog? Why are they on a Miami blog?

A healthy Jake is the best LT in football.

Jay, Jake was healthy last year before the tricep injury, and he was playing like a mid-tier left tackle.

Jay, come on man. Jake hasn't been the best LT in awhile.

If, hypothetically speaking, he was....do you really believe Miami wouldn't have tagged him or worked out a deal w/him already?

Clady IS the best LT in football & was tagged. If Jake was the best, he would have been locked up already.

Older players that were really good but only have a few years left are only good or have an impact on teams that are 90% complete. Another words, playoff teams that are solid top to bottom and only have a few holes to fill or need some leadership.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 07, 2013 at 03:37 PM

Circle jerkers try to dominate day blog hours. I come as a breath of fresh air. All you idiots do his blow the same old stale smoke up eachother's rears and agree like holding hands around the campfire singing kubaya.

Its when youre here most of the "real posters clear out. But your heads are buried so far up eachothers ass you never notice. LOL...

breath of fresh air?

You are without a doubt the most ignorant, moronic, and thorughly pathetic existence I've ever come across.

that fresh air smells more like that regretful late night burrito coming back to haunt the room that I referred to earlier.

Child Predator Alligator(CPA) Mark,

Actually the blog has more flexibility and merit when you and CraigM arent here. CraigM twist everything any poster says out of context if he doesnt approve of it.

You, youre just plain idiotic and only self realistic in your obviously dull doldrum posts. This blog would be far more productive if you and Craig stayed away. But Im sure there's no way of convincing you of this.

Child Predator Mark,

Just like clockwork, every single day, right before prison libray closing hour. You purposely turn the blog into your own personal canadien cess pool.

Well, on the otherhand, I gues I would be upet too, if the only thing I had to look forward to for the rest of the day was headcount and lockup. LOL....

smell that? YG posted again .... prrrrt

I trust Joe Philbin will do what he feels his best for Miami to win asap! Just saying...

Hear that? Headcount!....................... LOL...

Child Predator Alligator,

Best thing about you being here is knowing by 5:00 PM(Prison library closing hour) you'll be gone for the rest of the day.

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you are without a doubt the most ignorant, moronic, and thorughly pathetic existence I've ever come across.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 07, 2013 at 03:56 PM

Actually, that distinction belongs to another blogger here. He too is from "the canada".

HAS ANYONE NOTICED???????????????????????????????





I sooooooooooooo.................... hope, CHILD PREDATOR ALIIGATOR(CPA) MARK never stops posting here at prison library business hours. That mean we've approached his "RELEASE DATE".

Parents beware!................................

If you are still on the Ertz over Eiffer camp, please look at these Eiffert highlights and find Ertz' ones that can compare favorably to his. This guy will be a monster TE, and RT's best friend. He is also the better blocker vs Ertz.

Eiffert was the only ND player who stood his own against the NFL-caliber Crimson Tide. Let's get this guy with our 12th pick, add Wallace via FA, and pick Da'Rick Rogers and Ryan Swope, along with Hartline and our air attack will finally take off.

Crap I forgot the link


If anything I'm hoping Ireland learned a lesson that picking a TE in the 3rd+rounds is a complete waste of a pick and chances are against you big time you will find a gem, since TE depth on most classes is very thin.

Tyler Eiffert could have easily been the 1st TE taken last year but he came back to school which already speaks volumes about his character, and I'm sure Philbin has taken note of that as well.

Posted by: TigerSam | March 07, 2013 at 04:27 PM

I dont think its the blog you need sell on this. Jeff Ireland's your target. I highly doubt Ireland spends any of our first 3 picks at TE.

Especially after the Egnew statement, and we all know that he feels comfortable with Fasano. With, perhaps Wallace, and resigning Hartline, I dont see Ireland using any of the top 3 picks on our reciever unit of any type.

Even if he does, it's more likely to be at wr than TE position. The wr's in this draft are a little more dynamic than the TE's.

Tiger, I'm with you 100% .. I have all those guys highlighted as targets in the first three rounds.


I know what dolfans want, but I highly doubt Ireland delivers a TE with the first 2 our picks. Even more so if he lands Wallace.

Landing Wallace and resigning Hartline seems to be a clear signal a wr wont be landed with the 1st 3 picks either.

Now, if the older Jennings is the fa catch, then I expect to see a wr drafted within the first 3 picks. Im sure I dont have to tell you why.

Tigersam, I cant say with 100% certainty Ireland will not draft a TE within the the first 3 picks. But I am expecting 99.9% against it.

