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Long takes best deal available, becomes a Ram

PHOENIX -- In the end, Jake Long went with the most money.


The St. Louis Rams offered him the biggest contract he had on the table -- a four-year, $34 million deal that included up to $20 million in guaranteed money, if he stays healthy -- and he went with that. Football is a business as well as a sport.

Long made a business decision.

The Dolphins offer that hovered around $8 million per year but offered him a chance to stay with the same team and came with built in tax advantages, was not enough. A late Pittsburgh Steelers offer to play for a perennial winner -- neither the Dolphins nor Rams have been to the playoffs for years -- was not in the financial ballpark.

Long did not get the $10 million offer he wanted from anyone.

And the sweet but fanciful bring-jake-home twitter campaign by some teammates and fans ultimately fell on deaf ears.

"There were other teams other than Miami and St. Louis," agent Tom Condon said. "The deal makes a lot of sense for Jake. It makes a lot of sense for the Rams, especially for the quarterback."

Condon joked that St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford texted him when the news of Long's signing came out. "He's excited," Condon said.

Long spoke with St. Louis Post Dispatch early this morning. He mentioned the "great family atmosphere" surrounding the Rams. He mentioned falling in love with the "entire vision of the Rams organization."

He said he didn't visit with the Dolphins over the weekend, as was reported here on earlier Sunday. He didn't mention that St. Louis had the best offer on the table.

The Dolphins seemingly had a price point on Long and although there was room within that, they generally stuck with their belief of what Long is worth, I'm told.

The reason the team didn't blow Long away with an offer is it apparently is not sold that Long is the same player he was when he was drafted first overall out of Michigan. According to YahooSports.com there have been conflicts within the Dolphins organization about bringning Long back at all.

The club also has a "Plan B" for replacing Long.

I do not know what that is. Perhaps the club offers Cincinnati left tackle Andre Smith. Perhaps the club makes a push for New England Patriots right tackle Sebastian Vollmer. (Vollmer is a right tackle but has played some at left tackle). Eric Winston is also on the market as a right tackle and that might be a direction the Dolphins take, perhaps on a one-year basis.

Perhaps the club goes to the draft and plucks one of the many left tackle prospects with the No. 12 overall selection.

The Dolphins can also draft or sign a right tackle and hope second-year player Jonathan Martin grow into the left tackle spot. Martin finished the season at left tackle after Long blew out a left triceps muscle and finished the year on the injured reserve list.

(Martin was bad in his pass-blocking assignment at left tackle. Long yielded four sacks last year to Martin's two, but those two came in 200 fewer pass protection snaps. And in those fewer snaps, Martin allowed more hurries than Long.)

An aside about Long and his injuries: The Dolphins wanted Long back. No doubt about it. But they also have a full understanding -- they believe the most intimate understanding -- of Long's physical condition. And their offer reflected that understanding.

Let's face it, Long is a gifted and solid player. But his spate of injuries the past three years have taken a visible toll the past two seasons. He's finished both those years on injured reserve. His play has declined. His body hasn't been the same.

Last training camp he talked about "feeling the healthiest I've felt in years." But the player who once ran conditioning drills with linebackers was doing it with his other offensive linemen now, according to one player. And as healthy as he felt at the start of camp, he finished right where he was the season before.

On the injured list.


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Sad day for the fans of Jake Long who spent their hard earn money to buy his jersey's and increasing his wealth.The Fins made him the richest Tackles in the history of pro football or close to it. And they did that before he was even drafted.I understand it is a business. But, it wasn't like they were offering league minumin for his services.Which by the way is more than 10 times was the average person makes a year. Bye Bye Long. Now we can fill 2 to 3 holes what your salary would have cost. Thanks!!!!

Mark, how did you like the movie?

As for Long I couldn't be happier we didn't bring him back! Take the money you had set aside for him & sign a stop gap OT for 1-2 years while you develop the guy you draft this year.

Also use that money to bring in a veteran corner.

The draft then is WIDE OPEN! There are still good tackles & CB's on the market. We will get a 2 for 1 deal with JKakes money. BEST CASE SCENARIO!

