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Long takes best deal available, becomes a Ram

PHOENIX -- In the end, Jake Long went with the most money.


The St. Louis Rams offered him the biggest contract he had on the table -- a four-year, $34 million deal that included up to $20 million in guaranteed money, if he stays healthy -- and he went with that. Football is a business as well as a sport.

Long made a business decision.

The Dolphins offer that hovered around $8 million per year but offered him a chance to stay with the same team and came with built in tax advantages, was not enough. A late Pittsburgh Steelers offer to play for a perennial winner -- neither the Dolphins nor Rams have been to the playoffs for years -- was not in the financial ballpark.

Long did not get the $10 million offer he wanted from anyone.

And the sweet but fanciful bring-jake-home twitter campaign by some teammates and fans ultimately fell on deaf ears.

"There were other teams other than Miami and St. Louis," agent Tom Condon said. "The deal makes a lot of sense for Jake. It makes a lot of sense for the Rams, especially for the quarterback."

Condon joked that St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford texted him when the news of Long's signing came out. "He's excited," Condon said.

Long spoke with St. Louis Post Dispatch early this morning. He mentioned the "great family atmosphere" surrounding the Rams. He mentioned falling in love with the "entire vision of the Rams organization."

He said he didn't visit with the Dolphins over the weekend, as was reported here on earlier Sunday. He didn't mention that St. Louis had the best offer on the table.

The Dolphins seemingly had a price point on Long and although there was room within that, they generally stuck with their belief of what Long is worth, I'm told.

The reason the team didn't blow Long away with an offer is it apparently is not sold that Long is the same player he was when he was drafted first overall out of Michigan. According to YahooSports.com there have been conflicts within the Dolphins organization about bringning Long back at all.

The club also has a "Plan B" for replacing Long.

I do not know what that is. Perhaps the club offers Cincinnati left tackle Andre Smith. Perhaps the club makes a push for New England Patriots right tackle Sebastian Vollmer. (Vollmer is a right tackle but has played some at left tackle). Eric Winston is also on the market as a right tackle and that might be a direction the Dolphins take, perhaps on a one-year basis.

Perhaps the club goes to the draft and plucks one of the many left tackle prospects with the No. 12 overall selection.

The Dolphins can also draft or sign a right tackle and hope second-year player Jonathan Martin grow into the left tackle spot. Martin finished the season at left tackle after Long blew out a left triceps muscle and finished the year on the injured reserve list.

(Martin was bad in his pass-blocking assignment at left tackle. Long yielded four sacks last year to Martin's two, but those two came in 200 fewer pass protection snaps. And in those fewer snaps, Martin allowed more hurries than Long.)

An aside about Long and his injuries: The Dolphins wanted Long back. No doubt about it. But they also have a full understanding -- they believe the most intimate understanding -- of Long's physical condition. And their offer reflected that understanding.

Let's face it, Long is a gifted and solid player. But his spate of injuries the past three years have taken a visible toll the past two seasons. He's finished both those years on injured reserve. His play has declined. His body hasn't been the same.

Last training camp he talked about "feeling the healthiest I've felt in years." But the player who once ran conditioning drills with linebackers was doing it with his other offensive linemen now, according to one player. And as healthy as he felt at the start of camp, he finished right where he was the season before.

On the injured list.


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Mark, I think he felt dissed by Miami. And I don't know why. He was highly compensated for 5 years. And no one else was trying to meet his demand. So all things being equal (and with no state income tax in Florida they pretty much were), Long took St. Louis due to his pride, and feeling dissed by Miami.

And some people here want to act like this guy is a saint? Or we need to have some allegiance to him? I just don't get it. There are other options.

