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Long takes best deal available, becomes a Ram

PHOENIX -- In the end, Jake Long went with the most money.


The St. Louis Rams offered him the biggest contract he had on the table -- a four-year, $34 million deal that included up to $20 million in guaranteed money, if he stays healthy -- and he went with that. Football is a business as well as a sport.

Long made a business decision.

The Dolphins offer that hovered around $8 million per year but offered him a chance to stay with the same team and came with built in tax advantages, was not enough. A late Pittsburgh Steelers offer to play for a perennial winner -- neither the Dolphins nor Rams have been to the playoffs for years -- was not in the financial ballpark.

Long did not get the $10 million offer he wanted from anyone.

And the sweet but fanciful bring-jake-home twitter campaign by some teammates and fans ultimately fell on deaf ears.

"There were other teams other than Miami and St. Louis," agent Tom Condon said. "The deal makes a lot of sense for Jake. It makes a lot of sense for the Rams, especially for the quarterback."

Condon joked that St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford texted him when the news of Long's signing came out. "He's excited," Condon said.

Long spoke with St. Louis Post Dispatch early this morning. He mentioned the "great family atmosphere" surrounding the Rams. He mentioned falling in love with the "entire vision of the Rams organization."

He said he didn't visit with the Dolphins over the weekend, as was reported here on earlier Sunday. He didn't mention that St. Louis had the best offer on the table.

The Dolphins seemingly had a price point on Long and although there was room within that, they generally stuck with their belief of what Long is worth, I'm told.

The reason the team didn't blow Long away with an offer is it apparently is not sold that Long is the same player he was when he was drafted first overall out of Michigan. According to YahooSports.com there have been conflicts within the Dolphins organization about bringning Long back at all.

The club also has a "Plan B" for replacing Long.

I do not know what that is. Perhaps the club offers Cincinnati left tackle Andre Smith. Perhaps the club makes a push for New England Patriots right tackle Sebastian Vollmer. (Vollmer is a right tackle but has played some at left tackle). Eric Winston is also on the market as a right tackle and that might be a direction the Dolphins take, perhaps on a one-year basis.

Perhaps the club goes to the draft and plucks one of the many left tackle prospects with the No. 12 overall selection.

The Dolphins can also draft or sign a right tackle and hope second-year player Jonathan Martin grow into the left tackle spot. Martin finished the season at left tackle after Long blew out a left triceps muscle and finished the year on the injured reserve list.

(Martin was bad in his pass-blocking assignment at left tackle. Long yielded four sacks last year to Martin's two, but those two came in 200 fewer pass protection snaps. And in those fewer snaps, Martin allowed more hurries than Long.)

An aside about Long and his injuries: The Dolphins wanted Long back. No doubt about it. But they also have a full understanding -- they believe the most intimate understanding -- of Long's physical condition. And their offer reflected that understanding.

Let's face it, Long is a gifted and solid player. But his spate of injuries the past three years have taken a visible toll the past two seasons. He's finished both those years on injured reserve. His play has declined. His body hasn't been the same.

Last training camp he talked about "feeling the healthiest I've felt in years." But the player who once ran conditioning drills with linebackers was doing it with his other offensive linemen now, according to one player. And as healthy as he felt at the start of camp, he finished right where he was the season before.

On the injured list.


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Posted by: U dumb Dashi, just chill... | March 18, 2013 at 11:08 AM


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I'm willing to bet Dansby was 100% a Philbin decision. He was in the Brandon Marshall/Chad Johnson doghouse. He questioned Philbin, irked him when he revealed the extent of his injury, and wasn't in Philbin's "character" mold. So I think he told Ireland whatever happens, I don't want this guy on my team.

That's just my gut feeling on that (regardless if Ellerbe is better or not).

Keep exposing yourself.

