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Former Eagles owner versus the Dolphins: Bitter fight is on

Braman CRA

You see the three images above? They represent the evidence the Dolphins say they have that Norman Braman is a "hypocrite," as Mike Dee said Wednesday.

The first two images are evidence that Braman Motors, which Braman obviously owns, received $58,000 in state tax credits for job creation. The third image shows Braman Motors applied for, and was awarded, $150,358.60 in Community Redevelopment Agency funds from the city of Miami.

What's the point?

It's all about the fight to get public dollars for the Sun Life Stadium upgrades.

Braman, the former Philadelphia Eagles owner, and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross are fighting tooth and nail over this issue. And it is getting personal.

Braman has called Dolphins CEO Mike Dee "an a--hole." Ross has said Braman is "full of sh--."

Anyway, Braman explained the purpose of these funds to me in my column. It is a valid explanation and the funds went to a good cause. And the Dolphins say they accept the explanation. But they believe that if Braman is able accept public funds for his private business, he cannot say they shouldn't do the same even though he's getting hundreds of thousands of dollars and they would get hundreds of millions for the stadium.

"We have no problem with the fact that he applied for and received government aid to create jobs – that is the whole point of those programs and we applaud him for putting people to work," Dee told me in an e-mail. "We take exception, however, when he publicly chastises us for doing the same thing. That is the hypocrisy that he is at a loss to explain."

Well, as I write here this is about to get uglier.

Remember the term "smear campaign." You'll be hearing it in the very near future.



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I think taxpayers in South Florida should be much more upset about their dollars being spent on enabling YG's 120 hour a week blog fests. Talk about a waste of public money.

Braman please STFU and let the Phins renoovate that tired stadium

grr renovate

Braman IS a hypocrite. As the owner of the Eagles he also took public subsidies. This guy needs to jump in one of his cars and hit 95 North and don't stop till he is back in the pits of Philidelphia. Slimeball

mr ross is a billionaire and he is asking the taxpayers for millions to renovate his stadium? then he says he may pay it back after 30 yrs when he is 103?


He is one of the most hated sports figures in Philadelphia history. He always worked on the cheap. He is the reason Reggie White didn't resign with the Eagles. Who in their right mind wouldn't pay Reggie White in a day when they had no cap?

He's a clown and just as they said irrelevant.

Can we get back to playing football? Fins football to be exact?

I don't even know what the people of South Florida are so upset about. They wouldn't foot the bill anyway ... it woudl be out of touch out of towners like me who actually give a crap about the team and make the trek to watch them play there once a year or so ... us and the multitude of fans from the opposing teams that fill up the stadium every Sunday. Smart idea. make them pay for the new building!!

From the last blog,

I could see Austin being the pick at 12. Philbin could see him as Randall Cobb or Percy Harvin. Bess could be traded for a pick and replaced in the slot by Austin. He could lineup in the backfield for swing passes and a couple carries as well.

Not saying I love the pick, but I could see it happening.

This Braman guy is a joke.

The DOLPHINS will pay back the County and State, not Ross personally. Name me one other owner who has offered to do this?? NONE

Random LOGO thought...Anyone find it funny how when the Jaguars changed their logo earlier this year no one cared, but now the Dolphins logo is the talk of the town, its Yahoos top 5 web searches. I guess it is kind of cool that people are talking about the Phins

Funny thing is...they're both right. Braman is a hypocrite, and Ross should pay for the renovations himself.

Fight fire with fire.....

Stick it to him Mr. Ross.....

Let's see what other dirty secrets lay under the rug....

and in the case of BOTH of you...i'll bet its a lot....

this is a good 1ST SHOT over the bow....This is the back the EFF up shot....

I like the new more aggresive FINS....

Has there ever been an NFL owner who wasn't a tremendous a-hole?

This is the guy who opposed renovations to the Orange Bowl way back when and won. He also opposed a tax os .5 cents in 1999 that would have provided miami with half a billion dollars for public transportation system and won. He overthrew a mayor and won. However, he did fight against the Marlins stadium deal and lost. The public transportation deal is disturbing because he obviously has a vested interest in people driving cars, in particular, his. I would still look into his relationship with the 76ers ownership group, particularly but not exclusively Joshua Harris. He has a vested interest in purchasing the Dolphins. Renovations to Sun Life would increase the value. I would look into Braman and Harris and their relationship with Apollo Global Management and go backwards from there. Have fun, I don't have the time.

