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Long leaves St. Louis, Dolphins 'encouraged'

Jake Long may still join the St. Louis Rams someday. But probably not today.

After three days of dining and meeting and poking and prodding and, yes, negotiating, Long left the Rams facility earlier without a contract from that team. That is a blow of sorts for Long who expected he'd have a deal with the team once his medical exam checked out.

It's also a blow for the Rams who wanted Long as their blindside protector of quarterback Sam Bradford.

The Rams did offer Long a contract, according to a league source. But it wasn't for the terms the Long camp want.

Meanwhile, as I've been reporting for days including today the Dolphins continue to want Jake Long back in the fold. They have continued to try to get him back throughout this process.

Now, keep yourself from making the leap that Long leaving St. Louis without a deal and Miami pushing for a deal means it is a certainty Long will return to the Dolphins. A league source told me today Long has multiple teams interested in him and that he is willing to explore those interests.

But, on the other hand, I'm told the Dolphins are very encouraged by today's happenings. The last time the Dolphins told me they felt things were looking good was earlier today and then the club agreed to a deal with TE Dustin Keller.

A reminder: The Dolphins have a Plan B if Long bolts, I am told.

But it is not correct to believe the Dolphins cannot continue to do other work while Long hangs in the balance. The team obviously already disproved this by getting Keller. The Dolphins are also hosting wide receiver Brandon Gibson and want to get him signed as well at the right price.

Free agency has not stopped because of Jake Long. 


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Pete frm the last blog....

you got methinkin...so I went and looked up some more infoon he Steelers Wide outs....

Looks like sanders lost his job to Anonio Brown..a 6th rd pick for the Steelers...and th guy who mad Wallace expendable..

Man do those steeler draft....the must b extremely dissapointed in Sanders..altho I wil say....I do remember a time or two when I would see him on Highlight shows...

He must have gotten himslf in the dg house...

Daryl D....

GIBSON could be that 2nd tier WR I have been asking for....

Ireland gets this done....and he has landed everything on my wish list....

Will have have truly earned my respect for him as a capable GM and steward of the FINS....

HEY GUY that told Ireland to "fire himself"....

Go eff yourself...is what I would say if Ireland gets this done....

and we get Long back @ fire sale price....BONUS.....

i know he is a great leader, but do we really want him back? watch the link below


Incidentally, i blame his downslide on tony sparano leaving him that exhibition game where he hurt his knee. hasn’t been the same since...

Armando - whether I agree with you all the time or not, your sources are always spot on and you get your facts straight ! I tip my Fedora to you and wish you a wonderful weekend.

Just curious - do you consider yourself a "dolfan' ?


If we sign Gibson then there will be no WR drafted in the draft. Think OLs, TEs, DBs and LBs.
If we sign Gibson and release Bess I might blow my stack. But we would then Draft a WR.

It's clear Long is not as valuable as he thought. Time for him to swollow his pride and come back on the cheap.

The rams are desperate for a LT & wouldn't meet Jake's demands. I don't see other teams doing it either.

If he hadn't been banged up 3 years in a row he chould legitimately ask for what he wants. Right now, he's kidding himself holding out for more.

The big spenders are gone Jake. The teams left are looking for bargains. Take what you can get before it's too late.

Long's attitude is getting on my nerves (at least how its being portrayed). The guy seems arrogant. Yes, you WERE one of the best OL. WERE. Not any more my friend. By a long shot (check your stats last year).

Agree NJFINS...

Sporano....the gift that keeps on giving...

Interested in Gibson for the right price: four years of ok-good production on a really poor team.

Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Bess, Keller, Miller plus whatever we get in the draft.

Is that better than what the Patriots have?

Gronkowski, Hernandez, Lloyd, Amendola, Veeren, Ridely.

Or the Broncos?

Thomas, Decker, Welker, Dreessen, Tamme, McGahee.

Possibly not but its a damn sight better than last year.

Could we be looking at a 2009 repeat. 2 CBs in the draft? Hope it works out better than it did then.

Antonio brown made Wallace expendable? You gotta be kidding!

The lack of cap space made Wallace expendable.

Jackie Long must be getting in JL head. "Oh babe your the best and should get whatever money." STFU beeatch your man has sucked the last coule of years

I wish miami wouldve explored more of a trade scenario with baltimore for pitta tho!!!

If Dolphins win this year, the hashtag "Fireland" will disappear fast. Must say Jeff has done a good job during FA so far.

DO NOT drink the Gibson Kool-Aid

4 year career.
Gibson: Rec 171 YDS 2090 TDs 9 FD 127
First 4 years (5 year career)
Bess: Rec 260 YDS 2669 TDs 11 FD 145.

If we are signing Gibson in addition to keeping Bess then, okay, don't really see the point but okay.

Sign Gibson and release Bess - Retarded.

