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Gibson is a Dolphin, raises Bess questions

Brandon Gibson will be a Miami Dolphins by the end of the day, a source is telling me. He has agreed to a three-year deal, according to the Herald's Adam Beasley.


Gibson had 51 catches for 691 yards and five touchdowns for the receiver-starved Rams last year. Obviously that team is going in a different direction as Danny Amendola went to New England and Gibson will end up in Miami.

But is Gibson, 26 in August, a fit?

Obviously the Dolphins believe so. He is not a speed receiver as Miami has been chasing. He is 6-foot and 205 pounds so he's not small.

This immediately raises the question how adding Gibson affects Davone Bess. Well, I am trying to get the answer to that.

At best, Bess is going to have some competition. So is Brian Hartline, by the way. But as the Dolphins have already shown this offseason, they are adding but also subtracting talent when the upgrade is made. Hartline is not going to be cut as he just signed a new deal with guaranteed money.

Consider Bess at risk until we hear otherwise.

Bess caught 61 passes for 778 yads in 13 games but finished the season on the injured reserve list.

What would fake GM Salguero do in this situation:

I keep Davone Bess for now. He only costs $2.6 million against the cap. He's well-liked in the locker room. I let him go to camp and compete and if he's one of the best three receivers he plays a lot. And if he's one of the best four, he's a great insurance policy.

And if he isn't any of the above I trade him for a sixth or seventh round pick.

By the way, Gibson no doubt impressed the Dolphis when they played the Rams last year. He caught seven passes for 91 yards and that was his second best game of the season. But perhaps he left a lasting impression based on the 22-yard catch on the video below:



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OHHH Tight End ... We need TO draft one of them TOO

HALLIEGHLUYA!!! this thought woke me from a sound sleep, so if it's worth compelling me to awake and blog, it is definately worth reading... here goes, i just have to say ireland just struck a note with every dolphan, the GIBSON move was nothing short of GENIOUS, as i now realize he is rebuilding a prototype of the dynamic steelers superbowl offense! brilliant... mike wallace and hines ward, is now wallace and gibson...i've been saying for a while now that miami needed that big downfield blocking and catching reciever, and hines ward was the key cog to that offense...well guess what...ireland, give yourself a pat on the back, EXCELLENT decision. beutiful contrast in the recieving core now, it's going to be one heck of a season...all this and new uniforms to boot!--and don't forget, brady lost that welker chemistry.. i smell a divisional championship in florida!

What the Dolphins are doing is nice,but I STILL REMEMBER 1994 ??????

i'm absolutely floored! it's time for dolfans to get together!!! can i have a HELL YEAH! the speed of wallace, the power and hands of gibson, the reliability and speed of hartline, the duo of keller and clay...a powerback with attitude is all that's missing....go get LACEY.yeah baby!!!

i can't believe it...there was an awful lot of thought that went into these offensive additions, ireland, philbin and sherm are brilliant.. think about it, TWO speedsters and TWO big loads, very hard to defend.. if you put hartline and wallace outside and the heavies inside(gibson and keller) it's a recipe for disaster for whoever the defense is, your really drawn to the middle(so as not to get ran over) and that will leave our speedsters wide open, or you play deep to not get burned by speed giving up HUGE chunks in the middle of the field...belicheat couldn't have thought that one up...move over pats... there is a new beast in the east!

wont trade bess for 4th or 5th round pick cause teams wont give that up for him.Specially if teams think he will be cut anyway.Cmon man niners gave u only a 6th for boldin.

Does anyone know what offense we run? West Coast. Know how many receivers it requires? Anyone saying we have three receivers now and Bess should be cut is brain dead. We have four solid receivers now and likely draft another. Running the WCO, we should have 6 WR's on the roster. If Bess gets cut, he is signed by the Patriots tomorrow. The other clowns we have right now should never make it out of camp.

Great moves so far by the Dolphins!!! However, by "buying now and paying later" with the way the new contracts are structured, are we putting ourselves in trouble Mando in 2014?????

Need a red zone target for cheap? Got one. Rodney Smith from FSU is 6'4" with 10.5 inch hands. Fast and athletic WR projected in the late rounds due to an offense that did not utilize him.

Gibson is a hell of a receiver.51 catches for 700 yards last year. Pretty good for a 3rd receiver. Bess has not been the same since his knee injury. Keller is a huge signing. Go to you tube and watch his career highlights.

Don't cut Bess! Remember what happened when we got rid of Welker?

Please keep Bess. He will be a very valuable weapon when allowed to add a 3rd or 4th receiver. He is super reliable and a great addition to the Dolphins as a teammate and in the community. We always need guys like him.

Don't cut Bess!!! He is good (and versatile) on the field, in the locker room, and in the community. And, it will wipe out one of the few very good parts and identity of the "current" team. It will hurt morale and fan support. It's a bad idea all the way around!!!

Anyone want to step foward and form a Player's
Executive Council ? All former members - GONE !
Any want to step foward and shoot-your-mouth-off
on radio ? Karlos - GONE ! Anyone want to act the
Diva on this team ? I didn't think so ! There is a
difference between athletic talent and true power.
And Bad, Bad Leroy Brown is in charge. Make no mistake!
I have such mixed emotions about bringing JL back.
How about $8 million for one year and let's see if he can go all 16 games effectively ? I hope JI and company is able to get a beast to rush the QB, two highly competent CB's, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree. Go Dolphins !!

Bess drops too many passes.

Last season- GB offered the league this receiving corp-Greg Jennings, Randall Cobb, James Jones, Jordy Nelson, and Jermichael Finley. 4 legitimate WRs and a seam threat TE. They also had a 5th WR named Jarrett Boykin who also caught some passes and will assume a bigger role this year. Guess what the 2013 Dolphins have- 4 legitimate receivers and a seam threat TE. After the draft- the Dolphins I predict will add one more speedy receiver (Swopes, Bailey, etc) and will further develop Matthews. Do you see a trend happening here people. This is today's NFL- the Dolphins are transforming before our eyes in the very best way.

Speed of Hartline? LMFAO!!!! Bud....what are u talking about. Only way Hartline gets deep of off of double moves. He can run by any one on a 9 route. Fins still have one speedster on this entire roster an it Wallace. He needs another legit vertical threat to help keep double teams off of him.

Pittsburg with Wallace had more speed than Miami and still has more quick speedy wr without Wallace than Miami does. Don't compare the Fins with Pitts wr group. No comparison...we have no rac type wrs. I am convinced posters don't watch games.


Stra8bella (Twilight reference?-trying to figure out your name).

Pittsburgh, as of this moment, has Antonio Brown, Jerricho Cotchery, Plaxico Burress, and Emmanual Sanders as their WR corp- and they might lose Saders to NE. I actually prefer what the Dolphins now have at WR compared to that.

Sorry- Str8balla. Apparently I cant read A's and E's on my cellphone. Do you not agree about the WR comparison though? Pitt is in worse shape than we are as of this moment.

The West Coast Off doesn't normally feature a "Slot Receiver". Typically it's 3 WRs that are fully interchangeable in their route running ability. Deep - Mid & short routes are a lot harder to defend when you can't match up a defender. Not Only that but you can audible to where WRs switch routes pre snap.
You can't really do that with Devon Bess.
He'll be gone next yr.

The guy makes one good catch and they might dump Bess who makes several? That is freakin nuts, not to mention tht Bess is better then Gibson had better stats and rated higher.

Quite honestly this signing makes no sense.

quiet honeslty that catch is not that amazing at all. the ball thrown was a lob, shoulda been easy to catch with one hand.

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