Tavon Austin just doesn't make sense:

Austin can absolutely be a dynamic slot player but it just seems far too much of a luxury for a team coming off 4 straight seasons under .500

I like the player, so nothing against Austin. He will be productive and possibly even dynamic in the same way Harvin, Cobb as some of you mentioned doing a variety things PR, KR, out of the backfield, etc but I tell you this if Miami did take Austin a top 5 offense and nothing short would warrant it as a bad pick. Wallace, Hartline (resigned), Gibson and then Austin to the mix demands that Tannehill throw for 4500 yards and 30 plus TDs IMO. And that doesn't seem the likely learning curve for Tannehill in year 2 IMO. With the group now perhaps a 4000 yard 22-25 TDs seems more likely.

Austin has passed every test come his way but with all the resources put into WRs in the offseason I would think a developmental guy possibly Goodwin from Texas who ran a blazing 40 but not with same production or even a guy just 1 round later and with familiarity in Swope would just make more sense then going for broke with Austin at #12 when there's glaring needs and also I don't think Austin would even be BPA at that point.

Just doesn't make sense to me.

A tax credit in no way resembles even closely what the Dolphins are asking for. I think you need more college Armando. How did you get this job anyway? Oh that's right, you are hispanic in miami. I forgot.

Love the support for the stadium and I will happily pay my tax increase on my hotel when I visit. Go to hell braman. LET'S GO DOLPHINS. I am looking forward to dethroning the pats.

Does any one know which is the correct "New Dolphins Logo". A lot of pictures show the Dolphin swimming to the right but in Armandos blog from yesterday it shows it swimming to the left. Opposite directions?????


Ross has a lot of nerve asking for a handout after 4 consecutive losing seasons.

One question...



Since the NFL IS LOANING THE DOLPHINS MOST OF THE MONEY for their side of the costs....will the NFL underwrite the payback agreement in 2043.

....Just askin

Braman was right about the Marlins. And he's right about the Dolphins too. Also, Ross can easily afford to renovate his stadium. He's the major beneficiary of any improvement.

This website needs to know that I will not, and will never, pay for the content on this site. So the more it tries to block articles unless we pay, the more likely I...and many others....will never come back.


..I just spent the weekend in Helena Montana at the Governors Conference on Tourism. Part of the reason I went was to secure public funds for a road plowing project. Up against much larger agencies for a share of the pie. Braman is a hornblower, and he knows it. These funds are put there by the municipalities for use to promote, and create growth. That is what the Dolphins are doing. In these examples like I use for our plowing funds. You run up against bigger, larger, organizations that may have more money, that may on the surface not need it. But they have every right to apply for the money under the law.

It may not seem fair. It may seem like Ross asking for money is a ridiculous. But if you examine the down the road economic benefits, and the positives that can, and will be accomplished should the stadium renovation be completed. There is no reason that these public funds..Remember public funds should not be used to help the team, and the city fix this dump.

If Dade County is going to raise any tax, it needs to be used for the schools, police, and fire departments that so sorely need funds.....not for football.

Agee with Clue. It's just more fodder for the cheap Ross crowd to post mindless post after post.

7 out of 10 MIAMI DADE COUNTY RESIDENTS oppose giving any more public money for stadiums. This will lose when it comes to a VOTE! NO WELFARE FOR BILLIONAIRES. PERIOD!

Just further confirmation how cheap Ross is. The truth hurts.

Understand that Mr. Ross is worth billions, but he doesn't have billions in the bank! He is a real estate investor, that mean a majority of he financial assets are property. Not to say he can't afford these renovations, but he probably has to sell assets to do it( he might have 500mil sitting in the bank, but would u clear ur bank account to renovate ur home??) this is bussines, he's looking for investors and he found the city of Miami....and wait he's willing to have the Miami Dolphins organization pay the money back, the same money that won't becoming out of the pockets of the residents of Miami but out of the snow birds pockets!

I really think people are jealous that the city will make an investment in the dolphins and not them personally!!

