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Ireland happy, cap in good shape, more moves coming

Jeff Ireland landed the one that could not get away. He landed Mike Wallace.

So how does the Dolphins general manager feel about that?

He's pleased.

"We are pleased to reach an agreement with Mike Wallace," Ireland said in a statement. "He has a unique skill set which we believe will be a welcomed addition to our offense. We are looking forward to his contributions to the team."

The Dolphins just announced the Wallace signing because it took a while to hammer out some final language on the deal and get it approved by the league. The team also had to wait for Wallace to take a physical.

The Dolphins also made official the one-year contract for safety Chris Clemons. The club did not make official the signing of Phillip Wheeler as he was flying across country to South Florida this evening or Dannell Ellerbe, who also was flying into town.

"We are also happy to announce an extension with Chris," Ireland added. "He has been a valuable contributor to the team the last four years, and we are glad he will remain a member of the Miami Dolphins."

Valuable but not invaluable. The Dolphins have shown that they're willing to stick with Clemons as the short-term answer at safety. But they are not ready to make a multi-year commitment. He needs to play better for that.

Meanwhile, all the day's activity will leave the Dolphins with approximately $20 million in salary cap space. That is not all available.

The team will budget approximately $6 million for the draft, another $3.2 million for the practice squad and another $2 million for emergency moves during the season. Obviously this is an in-season budget and not the Top 51 cap figure.

The Dolphins can create cap space by cutting players -- as they did today with Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett.

(Example: In replacing Burnett with Phillip Wheeler, the club saved $800,000 in cap space. That is, Burnett's cap savings of $3.2 million (including $2.5 million of dead money) minus the $2.4 million cap charge Wheeler will carry this year.)

Possible future cap casualties include Dimitri Patterson ($4.6 million savings), Richard Marshall ($4.6 million savings), Davone Bess ($2.6 million savings) and Dan Carpenter ($2.6 million savings).

I'm not saying the Dolphins will release those players for cap reasons tomorrow. I am saying they are all candidates to be cut if they do not perform or the team needs cap room. They should all tread lightly.


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want an excellent reciever, return SPECIALIST, emergency kicker and hurt the patriots to boot all with ONE simple signing??? please refrain from the kneejerk reaction that eroneously accompanies welker and continue reading...the sneaky speed of hartline, the sneaky speed of welker, the flat out burning speed of wallace, sure welker isn't the sexy move, and jennings would be nice, but welkers hands are better, he will help in the return game, and his signing also aids in our advantage when facing divisional foe new england, taking away brady's clutch and favorite third down security blanket is good enough and adding his hands and sneaky speed to tannehill's weopons is even better...it shouldn't be hard to do as bilicheat is kneejerking right now.. if ireland can get past the sexy move and quitely sign this third down machine, miami will quietly be in the playoffs with a pick your poison offense of welker or wallace... go miami!

Fins shouldn't be done upygrading the wr position. Those jumping for joy about Wallace is understandable but please remember that Hartline is an average number 2. Bess is a good slot wr. Those weapons including Wallace don't make for a prolific passing game. We need a wr with good height that can run on the other side of Wallace. Think the Atl Falcons.

In this age of football you need two legit wrs who can run and get rac. We will have 1 with Wallace and 2 others who struggle to separate...get deep or get yac.

Why didn't idiot Ireland do this years ago when Parcells quit??? Ireland is still NOT a good GM!!! Finally get some WR help we desparately need now if we can get some secondary help & another DE pass rusher!!!

I'm not against the signing of Wallace but......he is not the savior of our offensive woes. He has a certain type of skill set and is a piece of the puzzle. I'm not sure about the 60 mill for 5 yrs, but i see a GM trying to add players to win. As for Elerbe and Wheeler, great moves by Ireland. Faster, younger LBer's will greatly improve our biggest weakness, pass coverage. We still need to draft a couple of WRer's, a DE, a CB and TE. I hope we take one from FA and as Armando mentioned we can cut players for cap space to do so.

Sign some corners!!!!!! Besides recievers that was weakest part of team.

these moves set up our draft beautifully. now with the 5 picks we can reach a little bit if there is a very good player we like that might not be ranked 12th over all but with 2 picks in round 2 and 2 in round 3 we are assured of addressing all our needs.

s, cb, te, ot

I am fired up and can’t wait…..

Flynn is garbage, that is why he isn't here!!!

i would take Keller but for 3mil not 6mil

Wallace and VY could stretch the field. But that's just me.

I'll wait until the end of the regular season to heap praise on Jeffrey.

Wallace hasn't done one single thing for Miami yet. So I would advise the homers to clean out their panties before they start buying superbowl tickets.

First round of nfl draft we still need to draft a wr!! Then next four picks are in rounds 2&3....we then draft the needs of tackle,tight end,defensive end,corner or safety...you won't get slop in first three rounds...

For that idiot to say matt flynn would of been better over tannenhill is a idiot..you never seen flynn play on a team that lacked any talent!! We saw tannenhill do very solid without any playmakers!!! So think before you bark!

Tannenhills upside is looking very positive!!!! Mike wallace is best wr on team, but he is not enough! Dolphins still need another wr, hopefully in first round of draft...and also a tight end! And we have questions about running back now???? Is lamar miller the answer????

Nobody is saying superbowl! Denver will be favs in afc with welker joining broncos, kansas city chiefs, cincinatti bengals are up and coming teams along with miami...titans and texans are other afc teams....but nfc is locked down by seattle or san fransisco, green bay maybe...

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