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Highlights: Dolphins GM, CEO talk to fans

The Dolphins put general manager Jeff Ireland and CEO Mike Dee on the phone with season ticket holders this evening. They talked for 30 minutes and for me the three most interesting things are covered below:

Ireland was asked if he could share his draft plans for the upcoming NFL draft. He gave the name of the player the team is drafting and that player is ...

Yeah, just kidding.  

"I've got a lot of ideas and I have a strong idea of what I'm going after, but I just can't tell you," he said. "Certainly as I've said before, I believe in drafting core positions ..."

That means QBs, WRs, LTs, CBs, and pass-rushers.

"I like drafting when the core position meets a need and it meets the grade," Ireland continued. "And I try not to reach for a need position if I don't have to. We don't draft vertically, we draft horizontally and that's a whole different story to explain that. But we definitely have a plan. We definitely have guys we've targetted. We definitely have a certain number of players we've targetted. But we don't put, there's 255 draft picks that will selected, but we don't put that many players on the board. We grind through this. We eliminate it down to a specific number that we feel like is the number we want to go into and then we even cut that down even further to guys we're targetting.

"So we certainly have a plan."

Ireland said the Dolphins start draft meetings Tuesday and will go 21 consecutive days in those meetings leading up to the draft that begins April 25.

"There's a lot of work being done these next 21 days," he said. "Stand by and see what we do."

Ireland was also asked about the perpetual Dolphins problem -- the offensive line. He was asked his thoughts on it, including today's addition of free agent guard Lance Louis:

"Where I'm at with the offensive line right now is we don't play until August," Ireland said. "We don't go to camp until the middle of July so it's going to look differently in July and August than it does right now. So we're still tinkering in free agency with a couple of offensive line positions. Tinkering means we may or may not [do something] for the media that is listening. And certainly we have the draft. We have five picks in the top 82."

If the Dolphins want to sign more free agent OLinemen such as Eric Winston, they can use their $15.7 million worth of space (as of March 26) which profootballtalk.com reported this afternoon they have remaining. (The team will pick up an extra $7 million of space after June 1).

"And a third idea you can trade for one ... So it's something I'm still looking at. You don't lose a player like Jake Long to free agency and not feel that so we're going to address the offensive line as a whole as we go forward and we just have to stand by and see what we do."

Dee was asked about my Tuesday story that mentioned the Dolphins are willing to sign a relocation waiver for 30 years with Miami-Dade County as part of the complex package for getting public funds to upgrade Sun Life.

The question was whether the Dolphins might consider leaving South Florida if the deal with Miami-Dade County and the Florida legislature and, yes, voters fails to finance the upgrades as the Dolphins hope.

"Steve Ross has made it clear he will never think of relocating the Dolphins on his watch," Dee said. "And win, lose or draw on this stadium effort, Steve spent a lot of his formative years in the Miami area. He loves it here, that's why he bought this team. We're not going anywhere while Steve's the owner."

Yes. And ...

"Now Steve's 73 years old and he thinks and Jeff knows this, he thinks he's going to live to be 110. But at some point in the next 30 years he'll probably not be the majority owner of the team. So we believe the right time to address the stadium issue is now while the owner is willing to significantly invest in private funds to make it happen. He's a guy that wants to lock in the franchise here for the next 30 years so that any successor that buys the team from him or at some point takes over would be unable to relocate the team. The alternative to that is if we're not able to move forward on the stadium front, Steve is at some point not the owner, you're going to be looking at the possibility of a whole new stadium for three times the cost of what we can modernize this facility for and have a facility that would serve the community for 50 years. That's unheard of.

"This isn't a situation where we're saying if this doesn't happen we're out of here. We're going to be here but we'll be hard-pressed to figure out what we do best as a long-term solution."


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I don't think Tanny falters at all....

...more talented targets this season....if O-line can gel....should have more time than just a 3 step drop...

.....teams can't play 7 or 8 in the box anymore, with Wallace blowing the top off the Defense....fewer blitz opportunities for their DB's...more room for the run game....

...I see Tanny throwing twice as many TD's as last season....

Meanwhile the Heat streak is in serious jeopary. We are down by 6 to the bulls in the 4th quarter. The Bulls are playing hard and they are usually not the type of team to panic. The Heat are missing a lot of easy shots.

Huge shot by Dang. Heat are missing easy shots. The lead is up to 7 now.

This Draft may lack Superstars but it has great depth specially at WR, DE and S.

Thanks alot Orlando I was gonna go to bed lol. Now i gotta watch.