I thought this might help you guys understand on why Jake Long is not ideal for our new offensive line scheme.
Zone blocking is a technique in American football that is a simple and effective scheme for creating lanes for running plays.
In a zone blocking scheme, fleet-footedness and athletic ability trump size as desirable qualities in offensive linemen. Coordination and technique matter more than muscle in implementing a successful scheme because defensive linemen are often double-teamed at the point of attack. In this blocking scheme which takes much from the Veer blocking system, creating movement on the defensive line is more important than opening a specific hole in the defense.

Read this.
One of the simplest reasons many teams have incorporated zone blocking in their offenses is that zone blocking rules do not change based on the defensive front. In a "man block" system, blockers are paired with defenders according to certain rules to create a running lane. If the defensive front changes, or if the defense stunts or blitzes, the blocking rules may change. This requires learning multiple rules for the same play. Zone blocking uses very consistent rules that do not change according to the defensive front

By the way, to people saying we lost our best player. 11-5, no Playoff win. 1-out-of-5 winning Seasons. That's what your best player was worth. 5 Seasons. How long did Marino play? Zach Thomas? All the Dolphins greats?

With friends like these...

DO we play the Rams this season? I hope Wake goes around Long like a turnstile he is and demolish Bradford that will stick it to Long

Fisher and the Rams and Long will go to the playoffs while the Fish flounder near the cellar....AGAIN.

clue, he may not make it thru ota's.

0 excuse 4 tannehenne.

This is why we should sign Eric Winston.
9. Eric Winston, Kansas City Chiefs (RT)
10. Gosder Cherilus, Detroit Lions (RT) (UPDATE: Agreed to terms with the Indianapolis Colts)
11. Brandon Moore, New York Jets (G)
12. Willie Colon, Pittsburgh Steelers (UPDATE: Colon agreed to a contract with the New York Jets)(G)

Notes: A zone-blocking specialist, Winston is already drawing interest from the Eagles and Dolphins on the heels of his recent release by the Chiefs. Don't rule out a reunion with the Texans, as right tackle was a trouble spot in 2012.

soooooooooooooooooo. mckinnie?
or draft?

hahaha here come the tards stating Ross and Co are too cheap.. wow you cant even see whats happened. Long hasnt finsihed a season in the past two years.. so lets say we make the playoffs this year he will be on the bench watching and wed be in the same position.. Apparently Philbin and Co felt good with Miller, would I have liked to seen Reggie back? Yes, but they were going to use him as a third down back/ passing.. he wanted to start.. a starting RB that has only had 1 1000 yd season in his career? come on guys.. stop trying to stir the pot

Long was a decent player and I would have preferred we go t him back because we are familiar with him.

Posted by: Jo jo | March 18, 2013 at 09:23 AM

Funny, but in my business environment, it's exactly the opposite. Leaders want innovation, new ways of thinking, new strategies. Out with the old. Downsizing those that can't adapt. Familiarity breeds fatigue and stagnation.

There's nothing the Miami Dolphins have done last few years that can't be upgraded. Folks need to come to grips with that.


Calling these people tards is an insult to all real tards. They are sub-human and revel in their own misery.

Wish Long well but we'll be just fine without him.

To everyone complaining about all of the "best players" the fins "lost"-

Four consecutive losing seasons! Bush, Dansby, Burnett, Smith, Long, Fasano, Davis...
What have they brought to the Dolphins? Not a damn thing! Four straight years of NO PLAYOFFS! Are you people insane? Keep trying the same thing and expect different results...that defines insanity. All of those players are either over-rated, or role-players at best. Time to shake things up a bit! Ireland may not be the greatest GM around (time will tell), but he's clearly not insane nor is he stupid. Philbin seems to know what he's doing, and Ireland is listening! We should be happy about that, if nothing else!

Regarding Longs choice, it seems to me that perception trumps reality. So used to being the #1 pick, highest paid LT and a pro bowler, Long wanted his new contract to garner the same 'respect' irrespective of his health or current level of play. Staying with the Dolphins would have meant confronting his lower status, whilst moving allows him to more easily continue the fiction that's he's an elite LT.

