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Long leaves St. Louis, Dolphins 'encouraged'

Jake Long may still join the St. Louis Rams someday. But probably not today.

After three days of dining and meeting and poking and prodding and, yes, negotiating, Long left the Rams facility earlier without a contract from that team. That is a blow of sorts for Long who expected he'd have a deal with the team once his medical exam checked out.

It's also a blow for the Rams who wanted Long as their blindside protector of quarterback Sam Bradford.

The Rams did offer Long a contract, according to a league source. But it wasn't for the terms the Long camp want.

Meanwhile, as I've been reporting for days including today the Dolphins continue to want Jake Long back in the fold. They have continued to try to get him back throughout this process.

Now, keep yourself from making the leap that Long leaving St. Louis without a deal and Miami pushing for a deal means it is a certainty Long will return to the Dolphins. A league source told me today Long has multiple teams interested in him and that he is willing to explore those interests.

But, on the other hand, I'm told the Dolphins are very encouraged by today's happenings. The last time the Dolphins told me they felt things were looking good was earlier today and then the club agreed to a deal with TE Dustin Keller.

A reminder: The Dolphins have a Plan B if Long bolts, I am told.

But it is not correct to believe the Dolphins cannot continue to do other work while Long hangs in the balance. The team obviously already disproved this by getting Keller. The Dolphins are also hosting wide receiver Brandon Gibson and want to get him signed as well at the right price.

Free agency has not stopped because of Jake Long. 


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Garner was beaten like a drum the last Pat game.

Do teams have to say if a free agent fails a physical? Or do they just say a deal could not be reached so that the player has a chance to sign somewhere else?

That is why I really liked the Clemmons signing. If we find a stud at safety then we have a very capable starter quality back up.

Winston is a bust!!! FOR HIRELAND!!! Grteat job Jeff! Keep it up! We ARE behind you! Philbin is legit, Tannehill legit, FA's legit, Dolphins now legit! 9-11 wins and a wildcard berth. Get your season tix!!! I'm flying out from Cali to live there for the season!! Can't wait!

good times...good read....old friend....


Posted by: Kris | March 15, 2013 at 03:06 PM

Funniest post of the Day!

Jake has better playoff chances with Jeff Fisher and the Rams.

Posted by: mike | March 15, 2013 at 03:24 PM

Yeah, right. Mr. Perrenial 8-8 Jeff Fisher. ROTFLMAO...

Keller is not 30 nor will he be 30 when the season starts. Come back when you want to argue facts and you know what you are talking about

Just got back from my Violation of Probation hearing, and I see, as I predicted yesterday, that despite being flamed by Trolls, I was right and Keller has signed!

Told Ya So, you know-it-all Nancy Boy!

That is why I really liked the Clemmons signing. If we find a stud at safety then we have a very capable starter quality back up.

Posted by: bidniss | March 15, 2013 at 03:26 PM

I love the fact its only a 1yr contract. Places Clemons on urgent notice to shape up or be shipped out. Great contract by Ireland. He isnt fking around.

You know, that's a very good question. WHERE IS CRAIG? Should be here spewing optimism. That's his thing! We got a young QB progressing. HC/OC/DC implementing their systems. New talent. Sounds like a fans' wet dream.

I think Craig is your classic contrarian. Everyone is happy with the events, so Craig will be the voice of reason. Then, when everyone gets down on the team for not producing, Craig's the guy telling you to give them more time. Classic contrarian.


Kris, agreed. Whatever happesn, can't really say Ireland didn't give them the ingredients. Can't remember the last time I said that.

One more CB and OT (fukking jake) and free agency is a complete masterpiece.


Do You Remember What Craig M Said The Dolphins Record will be Last Season?

Craig Is An Undercover Bills Fan.

Craig has Admitted To Not Watching The Game And Still Talk About What He Saw!!

Reminds Me Of Oscar. Oscar Has Black And White 1972 ReRuns Playing In His Head All Day!! 2 TE's!! Power Football!!

Nevermind Usually Threw Out Of The Shotgun The Majority Of The Time!! And The WR Saw More Passes Than The TE's 3 to 1!!

The TE's Catches The Ball About The Same Amount As The RB's!!The RB's Catch More If You Add Lane's Touches As A RB.

So By Default The TE Was The 4th Option On Most Plays Last Year!! And That Was Without Any Wr's! And The RB's Staying In To Block!! Because Of Sloppy OG Play.

Let's not forget either that before the injury Jake was struggling a lot to contain the edge. When you look at his numbers and how he ranks out among other tackles in the league it confirms what we've seen the last 2 years. He's not close to what he was and no one knows if he ever will be again.

Honestly, I am not sure I want the guy back. I'm torn but also a little ticked with his poor me I'm offended act.

Clemons 1yr contract could also be setting up a Cyprien draft. I think Ireland likes the kid from FIU.

Clemons contract looks like a 1st yr Cyprien insurance policy. Cyprien's probably Clemons replacement.

Craig M must be depressed over losing 7 starters. It sucks.

hahaha @ 3:06

Nevermind T-Hill Threw Out of The Shotgun


Jake Long isnt ttal crap. He just didnt seem to be the same franchise Jake Long we were used to. Jake Long as is, is much better than half the starting LT's in this league.

