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Former Eagles owner versus the Dolphins: Bitter fight is on

Braman CRA

You see the three images above? They represent the evidence the Dolphins say they have that Norman Braman is a "hypocrite," as Mike Dee said Wednesday.

The first two images are evidence that Braman Motors, which Braman obviously owns, received $58,000 in state tax credits for job creation. The third image shows Braman Motors applied for, and was awarded, $150,358.60 in Community Redevelopment Agency funds from the city of Miami.

What's the point?

It's all about the fight to get public dollars for the Sun Life Stadium upgrades.

Braman, the former Philadelphia Eagles owner, and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross are fighting tooth and nail over this issue. And it is getting personal.

Braman has called Dolphins CEO Mike Dee "an a--hole." Ross has said Braman is "full of sh--."

Anyway, Braman explained the purpose of these funds to me in my column. It is a valid explanation and the funds went to a good cause. And the Dolphins say they accept the explanation. But they believe that if Braman is able accept public funds for his private business, he cannot say they shouldn't do the same even though he's getting hundreds of thousands of dollars and they would get hundreds of millions for the stadium.

"We have no problem with the fact that he applied for and received government aid to create jobs – that is the whole point of those programs and we applaud him for putting people to work," Dee told me in an e-mail. "We take exception, however, when he publicly chastises us for doing the same thing. That is the hypocrisy that he is at a loss to explain."

Well, as I write here this is about to get uglier.

Remember the term "smear campaign." You'll be hearing it in the very near future.



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antimatter and tgh are willing to sacrifice our Dolphins in order to fight their own political battles. They don't really give a sh** about the team. They just want to turn DolFANS into braman's personal army.
Posted by: Hydrashock

Maybe in your banal, mundane world the Dolphins are the only thing which matter but in the real world there are much bigger things which matter to common people for which public funds should be spent on.

Throwing millions of public money at a billionaire so that he upgrade his private stadium and net worth does absolutely nothing for the overwhelming majority of South Floridians who will never step foot inside there. Many can't even afford it.

Here's an idea - if you and Ross care so much about the Dolphins then you can spend YOUR OWN money on financing it. He can dip into his bank accounts and/or raise the ticket prices. He can go to the other NFL owners and ask them to pay for it. He can do what everyone else does when they wish to make costly capital improvements and get a loan through private financing. But don't ask the freakin' public to forgo other community needs in order to help pay for your stadium as though it's the only option available to a billionaire businessman. Only a mouth breathing dunce would think along those terms.

Don't see the equivalency here. Brahman took advantage of a tax incentive already in place designed to bring jobs into the city. The Dolphins want to ask for public money to create a private asset that will make the franchise more valuable when Stephen Ross decides to sell. Nevertheless, the Dolphins are doing the right thing by asking the taxpayers to approve it. Nothing wrong with that.

Braman is an idiot and is a bandwagon drone. He could care less about the Dolphins as long as he gets his name in the news. Freakin moron!


Dolfan Rick, I'm sorta curious to see how Yeatman comes into camp. He was a LT in college, 6:6 270. Pds, athletic, also played LaCrosse. He puts an extra 30-40 pds on that frame, the boy might be able to play LT

bbbbut free markets????


You know when you get down to it this is really about soccer. Ross wants a soccer team to better utilize the facility. and give him another product and revenue generator.

Probably would be good for Miami, might be bad for Dolphins if Soccer team brings in more money though and becomes his real focus. Dont know how many soccer games are played a year, but know that Latinos like Soccer much more than Football.

So really in light of this huge Logo Blunder. You might see Ross fill the stadium with soccer people and say sell the dolphins to LA. You have a product for a stadium that he owns. He makes a boat load of cash by selling and Moving dolphins to new group and the kicker is the NFL would probably want to put another Dolphin team in Miami thus when ross has created his soccer team the new ownership group for the "NEw Dolphins" would probably need a place to play thus might buy Soccer stadium.

Now their is a thought. He will get his money though.

Just a note: apparently, my non-offensive post from yesterday was removed. In it, I mentioned the actual hit to the taxpayers for providing an interest-free, 30-year loan to the Dolphins in the sum of $167 million. If repayment is not anticipated at all until 2043, that hit exceeds $500 million. In other words, if the $167 million was put into an interest-bearing account at the current statutory interest rate of 4.75%, the taxpayers would earn an additional half-billion dollars.

Question: Why was my posting removed? It stated my opinion, based upon the facts presented on the terms of the Dolphins latest offer; I qualified my opinion whenever there may have been any doubt on the terms of repayment; and my earlier posting contained no offensive verbiage. I just thought it was interesting that the taxpayers were potentially losing half a billion dollars in order to give $167M to the Dolphins now -- even if repaid.

Do the facts hurt? Here is why I believe -- in my opinion -- they do. I have observed an established skew in this blog on this subject. Braman took $58K in tax benefits; he should not have been provided such benefits.

However, is this complete hypocrisy on Braman's part? Honestly, "no." There is a huge difference in taking $58K in benefits from the taxpayers (for Braman's car dealerships), and expecting the taxpayers to absorb $167M or approximately $505M (my earlier calculation on lost interest amounts fell just short of $505M).

This is a time of scarcity. So, why should we have the taxpayers -- when public school infrastructures are underfunded, roads and bridges are disintegrating, and citizens are without quality health care -- fund a single dime? If the Dolphins want to establish a 30-year loan, at the statutory interest rate, and repay throughout that period, then I would reconsider. But I have not seen any such offer ever being publicized.

Please do not yank this posting.

Heres something I saw that no one is talking about, most of the people that are against the funding are not South Florida natives. They are the retires that moved to South Fl. You know the Bills,jets,n pats fans. They just dont want to see Miami return to its wiining ways,

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