With long concerned primarily for his reputation he obviously had no room for a sense of belonging or pride at being part of a team, which other players sometimes demonstrate when they take pay cuts, restructure or allow for a 'home town discount'.

I expect the NFC west pass rushers will inject a dose of reality into Long's career.

I believe the Dolphins are finally getting things right for a change using the free agent market for younger and faster players. What's wrong with that? Even if they do not pan out, it's the right moves. I would have never paid Long much because his production levels were on the decline and that's that. If the Dolphins stay true to their new ways, they'll find a band aid to replace Long and hit the Draft like a bolt of lightning. Younger, healthier and faster Offensive Linemen and Cornerbacks, plus Defensive Linemen and Safeties perhaps in the first 5 picks...

OK....I don't want to 'fart rainbows' (great line Mark) but I do want to move on. Loved Long while he was here (just like I loved Bush). But he is no longer here. Time to proceed forward.

I like the idea of getting Volmer first, Smith second and Winston third. One of these players added in FA and I feel OK about our T situation heading into the draft. I'd like to add T in the draft following this FA pick up but it wouldn't require the Fins to do it in round #1.

DC, I agree, it should fans who feel hard done by - not the other way around. I mean, I get it. jake is out for Jake and nobody else. We can see it by who he chooses as his representation. TOm Condon is the biggest sonofab**ch of all agents. I really wanted to free up our first three picks .. that looks a lot less likely today.

I mean, maybe there was a big discrepancy in guaranteed money like WNP points out .. but otherwise to split for $0.5M per year when you already made 60M??? That's personal, not business.

Big Jake Long fan but I'm not bothered by this move at all. I didn't have him anywhere near the $8-9 mil a year mark. I was OK with $6-7 mil a year. I think the Dolphins played this well.

Now the real question becomes 'can J. Martin become a good LT in this league'? If the answer is yes, then we need to sign Winston or Vollmer. If the team doesn't feel he can be then they need to draft a guy like Johnson or sign Smith.

Personally, I'd prefer we sign Winston or Vollmer and go with Martin at LT. We need to see what we've got with this guy. I'd like to see Rhodes at 12 and we can always look at a LT next year of Martin shows he can't get it done.

the financial gain is really small. seems like a bad move for Jake. Good luck to him. I guess we're drafting more OL again.

Zone blocking for the west coast offense.
It's simple, really; throwing deep requires giving enough time for receivers to run deep. If you limit the deep routes, the quarterback is not asked to hold the ball as long. You still have to run enough deep routes (and occasionally pass to them) to keep the defense honest, but the focus shifts more to the short-to-intermediate passing game. This is why so many zone-blocking teams adopt West-Coastish passing systems; the routes are based on timing and precision more than stretching the field. It doesn't have to be complex, but the routes must give the quarterback a chance to throw early if he is to throw at all.

This is life in the NFL. Better to cut ties a year early than late. Keep moving on. Talk to Pittsburg & NE. Gotta keep getting better as a 'team', every single year. The league is a dogfight - has nothing to do with one player. As a #1 overall, Long's career to this point has been a disapointment.Would be idiotic to pay him 9 mil a pop. Injuries are a reality and last year Long looked like a left side swinging gate. Incognito's efforts were nice, but he's a journeyman lineman and not the GM, thankfully.
#long gone

JPAO, you're right. It stinks but no time for mourning or acting like victims .. who's up next??

I'd like to hear some thoughts on Vollmer. Not strong enough? Not quick enough? Seems like an athletic guy and still young. Does this guy have the potential to be a LT in this league or strictly a RT? Be great to take him away from the Pats and create another hole but does it get too expensive and is he the right fit for what we want? I see Winston as more of a mauler and certainly a good guy for leadership on this team, something that will take a hit with Bush, Long, Dansby all gone. Who are the leaders on this team now? Pouncey? Cogs? Wake? Maybe Keller becomes one and maybe Winston would be a good add in that dept too?