I saw Devlin play. In preseason and against 3rd stringers, given, but I was astounded how he managed to move the Team on EVERY series he played. I don't know how he does it, but move the Team, he can. You'll see.

No way I'm going to be drawn into watching the Heat.

I think Miami should seriously consider taking Cordarelle Patterson with the #12 pick, if he's still on the board. Hartline/Gibson can man the slot and trade Bess for another pick in the draft.

Heat streak is over! Time to concentrate on the playoffs!

ok back to football....

OSCAR...if we by some chance sign Albert to play LT...do you think we still draft an OL early?

Anybody knows what Ireland meant by, he drafts horizontally?

....from what we are reading...there is enough cap space to sign both Albert and grimes...

...that would be a LT and a CB....filling the loss of those positions via the departure of Long and Smith....

Yah Oscar...he lays down while he does it.....lolololol

I eagerly await the end of the Ross era and the return to tradition -- both in uniforms and victories. It's going to be a long wait.

This group is completely tone deaf.


We need several of those OLmen, Buster. We are very thin at every position there. btw, I was more surprised how high Ireland was on Long. My take, they are going to revamp the whole OL with the possible exception of Pouncey.

Vertically(Drafting By Need, drafting The #2 Or #3 Higher Than They Should Go)

DE #1.

Horizontally(Draft BPA, Highest Rated Player No Matter Position, Better Chance At Taking A #1 Overall At Their Position)

DE#1 LB #1 CB#1 S#1

Fire Spo'

Oscar...I think the Long episode was a matter of...you're damaged goods, not worth that much....from Long...Oh es i am...you'll see..

so long goes to St Louis...no contract right away...comes home.....by now Ireland and Ross are reinforced in their view, knowing St louis didn't fall all over him....

..and I think feelings on both sides were damaeg irrevocably

* damaged

man...you think after two attempts i could spell damaged corretly..lolol

.....hell...now I can't spell" correctly " correctly..


Ahh, thanks. But that is easy to do if you don't have any need, but we do have it at this moment. Then I would go, OL#1, DB#1, DE#1, WR#1. How's that.

Oscar...what do u mean by #1 after each..?

you mean their #1 ranked at those positions...oh ok...well that is kind of doing their board horizontally with need in mind.... but in the overall scheme it would be considered a vertical pick

Learning a lot here now without the trolling. Thank you.

...I don't quite understand his explanation of cutting down to a smaller set.....so if he's down to say 100 players....and we would presume they are somewhere in the top 150 or so by general consensus...

...what does he do when those 100 are all gone, as conceivably they would be..?????

....so he has guys they are targetting.....but if the criteria is faulty, then the targets are as well....

....this may explain why Ireland's track record over four years is less than stellar....

..dunno..would have to be able to see his notes, so to speak, and that's not gonna happen

....and just as an aside....I have never read any other GM explain how he sets up his board, except Parcells.....

......and doesn't that answer lots of questions

Moore is certainly trade bait. I don't see him moving until after this season but in the event that somone does come calling we need options.

A late round pick should battle with Devlin for the 3rd spot and in the case that they feel good about both then Moore is a bit more expendable. Too many QBs is a good problem and a late round pick is how you keep the talent honest at the position.

Not sure if Devlin would be practice squad eligible but the late round guy would be.

I don't view this as an option. I see it as a necessity and frankly I'd pull the trigger as early as the 3rd round if they're that sold on the guy.

Options my friends, it's all about having options on hand in order to maximize value through competitive motivation and adding assets for the future.

If Matt Barkley is there at #12 you almost have to take him.


...well Gregg...if Ireland is "targetting" players...I doubt that a QB early is on his radar...

...could be dead wrong....but i don't think Fins draft a QB 1st round unless all their other "targets" are well out of the highest tier...and that doesn't compute..or at least shouldn't....

The one thing we can all count on is Ireland to make the wrong decisions.

LOL @ Scotty...well if history is any indicator, he drafts a Lineman...either O-line or DT or DE...

...then he trades up to a higher pick for a CB....

yo yo...I have to split.....laters

Only a retarded moron would waste the #12 pick on Barkley.
If u do that, he better start. Then u wasted Tannehill.

Trufant at 12?

Come on Mando, way to many good corners to reach that far.

In short: GTFOH!

No disrespect of course.


if it looks like a poo, and smells like a poo, and plops like a poo, well then, its an odin.

I wish Ross would sell the team to someone that really wanted to WIN.


Grimes coming to Fins won't go away as the press rumor.

