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Fewer LTs on the market, but solutions still available to Dolphins

The franchise tag deadline has come and gone and two offensive left tackles were designated as practically untouchable by their teams.

Ryan Clady in Denver and Branden Albert in Kansas City are two of the eight players carrying the franchise player tag now.

So both are effectively off the free agent market for teams searching for OT help of any kind and LT help in particular.

That helps Dolphins LT Jake Long.

A market that two weeks ago seemed loaded with potential LTs is thinner now thanks to the franchise designations and the New York Giants wisely locking up LT Will Beatty to a five-year, $38.75 million deal last week.

(Stop for a second and recognize that Beatty, a better player than Long lately, got a deal averaging $7.75 million per year. And Long wants a deal around the $10-11 million per year mark. Hmmm.)

Anyway, that leaves Long, Atlanta's Sam Baker and New Orleans's Jermon Bushrod as the most viable free agent LT prospects -- assuming none re-sign with their current teams before the March 12 start of free agency.

Considering multiple teams, including Arizona, St. Louis and Chicago, might be searching for experienced LTs in free agency, that should help the players that hit the market.

But we are still a long way from believing that free agency will be a boon for Long.

First of all, both Baker and Bushrod had better seasons than Long last year, although it was by a wide margin for Baker and only marginally so for Bushrod. Secondly, the draft is full of solid left tackle prospects.

And then there is this little-recognized fact:

The right tackle market in free agency is loaded with talent. Seriously.

Cincinnati's Andre Smith, New England's Sebastian Vollmer, and Minnesota's Phil Loadholt all enjoyed excellent seasons last year. All will hit free agency barring new deals with their current teams. Smith, I will grant you, comes with a buyer beware tag. Just saying.

The draft also has mutliple viable right tackles that probably aren't suited for LT.

What does that mean?

It means if the Dolphins continue to balk at paying a premium for Long -- a wise move -- they can solve their tackle issues a different way.

They can keep second-year player Jonathan Martin at left tackle and sign one of the above mentioned right tackles as an offensive line upgrade that will come much cheaper than Long. They can draft a left tackle, probably in the first round, and find themselves paying much less for a younger player than what Long is demanding. Or they can move Martin to left tackle and draft a right tackle -- probably in the second or third round -- and let that stand as the cheapest way to address the need.

There is more than one way to skin a gato. (Yeah, I speak Spanish).

And unless I miss my guess, the Dolphins are considering all of those along with the idea of getting Long back.



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Those who have no verbal skills to debate, resort to impostering and calling names. If it helps you some how, fine.

WTF are you talking about Armando? There are a TON of veteren left tackle free agents, very deep class, Long is expendeble when, any other year, he wouldn't be.

Value Even On Wallace.

Ireland Will Not Overpay!! He Learned His Lesson From Parcells Overspending.

Specially This Offseason! Where Ireland Owns The Market. Ireland Knows More Than Half The League Is Cap Strapped. And About 5-7 Teams Only Have Money To Go After 1 FA!! Only 2-3 Teams Are Really Shopping This Offseason.

Cincy, has Never Been Known To Be Big Spenders. And They Have A lot of Their Own FA's!!

Cleveland Sucks!! And That Is More Than Just A Song.

And Indy, Is Said To Be Worried About Rebuilding Their Lines. They Already Have Wr's And Te's.

It is expendable, YG, expendable.

I guess we just have to let it play out.


Posted by: DaShe| March 04, 2013 at 07:52 PM

Huh? What is with you? How about moving along to a different blog.

..I have been on the Phil Loadholt Bandwagon for sometime. For one he is probably the best run blocker available in free agency. IMO we are going to try and pound the rock as much as possible. Also..by addmittion he was a poor pass blocker..Until last year. Loadholt allowed only 4 sacks last year. And according to PFF's player performance evaluation. He was the best Viking offensive lineman per value. He also has the recomondation of Adrian Petersen. His quote is that he gets nowhere near 2000 yards last year without Loadholt...

He should come at a reasonable price for those concerned.

recomondation, again?

loadholt is a beast.

Yes, Master Of The Blog.

Cause You Are So Important. Dashi Will Go And run To Another Blog.

You Can't Be F'ing Serious.

Lars Thorton Clown.

I Would Tell You To Do The Same!! But You Already Ruined O.Kelly's Blog!

Carl, you have valid points about Wallace, but how many times was he targeted last year?? Yes, he had a lot of dropped passes but in some cases, he was thrown to almost 2x as much as other receivers in the league. Is he worth Larry Fitzgerald money, NO, but I believe he is worth more then any other FA receiver out there

Oh, and If You Are Going To Cut and Paste!! And Change My Name!! At Least Cut and Paste The ™

F'ing F'g!!


Probably so bobbyd. I just don't think we should pay 10 mil for him. There are speedsters in the draft and we have plenty of picks. I'd rather take the chance one of them is better than Wallace, either in route running or hands or both.