Posted by: finfanforever | March 18, 2013 at 09:32 AM

You are corret, I apologize lol..

mark in Toronto you're talking about loyalty what about the loyalty above everything in the NFL when a player doesn't produce any more they get cut regardless of who they are or position they play. for that matter jake long is nowhere near the player he was when we drafted him and he honestly does not fit the zone blocking scheme that Ireland runs in his offense. Martin played right tackle for us all of last year except the last 4 games any played pretty well at the left tackle position after practicing everyday for 6 months at a different position, the guy was rated as a first round left tackle when Miami drafted him to be there right tackle last year knowing they would probably be replacing jake long because he would ask for too much money and knowing that physically he's not worth that amount of money anymore and never will be the rest of his career.
I like Jake long but we're at the point now where we do need a younger player at that position since he cannot complete a full season of employment anymore. don't get me wrong I wish him the best in Saint Louis but we do need to keep rebuilding this team and replacing him is now part of it no matter how you look at it. once Martin has all of season 2 lineup and practice at the left tackle position I'm sure he will play much better than he played his last 4 games at that position given the fact that he did not get much practice at all last year with Jake Long there.

now hopefully they will sign Winston and get started on draft have preparations where I'm hoping the draft Eifert and get us our own type and beast

Craig, the best thing for the Dolphins would be for Tannehill, Hartline, Bess, and Wallace to become leaders because that's the focal point of this offense now.

Pouncey owns the o-line no doubt. I know Richie thinks he does but he's gone soon. Pouncey is our new Dwight Stephenson. just hope he lasts longer (dirty jets)

#Bringjakehome in 2017

why overpay for a injury waiting to happen? Jake has a lot of mileage on that body. Sign a FA or draft an OT. Money better spent elsewhere.

Clearly, the right decision by Dolphins and Long. Rams...not so much.

To those advocating Dumervil: Forget it, he's not a Philbin type. Not even close. Lots of off the field baggage including last Summer in South Miami Beach. Me over team guy. Injury prone. Too expensive. You think Long was in it for the money only...

Winston (or Vollmer - unlikely) and a CB. Extend Reshad Jones possibly and that's it for Free Agency 2013.

If the Dolphins were budgeting close to $8M for Jake, they can easily sign Winston and get another CB before or after adjusting contracts for Patterson and Marshall and/or Carpenter. Plenty of FAs left for the team to grab.

Henry, I hear what you're saying and I agree with a guy like Wallace leaving because he hasn't made the big money yet. I also realize not everyone is like Big Paul who plays for less than market value when he never really got the big contract. however Jake's already made several "unearned" millions by being overpaid by his draft slot rather than his skill or position. It's not unreasonable to give back $0.5M a year on your next contract when you already made $60M as an offensive lineman .. agree, disagree?

Typo on last msg. Tight End Beast... Lol

I fell in love with the vision sounds like B/S. I do believe every player says that look at the Linebackers who signed with Miami. And yes that was a dig at Miami. But its OK Long will get hurt after 4-5 games with the Rams and end the season on IR, thats been his MO here the past three seasons.

I wish the Everglades were a great mountain range rivaling the Himalayas and filled with sweater-wearing chihuahuas skiing the slopes and mounting each other by the fireplace in the ski lodge.

I like Vollmer, but am getting worried we're over-stretching in FA. Setting the team up for failure if any of these guys don't work out. I think we're being smart (getting younger, healthier guys to fit the systems better), but completely re-doing your team in FA has a history, and it ain't pretty.

With that said, OL has stepped up with CB as positions of greatest needs right now. One good thing Ireland did, IMO, is set us up to get BPA with the 1st rd pick. And there should be someone in 1 of those positions at least. WR/TE/DE pass rusher are other positions to add depth. No word yet on Carpenter (there's another couple million savings there if he's let go).