At least we don't have to worry about Sean Smith being the most targeted corner in the league anymore.

We better have a strong pass rush, because as it stands, we have no one to cover Roddy White or Julio Jonses.

I want to beat the Saints and Falcons!

Grimes is 30 years old and still not recovered from an achilles injury. Just how good do you expect him to be?

Draft a youngster.

I don't think he's the answer personally, but the rumor won't go away. Maybe some truth to it.

We can trade 1st round picks will Cleveland to draft Milliner.

Florida is Hoops Heaven.

Ive said this ever since they signed Matt Moore, they set him up to make alot more money if he is traded.. His contract makes alot more money if he is a starter.. a qb will go down or qb play will be horrible and there will sit Matt Moore a proven short term solution.. I agree he is trade bait maybe not before the draft but certainly at some point during the year..

I'm apparently one in the minority that think WRs should be the focus in round 1-2 of the draft. Think Hartline, Bess, Gibson, Matthews and Binns can be the horses that pull the team through several competitive rounds of the playoffs? Puleease... they'll be dead weight against better competition. The team must get the necessary WRs this year.

That's why I'm in for Tavon Austin @12 and Quinton Patton @42. But Minnesota may be coveting a replacement for Percy Harvin and a trade down for the Vikings #23 or #25 plus their late 2nd rounder should happen. This could then net big guys Keenan Allen, Patton or Justin Hunter with a couple of CBs sandwiched in. There is no better formula for cap health and team success than to develop home grown skill position players.

Think Austin's too small for an NFL career? Compare him with Wes Welker:
Wes Welker 5'9" 185 - 40 yd: 4.65 - 20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.01 - Vertical: 30"
Tavon Austin 5'8" 174 - 40 yd: 4.34 - 20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.01 - Vertical: 32"

Austin is lightning in a bottle. Fast off the line, unbelievable acceleration off his breaks and the straight line speed to leave anyone behind. He plays smart, also, always giving his QB a target and avoiding the big hits. He is a huge playmaker, a great route runner and threat for chunk yardage or TD on every play. What NFL defense could deal with Wallace and Austin for 60 minutes?

I think Austin is the only true impact skill position candidate in the draft.

Patterson's upside looks better because of his size but he's raw and only had 1 year in division 1.

People are going to question Austin's size though, thus the reason he won't go top 5. Can he handle the pounding from the big corners on the outside?? If not do you take a slot reciever top 15??

I think the Dolphins will or least draft a wr or 2 in the 2nd or 3rd rd. I don't see them taking one in the first unless they want to continue their "splashy" ways and they also shore up OT and CB prior to the draft.

The Dolphins will either take Austin at 12 or have a plan to keep trading down to accumulate more picks for next year new uni's I heard are goingtoo look Hott !!


I like the "intriguing" draft pick Darlington mentioned and maybe that includes Tavon. The only one that knows is Mr. Ireland and he's playing a game of poker this year and is tough to figure out.

But it'll be funny that No matter what happens there will be a decent amount of Phin fans that should take a 2 hour time out. And of course the Fireland guys will be here to ridicule the team.

comp picks were already announced , no 2nd or 3rds for fins

You also have to have someone wanting to trade up. It doesn't look like the best year for that. Not a whole lot of qb's.

Had a great discussion yesterday with a co-worker at the gym. He's a diehard Falcons fan. I asked him about Brent Grimes. He said the guy definitely had skills, was a good player. But his game centered around his physical gifts. He was fast, and had great leaping ability. He was warning that being on the wrong side of 30, and having this achilles injury, will really affect his abilities. He's saying at the very least, teams need to wait until June (when he starts running) to see how he's progressing.

So, if Ireland is playing the wait-and-see approach with Grimes, then I think that's a wise decision. My boy didn't really say Grimes was a smart football player who knew defenses and where everyone would be, he basically made him out to be a Vontae Davis, just without being a knucklehead. So if he's hampered by age and injury, then he might not be the right fit for the team.

ive seen grimes many times, guy beats the hell out of wrs right off the line. very smart guy, will battle u till the end. sign him now

Btw. Kudos to the Miami Heat. 27 in a row ain't too shabby!

go canesssssssssss huge game tonight

dusty, looks like the team disagrees with you. By the way, isn't Louis' injury an Achilles too? Lineman don't have to run too much, that's why he was signed. But you don't hurry up and sign a guy over 30 who's coming back from an achilles injury. CB is a position where you need youth and vigor. Ireland's doing the right thing.

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