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I wish Jake well... But he's just another guy who played some play's in Miami. The REAL Dolphin greats didn't fade before their rookie contracts did. The REAL Dolphin greats were never even a question mark about resigning until very late in they're careers. And even when a few DID move on... they're legacy was assured. Jake holds no such reverence... Want to know who the REAL MIAMI GREATS were?... Look no farther then....

"The Ring"

Bob "4 eyes" Griese,Larry"ain't stoppin 4 shiznit"Czonka, Jim Langer, Paul"Downtown"Warfield, Nick Buoniconti, Larry"KO"Little, Dwight "best center in history" Stephenson, Bob"the kraut"Kuechenberg, Nat"fix ur sox"Moore, Dan "hell yeah!" Marino, Mark "I got it!" Clayton, Mark "Touchdown" Duper, Dick"thunderbolt"Anderson, Richmond"wide load" Webb, Bob"Killer B"Baumhower, Doug"Killer B"Betters, Jake"MVP"Scott, Bill"Sacks"Stanfill, Jim"Green Lizard drinkin'"Mandich, Jason "Twinkle Toes" Taylor and yes (softly the choir sounds)...Zack "The Beloved"Thomas,

I'm glad Jake found a place where... "He could fall in love with the family atmosphere".... Because NONE of those names would have ever dreamed of saying anything that weak.... He didn't belong with them... It was the final insult of the Bill Parcells debacle.

Of course Ireland did the exact same thing in 2011 - lineman over quarterback.

DC @11:21am,

Totally agree. And everyone wants to make out it's about performance. It's not. The guy had 131 tackles this year playing with one arm. You think we would have seen Channing Crowder out there doing that? Not a chance.

Dansby was gone next year, anyways, Ireland/Philbin just moved it up a year. Dansby knew this would get him at some point, maybe not this year. We'll see if Ireland got it right or not.


You finally come out of hiding. how long has it been. Well you are always here. Isn't it a bit early to tap into submission?


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Really? A Jesus discussion? Can't just discuss remaining free agents or draft prospects?

Not the place gentlemen and frankly what's the point?

If you do your research on them (and I mean actually spend some time on them), the knock on them is they struggle covering TEs, EXACTLY what you complained about with Dansby and Burnett. Don't take my word for it. Go and research it. They were actually ranked worse than out two.

Posted by: Craig M | March 18, 2013 at 11:13 AM

Thats comical because only you & Omar Kelly are saying they cant cover TEs.

Post a source to back up your claim. Youve been wrong so often, only a dope would trust what you say.

You 2 are the only ones distraught by their release for younger, more athletic & cheaper players.

And that's why you build a team around a QUARTERBACK, before you choose ANYONE ELSE. Or else you stay insignificant. Any questions?

Posted by: DC Dolfan | March 18, 2013 at 08:41 AM

Not totally in disagreement but wouldn't it also depend on it you felt that QB's available had a first round grade? Honestly, at that time I wasn't convinced Matt Ryan was going to be worth a damn myself. He did average 1.5 INTs/game so I thought Long was the better first rd pick, not to mention we got Henne in the 2nd.
At the end of the day, we picked signed a LT to a 5yr, 60 million deal who only completed 3 of his 5 years fully and yet he didn't want to take a payout. That mentality explains why we only had 1 winning season while he was here. Too many players trying to get by with doing 'just enough' and not giving their all to this team.


The two new LBs are good in coverage, thats why they were brought in. They also create these things called turnovers. Not sure our defense has heard of them.

Actually Fed Up, I've read that in more than one place. Go do the work. I'm not doing it for you. Take a look at where they were ranked last year. Come back and tell me what you find.

Jesus left, I Mean Jake Long Left.

So we have to have a Jesus discussion.

That's something I don't agree with, I picked 7-9 last year, wrote it right in here when we were all picking records in August. My reasoning was we really didn't lose anyone from the 6-10 team except Colombo which was a good thing. We had a good draft and I had faith Philbin and Sherman were much smarter than Sparano and Daboll.