NO ONE is going to pay him the 11+ mil he was demanding. I would call it a huge failure to leave St Louis without a deal after that intensive marathon physical. He was supposed to be the top LT in FA market and there's no way the Rams didn't know he wanted that much money up front.

So Either they had no intention of paying him his salary demands from the start (which is awfully deceptive) OR they didn't like him or the physical. In either case a disaster for Jake.


Yes, rhe Steelers have drafted well at WR - Brown, Wallace and Sanders, if he contianues to improve.

I've taken a look at WRs in the last 6 drafts and there are always WRs taken after the 3nd rd who succeed and their are always 1st and 2nd rounders (particularly 2nd rd) who fail.

Their's something to be said for drafting WRs late and taking proven WRs in FA for the right price.

Hope we're not holding of on Winston at RT waiting for Long.

Would be poetic justice if Long doesnt sign with the Rams. Ala Fisher to Miami. Even if Long doesnt return to us.

Egg in the face for Fisher for sure.

"But it is not correct to believe the Dolphins cannot continue to do other work while Long hangs in the balance. The team obviously already disproved this by getting Keller. The Dolphins are also hosting wide receiver Brandon Gibson and want to get him signed as well at the right price.
Free agency has not stopped because of Jake Long"

All the bridge jumpers here should have this tattoed to their faces.

There is a load of cap space available ...

Other teams interested?? Eagles?? After he spent an entire day being medically probed by the Rams, I can't imagine other teams wanting to jump on the bandwagon and thinking of offering him a lot. This guy is turning into an embarrassment. He was way overpaid while injured and still believes he is all that. He may not have delayed some Dolphin decisions, even though I find that hard to believe, but he has certainly messed up the market for guys like Winston and Volmer. They wont be sending him X Mas cards this holiday, that's for sure.


Statwise, Gibson doesnt seem a big upgrade to Bess, but he is slightly faster and a bigger target for Tannehill.

Who hijacked Kris account @ 2:34???

Kris acting as Ireland's blog muscle and Craig reecently acting as Ireland's biggest detractor???

Freaking bizarro Dolphins in Depth this month ....


Doesnt matter what Long does. Ireland still holds all of the cards. The embarrassment to Long may be that Ireland hasnt promised him he'll be the starter at LT this season.

The ego hit for Long could possibly be starting RT in 2013 instead of LT. That may be a very tough pill for Long to swallow.

I know Mark....right....lol.....

who'd have thunk it....

DC Dolphan, maybe a repeat of 2009 but gut feeling tells me the Fins will be signing a few CBs before FA is over. Luckily for us, Revis has totally tied up the market right now. Till he gets traded, or not, it is hard to set market price for these guys. Still believe the Fins enter the draft without major holes to fill

Hey Jake no state income tax and no moving expense. Take the fins offer if just for a couple of years.


I will take production on the field over a slight difference in measurables any day of the week. Bess is a BALLA! Gibson is greener grass that isnt greener! So I will take a guy that runs great routes, has amazing hands and is a Fisrt Down MACHINE chain mover who can also field punt returns over a guy that is less productive but "slightly bigger and quicker."

Even if Long returns, there will probably be a LT camp battle between he and Martin. Loser gets to play RT.

Also, the more I think about, making Warmack the #12 pick might not be such a bad idea. Now that we have Wallace it will make it much easier to run.

Lamar Miller has Reggie Bush type homerun speed if we can consistently get him into the 2nd level. The Wallace addition and adding Warmack would be huge towards accomplishing this.

Then when the safety begans to cheat up. Blow the top off of the defense with Wallace. ALa Paul Warfield.

I think these PHINS need to not get trapped falling into the FA rabbit hole!


Any news on Tony McDaniel???

I like McDaniel, I think its valued Depth to keep him.


Also, remember, its not a given Gibson is brought in to replace Bess. Only blog guesstimations. He could be brought in to upgrade the wr corps as a whole.

YG, I agree with you there but there has to be some concern with the Fins if they have to go to plan "B". Plan "B" always causes an inconvience, even if small, compared to Plan A. I love hat Ireland is doing, just concerned this may throw things off a bit


its like DC said earlier....

Ireland has set himself up to be BLAME FREE this season imo....

Philbin/Sherman/Croyle....the SPOT LIGHT is now on you....

Sure Ireland has some work to do..its not sept. whatever yet....but he is setting the table nicely....

This has been a great offseason so far no matter what happens with Jake. Very happy with the job Mr. Ireland has done to this point.

That's not say Ireland doesn't need to draft very well. We have a few holes to fill and need a lot of quality guys with potential.

Let's not get all slaphappy for Ireland yet. Don't forget the draft is yet to come, which still scares the snot out of me based on previous draft failures
(and don't spew the parcells mullarkey).
That being said, I bought 4 season tickets this week, after a 3 year break, so I am happy with his work so far.


I see no fa rabbit hole. All signings sio far are upgrades to what was presently on the roster, in addition to our own fa's that Ireland thought was important to keep.

