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Interest in Eric Winston makes sense for Dolphins

When Eric Winston was released by the Houston Texans last year he visited the Dolphins and that made sense because the club was looking for a good right tackle to replace Turnstile Colombo. Ultimately Winston didn't sign with the Dolphins because, in my opinion, his price was too high for the team and the Chiefs paid him closer to what he was looking for.

But that flirtation is important because he we are, one year later, and once again Eric Winston is looking for a team and once again the Dolphins are seemingly in the market for a starting right tackle.

Remember that I presented several scenarios by which the Dolphins could address their right tackle need in the coming days and weeks in a previous post. I say right tackle, because if one assumes Jonathan Martin moves to left tackle then that creates a need at RT.

Well, we can now add Winston as a possible solution.

And all this is good for Miami.

Understand that Winston was cut by the Chiefs because of money and that team's grand opportunity to upgrade the offensive line while paying less for the opportunity. The Chiefs signed Branden Albert to their franchise tag this year and can draft an outstanding tackle prospect with their first overall pick. So cutting Winston saved $3.5 million in cap space and over $5.5 million in actual cash for the franchise that can turn around and use its first pick on a very, very good, younger, cheaper player.

But it's not as if Winston, 29, played poorly last year. He yielded three sacks the entire season and was rated the No. 9 right tackle in the NFL by profootballfocus.com. The site also cited him as an undervalued player on the Chiefs -- in other words, he played better than his cap number.

That makes him a top 10 NFL right tackle.

Considering that there is a glut of right tackles about to hit the market -- including New England's Sebastian Vollmer and Minnesota's Phil Loadholt -- I'm not certain Winston is going to break the bank. Yes, he will have suitors. There is a report that the Eagles have interest in him.

But break the bank?

Don't see it.

Add to that the fact the Dolphins are in a much better salary cap situation now than last year, and it can be assumed they can get closer to signing Winston this year than last year if they wish.

I see that as the two sides being able to move closer to each other if they like. Financially, the addition of the former University of Miami standout to the Dolphins roster can make sense. It obviously makes sense from a mutual need standpoint.

The remaining question is if it makes sense from a scheme standpoint.

I think it does. Remember the Dolphins use primarily a zone blocking scheme up front. That's exactly the type of approach the Houston Texans use and used while Winston was there and the first six years of his career.

It makes sense for the Dolphins to at least show interest in Winston -- again.


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...suposed to say "...isn't a fairytale..."

MArk, sorry...forgot to say I;m in agreement with finding a solid CB vet too. Just not sure who's out there that's worth it.
Anybody think that Asomugha can return to previous form? Everyone says he was fools gold now, but man they sure thought he was all that a year or two ago.
No idea, myself. just thinking aloud.

Craig I'm hoping we fill some immediate needs in free agency like secondary, wide receiver and maybe TE as there are some good ones available. Oline can be supplemented if reasonable. Basically the positions where we a desperate for help or lost a starter and have no backup to plug in his place. We will have some contract concerns next season so hanging onto some rollover money might be smart.

It's going to be interesting that's for sure. What I'm hoping for the future is that we have solid vets with young players ready to step in if they falter.

If you don't have faith in our Miami Dolphins and that includes Jeff Ireland then go be a Jets fan! Sick of seeing these post of so called Dolphins fans who don't have any faith!

JJ says no!! To Wallace!!

Yes!!! To Winston!!!

Yes!!! To Houston!!!

Maybe!!! At a reasonable price!!! To Jennings and Hartline!!!

Goodbye!!! Jake Long!!!

Draft!!! CB!!! WR!!! TE!!! OL!!!


bring him in cheap, don't overpay, he dissed us last year,

Winston was a loathed individual in KC after he admonished the fan base for "cheering" after Matt Cassel was knocked out of a game. Winston, incidentally, was in charge of blocking (or not blocking) the guy that took Cassel out, and he came across as deflecting blame for his mistake onto the fan base. So regardless of the numbers, the perception in KC is that he's a overpaid, fan hating, malcontent who can't pass block.

Whats up with Hartline, is he going to sign or not?


Again, I'm confident that Joe Philbin only will do what he knows his best for Miami! Watch!

If Winston was so good, why didn't KC franchise him. Seems to be what stupid teams do.

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