I never understood why anyone in here thought the players would get worse in the offseason. Must have thought the coach was an idiot? I still don't get it.


You don't consider losing Marshall and Davis as significant losses?

In 3 Days Ireland will come out of the desert with A Better Option On The O-Line.

What Is Joe Philbin Doing At The Owners Meeting?

I Understand Ireland And Dawn, But Joe?

He Must Really Be Involved.

Mike Sherman Must Be Running head quarters. Reason Jake Couldn't Make In The Building Saturday.

I'm better at life than you.

Posted by: Dashi | March 18, 2013 at 11:26 AM

Dashi, that was hysterical when Sherman said that. He has a big mouth, but he backs it up. Wish he was our CB.

Actually Fed Up, I've read that in more than one place. Go do the work. I'm not doing it for you. Take a look at where they were ranked last year. Come back and tell me what you find.

Posted by: Craig M | March 18, 2013 at 11:31 AM

Blah Blah Blah, just more of the same from you.

You're the one making the claim theyre inferior in coverage. NOT ME!


Dashi, where is this Warehouse full of strippers you speak of and hypothetically if someone wanted tof ind it ... where would they go??

MIT...Spot on posts about Matt Ryan vs Jake Long debate and about loyalty not meaning much to a certain recently departed LT.He could take a lesson from Paul Solai or Jason Taylor in that department.

The reason I am calling for Long to be replaced quickly is because Ireland needs to understand PACE is important in Free Agency. Yes, he moved quickly to nab the first couple of players...that was great.

I simply worry that they will lose the remaining starting caliber tackles to other teams. I think they should step up to their 'plan B' candidate and let them know they are wanted. I don't want Ireland to come across as not really caring and trying to show confidence. That was a fine play with Long who had injury issues. I just don't see that tactic helping now.

Here's a definite. At some point next year the Rams will be paying a guy a portion of 9million to warm their bench. How can some be mad about over spending for a guy who produced 32 tds in 4 years yet want to over spend for a broken down player who has produced zero tds ever? I can't wait until we easily replace Jake Long while also saving millions so we can solve this debate once and for all.

Hey Fed Up,

Whatever pal....I'm telling you what I've read from more than one source.

'Back it up or shut it up'? Yeah Ok pal....nice talking!

Jake did not fit the Philbin mold of a quick, complex-scheme blocker anyway.

I don't think he liked South Florida and was going to leave anyway.

Time to remove that last Parcels era piece and fully embrace the Philbin era!

Actually Fed Up, I've read that in more than one place.

Posted by: Craig M | March 18, 2013 at 11:31 AM

SHHHUUUUUURRREEEE you have. That must explain why you won't list any of them.

Guys, Did anyone catch Odinstanks 5 Hour tempertantrum from 1am till 6am this morning?
I just wish thr retirement home that Odinstank occupys PLEASE,PLEASE turn off the inter-net after 11pm.

It will be interesing to see how Jonathan Martin pans out at left tackle.He was highly regarded as one coming out of college.

Warehouses... Plural Mark.

Hartline Showed Him A Good Time, Wallace Wanted To Come To South Beach.

Jake Needed To Go Back Home.

We Need Linemen. Ireland Needs To Go Out And Sign A 2-3 Guys To 2 Year Deals. Mckinnie And Winston. A Good Rotation Of J.Martin, Mckinnie, And Winston With A Couple Of Young Guards Thru The Draft.


I noticed you didn't respond to my post to you above. You off Marshall and Davis as losses from the year before. With a rookie QB, a new HC and brand new coaches, plus losing those two, you can't see why people woould have expected us to slide backwards last year?

Dont know the liklihood of it but WHEN the jets fire Rex i hope he becomes our defensive coordinator. -

...The Ole Jake Long V Matt Ryan debate...It is almost as awesome as ripping on Chad Henne..Oh how I miss those days.