I see no fat. I see no Albert Hayneworths signed.

As long as Gibson isnt replacing Bess then I am GOOD!!

I would love to see Jake Long back. He has been a good left tackle and taken several injuries for the team. If he still wants to play for Miami then I would love to see him at left tackle for another 5-7years. His presence makes the team better.

Warmack at 12??? BWhhaaa no guards go in the top 10 you faggets are pathetic


remember when you thought that Ireland would be quite as a church mouse in FA...and sighn ack most of the GARBAGE players that brought us/HIM...4 consecutive losing season's....lol....those were some well written...long winded post....

good times...good read....old friend....


What, exactly, is Long doing that is so different from countless other fee agents over the years?

He's looking for the best deal for himself, is he not? How many of you would not do EXACTLY the same thing?


Save the vitriol and the juvenile comments about his wife or whatever. And along with that, please stop pretending that you know what contract terms or amounts are being discussed. You don't.

I hope Long returns at a fair price. But I certainly don't fault him for doing what nearly anyone else would do in the same situation.

The animosity towards him is truly bizarre.


If plan b is Winston, thats not a bad idea. Winston hasnt missed a game in like 4-5yrs, or something like that I read.

No matter which direction we go, I can see a helluva potent offensive attack with a guy like Warmack if available. The Wallace addition alone opens up potential in both the run and pass game.

Warmack helps open up inside running lanes to spring Lamar Miller into the 2nd level. Once inthe 2nd level, Miller has the speed to take it to the house.

Agree Mark...

Nothing wrong with him comming back....especially since the price should come down considerably....


Mark Colombo is plan B, if Ireland fails to sign Long.

a little perspective, STFU u chicken s*it, hiding behind a fake name

He got paid big time and owes the team and the South Beach community. If the deal is close, he needs to come back to the team that made him a very rich man and not go play for the coach who dissed his team last season about this time.

Mando, what about CB?

Please, Jake Long, just go sign somewhere else.

Posted by: NADER | March 15, 2013 at 03:08 PM

I made several posts alluding to this several weeks ago. Ireland's in cleanup mode over what happened the first 4yrs.

2012's easily the best overall draft since the day of JJ. Problem with JJis that he couldnt do as well on the offensive side of the ball.

I agree we are not in the Rabbit hole, just saying I hope Ireland knows when stop. Everyone should know FA is not teh answer, sure is fun though and I like the moves thus far.

Mark in Toronto....

You got me thinking....

Team suck...Ireland brings in Acorns.....Craig M defends EVERY no name signing...and EVERY horrible Henne pass as if his life depended on it....

FA opens March 12...Ireland has been going YARD with almost every signing...and CRAIG M...is NOWHERE to be found...

what gives...

is this guy a closet jets fan that was happy to see us down in the dumps....

i'm just saying....

Oh, well then I guess Ellerbe also 'owes' the Ravens since they were eager to resign him and have him replace their most legendary player.

And didn't the Patriots make Wes Welker wealthy and famous? He should rip up that Denver contract immediately. The shame.

Not to sound like a Butthole, but does Jake Long owe any of us anything? He's trying to get paid!. My only problem is he hasnt done local interviews (I live in NC, but he should communicate with his local fanbase)


In no way dos the athlete owe anything to anybody. From grade school to college its very hard work preparing to become a professional athlete. Much, much, sacrice. They deserve everything that their performance level says they can get once hitting the professional level.

Comng out of college, Jake Long'performance level said that he could 5yrs 55 million dollars. However, sometimes sht does happen. So he owes no one. Not the fans, not the community. In which Im sure he has already heavily invested into his surrounding community with charitable contributions.

Hopefully Jake Resigns In The Next Couple Days.

Ireland Is Bringing In 1 More Wr, at the right Price. Great!! (4WR)

What about A CB? Or 2? Swap Up Like With The LB's.

Good To Know Ireland Is Looking To Sign Jake Or Someone Of Equal Value. Sure Up The O-Line.

My Pick Would Be Volmer. Just To Stick It To Belichek.

Or Bring In McKinnie And Winston as A Packaged Deal. Sign Them Both To 1 Year Contracts. Teams Always Need 3 Good Tackles.

Posted by: bidniss | March 15, 2013 at 03:14 PM

Fa is also about adding quality depth. There really arent anymore big name high profileleft out there to be had. Just 2nd tier starters and possibly quality depth.

There really arent any big payday players left to be had. Not unless a gm is crazy enough to overpay for them.

Jake has better playoff chances with Jeff Fisher and the Rams.

Or Bring In McKinnie And Winston as A Packaged Deal. Sign Them Both To 1 Year Contracts. Teams Always Need 3 Good Tackles.

Posted by: Dashi | March 15, 2013 at 03:20 PM

I kind of like this idea dashi, if it can be done cheaply enough. Both are upgrades over Nate Garner.

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