Go Phins!!

"Both backed and voted for the same presidential candidate."

Mando's not being transparent, so allow me to illuminate. These are Republicans (like Mando is). And this issue is why Republicans all over the country are trying to remain relevant in today's society. They don't even know what they believe anymore. The candidate they supported, Romney, LOST!

The issue here is government assistance. Some Republicans (like this loser car dealership owner) believe it's never right for government to give money to private industry (even though HE TOOK MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT). Like Mike Dee said, he's a HYPOCRITE.

Other Republicans (like the billionaire Ross), believe it's fine to take money from the government if they are offering because it will enrich them. He is also a HYPOCRITE.

Truth is, they are BOTH GREEDY HYPOCRITES! Why, because they support a Party that speaks out of both sides of its mouth. One the one hand they believe in "personal responsibility" and "private industry." Yet, on the other, they bail out banks that are too big to fail, they give millions...billions of dollars in corporate welfare to industries that are doing just fine by themselves (Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, etc.), yet get their panties in a bunch when a few cents are spent on food stamp or other programs for the poor.

The loser in most of these endeavors, by the way, is the taxpayer, who gets squeezed from both directions. Both Democrats AND Republicans feed from the same trough (of lobbyists doing the shilling for corporate America). The dirty secret is the taxpayers hardly ever get a good return for their generosity. Yet these politicians remain in office, get promoted, move into lobbying or consulting or cushy corporate jobs after politics, and the financial and social problems that were there when they got elected are either still there or even worse once they leave.

Welcome to America. Gotta love it.

Brahman Is A Prick!! Always Has Been!! Always Will Be!! He Is Just Mad He Sucked As A Owner Of A Pro Team!!


On The T.Austin.

Dashi Is Not Saying Not To Root for The Guy!! (You Can Be A Fan Of Whoever You Like, Like Matt Moore Or K.Dansby! Or Even Jake Long)

What Dashi Is Saying Back It Up!! Put Your Money Were Your Mouth Is. Put Your Name On It!!

I Already Know YG Is On The T.Austin Train. Who Else?

That Is All Dashi Is Saying.

Dashi Is Of The Opinion He Is Going To Suck!! And Suck Big Time!! When He Doesn't You All Can Laugh At Dashi.


When T.Austin Does Suck And Is To Small For The NFL!! Dashi Wants Names.

The Nonsense Some Of You Say. Notice None Of You Have Given A Real Reason Why T.Austin Should Be Drafted!! Just That He Can Be This Guy or That Guy!!

How Many NFL Wr's Are Under 5'8"?

Now, How Many Of Those Are Under 180lbs?

Logic And Reason State That It Is Almost Impossible For T.Austin To Succeed In Today's NFL!! Nevertheless, Play In The NFL!!

R.Cobbs And P.Harvin Are Both 5'10" 190+Lbs!! And They Look Small In The NFL!!

T.Austin Will Look Like A Midget!!

T.Austin Will Only See The Field 1 Time A Year!! When His Team Faces T.Matthieu.

I've been out of work do to illness...can't pay bills, broke. Try qualifying for medical assistance or food stamps...yet a billionere can get millions. Just don't make sense to me. I'd like to see the stadium redone but pay for it yourself Ross since you make the profits off of increased seats/attendance...etc.

It's funny watching smart Business Men run circles around stupid Politicians...

Great Business Deal for a guy who can afford to build ten of these Stadiums. (...that's exactly HOW one amasses Billions.)

For Stephan Ross...
Just another game to win.

How is ross cheap? Dansby wasnt cheap. Neither was hartline wallace ellerbe or wheeler. Dude dropped near 100 mil in guaranteed money and he is cheap? Eating off the dollar menu is cheap. Asking for money is business. Asking for money your going to pay back is smart bussiness. And it puts more money back in the community by hiring local construction crews. PLUS it gives miami SB consideration ty. Whats the problem? And why is Braman so focused on miami? Its not like the fins knocked the eagles off in the playoffs or something.

Anyone questiong Ross on his motives behind the stadium deal, asking for money and so forth is out of their league.

Ross is a billionaire and real estate and development is his expertise. Question his football accumen and how to run a franchise all you want but not this guys. He's smarter then all of you times 100 when it comes to this.