Harmel, and you're stupid, all team are encumbered by the salary cap. No team paid more in salaries this off season than the Phins did in. And much of it was in guaranteed money. Please don't show your ignorance here. That was a really stupid post.

I bet Jackie Long is shopping as we speak,,,in ST Louis,,,lol,,loll

Jay, really Jay Long is going to lead them into the playoffs, do you know how silly that sounds.

Business is business. Fins will reshuffle the O Line this year and it had room for improvement before Long left anyway.

I won't be dissapointed if the Fins use the money they have wisely. They have huge needs to need to be addressed first in free agency, and then the draft at these positions:

Pass rushing DE

I have no reason to believe that the Front Office won't address the CB and OL openings in FA, and then again in the draft. I hope they have the common sense to grab one of the available pass rushers, like either Dumervil, Freeney, or Abraham. That would take the pressure of Miami to grab another pass rusher in the draft and concentrate more on the secondary and OL. Fins can address the RB depth in the draft as well.


the trolls have something to talk about during FA period....

They will string Long up on the cross and turn him in whorship him like Jesus...in hopes of turning the tide against what Ireland has accompished thus far....

good luck with that....


I kinda saod the same thing (a bit premature) last week (long/ryan)....

its over...

Ryan won....

and Craig M takes another blow somewhere.....

With Long Leaving Ireland Is Getting Rid Of The Last Thing That Resembles Bill Parcells.

The Texans Let Mario Williams Go And Got Better.

Time For Ireland To Go With Plan B!! Dashi Bets It Is A Player Of Equal Value, But Cheaper Than Long.

2-3 More Free Agents Ireland. Finish Stacking Up The Team.

Long Is Still Hurt The Fins Cut Henne!! Don't Be Mistaking Long's Intentions All Along. Jake Just Sealed His Own Fate. STL Is Not A Better Team!! Sam Bradford Is Not A Better Qb.

Hope The Rams Release Their LT Now. And The Fins Sign Him For Nothing!!

I Hope The Ram Fans Realize What Fisher Is Doing... He Has Replaced 2 LT's Drafted In The Top 5 The Last 5 Years. For A Broken down Jake Long.

Fisher Is Worst At O-Line Making Than Soprano. Dashi Believes Fisher Is Burned Out!! He Was Mediocre With The Titans!! And Horrendous In STL!!

I think it's a mistake to put all our eggs in one basket and think we can just draft an OT at 12. I see all three of them going in the top ten. Then what? I'd get a deal done with Winston or Vollmer, depending on what they are asking and move on. I like Lane Johnson a lot but I think it would be a mistake to hold out hope of getting him.

I guess McKinnie should also be looked at as a low cost option too. He's be an OK stopgap.

One other thing, I hear guys talk about Eiffert. I don't there's a chance in Hell they take this guy at 12 and to me that's a shame. This regime has shown REPEATEDLY that they don't value the TE position the way they should. I actually think Ireland's done at the position and he'll go with what they have and hope Egnew develops. To me he's missed the boat at TE AGAIN.

I would have liked to have Long back...

but...those are the breaks sometimes....I do believe the TEAM is better with him...then without him....


that doesn't mean he can't be replaced with a slight down grade (FA)...or even a cheaper UPGRADE (draft)....

our options are limitless....wre in good shape....

If its me...I get Dumerville....and draft the LT......

Fisher and the Rams and Long will go to the playoffs while the Fish flounder near the cellar....AGAIN.

Posted by: Jay | March 18, 2013 at 09:27 AM

^^I highly doubt that. Not because the Rams won't be good (they won't), but mainly Seattle/49ers much better.

Fins will be just fine without Long, Smith, or Bush. I expect them to do better, but for all the whinners...I think the Fins can miss the playoffs without them just like they did with them.

Kris @10:10am,

Really, man? THAT'S your response this morning to me?

