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Highlights: Dolphins GM, CEO talk to fans

The Dolphins put general manager Jeff Ireland and CEO Mike Dee on the phone with season ticket holders this evening. They talked for 30 minutes and for me the three most interesting things are covered below:

Ireland was asked if he could share his draft plans for the upcoming NFL draft. He gave the name of the player the team is drafting and that player is ...

Yeah, just kidding.  

"I've got a lot of ideas and I have a strong idea of what I'm going after, but I just can't tell you," he said. "Certainly as I've said before, I believe in drafting core positions ..."

That means QBs, WRs, LTs, CBs, and pass-rushers.

"I like drafting when the core position meets a need and it meets the grade," Ireland continued. "And I try not to reach for a need position if I don't have to. We don't draft vertically, we draft horizontally and that's a whole different story to explain that. But we definitely have a plan. We definitely have guys we've targetted. We definitely have a certain number of players we've targetted. But we don't put, there's 255 draft picks that will selected, but we don't put that many players on the board. We grind through this. We eliminate it down to a specific number that we feel like is the number we want to go into and then we even cut that down even further to guys we're targetting.

"So we certainly have a plan."

Ireland said the Dolphins start draft meetings Tuesday and will go 21 consecutive days in those meetings leading up to the draft that begins April 25.

"There's a lot of work being done these next 21 days," he said. "Stand by and see what we do."

Ireland was also asked about the perpetual Dolphins problem -- the offensive line. He was asked his thoughts on it, including today's addition of free agent guard Lance Louis:

"Where I'm at with the offensive line right now is we don't play until August," Ireland said. "We don't go to camp until the middle of July so it's going to look differently in July and August than it does right now. So we're still tinkering in free agency with a couple of offensive line positions. Tinkering means we may or may not [do something] for the media that is listening. And certainly we have the draft. We have five picks in the top 82."

If the Dolphins want to sign more free agent OLinemen such as Eric Winston, they can use their $15.7 million worth of space (as of March 26) which profootballtalk.com reported this afternoon they have remaining. (The team will pick up an extra $7 million of space after June 1).

"And a third idea you can trade for one ... So it's something I'm still looking at. You don't lose a player like Jake Long to free agency and not feel that so we're going to address the offensive line as a whole as we go forward and we just have to stand by and see what we do."

Dee was asked about my Tuesday story that mentioned the Dolphins are willing to sign a relocation waiver for 30 years with Miami-Dade County as part of the complex package for getting public funds to upgrade Sun Life.

The question was whether the Dolphins might consider leaving South Florida if the deal with Miami-Dade County and the Florida legislature and, yes, voters fails to finance the upgrades as the Dolphins hope.

"Steve Ross has made it clear he will never think of relocating the Dolphins on his watch," Dee said. "And win, lose or draw on this stadium effort, Steve spent a lot of his formative years in the Miami area. He loves it here, that's why he bought this team. We're not going anywhere while Steve's the owner."

Yes. And ...

"Now Steve's 73 years old and he thinks and Jeff knows this, he thinks he's going to live to be 110. But at some point in the next 30 years he'll probably not be the majority owner of the team. So we believe the right time to address the stadium issue is now while the owner is willing to significantly invest in private funds to make it happen. He's a guy that wants to lock in the franchise here for the next 30 years so that any successor that buys the team from him or at some point takes over would be unable to relocate the team. The alternative to that is if we're not able to move forward on the stadium front, Steve is at some point not the owner, you're going to be looking at the possibility of a whole new stadium for three times the cost of what we can modernize this facility for and have a facility that would serve the community for 50 years. That's unheard of.

"This isn't a situation where we're saying if this doesn't happen we're out of here. We're going to be here but we'll be hard-pressed to figure out what we do best as a long-term solution."


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go finssssssss


I tend to agree with you about Austin. I think that he is the best offensive player in this draft. He is a confident, dynamic, electrifying player. You look at some of his highlights and you know that he is special. If we can get this guy and line him up next to Wallace, look out NFL. You talk about speed the fins are going to be dangerous and may challenge Tom Brady and the Pats. The league is about having play makers and he is the best coming out of the draft this year. Take Austin, Ertz, and Melinik Watson with the first 3 picks. Get a corner and a DE with the next two. Let's just take a chance with our secondary this year and play the guys we have but let's make the offense dynamic.

yikes, that secondary would be so bad, it wouldnt matter how many points we score

Back to the rb coversation. If it were me I would lean more toward Jonathan Franklin at if he's there in the 4th.

