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Free agency kicks off and Wallace has the ball

The so-called free agency War Room at the Dolphins training facility has been buzzing much of the day, according to a source who has seen the activity. And much of the buzz and anticipation has been surrounding the Dolphins making a fast and bold dive into free agency by landing you know who.

Mike Wallace.

Barring a major upset that the Dolphins are not expecting but still not 100 percent certain cannot happen at the last moment, the club expects to land the Pittsburgh Steelers free agent wide receiver by Wednesday the latest.

There has been contact between the Dolphins and Wallace for days.

That contact is supposed to be bear fruit starting now.

The Dolphins and Wallace's representative have been talking about a $5-year deal throughout that time. The deal will likely reach $60 million. Wallace wants more. Guaranteed money is an issue.

Wallace wants $30 million in guaranteed money per source familiar with the talks.

No, this is quite done yet.

Stay here for updates.

[UDPATE: Reggie Bush's departure from the Dolphins has begun with him setting up visits. First visit will be Detroit. I'd be surprised if it doesn't get done there, but there is also a chance he could visit Arizona. Bush already knows he will get somewhere north of $3 million per season.]

[UPDATE: The Dolphins are juggling as they are showing interest in Titans TE Jared Cook. The Titans have moved on from Cook as they are expecting to sign San Francisco's Delanie Walker. Cook will be expensive.]

[UPDATE: TE Anthony Fasano has agreed to a four-year contract in principle with the Kansas City Chiefs, according to ESPN. I'm happy for him because that'll be a good upgrade for the Chiefs and it means the Dolphins will be upgrading, or at least making moves to upgrade that position.]

[UPDATE: Chris Clemons is signing a one-year deal with the Dolphins, according to agent Drew Rosenhaus.]

[UPDATE: Left tackle Jake Long will visit the St. Louis Rams, according to ESPN and NFL.com]

[UPDATE: Dolphins showed interest in Rashard Mendenhall but that has cooled a bit. He's already setting up visits with other teams ahead of Miami.]


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greedy mofo!


So it hasnt happened yet... lol

And let the season begin...

where all the signings?? lol

Fasano to Chiefs

Someone explain to this pinhead DIVA they have state income taxes in Minnesota, it's freezing in season and they play outdoors. We should make this guy a take it or leave it offer.


A $5 a year deal??? Jesus Christ Armando!! Proofread your stuff before u send it!!!

Mando, good timing! lol

Wallace is a Miami Dolphin!!! YES!!!!!!!!!! Long is gone hes going to the St Louis RAMS, bye bye Long

The vikings play outdoors? WHo knew!

kruger signs with browns

Bennett going to Bears according to his Twitter.

Wallace signing a 5 year 60 million dollar contract

I walked out of here 2 months ago and I told you losers I would come back for free agency.
I'm Baaaaaack!!!

Well, it seems that at least Long and Bush are as good as gone.

we already knew bush and long were gone. wheres the new news

Long is gone to Rams

Mike Wallace and dolphin building as we speak to find his 5 year deal I told you all 4 days ago it was a done deal in everybody say Who Am I and you're crazy I work in the Dolphins building

What sits is everyone using to get the signing updates?

nfl netwrok, bennet did sign with bears

Long is gone? Has anyone called Dashi to see if he needs crisis counseling?

just said wallace and cook almost both done deals to miami

To all you doubters and haters, whatz up??? Wallace is a Dolphin, this is the new beginnings. Now get out there and get Cook Fins. This deal was done awhile ago, Wallace wasn't going anywhere else.

Nothing is finalized until the .

look for Miami to sign te cook today too

Smith signs with Tampa Bay

Armando you are too slow. Wallace is a Dolphin.

If they land Wallace & Cook, I still think they need a top fligh CB & OT. Then use the draft to draft guards, LB & DB's for the future.



already have wallace, hes taking physical now. cook to follow!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody above mentioned giving up our 2nd rounder for Sam Shields. I'm all in on that one. Why not?

Then get Houston from Detroit(at a reasonable price of course). If not one of the bigger names.

Forget drafting a safety altogether. Get Dashon Gholdson(or even Woodson as a Temp)to pair up with Reshad Jones!

Then let our leftovers battle it out in Training Camp.

Shields and Houston at the Corners and Gholdson and Jones back Deep! That's what I'm talking about.

For this defensive upgrade, we can forget Wallace. Try to squeak in Jennings or Gibson and look to the draft for a Speedster!

bills cut fitzpatrick

Bucs were rumored to be the team to trade for Revis. I guess if they signed smith that deal is off.

Poor Jets LOL


According to this Wallace is already a Dolphin.

Sun reporting Wallace has signed. And he is a Dolphin, nothing about the family yet.


I have no idea why no one wants Bush to return. IF the Dolphins sign Mike Wallace, then, more than ever, a guy like Bush becomes invaluable. When you have a speedy wideout, you need to keep the D honest. Having a guy like Bush, who can turn a short gain or run into a game breaker at any minute, means the D can't just drop back on every play.

Bush should be retained. But, then, for 30 years, all the Dolphins have done is trade one problem for another. No running game is replaced by a running game and no deep threat. Now we propose to add a deep threat and go back to no running game.

BTW, Boldin went for a #6 pick and he gets paid what Hartline gets! How could Ireland miss out on that?

i just said that hydra, hes taking the physical now

Fasano signing with KC according to PFT.

Really , SMF, SS signs with TB! For me at least, that's big news.

no teams other than hapless lions and cards want bush

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Dolphins are negotiating a five-year contract with free agent Mike Wallace.
Schefter describes the deal as "very, very likely to get done." So we may not see the Vikings jump into the Wallace sweepstakes after all. Schefter reported that this is a "match waiting to happen," and the money will be "well north" of $10 million per year. Appearing on NFL Live Tuesday, Schefter also confirmed that the Dolphins are in hot pursuit of free agent TE Jared Cook.
Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter
Mar 12 - 4:03 PM

Good!!! Pay the man. Pay Cook too. We Need Playmakers!!!!

boldin is 6 years older than ahrtline, wake up man and is owed almost 8 mill not 6

This is exciting

see ya fatso, we got cook!!!!!!!!!!! ireland finally doing things right

Fasano PEACE!!!

WNP, Sun-Sentinel says 5 yrs, 60 million, 30 million guaranteed. Cap hit 5-7 million for this year. Now let's get Cook

Well, thats .

if only 5-7 mill cap hit means we still have ton to spend after cook and wallace. get 2 corners. whooooo whooooooooooooooo whooooooo

Bennett to Bears!!

said mendenhall to mia ,jets or broncos

dusty, EXACTAMONDO!!! PLAYMAKERS! SKILL position players.

Now let's hope these guys are worth the trouble.

Bills released Fitzpatrick.

they must be going QB in round 1

so big that they got this deal done right away. now they can chase others

Sorry, 5 year 65 million, not 60. 30 guaranteed.

Not sure Cook is the answer but, hoping it works. Too bad GB didn't cut Finley. That would have been ideal.

wallace 5 yrs 65 million 30 upfront.

cook has ton of talent, guy can fly for a te

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