It's best for the franchise! Long was average last year even when healthy! We can pay someone a 1/3 of what Jake got for average play.

At 34M for 4 yrs?? Hell no!! Rams were very foolish. Thats a high priced gamble for so many injuries. I figured they would take that chance because they are desperate to be a winner!! After our free agent period I think we have urgency as well thank God!! But at least we wernt foolish enough to make that kind of move on long. I wish him the best and glad were moving on!!!

Long was never going to take the 6 mil they offered him, I liked him but he is a Ram now, so we move and that's life in the NFL, Smith, Vollmer, Winston and Gardner still available. Did not Martin play all his college at Left? As for RB get Turner or Bradshaw concentrate draft on Secondary, OL and TE. If Finley is cut do we sign him?

Marc, i agree though i dont know who big paul is lol. Lookin at it as a business, then i say anyone should take the money cuz they will get cut anyway when the team no longer wants them or wants to deal with their last yrs of contract.
And yes we do need a capable left tackl and hopefully Martin is that guy since that seems the likely candidate as of right now though we do still have a long offseason to see what the team does to make up their o-line. But given the WRs we signed and change of LBs we made I do believe we are already a better team. Miller will hit the holes better than Bush seemed to the last half of the yr after gettin hurt that first game against the jets. And Wallace will make Hartline and Bess better as well, especially with how Keller gets downfield better than Fassano did.
I gotta get a computer again and make this blig chatting easier, tuff on a phone lol. Did i mention its monday and work sux lol.

Craig M....

as always...your opinion is MORE than welcome to me....since 9 times out of 10 it will be opposite of mine...I enjoy debating and friendly betting with you about hat moves will be made next....and what kind of team we NEED to be to win....

clearly we have two different approachs....and that makes for two different styles....

I am shocked that you are not more on board with what Ireland has accompished this FA period....he has been fairly aggressive....and it has paid off with key signings more often than not....

Ireland has disproven a lot of myths about himself and the FINS in general....and in doing so...has shown the FAN BASE he wants to win...and he is NOT Parcells....

You may not love EVERY move Craig M...

but your indifference to them is what has me curious....

Jake Long was smart to sign with the RAMS!!!
Why? They run a power blocking scheme, and not a zone blocking scheme, so he will be more comfortable in it, and did not have the feet to run the zone blocking. Look for Incognito & John Jerry to be gone also. They are more power blocking then zone blockers. You will see in the draft how the Dolphins pick up some guards that are Athletic.

Dolphins still have a decent amount of cap space available and haven't addressed several needs. This is the Ireland I know, nickel and dime players and ultimately end up with a worse team. Reggie Bush was worth the money, Long was questionable but probably worth the money, and signing a healthy CB should have been a priority and now their fins are flappin' in the breeze without a quality corner on the roster and few options left in free agency.

Ideally you want to build through the draft not rely on it to barely fill out a roster. However once again that appears to be the case.


Again, Thanks.

You Know I'm Better Than His Silly game. He Just Managed To Suck Me In The Other Day.

What "Oscar" Doesn't Want To Admit Is He Was On All Weekend. He Tried To Do The Same Thing Yesterday. The Guy Is On Here Every Night.

My Question Is How Old Is Oscar? I Know He Might Be 65+, But His Actions Are That Of A 12year Old School Girl. Does He Have Alzheimer? Is He Demented?

So long long. Sign Winston. right tackle fixed ,all great LTs in draft will be gone by 12 ,Ansay ,Werner or Rhodes . Armstead in 2nd ,Martin and him can duke it out winner take all,developmental guard in 4th like Bailey from Arks ,fight it out with Jerry .starting to look a little better.


I wish you had a more interesting name like "Juniper McGoose" or "Cassandra Ethanol."

But I still respect you and would eat lasagna with you in a mall food court.

So Jake is with the Rams that's done, now the Dolphins should keep going with their plan to get this team better for the next season, there are plenty of OL players in this Draft to pick from it could go something like this LT CB TE DE RB

DC, Breaking bad is the best show man. wow... Brian Cranston and the cinematography ... just genius ..

If you haven't caught on to Game of Thrones yet, give that one a whirl.