I like Kenjon Barner in the 5th. Over 1700 yds last year and played in a fast paced zone schemed offense.

I like Lattimore but risky risky risky.

i get myself 2 corners and te with first 3 picks. sadly enough lt is a huge hole now also

Ireland talked about drafting a QB and putting him in the hopper. Now, I can understand the possibility of trading Moore during the season, but would Ireland pull the trigger in RD 2 if Barkley is there??????

Intersting that Ireland said several times "just watch what we do" as if he expects it to be something the fans are gonna like.

Albert could also still be in play.

....hmmm..so Ross has already told not only Dee but also Ireland that he will live to be 110 yrs old....

......gimme some of what he's tokin, please, somebody.....

I hope not bobby.

barkley wont be there, qbs will fly off board in round one. smith to oakland, barkley to zona or browns. then fill in the others

Dolfan Rick, goes back to Darlington calling the Fins plans "intriguing" Don't think we take Albert though unless its cheaper then what KC wants. Plus guy will want big money, at least 8 million per year. I still say there is a trade up coming.

Barkley's pro day was good. Writers are saying he'll go before Geno. Works for us.


I would not spend a pick on a corner in the first round as none are worthy of being selected that high (except for milliner). I would not think of a corner until the second round. I would rather build a dynamic offense this year and tweak the secondary next year. Ireland likes Patterson and Marshall did not even play last year. I would rather role with Wallace, Austin, Hartline, Gibson, and Bess at WR and then at TE Kellar and Ertz/Escobar. The Pats have been going deep into the Playoffs without a defense. It is a new NFL.

dark no chance he does, oak is dead set on taking smith at 32

orlando we have no clue if a corner is or isnt but its our biggest need, same as any player we take we dont know anything for sure

If they were smart they would configure the stadium so that the visitors bench was always in the sun, while our bench was always covered by the canopy shade. It would help give us a little more home field advantage.

orlando, we dont have t brady


How do you KNOW what kinds of players Philbin likes on the oline? I've heard it all before, WCO, guards that can pull, blah blah blah. But, where has Philbin ever told us what he likes? Jerry is a beast. I thought he took a step forward last year.

One thing we know Philbin did say early on - the plan isn't to install the GB offense, you take things from it, and as well you work to the talents you do have.

Jerry is at the point where he might be getting it...he did reasonably well at LT too. I am making no predictions, just that I wouldn't be so quick to write him off because some 7th round player in recovery was just signed.

I can't wait until the draft. It looks like Ireland is going to go BPA philosophy which means he will not take a CB. I love Austin but I cannot see Ireland going in that direction. My guess is that he takes one of the guards (Warmack or Cooper) or one of the pass rushers. Perhaps Minnesota wants to get in front of Carolina to get Austin. I would love to trade down to 23rd to pick up another 2nd rounder.

looks like, hilarious anything ireland says right now is all about making others think


That former 7th rounder will not take Jerry's job. I am going by what the so called experts are saying Phibin wants. I also beleive that Philbin has mentioned in the past that he wants OL to pull but I may be wrong.

I am just not sold on Jerry. He is adequate but not dominant. IMO they can use an upgrade at that position and most mock drafts are saying that we need a better player at RG. I am not saying that they can't get by with Jerry for this year but I would not be surprised if they replace Jerry either. We'll see.

From Jason LaCanfora,
@JasonLaCanfora: Dolphins still not done in free agency - very much in on CB Brent Grimes, who played on franchise tag in '12. could land there soon

yessssssssssssss get grimes




It seems to me Jerry has always performed on the field. He just hasn't practiced the way they would like him to and he cetainly hasn't maintained his weight.

I would be awesome if he showed up to camp in shape and ready to roll. If he were to become a workout warrior beastly may could a word used to describe him.

http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/oakland-raiders-tackle-jared-veldheer-muscles-top-muscles-151345408--nfl.html theres a workout beast

Good screen name there Brock. We could use him next to Jones.

I think the Mathieu thing is just becoming popular to say though. Doubtful it happens. At least with the Dolphins.

mathieu shouldnt even be drafted

I can't imagine Philbin bringing in the honey badger. Philbin is not going to bring in a head case to the team.

He is talented but a team like the fins will not bring in a guy with a checkered pass. Not on Philbin's watch.