Dante hall was 5'8 and killer return guy but pretty much sucked as a wr. 5'9 190lbs. Seems to be the shortest and lightest a nfl wr can be and stay relativelt healthy and productive ( steve smith , welker, branch back in the day.

There are perfect examples of the difference between proponents and the opposition to this deal all over this blog site. Proponents speak in an educated manner on the subject while opponents scream and rarely if ever make valid points of their own.

Look at DarrylDs post. Rationale, objective, takes into account job growth and future economic viability.

Now look at the posts at 11:28 and 11:30. It's the same post opponents write all of the time. They are parrots who don't fully understand the deal and just want Ross to lose out of spite. They're so envious that a rich person might make more money they can't see that EVERYONE involved will benefit.

I ask the proponents to stop the nonsense and tell everyone WHY THIS DEAL WILL BE BAD FOR MIAMIS FUTURE. You have not once stated a reason.

You have compared the deal to the Marlins deal. Everyone knows this is completely different so stop. Fail . You have screamed "no handouts" when the deal not only brings more jobs to the area but will also be paid back according to stipulations in the contract. Any new owner will take on the debt, the debt doesn't just disappear. Once again, ridiculous argument that doesn't hold water. Fail.

To the rest of fans opponents look like bitter ignorant people who are simply jealous of anyone who is succesful and would like to stick it to them out of spite.

You have to ignore Shula, Zonk, and VOTE NO as they have to reasoning for their acusations. Its the same stuff day in and day out.. theyre just trying to get a rise out of people..
The Dolphins proposed paying back all monies used, will pay for the voting process, will pay for any overages, fronting over half the money.. The source of the money is coming from tourist that's set aside for things like this.. If people dont want to use other states income to pay for this to enrich and better their community the Fins should leave..

Crying.... Waahhh ... Waahhh..

I Can Never Understand The Sfla Fan Base. Actually I Do, Sfla Has A Bunch On Negative Whining Hypocrites.

They Built And Rebuilt The Heat Stadium Twice!! Nobody Complained!!

They Built Marlins Stadium In The Wrong Place!! Because Of The Ignorant Politicians!! The People In That Neighborhood Don't Go To Games!! Or Watch Baseball!! They Should've Built The Stadium Next To AAArena. By The Bay!! More People Would've Went.

Now The Fins Who Are The Athletic Institution In Sfla And The Reason We Were Given 2-3 More Pro Sports Teams!! JRS, The Place They Play Superbowl And National Championship Games!! Plus, UM also Plays In That Stadium!! Plus, Ross Has Said He Will Even Bring A MLS Team To Sfla To Play In That Stadium!!

All For No Money Out Of Sfla Residents!! Sounds Good To Me!!

Oh, Yeah!! People Forget Ross Has Already Spent $200 Mil Out Of His Own Money!! To Bring The Stadium To Modern Standards!! Putting The Huge Scoreboard!! The LED That Wraps The Field!! The Concessions!! The TV's And A.C. Inside The Glass Bubble!!

But Remember, This Is Sfla!! Actually More Miami!! Don't Want To Blame Broward and WPB!! You Have People Down Here Who Will Complain The Day Castro Dies!! A Bunch Of Negative Whining Hypocrites!! Who Think They Deserve Everything And Have To Work For Nothing!!

Another signee
Sun Sentinel Dolphins: Dolphins agree to terms with defensive lineman Vaughn Martin http://sunsent.nl/WYYduw | Txt STOP FINS 2quit

About Barkleys pro day. Who cares. Nice weather, wearing shorts, no defense.

I believe Norman Braman is absolute right in his assertion that since Steve Ross owns the team that Ross SHOULD put up his own money since he's the one who will reap the benefits of a renovated stadium. My problem with this is who the f#ck cares what Norman Braman thinks or wants for that matter??? Did anyone ask him for his opinion??? Is he Miami's 'Robinhood' or something...Don't get it.

Dashi, bravo.

Matty it's just crazy. I have yet to hear one valid reason why this wouldn't be a great thing for the area. It's all just screaming about rich people. They're cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

Sammo @12:10.

That Is All Dashi Is Saying.

