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Free agency kicks off and Wallace has the ball

The so-called free agency War Room at the Dolphins training facility has been buzzing much of the day, according to a source who has seen the activity. And much of the buzz and anticipation has been surrounding the Dolphins making a fast and bold dive into free agency by landing you know who.

Mike Wallace.

Barring a major upset that the Dolphins are not expecting but still not 100 percent certain cannot happen at the last moment, the club expects to land the Pittsburgh Steelers free agent wide receiver by Wednesday the latest.

There has been contact between the Dolphins and Wallace for days.

That contact is supposed to be bear fruit starting now.

The Dolphins and Wallace's representative have been talking about a $5-year deal throughout that time. The deal will likely reach $60 million. Wallace wants more. Guaranteed money is an issue.

Wallace wants $30 million in guaranteed money per source familiar with the talks.

No, this is quite done yet.

Stay here for updates.

[UDPATE: Reggie Bush's departure from the Dolphins has begun with him setting up visits. First visit will be Detroit. I'd be surprised if it doesn't get done there, but there is also a chance he could visit Arizona. Bush already knows he will get somewhere north of $3 million per season.]

[UPDATE: The Dolphins are juggling as they are showing interest in Titans TE Jared Cook. The Titans have moved on from Cook as they are expecting to sign San Francisco's Delanie Walker. Cook will be expensive.]

[UPDATE: TE Anthony Fasano has agreed to a four-year contract in principle with the Kansas City Chiefs, according to ESPN. I'm happy for him because that'll be a good upgrade for the Chiefs and it means the Dolphins will be upgrading, or at least making moves to upgrade that position.]

[UPDATE: Chris Clemons is signing a one-year deal with the Dolphins, according to agent Drew Rosenhaus.]

[UPDATE: Left tackle Jake Long will visit the St. Louis Rams, according to ESPN and NFL.com]

[UPDATE: Dolphins showed interest in Rashard Mendenhall but that has cooled a bit. He's already setting up visits with other teams ahead of Miami.]


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5 year 65 million dollar
With 30 miliion guranteed

Jeez Mike Wallace cashed out

I agree dusty. If Wallace & Cook are in the bag. GET 2 CB's - dont rule out trading a 2 to GB & giving money to Shields!

Get everything else in the draft. Just because you have a ton of money doesn't mean you HAVE to use it!

We should have other goodies to be signed.

NICE, real nice

Would like Mendenhall but, it's not priority. A big body kid in the draft can do what we'd want mendenhall to do & would be much cheaper!

13 million a year

OK Dusty thanx for all the info!

Hope we sign Jared Cook later.

I have 1 question.

Is Mike Wallace better than Brandon Marshall??

corner should be main priority now and there is some good ones out there

Well, he has never been stabbed in the abdomen by his wife!

devito went to kc, another big loss for jets

Now that we have Wallace, Bush should be brought back.

Ireland, Philbin and Sherman better be right about Miller!

dont need bush

But overall, I would say NO, Wallace is not better than Marshall.

You are a good writer and very informative. Yet, somehow, you have the Pre K class of followers. It is unbelievable how childish, slow and special needs the group of regulars here are. This is what happens when little boys are raised with no man in the house.

Cook would turn this into a dynamic offense. No longer are we pedestrian nor do we have to listen to people telling us we can't get the big guys to come here

Browns just signed Kruger

13 MIL a year is a lot, this guy better produce

Wallace! 5 year/65 million

Is Wallace official?

Awesome news on Wallace. I keep hearing that Wallace isn't worth the money but I think I understand why he is. He should open our running game and create more space for Hartline, Bess and our TE's to make plays.

Incarcerated Bob got right

Mokiki, he is taking a physical. Barring something catastrophic, he's a Dolphin

DB -dusty bottoms,

If they sign Wallace as I said last night... I'm Sorry. Also... Will THAT deal wipe away all the years of misery that Ireland and his click has put this fan base through?

Ireland will always be a POS and ANYONE, AND I MEAN ANYONE, even the guy who sells hot dogs down the block can make a call to Wallace and spend someone else's money to make one self look good.

Ireland s u cks and I want him fired no matter what.

In closing, I am satisfied as a life long fan that we got Wallace and I want more... I want a championship.

Fasano gets 4 years from Chiefs. Kruger signs with Clevland

Now lets get a CB signed. DRC would be a nice.

Got it right

Just heard, Fasano to the Chiefs, Miami pursuing Jared Cook. It just keeps looking better!

Mando - so Ben V. at the PBP was right.. His sources are clearly better than yours.. Drop the jealousy and admit he owns you! Mike Wallace deal was done, that is why he was able to walk in and agree in 22 minutes after FA began..

I think you owe Ben an apology..

This is what happens when little boys are raised with no man in the house.

Posted by: Steve-o | March 12, 2013 at 04:39 PM

This is probably the 2nd most exciting day of the NFL off season.

And here's Little Stevie, talking about "Little Boys".

Some things NEVER change-ROTFLMAO!

Jared Cook is in Miami???

Lets See some DB's before theyget soaked up, I'm not talking SMith either. Help him pack his bags outta Miami

I guess Ross isn't cheap after all. Great signing. Lets Go Phins

Make is happen Jeffy!!

NY "G", Mike Wallace. If Ireland gets Cook, maybe Mendenhall and a CB or two then Ireland has made this team much better. Let's add in 7 picks in first 4 rounds, this is the start of something big.

With the CB's available **RIGHT NOW**, forget Sean Smith!

We can upgrade our secondary BIG TIME. As long as Ireland can get over all the a ss slapping going on over the Wallace deal!

Good going Jeffy, now GET GOING!

Wallace isn't the "End All" to this Free Agency period! Lets Get Busy!!!!

Cook and either Grimes/Houston/Nnamdi and this wood be a monster FA class! Woodson would be icing on the cake!

Forgot to throw DRC in there too. Need one of those corners 4 sure!

I believe Woodson will be one of the guys bought in. He will bring in some veteran presence in that secondary. Plus reported Rams offering Long 7 million year. He way overvalued himself

Cook and DRC. Come on Ireland!

Just like Miami!

We've had a Number two TE in Fasano for years. A VERY GOOD.....No.2.......TE in Fasano. Yet Parcells/Ireland refused to team him up with a legit no. 1.

So now, we let a very good No. 2 get away, just when it looks like we're going to get a No. 1.

Same with the Bush situation! Ireland's **STUCK** on Thomas because of what he squandered in trading up for him(Puuuuuuuke!).

One Fvcking Step forwatd, two steps back.

It never changes!

Offer Long $7.5. Done deal, shore up the O-line!

Delaine Walker signs 4 year deal with Titans.

Bush is not a legit # 1 RB. He is a slot WR playing RB. I would much rather spend a 4th or 5th round pick on Marcus Lattimore (who if not for the injury WOULD be a 1st round pick) and give Thomas a year to prove his worth while Lattimore gets his knee right. If Thomas sucks, then you have Miller and Lattimore for the next 4-6 years, hopefully. I would rather have that then Miller-Bush (who both have similar styles).

Odinseye, huh?? All reports showing Ireland talking to Mendenhall and I'm sure we will take a RB in the Draft. Miller has the same skill sets as Bush and I believe is better. As far as Fasano, agreed, good #2 but that's it. I think we have to give Egnew his chance at # 2 spot. Fasano lost a step, it was a good time to let him move.

If Long is getting offered $7m a year, I think he will return ...

egnew?? cook is the 1, clay 2

walker resigned with niners

Chris Clemons resigns for 1 year. Not the best news...

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