They let us watch those shows in jail ...

Why Would Jesus Kill?

Apparently You Don't Know Jesus!! And Are A Religious Heretic. Jesus Will Never Kill.

And If Jesus Was God!! We Are All Gods!! Cause Jesus Was The Son Of Man!!

Sign Volmer, Martin or Winston...within the next 24 hours.

Posted by: JPAO | March 18, 2013 at 10:24 AM


Why? We playing a game this week or something?

There's no big rush. Find the best fit and negotiate a fair contract. No idea why you think it's a big deal to do it immediately.

Dashi, Long is gone. Are you OK or should we call 9-1-1?

With Long finally making a choice, expect the other Tackles in FA to start signing & making visits.

LOL, I liked the movie, very entertaining .. even despite Seth Rogan (who i think sucks).

Loved the refs to all the games I played passing my childhood years. it wa s aclever idea and very well executed. Something for the dads to watch with the kids and have both enjoy themselves.


I don't think you've been following my comments at all. I got back into town last week after being away for a couple of days and I didn't like what I saw with the two new LBers and the miss on Cook and Bennett. The rest of FA I like, including the resigning of Moore, which I know you didn't like.

You're right, you and I will disagree more than agree. You say 'Ireland has shown the fanbase he wants to win'. What do you think he was doing earlier? Trying to lose? He's spend the money they have in FA. What do you think he was going to do? Pocket the money?

I'm actually onside with most of what he's done. He didn't overpay for Long or Smith, which were good moves and he let Fasano go, which I'm fine with. At the end of the day, the jury will still be very much out on if the team is better or now. Tannehill needed help. He's done that. Is it enough? Don't know yet. A lot will depend on what he does in the draft.

I do know that if the team goes 6-10 this year, you and others will be calling for his head. So on the one hand you're applauding the moves but on the other hand you'll turn on him if the record isn't there. At what point do we start the clock on Joe Philbin? Are you ready to do that yet?

We can easily get a CB, OT & resign Starks or Soliai longterm with Jakes money. Then the draft is WIDE OPEN!

I've been a big Ireland critic but, I'm HAPPY he's finally making the RIGHT decisions!

Henry ... Big Paul is a nickname I have for paul Soliai. Had that name for him since I saw him live in the season opener against Buffalo a few years back (Marshall's first game as a phin where he dropped a sure TD pass -harbinger of things to come). he was just doiminating Eric Wood inside - just kept squashing him. I'm a big fan if you can't tell ..

Mark, Seth Rogen wasn't in Wreck it Ralph. Do you mean John C. Reilly?

I personally find him to be 1 funny dude!


Yes, Dashi Is Hurt. If Somebody Wanted Jake Back!! It Was Dashi.

But The Cutting Of Dansby Is Enough For Me To Claim This Is Still A Great Offseason.

Now Ireland Better Get Something Of Equal Value!! Hopefully A RT And A RG For The Price Of Jake.

If Sporano Was Coach, Dashi Would Be Really Worried!! But Philbin And This O-Line Coach Are The Truth!! They Will Find A Younger, Cheaper, Better Alternative!!

The Fins Still Have $20 Mil In Cap And 5 Picks In The Top 85!!

Oh, haha, maybe that's why I liked it then. Reilly kind of escapes me right now but it sounded like Rogan to me. man, I hate that guy ...


I'm also trying to understand how Jake Long signing in St. Louis is 'another blow' for me? It has NOTHING to do with me, man. I actually would have been OK with this either way. Not overpaying for Jake Long is a good move IMO and I believe that's what the Rams did.

Now Dashi has joined the dummy club. If you actually read the Bible you would know the Holy Spirit kills all the time. Or did you forget the world was once flooded? Or the 1st born of Egypt was killed after Pharoah did not obey, or the homosexuals that were killed in Sodom. The book of Revelations reads "I hold the keys to death and hell", " I kill and make alive"," I and the father are one".


He's a fellow Canadian....don't be too rough on him...I actually think he's pretty funny. Not my favourite but not bad.

Grab an experienced corner before the draft. Gonna need one. And yeah we drafting a lineman, yall might as well accept that.