One other picture of the offseason puzzle that needs to fall in place is the Jake Long saga. If Long isnt resigned, the chances of landing a TE within the first 3 picks may decrease even more sharply. Becuase the pick that could go towards drafting a TE, may go towards "an available" DJ Fluker.

Be on the lookout for this draft day. The TE pick could turn into DJ Fluker at right tackle.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 07, 2013 at 04:37 PM

Oh really? Who appointed you new Dolphin gm?

Already know you love tightend, also know you love them very young.

hint...hint.... Child Predator Alligator....hem...hem... LOL...


I upgraded it to not taking a TE with the 1st 2 picks, because I dont believe Eiffert or Ertz will be available by the time we use our 2nd 2nd rd pick. Even Toilolo and the UCLA TE may or may not be available.

So much still depends on how fa plays out. Especially where it concerns if other team needs can be addressed and the capital left over.

What will YG have for dinner tonight:

A) maple syrup flavored anus
B) Fruit of the Loom scented tube steak
C) lubricant mixed with pajama juice
D) all of the above

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/03/potential-suitors-for-wallace-of-which-hell-have-several/comments/page/6/#comments#storylink=cpy

What will YG have for dinner tonight:
A) maple syrup flavored anus
B) Fruit of the Loom scented tube steak
C) lubricant mixed with pajama juice
D) all of the above

Posted by: Official Herald Survey | March 07, 2013 at 05:02 PM

Again, BareBack Mountain, "the sequel" auditions down the hall to your left, institutionalized fool. LOL...

Yesterday is fast following in the footsteps of the other two major blog polluters, dashe and odi with his incessant childish drivel that entertains nobody.


Just like every night as YG singlehandedly emptied out today's blog.


Good read about Wallace and part of the reason I worry about him. While we are on the safety issue draft *drum roll* J.Cyprien Out of FIU. Hugh upside and fearless mindset. Our 3rd may be good enough to get him. I think he is a High 3rd-late 2nd talent with 1st round upside. Kid is a SS but might be small for the that in the NFL. But have ALL the skills to play FS. BTW (FUN FACT) he only started playing safety at FIU and was a LB at NMB (South Florida High schools play us out of position alot)

From Arnando, @ArmandoSalguero: The Dolphins had 8, count 'em, 8 scouts/coaches at The U Pro Day today sez @AdamHBeasley . Jeff Ireland was there as well as FIU.

The club has had four consecutive non-playoff, losing seasons.

- And they want public money to rehab the stadium?

Eric Winston is a stud! He has so many years playing in a zone blocking scheme with the Houstan Texans. If we are really moving in that direction signing Eric Winston would make sense. He is a proven commodity and knows the zone blocking scheme better than any other RT in free agency. None of these tackles in the draft are strong enough for the NFL in two to three years they will be all-pro, Winston is ready right now. And he will come cheaper than Jake Long.

PPHINS 78.....

why is it that when i click on your sign n name in blue...it takes me to the YAHOO home page....

whats up with that....

I can't see us paying Wallace twelve mil a year. That reeks of desperation.
The DB and Ol are the positions more logically addressed in FA; provided we don't re-sign Hartline.
From what I have ascertained from my perspectives of Ireland, this Wallace thing is all smoke and mirrors.
I would expect us to sign Jennings for close to what we sign Hartline .

I think Patterson is a breed apart from the rest of the "playmakers" in this draft. Anyone that has worked with phisical specimens can see this. The latter rounds afford us many options to fill varios positions of need.
And on day two, there are many starters to be picked, especially at DB and WR.

I see some late round talent in this draft that is very intriguing. At WR Rodney Smith is is a diamond lying in a field of stone. And what will make him such a bargain in the late rounds is that he is totally underutilized. He is not a burner, but he has very good football speed; and can catch anything from any route.
David Bass, a small school DE that shows excellent edge rushing capability and can set the edge.
Also we need a big back that has versatility. LeVeon Bell is the total package. He can catch, block, elude, pass defend, and I think he has the best feet in the draft. He has superior durability; say about
500 touches last year.
The more we can get draft picks in this draft,and the more we can utilize them, the better we can become.

speak for yourself armando we went 7-9 last year with no offense and a really good defense now you add wallace jennings maybe a cook at te why not add woodson or even a freeney or ed reed yes we are a superbowl contender in 2013 and beyond!

wow check out all the loser jets fans on a dolphins post. you should get use to having loser next to the jets they have been that way for the past 3 decades.

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