All Dashi Is Saying Is Wallace "Best Value Available"

Yes, He Is The Best FA WR!! And Right Now By A Good Margin. But Is Wallace Overvaluing Himself?

People Here Might Get Disappointed When Ireland Doesn't Overspend On Wallace.

But Ireland Is Choosing Value Over Everything. Reason Starks Was The One Franchised. He Is Our Most Valuable Free Agent.

I have to agree with Polians assessment. Wallace is not your go to guy on 3rd and short, 2nd and short, 1st and short, or even 3rd and long. He is always going to be your second option. An astute opinion I believe.

Also folks, for how much longer does Wallace have blazing speed? He is a year and a half shy of 30, I'd like to see his 40 time NOW.

I opt for fresh, young legs.

Ok, I know my Wallace rant is getting old. I'll let it go for now.

Is Wallace A Red Zone Threat?

F'ing F'g!!

Posted by: DaShe | March 04, 2013 at 08:03 PM


This is what is known as barbarian babble.

I think that franchising Starks signals that Ireland is about to make a big splash in FA.....

I mean...why franchise anybody if this is truly year one of a rebuild..and last year was just a throw away.....and man did they throw it away.....

With Starks franchised I expect to see a HUGE run a the WR position (big 3)....and hopefully Ireland can manage to NOT offend one of them....and we land one....

I think Ireland will also get us a Solid CB and a big time TE to give this offense some fire power....

I mean how can he not....what is the purpose of franchising a player if you don't plan to compete in the players franchise year....heck...let him walk and pocket the cash.....

So while I don't trust Ireland....I think it will be interesting to see what his next move is....

If it were me...it would be getting Bush signed on for another 4 years (cut after 3 possibly).....

and the Long done for a fair deal to both sides....

whats fair?

imo.....fair is a deal that shows like a top contract...and give Jake ALL the bragging rights he so desires....and is written in such a way that if we cut him next season (due to IR).....he leaves with very little guaranteed to him....kinda like the way the SKINS did Donavan McNabb.....that is my version of fair....for this situation...

I'll give you the LOVE you never got as a kid....

Tell PAPA Kris whats wrong....PAPA Kris will make it ALLLLL better.....

Posted by: Kris | January 12, 2013 at 10:14 AM

Wallace averages 8 TD's a year. Pretty good career so far...

5 More Days!!

Ireland Said Expect Him To Resign Who He Wants To Be Resigned By Then. I Hope It's Jake.

Seriously. I know Jake Is The Second Most Hated Man In Sfla. (Ireland Is First) But Having Jake And Starks Signed Is A Huge Plus Going Into Free Agency.

With Jake Signed Offensive Needs Are

2 WR's

In That Order.

Having Starks Signed, The Fins Defensive Needs Are


@ 8:21....

I am not Dashi....so I won't be indulging you in useless banter....I'm only typing this so you know....


have @ it......

cut and paste away....get deep into the archives...and by archives...I mean your personal word documens of my post that you save and cherish....

we...(and by we..i mean ME)......look forward to more of my past post...you're like my personal fan club....

please...by all means....continue....show reverence.....

Why You Still Hiding F'g!

I Thought You Were Leaving To Another Blog?

Bye B'tch!!

No diva WR has ever won a SB.....not that I can think of....

Posted by: Kris | March 01, 2013 at 09:36 AM

You are telling us there were no diva receivers on the Steelers and Dallas and St. Louis and Denver SB winners?

DaShe, check out what your buddies think of you....

@ 8:21....

I am not DaShei....so I won't be indulging you in useless banter...

Posted by: Kris | March 04, 2013 at 08:25 PM

Kris we welcome your valuable opinion.


Agreed. Franchising Starks Should Mean we Are Going To Do Something IN FA. Even Though I See It As Guarantee When We Let Soliai Walk Next Season. If Odrick Show More Promise This Year.

Don't Get The Love For Reggie? Just Me. He Is Not A Feature back. Which Is What Reggie Expects As A Dolphin. Sort of Like R.Brown. He Signed For Less With The Eagles, but Wanted to be A Starter In Miami.

The Jake Contract. Agreed. The Perfect Contract Will Be That. Something With A Injury Clause That If He Gets Hurt! The Next Year Is Voided!! Like The Peyton Contract!


And Kris,

Respect. You know Dashi Hasn't Even Gotten Started. But Your Right It Is Futile Trying To Have A Normal Conversation With Oscar and His Partner.

Oh, and Sorry For The Bad News On The Ravens. Too Much Money For Flacco.

I am not Dashi....so I won't be indulging you in useless banter....

Posted by: Kris | March 04, 2013 at 08:25 PM

So than what is this? You personify dumber than dumb. That is why DaShe and odinslime like you.

Singular, Not Plural!!


Retarded And Illiterate!!

Yo' Momma Should Be Proud!!

Plus, A Coward That Hides!!

The Holy Trinity Of Punkism!


