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Ireland, Dolphins deserve praise for cap situation

Some of you guys are going to hate this post.

As the new league year and free agency nears -- it begins on March 12 at 4 p.m. -- teams must be prepared to be under the salary cap that is estimated to be around $121-$123 million, depending on what source you believe. The NFL will divulge the actual cap ceiling number in the coming days.

[Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports the number will be $123.9 million.]

[Update: The actual figure is $123 million. Mort's math isn't great, apparently, but what's $900k among friends?]

And with that number and March 12 looming, multiple teams have been scrambling either cutting players or restructuring contracts to get under the cap.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions, and New Orleans Saints all either cut players or restructured contracts to help create cap room for themselves in the coming weeks.

Other teams, such as the New York Giants, might be ble to do little by way of re-signing their own players because they expect to be knocking their helmets on the cap's ceiling.

Meanwhile, all is well with the Miami Dolphins. All is quiet. Nothing to see here.


Well, because Jeff Ireland has done an excellent job saving his (or owner Stephen Ross's) pennies the past couple of years and the savings have added up to a boon in cap space this year.

Obviously, the idea that Miami will have major cap space this offseason is not new. I've been telling you about it for months.

But the idea that it truly is not happenstance -- that is took work, foresight and planning by Ireland and executive VP for football administration Dawn Aponte and their staff -- seems to have gone unappreciated. That isn't fair.

Look, when the Dolphins spent wildly after the 2008 and 2009 seasons and at one point had the most expensive offensive line in football and got minimal return on that investment, I pointed it out. Often.

Well, fairness dictates that Miami amassing approximately $48 million in cap space for this offseason -- the third highest total behind Cincinnati and Cleveland -- get equal attention.

It creates a grand opportunity to remake a mediocre team into a winner. And that opportunity didn't just mosey into the picture. It was every bit as planned as a group Harlem Shake.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, the reason the Dolphins have so much cap space is because they're just a mediocre team that didn't make the playoffs for the fourth year in a row. If you're not in the playoffs, you should have cap space the next offseason.)


Let us refer back to the list of teams above that had to do invasive surgery on their contract structure to get out from under their salary cap ailments. The Bills didn't make the playoffs. Neither did the Jets. Neither did Dallas, Oakland, Philadelphia, Detroit or New Orleans.

Indeed, several had records comparable to Miami. So their rosters last year led them to basically the same results as what the Dolphins got on the field, but then took them to a much rockier path this offseason.

That's not getting optimal bang for the buck. Or quid. Or peso. Or yen. Or euro, which I predict will collapse within five years.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, having no cap space is not a big deal. All those teams did restructures and they are fine now.)

Wrong again, gallery of nuts.

Restructuring a contract typically treats the symptom but doesn't cure the disease. It alleviates the pain short-term but because the cap burden is piled upon future years that are already burdened, it often creates a dire situation in the future. Some teams that continually delay the inevitable reach a point of saturation that leads to a cap dump.

The Dolphins of the mid 1990s had to do this when Don Shula added lots of players in 1994 and 1995 for what was billed as a final run at a Super Bowl. The franchise found itself in cap heck in 1996 and '97.

The San Francisco 49'ers did the same thing later in the decade and when the bill came due it led the franchise down the losing road from which it only recently detoured.

The point is there is no way to cheat the salary cap. It must be managed wisely to keep a team in position to enjoy its benefits.

Jeff Ireland and his team have done that for 2013. I recognize many of you don't like the idea of giving Ireland credit for much of anything. Those folks understand why I started saying you might not like reading this post.  


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I think we go corner with our first pick, then defensive end then wide out

Ireland could win a SB and it still wouldnt make up for his pathetic past moves.

1-des truphant
2-Alex okafer
2-Robert woods

How's that boys

Shall I continue

3-meleke Watson ot
3-Ryan swoope. Wr
4-yup it's time honey badger
5-Christine micheals/stafon Taylor RB
7 Caleb sturgis k
7 Kyle long og

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

Brandon Marshall is a pro bowl wide reciever every year. Enough said.

I just can't get my head wrapped around the draft until i see what we do in free agency.

Narshall for Egnew??

Zonk do you even watch the games tannehill will be a star man

And Brandon Marshall is a head case a total cancer

Mike Wallace , Tracy porter, Starks Clemmons Dustin Keller and resign fasano

Marc do you watch the games? Tannehill stinks worse then Henne.

I disagree he's got it thats right it

Well thats what you want Marc but what will actually happen. That will dictate the draft to some degree.

I think WR and CB will be draft priorities either way. Free agency could effect what we do with OL,DE and TE.

Hell, even I can't sign up into Facebook with my real name. Your account has been disabled. I don't like to talk sh-t, I was never there.

He's like a bigger version of bob griese

Well I guess we will see pretty soon like 11 days


What did griese do before we got warfield. Did he suck too

I think we will double up at wr and cb one vet. And one rook.

Please tell me your not comparing Tanny to Griese. Please tell me you arent that dumb. I do know you were a huge Henne fan until the day he got dropped. You still wear your Henne jersey, I know. You have no clue about QB's, Marc.

I get the tagging Starks thing but we have DTs galore. Try to sign him or let him walk. Long however even though he's regressed is a position of need and him leaving can be alot more painful on top of him leaving and getting nothing in return. Tag Long and try to deal him. Someone will want a former Pro Bowl LT that young. They may think his injury bug is just bad luck and not being injury prone. If no one bites we have one last year to see if he can come back. I liked what I saw in Martin this year and if he's our new LT starter things could be worse. What I don't like is losing a highly sought after position player for nothing, that player being Long.