Miami has five picks in the top 3 rounds (so far). I'd like at least CB or OT somewhat solidified prior to the draft so we aren't telegraphing exactly what we need. No team with that many draft picks should be reaching for needs.

Selfish Jake Long that's all to be said!!!

Good luck with Rams.

Get a replacement in Winston or Vollmer and draft another lineman capable of starting for the Phins.
This team will be closer to winning then the Rams in the NFC West with 49ers and Seahawks in the Division.

Dashi....from yesterday....

It happens to ALL of us....

next time it may be YOU giving me a helping hand....as you have in the past....

trust me...I have taken some of the things you said about trolls...and applied them....makes for a better blogging experince....

Craig M....

I got more man...hold on....


What I'll add is Craig's opinions today (and pretty much last Season) have been MUCH more in line with my thinking then in the past few years. And, as we see in FA this year, so has Ireland's. So, now we get to see if that opinion we all now share can bare fruit or not. Which of us is right or wrong or has been right longer doesn't make a hill of beans. What matters is CHAMPIONSHIPS! That's all anyone here cares about (or should). Let's see if Philbin is the guy to make it happen.

No Kris, Jesus has the power to kill and make alive. Jake Long doesn't.
Please keep God out of your dumb posts. It makes you sound dumber than you already are.

@ 10:18...

you are assuming I believe Jesus is GOD...lol....

keep making an @ss out of yourself....

go ahead and ASSume away.....

"Dansby" A Leader!!

Seriously, This Is Another Reason... Dansby Sucks!!

If What You Call Dansby Did "Leading", Hate To See Your Army.

Dansby Was The Most Insubordinate Prick The Dolphins Have Ever Had. Joey Porter Was A Prick But At Least He Tried To Win!! Even Marsha Cared About Winning!!

Dansby Would Throw Games On Purpose!!

15-0!! 2 Minutes Left!! And Dansby Still Manages To Lose The Game!! Dansby Threw That Game!!

I have my own example of coming late to the Party. Back in its initial Season, friends/family were telling me to watch Breaking Bad. "Best show on TV" they said. "I don't watch shows on AMC" I said. Nothing against the station, I just didn't. Season after season, all I hear is this is a great show. And Season after season, I just shrugged my shoulders and kept missing it.

FINALLY a few weeks ago, I had time, and checked an episode out. Jump to today, and I am addicted. AWESOME EFFING SHOW!!! Watching a Season a week. Can't get enough. I'm hooked.

Better late than never.

I think it will be interesting to see if the Fins fill this hole within the next 24 hours. I think they should as a sign of 'who cares lets move on.' Show the league that they are fine letting Long go as he became too expensive and the team comes first.

Sign Volmer, Martin or Winston...within the next 24 hours.

"The reason the team didn't blow Long away with an offer is it apparently is not sold that Long is the same player he was when he was drafted first overall out of Michigan. According to YahooSports.com there have been conflicts within the Dolphins organization about bringning Long back at all."


Apparently b/c he sucked last year. Any layman who watched the games last year could see that. Just watch the Colts game. He was getting beat BADLY by Freeney who is far from being the player he once was. If Long is not a Dolphin then it's b/c Philbin wasn't comfortable with him & anyone on here who thinks they know better than him is a f#cking retard. Philbin knows what he wants from the O-line having been an O-line coach for years before he became OC in GB & this isn't Tony Sparano who doesn't know the difference. Re-signing Carey was a disaster & signing Grove who had a history of injuries was an even bigger disaster.


I was late to the party on that show too. Love it also! Think I got into it after season 4 and started watching it on DVD also. Can't wait until the last season starts.

Check out 'Game of Thrones', 'Homeland' and 'The Killing' if you haven't seen them yet. All great shows also.

FA now officially a debacle.

Sad day, losing our backbone, our Mountain-man.

Sadder still the state of the Joke Franchise.

Many here have Jake's blood on their hands.

Good-bye, Sweet Prince!

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