Be glad we aren't looking for a QB this year. Barkley's pro day was nothing special, not much to choose from in the draft or FA.

were always looking for a qb, wouldnt be shocked to see one drafted in later rds

No way they draft any qb in any round. With Moore and Devlin on the roster it would serve no purpose this year, we have much higher needs.

moore trade bait. devlin sucks, nothing more than a 3rd stringer. wouldnt shock me to see a qb say 5th rd

Osi signs with Falcons according to PFT. I can't keep up anymore. I thought he'd already signed.

For all the doubters of Tavon Austin, take a look a this video of the triple threat Tavon Austin:


You can line him up wide, in the slot, and in the backfield.Just dyanamite!

Everytime I have doubts about who to draft. I take a look at Tavon Austin highlights.

Oh, after hearing Ireland talk tonite, I definitely think he drafts a QB for "the hopper" as he put it. Moore is major trade bait for some team during the season, at least if Tanny don't get hurt

Moore is not trade bait, they just signed him. What would be the purpose of trading more and then having only Devlin and a late rd rookie as your back up? It makes no sense. Moore is better than any FA qb out there plus he knows our system.

Fins Signed A OG.

Check Another One Off The List.

Fins Are Down To 2 Needs. OT and CB.

And The Fins Have 5 Picks In The Top 82.

I Like The Math.

They would be utterly stupid to go into the season with Devlin and a late rd rookie as back ups. Really dumb.

careless about austin, we are 4 deep at wr pos. o deep at corner, no left tackle.

bodine nobody said that

Just my opinion but I don't think Moore is trade bait. He's a solid NFL back-up qb and we don't have anyone else on the roster who's started a single NFL game.

I think they signed him to keep him. If they were offered something decent for him I think they would listen but I don't think that was there intention.

Trade bait? That would be Davone Bess. They will pick up a WR in the second or third.

oh i agree rick, wasnt there intention at all. just saying if they see a qb who they think can play and draft him things can change as u have seen recently with other teams

moore trade bait. devlin sucks, nothing more than a 3rd stringer. wouldnt shock me to see a qb say 5th rd

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 27, 2013 at 09:26 PM

oh i agree rick, wasnt there intention at all. just saying if they see a qb who they think can play and draft him things can change as u have seen recently with other teams

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 27, 2013 at 09:40 PM

Now you are contradicting yourself.

They are not going to trade Moore. Moore is the perfect back up for Tannehill. You need a veteran back up behind T-Hill and Moore may be the best back up in the league. Why would you trade him after just signing him?

Moore's rating was quite respectable during last stretch as a starter. In the top 15. You can have any opinion you want but calling him a 3rd stringer is denying reality.

Need depth at OL. That's a position of need.

I see I misread the previous post. It was about Devlin. He is still a mystery to me, so I have no comment.

Not only that, there is no option in FA better than Moore considering what he has done and his amount of experience on the team.


I do agree with dusty though. Couln't hurt to take a QB late depending on how the board falls.

Moore probably has the most secure 2nd string QB job in the NFL.

OL CB, major needs.

People will still take Barkley in the first, lots of teams need new QB's. his pro day was pretty good for a guy that hasn't had to perform since November and coming off injury. Once the craziness starts who knows where he will go. Probably not Arizona, they've already been down the USC QB flop route.....Leinhart.

I think if Tannehill falters out the gate Moore is our QB for the rest of the year. This team has to make the playoffs, Ireland is covering all his bases. I know that's not how it should be but I feel that might be how it is.

Dashi's Mock Draft


If a team loses their QB mid season and need an experienced guy and offer the Dolphins a 3rd for him, he's gone. That's exactly why you sign this guy, one for a backup and 2. So he doesn't just leave and you get nothing.

Rick, it would be a total waste to take a QB with a late pick. Moore was just signed for two years. Why use a pick for a late rounder with a tiny chance to succeed who has no chance of even being second string anytime soon. Makes no sense when we have so many other needs. The odds on any QB taken after the 3rd round becoming solid starters is about 1 in 9000, so few have done it. The chance of any late rounder is already very small, but even smaller at the QB position.

Unless you are planning on getting rid of Devlin, I don't see us taking a QB in the draft. Why waste a pick. The late round rookie would have to beat out a young guy that has been on the team for 2 years learning the system. Let's face it we do not know how good Devlin is because no one has seen him play.

The only way they get a young guy is in the 7th round or a rookie FA to put on the practice squad.

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