I'll check out Game of Thrones (that's another that's on my list as well as Sons of Anarchy). I'm up to date with Homeland (watched it from the very beginning). Haven't heard of "The Killing", but I'll take a look.

House of Cards is really good too.

Craig M...

imo...Ireland is off the hook this year....he has done EVERYTHING that the fans want him to do....

Ireland has ONE anchor hanging aroun his neck...imo....and that is Tanne....

If Tanne doesn't work out...then Ireland will be run out of town....especially with ALL these weapons...

so the final piece to the puzzle...as always..is the QB....if Ireland nailed that...he is GM FOR LIFE....

Craig fans should only have loyalty to a team's GM if his work produces wins on the field. Ireland has not done that so far, hense him being on the hotseat. Now coaching has alot to do with this as well, and I feel pretty good about the team there. Hell I can't believe we went 7-9 with the lineup we had last year, I was thinking 3-13.

So if Ireland feeds Philbin the players he wants we might be on the right track. That said a GMs life ain't fair so if the team doesn't produce this year I'll want Ireland gone as well.


I need to check out 'Sons of Anarchy' too. I haven't seen it yet but hear nothing but great things from others. I'm told it's a bit like the Sopranos but with bikers. Sounds good to me!

Jake long his first two years was good now over rated only because injury prone and slow feet plus never been a great athlete in todays NFL
OL need to be more athletic because of D-line are more athletic Jake had problems with fast end rushers. And this team is going to pass the crap out of the ball this year. IMO get this OL more athletic, we will be fine. All that power football don't work like it use to its about the vertical game. Good luck Jake and rams. Sign Vollmer he is a good athlete kept Brady clean.

Henry ... Big Paul is a nickname I have for paul Soliai.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 18, 2013 at 10:42 AM


Not very creative.

I call him "Moon Wombat Volcano Fondue Buttercup" and when he makes a big play I do that whole "woo woo" dance that is highly offensive to Native Americans.

(yes, I am aware he is Samoan)

No complaints here. I wanted Long but if he wants to leave (and go to a loser) JUST as we are turning the corner, maybe dude just aint that bright.

Darkoak @10:51am,

Very good points.

Sounds like everyone is in love with the moves Ireland has made, so if the team doesn't do better does that fall on Philbin? Maybe. Maybe not. FA is a crapshoot....no question. People were ready to hand the Super Bowl to the Eagles a couple of years back when they made all those moves. They didn't even make the playoffs, never mind win the Super Bowl. What were they last year, 4-12? A bit of caution is what's needed, I think.

Good start, but if you believe teams are built through the draft, then it's IMPERATIVE that Ireland have a good draft. That's why I'm not getting overly excited about this stuff. I'm happy to have Wallace, Gibson and even Keller but it's not like we only had three holes on the team last year. Still a lot to be done and someone has to replace Long, someone has to replace Smith and someone has to step up and fill Bush' shoes. I'm not throwing any parades just yet.

Apparently Bradford is a rockhead too cuz Long (healthy or not) cant protect him from the 49ers and Seahawks. Dont know why hes excited...its his funeral.


take it easy with all this T.V. man....

I rarely anything on TV....If I wasn't a football fan....I could probably go without cable altogether...and just watch a show here or there on the net...


its an indoctrination process (tv)....to much could be damaging...

just my 2 cents...

And Darkoak,

You're DEAD right.....this team should have been 3-13 last year. It's a testament to Philbin and the coaching staff that they were 7-9.

Craig M....

are you happy to have the LineBackers....

Sign Vollmer! He's played some LT & so has Martin. 1 of them has to be good enough! Let the other play RT.

Even if he doesn't work out, it still hurts the Pats.

I REALLY believe Miami is close to catching the Pats with the moves we've made & the moves NE has made. We've gotten stronger & they are clearly weaker.

Our departures have been less impactful to us than NE's. Amendola may be good but he isn't in Welkers universe & don't discount the contempt Brady has right now for them letting Welker leave over a couple of million even after restructuring.

Even speaking about god you hide!!

So you actually believe God Orders killings.

And has throughout History.