In hindsight makes this debate not worth having. Of course today.. Matt Ryan. Long is gone, so what good is he here now? But let me ask you guys this. Would you be comfortable taking Geno Smith over one of the tackles this year? Or better, because I'm sure some of you will say yes just to make your point. Will any team take Smith before a tackle this year?

Remember the point being made by some is that you should always take the quarterback first..

Yeah when you have the side of time to reflect you do. Ryan wasn't even the slam dunk first quarterback. Remember Brian Brohm??? 2008 was similar to this year where a left tackle is rated higher then any of the quarterbacks..

So of course we screwed the pick..We screwed our fist round picks the next year, and the next year..And even though Pouncey is a good player..Who takes a center in the first round?? So history has told us the Parcells era firt round picks have sort of stunk. But at the time. Jake Long was the right pick. I have no doubt in my mind.

Craig Wont back up his ridiculous claims M,

Heres one to prove your full of ****.



While I'm at it, here's one on BOTH



"Both new players were more productive pass-rushers and allowed fewer yards per completion in 2012 than the players that preceded them."

Where are you links big mouth? You are Omar Kelly are just sour grapes!


Any one on here calling Ross cheap should be removed. The moves this off season are the best we have seen in years.

Any one on here calling Ross cheap should be removed. The moves this off season are the best we have seen in years.

Jonathan Martin = giving up 2 sacks a game from a team with good pass rush.
Team with no pass rush, he will do just fine.

1) DJ Fluker would be the top RT prospect available in the draft. We can pick him in the first round (probably after a trade-down), although he looks a bit slow -even for the RT spot- and could have problems with faster rushers in the NFL unless he keeps losing weight and getting faster.

2) Vollmer is a better rounded pass-rotector than DJ Fluker right now, no doubt about it.

3) If Dolphins want a new LT they would have to trade-up... or pick an enigmatic alternative who goes by the name of Terron Armstead. And this is the point when our possibilities become interesting and complex.

4) This guy is not just fast, he is the fastest EVER. Speed-rushers WILL have a problem every time they face him, although he needs to improve his technique and gain a bit of lean mass in his lower body to avoid being bull-rushed back. He also lacks any college experience against serious rivals.

5) Dolphins can also draft Menelik Watson at 2nd round to have a competition between he and J. Martin for the starting LT spot. Loser plays RT.

do you think this all comes down to the guant. $$$
Long may very well know he may never see the end of this contract,
one final payday

Ireland Can Now Tell Any Free Agent Linemen. 1-2year. $6mil A Year Max.

Sign 2 Linemen To $4.5 Mil A Year Contracts. Fix The Whole Line!! Not Just 1 Spot!!

Come on Craig! Here are the links that REFUTE our new players being bad in coverage as you & Omar say.



Please provide me 1 source of the many you read. Just one! COME ON! BACK UP YOUR CLAIM!

BS artists usually dont!

Sad to see him go but I am happy the dolphins attempted (with a solid value i add) to resign Jake for a price I agreed with. Martin didn't look great last year so I would draft someone (trade up?) and add a vet. Jake I hope you enjoy your new team, and I hope nothing but the best for you.

Well, Long went with he money so be it. I wish him the best. I'm not sure if we go with Winston, Volmer or neither. Winston is big and is Miami boy but seems to have some issues in the locker room. Volmer would weaken NE but has had injury issues. Both would involve moving and trusting Martin. Almost rather draft one of the big guys and use the money on Osi, Dumervil and/or veteran QB. Let's see what plan B is.


And or veteran CB not QB what I meant

Fed Up,

Yeah that's a great link you sent. Doesn't take you anywhere....well done!

I didn't say anything about pass rush or yards per completion, I said the knock on them is 'they've struggled in TE coverage'. Why are you arguing something that I didn't say?

No craig I recognized the impact but other moves made those moves a non factor imo. I weighed the pros and cons.