And D.Hall Was Actually 185lbs. So T.Austin Better Gain Some Weight.

But At Best T.Austin Will Be A Dynamic Returner. Nothing More, Nothing Less!!

T.Austin Might Be Similar To R.Parrish Physically, But R.Parrish Was Even More Dynamic!! And He Flopped In The NFL!! For being To Small!!

You Can Be Short In The NFL!! You Just Can't Be Small!! You Need Some Weight Behind You To Take The Hits!! 250+Lbs LBers Will Be Salivating With T.Austin Crossing The Middle With His Little Drag Route!!

Dashi, I have to disagree with you on Tavon Austin going to suck. Welker, Cobb, Harvin, Steve Smith have all had a ton of success. Not saying he'll be a pro bowler, but I don't think he will be a bust. I guess we can agree to disagree, I respect your opinion though.

I agree with almost everything you talked about on the stadium issue, well said.

We all know Ross' agenda here. Money and legacy. He wants to make more money and he wants to be remembered for bringing the Dolphins back to the top. His agenda may be selfish but it HELPS the surrounding areas economic growth.

Here's my question. What is Bramans agenda in opposing this. What does he get if the deal is shot down? Are we to believe he's doing this to protect tax payers whom he's already taken hundreds of thousands from?

Before you actually back this snake oil salesman you better find out what his true agenda is. My bet is it has to do with him or one of his buddies making more money which in the long run will cost Miami much more in taxes. Much more compared to the zero dollars it will cost tax payers now.

The best way to MAKE MONEY is to get other people to pay for your stuff. (It's the model that Private Equity is built on.)

Owners need to build their own 'Store Fronts'...
not have 'Poor' People pay for them.


This comment is false.

"Stephen Ross is the (only) one who will benefit from this deal so he should put his own money up".

I would be happy to debate this falsehood if anyone who wrote it truly believes it.

Will Sfla Be Setting A Precedent By Signing The Dolphin Stadium Upgrade?

Or Will Sfla Look Like Ungrateful Fans For Being The ONLY CITY!! IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY!! That Denies Their Sports Team Funding!!

Why Do You Think The Marlins Stadium Passed? (And That Was A Real Battle)

Because No Team In The Past 25 Years Have Been Denied Funding By The Public For Funding!!

The City That Has No Longer Has A Sports Franchise.

Seriously we just signed Vaughan Martin out of San Diego. Holy crap. He had like 12 unnassisted tackles last year and a sack.

Lend him the money if the Phis are going to pay it back. It is a loan not a gift that will certainly benefit the community in the pockets and in prestige.

WTF is the matter with you guys. It is not like he is asking for free dough.

Is there a reason that every time we proponents of the stadium deal want to debate the proponents scurry away like cockroaches afraid of the light? If you believe so strongly why hide? You must have valid counters to what we've offered up no?

Opponents scurry......

Phins 79....

click on the name in BLUE @ 12:39....it will take you back to the HERALD HOME PAGE...

that should show you that you are wasting your time....clearly this is just a HERALD plant...doing his "job"...and trying to inflame others....

Another great point Dashi that will never be countered.

Kindry, the roster for camp is 90 guys, the Fins currently have 60 plus 11 draft picks. They still have 19 bodies they need to sign to fill the roster.

WooHoo a Canadian on the Miami Dolphins. This guy went to school an hour down the road from me (Western University in London, Ontario). Didn't play in the NCAA. Go Vaughn!!!


All Those Guys Are Taller And Bigger Than T.Austin.

T.Austin Might Have 1 Good Season In The NFL.

But Drafting Him In The 1st Round Is Basically Giving The Kid The T.Ginn Family Curse.

T.Ginn Is A Decent NFL Player!! But Considered A Bust Because He Was A High First Round Pick!!

In The 2nd Round T.Austin Is A Reach. But At Least His Value Is More Realistic. I Still Wouldn't Draft Him If I Was The Fins!!

The Only Type Of Wr The Fins Lack Is A Red Zone Threat. A C.Patterson Type. 6'3" 210+lbs And Can Jump Thru The Roof!! So T-Hill Can Throw His Fade.

Who Is Going To Throw A Fade To T.Austin In The End zone?

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