And Jesus is the holy spirit.

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Let's not forget that Long was a Parcells pick. Parcell was advised by the newspaper seller while waiting at an intersection, to draft the Tackle, bc you needed to protect the QB.

Craig, say it isn't so .. it's enough to know that Russel Peters is another local product but this guy too ... thrown Celine Dion and Avril Lavigne and there's a quartet I'm not proud of. Oh yeah, extradite Nickelback too ...

DC, Sons of Anarchy is another one of my shows .. not as clever as the others but good enough to entertain.


That's the thing, I don't have time to watch a lot of TV (especially during the week). That's why On Demand is PERFECT. Netflix (or whatever else people watch) EXCLUDES commercials. YOU should love that. You get to watch the art without the corporate subconscious messaging. And instead of being baited by the editing to wait until next week to get your "fix", you can watch the entire Season in a weekend (if you so wish). It's BEAUTIFUL!!

And we spend all this money on our flat screens, surround sound, to make our viewing more "movie-like", might as well take advantage of it. I'm surprised movie theatres are still in existence.

But, this is my offseason activity. As soon as football Season comes along, THAT'S my priority, don't worry.

All the team captains are gone!!

Now it is time for new people to step up and lead!

Craig you backpedal better than Deion

I like creative trolling like Frank does at 10:51 .. at least it's funny.

The Holy Spirit can kill, God can kill and the Son can kill. Now you say Jesus didnt read the bible, but he taught scripture in the temple when he was just a CHILD. Priets marvalled at him for the information he knew. And we he taught he didn't teach as a teacher, he taught as Master. N

A college educated man doesnt realize the career and endorsement opportunities that would have come with staying home? Wow Michigan must be slippin on their pimpin. My agent woulda been out there workin south florida easily makin up the difference between the contracts. CUZ IDA TOLD HIM TO!

ouu, comparing Sons of Anarchy to the Sopranos ... uhm I don't think so ... but still good enough.

Dashi, your a pathetic excuse of a man. Go hide you cowardly man and let time pass by as Big Willie pounds you in submission in the pen.

Hey Dashi, why don't you tell me 'you have a better life than me' or whatever crap you were spewing last week. I gave you your props for calling out the linebackers. What remains to be seen is whether they are any better than the two we replaced. Younger doesn't equate to better. If you do your research on them (and I mean actually spend some time on them), the knock on them is they struggle covering TEs, EXACTLY what you complained about with Dansby and Burnett. Don't take my word for it. Go and research it. They were actually ranked worse than out two.

So to answer your questions, Kris, I'm undecided on the two linebackers. I get the younger/potential for more turnovers stance but to be honest, I would have rather we'd spent the money elsewhere. I don't know Wheeler because I don't watch a lot of Raiders games and I'm not nearly as impressed with Ellerbe as the media. I haven't seen enough on him ot be sold. So I'll take a 'wait and see' approach on both of them.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: When Ireland lowballs a free agent, and the free agent signs elsewhere, Ireland did not help the team.

And Mando either Long is still elite or he isn't. If he isn't thenwhy would Ireland offer him $8 mil?


I think it was my brother who said 'the writing is similar to the Sopranos but with bikers'. I have no clue but I was a big fan of the Sopranos. Maybe it's the same writers, I don't know.

Guess the vision of taking a Left Tackle over QB (Matt Ryan) in the first round was not the smartest. I remember the logic was that a Left Tackle will last many years and a suitable QB could be found in the later rounds (Chad Henne). That decision really set us back 5 years!! Thanks for your vision Bill Parcells. Really hope we get the best player possible in this 1st Round that can put points on the board or cause turnovers.

So long Jake. I would like it Ireland went after Lane Johnson in the first round now. Even if it meant trading a 3rd or 4th round pick as well as the first to get up to the top 10 and pick him.

Forget Vollmer and his bad back.

Dashi going to be scared come judgement day. Dashi gonna learn that God does not need Dashi's love. But Dashi needs Gods love to live forever.
God gave life to billions, who cares about 1 Dashi.
Remember, "the beginning of knowledge is the fear of the Lord".
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But Dashi thinks he special.

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