Also if you know me a little from my posts I am a HUGE believer in high character players who are leaders and not divisive figures in the locker room. One or two of those guys is all a team can handle in any given season and the Dolphins had far too many. Marshall and Vontae were the wring leaders. Vontae being the perfect example of a player who thinks he doesn't have to work because he has natural ability and Marshall dividing the team by yelling at coaches and players when things weren't going well.

There is NO room on any team I would run for these types of players. I was happy when they left and didn't think it would have much bearing on things. Two things, i picked 7-9 before vontae left, that happened in season and I NEVER liked Marshall.

I hated that move from day one. I was in here all the time screaming no before they did it, the suggestion even scared me. I watched what he did in Denver when he wasn't happy and it was pathetic. I was pretty sure Miami wasn't going to be any better for him.

If they can fit in both Eric Winston and Bryant McKinnie for $8 mill, let's get both Hurricanes

Garner resigning with miami

Craig, this Ellerbe can't cover TE stuff is bull shizzle. I don't know if you are just pickign this up or is it what you saw in the playoffs but the guy was playing two ILB positions last year for the Ravens because LEwis stunk. Nobody wants to say it but he did. he is a blur that goes sideline to sideline. Dude has 4/6 speed and plays with his hair on fire.

The fact Long went for guranteed money pretty much tells you that he needed to protect himself because he is not sure how healthy he can stay. For the bashers who think the Fins should have signed Long, get a clue! The rest of the fans are thankful you sit behind a computer and not somewhere in the Dolphins organization. You also haven't noticed the cleansing of past coaches selections as well as Parcell's selections. This team is going in a new direction with as many new players as possible. No one knows whether it work or not, but it hasn't with the past players. Before all the bashing starts, lets saw how Long pan's out this year. My take is he will play a max of 11 games.

Fed Up,

AGAIN your links don't take you anywhere....you're good at this!!

And try reading....I said I read more than once that they struggle in TE coverage. So you saying guys made that up? That they weren't ranked worse in TE coverage?

Dashi Is Still Of The Consensus That Ireland Should Not Go Line With The #12 Pick!!


Are All Names Dashi Would Love To Hear With The #12 Pick. Even A DE. But Please No O-Line In The First!! Ireland Can Go Ireland In The 2nd And 3rd!! But 1St Round Pick Should Be A Guy That Has An Impact!!

E.Lacy Has An Impact.

The Fins Can Actually Trade Down To Get More Picks.


I read it more than once over the last few days. That's all I got man. I didn't make it up and don't claim to know that. Just telling you what I read.

Omar was in fact one of the places I read that. Why would he make that up?

Posted by: Craig M | March 18, 2013 at 12:02 PM

Its not my fault your Commodore 64 can't open it.

I even posted the text from it for you AND YOU PRETEND TO NOT UNDERSTAND IT! DONT PLAY DUMB!

How did they struggle in TE coverage if their yards per completion was FEWER than their predecessors?

Do you NOT know how to read?



I gave you 2 to prove your F.O.S. You have provided NONE. Case Closed!

Before flapping your gums and wasting everyones time be prepared for people to call you on your BS! It might cut down on the garbage you post.

4 years in Long and with that money gauranteed, Good luck St Louis LMAO

Sounds like a broken interest plan to me.

And Fed Up,

How am I a bullsh*t artist for reporting what I read? Cause it doesn't jive with what your saying? In what world?

#12 For D.Revision. But He Would Have To Sign A Reasonable Contract.

In regards to Matt Ryan, that's minor compared to passing on Arron Rodgers.

Fed Up,

Let's see.....angry guy. Where have we seen that before?

You gave me nothing son....you gave me links that go NOWHERE. Bullsh*t that you made up.

I know what I read. Have a good day angry man....I'm done with you. You can't even read what I'm saying. You're talking about pass rush and completion yards. That's not what I said. But I can see you're too dumb to realize that.

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