You love me. You talk to me all the time and think I am cool. LOL

Please join Kris in the jacuzzi for the brain dead. LOL

...I would like to see Jake Long resigned.. But I think the best way to go about it is to let him test the free agent market. It is a gamble for sure. But IMO we could get the best deal for the team if we wait. Now I could be totaly wrong, and the team and Long have a deal ready to go before the March 12 date. But I can't see the teams with the need for a LT having the room to sign Long at the asking price his reported by his agent(who really knows what the real price is)

I just do not know what is fair market value for Long. What sort of deal that would be seen as fair for both sides?

Plaxico Burrsess / Diva receiver
Super Bowl Champion



nothing constructive can come from engaging that idiot.....we talk football....he talks about us....were like celebrities to this shut in....he lives vicariously thru our (and other real posters) post....

he yearns for our attention....our inter-action....regardless of how negative.....

its a sad existence for this guy.....hopefully he will copy this to his word document for future reading....after all.....it about him...kinda.....

Armando's weak LT class:


he yearns for our attention....

Posted by: Kris | March 04, 2013 at 08:50 PM

And you give it freely while saying you won't! You be dumber than a rodents cumba. Hehehe

Now you are trying to make friend with the DaShe after you offended him. Dang you are dumber that dumb!

If Ireland thinks Martin can play Left Tackle, he is indeed sans clue.

Let Long walk, and let the last lingering putrid taste of Parcell's "reign of error" begin fading from memory.

Trade up for Joeckl or other highly-rated LT prospect.

What a bloody mess HOF Bill left for us to clean up!

..I just don't know how many teams will show interest in Long. Of course there could be some suprises. A team that comes out of nowhere. It just isn't adding up. The teams that need left tackles can get one through the draft, or would have to clear a ton of cap space to meet Longs demands. I think we are in a good spot once Long gets into free agency and this reality hits. Instead of over-reacting. if we stay patient. We could sign Long at a fair number...Again, we hold the cards here.

I hope Flacco is paying Boldin half his salary.
A reciever like that can make a quarterback valuable. Screw speed, a reciever like that is what we need. With a speed decoy on the other side. Can you imagine Hartline taking the ball away from SF cornerbacks??

I honestly don't see Long coming back to Miami. I see the Fins signing a RT in FA, to save money for their top WR. Get a starting TE, WR, and CB in the draft.

Breaking News:

Mark Columbo seen mowing lawn at Jeff Ireland's Miami home. Goodbye Jake.

How Are You Offended For Dashi?

What Kris Said Wasn't Offensive.

You Trying To Make Fun Of The Almighty's Name Is!!

Constantly Repeating The Same Nonsense!!

We Don't Have To Cut And Paste Your Jibberish!! You Will Just Repeat It For Us!! Like Some Senile Old Man!!

Breaking news:

ALoco replaces Long at LT

Oscar becomes Fins newest shutdown corner

Dashi becomes Fins newest Zach Thomas



CraigM becomes Jeff Ireland's newest pair of boxer shorts.



YesterGiggle becomes Parcells boxer stain. LOL.

Bowe resigns with Chiefs. That's one WR off the FA Board.

FishBoy, also Marino retired. Got anymore old news?


Dashi is Dan Marino's Kid. Cause I'm Artistic ;)

I kid.. I kid..

U know Dashi is Full of himself. But I will never stack up to Z.Thomas. The Smartest MLB of Alltime. And Neither Does Dansby!

We Have Finally Found Marino's Replacement!! Hopefully, We Don't Take as long Finding Z.Thomas Replacement!

The Count Of Garbage MLB's After ZT Is Up To 4 ... And Counting!


Zach Thomas is dumber than a bag of sh*t.

Pay Long and stop being so friggin cheap! GEEZ!

I think Clady got about 10 million/year. That's top of the line LT market value. Probably what Long is asking for.

Name 1 MLB with a Higher Football IQ?

Ray is More Talented.

But Not a Higher Football IQ.

Zack Knew what The QB was Going to do, Before the QB!

Ask Brady or Manning? Smartest LB they Ever Faced.

Brady started Beating the Fins When Zack Retired! And Peyton had to leave the Division.

Lets look to the Super Bowl to see what good teams pay their LT's.

Baltimore - Michael Oher - $4.9m in 2013 cap hit
San Fran - Joe Staley - $4.6m average annual cap hit.

Looks to me that the Fins should not pay their LT anymore than $5m. I would prefer they spend their money on players who score TD's or create turnovers.

Of course, there are some Gamechangers in the Draft, but they are mainly on D, specially the Safeties, Vaccaro, Elam and Co. Are they worthy of a shot at #12? I believe so. This is a exceptional group of kids, = or better than any S drafted in the last 10 years.

For 10 consecutive games earlier in his career — when Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas were in their prime — the Dolphins flummoxed Brady, and he posted a quarterback rating between 52 and 78 in each of those games. The low point was a 21-0 loss in 2006, when Brady threw for just 78 yards.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/11/27/3114969/new-england-patriots-qb-tom-brady.html#storylink=cpy

jpao, so who do you suggest we get for 5 mill cause it wont be Jake Long?

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