Haha your funny bro ,but I do think tannehill is a thinking mans quarterback and he does remind me of griese

I'm pretty sure we will have to part with some of our good FAs like most Teams are doing.

I am not the only person that likes ryan ,he is way way better than henne you can't compare the two

Tannehill = Anoher Irescum bust

I wipe my dogs butt with my henne jersey


Troll alert troll alert they are amongst us

Tannehill was ranked lower then Henne ever was. He led the league in 3 n outs. He's terrible.

Homer Alert Homer Alert

Marc, you can use the Tannehill jersey on your dogs butt also.

Ahaa you are a Henne backer , Tanny was player with zero talent around him the kid will do fine

Ok ok already I give up but I still think he's our franchise qb

Zonk I can use a lot of my jerseys on my dogs butt

Zonk how long have you been a dolphin

Better a Homer then h0mo Jets troll


Could it be that you are related to Chad Henne?

The other possibility is you are a Jag fan and are mad that we let him go and your team was stupid enough to sign.


We need 2 starters at DT. We have Solia and 7rd pick Keeston Rhandle under contract. Starks and Mcdaniel are fa's.

I hope we get Starks and Long back but Long's tag $$ is ridiculus from what I understand.


Please take a bus to Tampa find that sink hole and jump in,,,,,,,,,,please

Flacco got 120 mil 6 years

These little troll sh-ts around here sound more and more ridiculous everyday. Even their jokes are corny as hell.

I really feel we are all getting our hopes up for nothing. This is going to be a two year rebuild through the draft. They may try for Wallace, but I truely beleive that big time players dont want to play for Ireland and his front office. Money only talks so much, these guys want an opportunity for a super bowl.

Wallace will probably end up in New England or Minnesota.
Bowe will get tagged so Alex Smith has a receiver
Welker will resign with the pats
Boldin is saying he will resign or retire.
Oh and 14 million for Jennings I vote not.

Looks like the same old crappy bad timming to me. We all say we want to build through the draft so guess we are going to have to give it a shot.

All you dreamers better start looking at the bargin basement stop gap guys. That is who we are going to sign. And probably Felix Jones since he is from Dallas.

I really think we could make the playoffs next year with the proper draft. But we are going to have to find some CB's and FS's.

This is going to play out way different than most want and we are going to have to grin and like it for two years. This is going to be fixed through the draft.

Go Dolphins!

Puritanical jokes.

John Abraham anyone ?

Anyone responding to zonk is dumber than a deekhead. Can't you see he just makes these posts to get you boneheads going? Day after day you dufus deeks take the bait.

Flacco got 120 mil 6 years

Posted by: Marc from nj | March 01, 2013 at 07:08 PM

Well, the devil's in the details, but he earned it...

Hopefully in 3-4 years we are here posting about Tannehill's well earned, big money new contract.

120 mil to throw a ball. Yet the greatest scientists and engineers that help humanity the most don't even get 1% of that.

What good is saving up for a new car IF you go out an buy a broken down lawnmower with it?

I don't care how much money Ireland saved his daddy. What good is it if no one wants to come here OR we sign castoffs?

Is it possible he is just saving his daddy money? Money for his daddy and not for signing players?

The name fools you zonk give me a break with that

Marc you are dumber than a baby's dinker.

The only free agent I really want is mike Wallace all we can do is hope Ireland doesn't ask him about his mother or her job

120 mil to throw a ball. Yet the greatest scientists and engineers that help humanity the most don't even get 1% of that.

Posted by: Society Warped | March 01, 2013 at 07:38 PM

You are right...

Nowhere near the same paycheck, but they sure do love their jobs.

I met Marc from nj when he came down for mobfest. He is a nice guy and a little bit of fun but as football clueless as they come. And a blind homer from head to toe, a follower.


"Frankly, I left Monday's talk not knowing if the Dolphins -- a team with approximately $46.8 million in salary cap space this offseason -- are expecting to be a big player in free agency or not.

In one breath, Ross said he'll pay whatever it takes to get a player. In the next breath he said free agency is not the answer. Sooo, the message was a little garbled."

WHY ARE YOU HEAPING PRAISE NOW? You basically admitted the organization is a bunch of idiots.

Nowhere near the same paycheck, but they sure do love their jobs.

Posted by: The Signal | March 01, 2013 at 07:47 PM

To a degree. They don't get to live the high life. They often work very long, stressful hours, nights and weekends, and rarely have more than a two week vacation where they pretty much have to be on call the whole time. They do it for 50 years and then die and leave the Honda Accord to the eldest child.

I feel so bad about Jake Longs wife. It is down to the wire and the poor thing still doesn't know if she will have to look for a million dollar home somewhere else. Such a shame, it must really be stressful.

Any Dolphin that got near as good as Flacco would be traded so cheapskate Ross wouldnt have to pay. Thats why these jackasses have a fire sale every year and dump their best players and never have a winning season.

Ross wouldnt even pay Matt Flynn so I guess a Flacco is out of the question.

Any Dolphin that got near as good as Flacco would be traded so cheapskate Ross wouldnt have to pay. Thats why these jackasses have a fire sale every year and dump their best players and never have a winning season.

Might want to review your card. I think you got BINGO!

It's True

You are just like the other typically retarded bloggers. They don't realize few really care about winning. Owners buy the team as an investment - nobody spends a billion dollars on a hobby! The players - the majority don't want to make the playoffs, that means more games, more weights, more training. They already make well enough and are happy to be done at the end of the regular season.

Winning is a stupid idea the mass media has programmed into you so you will watch more games and they can bend your mind with more commercials and progaganda. Pro Sports are nothing more than sitcoms to entertain you, they have other meaning or purpose.


Just picking up your post from 4:14pm today. The feeling's mutual my friend.

Have a good weekend!

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