So he would be valuable to have back, but at bottom top top 10 money at the most. But my value on Jake Long would be about top 15-10 type money. Or 8-9 million a year range.

Craig Is In His Little Special Place Saying Good Bye To His Dansby Jersey!!

He's Hoping Dansby Signs With The Bills. Seen Him On Profootball Posting as Craig W.

Said He Is Done With Football! Craig Has Become A Raptors Fan!!

Kris, yeah, I I'm taken aback regarding Craig's stance. He keeps saying it's not the moves he would make?

there were no other WR or TEs available that were as productive as Wallace and Keller and we got BOTH! Shored up our biggest weaknesses and at the same time hurt conference opponents (not to mention making Ozzie look like a retard which I don't think anyone would ever think Ireland could do).

This offseason has already been Manna from heaven and we are only into day 4. One or two more moves then everything is cake ...

Based on what I see so far:

1. CB
2. TE
2. FS

Our 1st 3 draft picks.

So I guess they voted against any handouts for the stadium for the 4.4 BILLION DOLLAR MAN!

If Warmack or Lane Johnson is available, the 1st pick could also be OG or OT.

Dumervil just reworked his contract with Denver

YG @3:38 Agreed.

$8-9 Mil For 3 Years Guaranteed, and Give Him 2 More Years So It Looks Bigger. 5yr/$45Mil. $22 Guaranteed.

The Rams Don't Have The Money.

And Ireland Will Probably Sign A Couple Veterans To 1 Year Deals If Jake Doesn't Sign.

But A Good Complete O-Line Is A Must If T-Hill Is Going To Be Throwing The Ball Around Like If He Was Dan Marino.

YG, Bleacher Report does a decent job of ranking the left tackles in the league. Out of 35 LTs, Jacke rated 23. I've seen other's rated Jake as high as 15. Based on last years play. I don't know if Jake is actually top 10 anymore.

Craig Still Has The Fins Going 4-12.

And He Calls Himself A Homer.

Dashi, I know you're not dissing my Raptors!!!

By the way, anyone know of any team willing to take on a 7 foot Italian former #1 pick that doesn't rebound or play defense? He used to be a good shooter but doesn't do that so well anymore. All reasonable offers considered ...

I really like the idea of drafting Warmack at #12. But turning Long into a RT??? I have never thought about it before. Could be exactly what he needs to revamp his elite status. He seems to care more about money, but I hope he is brave enough to try.



Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 15, 2013 at 03:46 PM

Exactly why I say bottom top 10 is overpaying for Jake. 8-9 million a year should be about right.

How I think the draft goes down??


There is a basketball team in Toronto?? When that happen?? Go Heat!!

Are you sure free agency hasn't stopped because some people in here yesterday certainly were acting as if it had.

Dusssttinnn Kellererrrr. Not a tier one te but a great pass catcher and decent enough as a run blocker. The Jets had a pretty damned good running game the two years they went to the Chapionship, Keller blocked fine.

Now go get me Eric Winston and I'm done and happy as hell! Then grab me Ertz in the draft and trade up for Miliner!!!!!! If anyone is willing

I think Craig is your classic contrarian.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | March 15, 2013 at 03:30 PM

Contrarian / a*shole...Same thing.

If Jake Long resigns, it should also be based on a training camp competition with Martin for starting LT. Loser plays RT.

Winston and or Cason

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 15, 2013 at 03:50 PM

20-0 soon to be 21-0. Go Heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sign Winston, move Martin to the left, and then tell Jake no thank you. How much does his camp want? Are they still crazy enough to be over ten million a year?

"Free agency has not stopped because of Jake Long"

All the bridge jumpers here should have this tattoed to their faces.

There is a load of cap space available ...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 15, 2013 at 02:47 PM

ROTFLMAO - I know this guy that lives in an apartment up above the Salvation Army. He'll "Tat Em Up" for CHEAP-LOL!

Right now if Jake re signs and the Fins pick up Grimes and/or Woodson, my excitement about this season will be a 10+

You guys had better watch it,

CraigM will be here later attacking everyone who said anything negative about him.

That, or he'll just claim I hijacked all of your screen names. LOL...

Sign Nnandi Asomaugh and trade our number 1 for Revis. That would make my day. It was only a year ago Nnandi was considered the best CB in the leauge, a change of scenary would do him good

Dashi,,,,please tell me that is a joke. Please tell me Craig M. did NOT say he was done with football because of the moves the Phins are making.

Was that a joke?!!!

YG I totaly agree on the draft order there. And they will probably take another corner in the 3rd or 4th.

I know most would hate it but I think we should go OL heavy in the draft. Possibly aquiring Cogs replacement, Longs replacement and Jerrys replacement.

I'm encouraged by buttermilk.

Posted by: Phins78 | March 15, 2013 at 03:53 PM

We ould still give Jake 10 million, but have it kick in the 3rd year and graduate it up each year after that. Then that way if his play is still declining he immediately becomes a cap casualty.

But the 1st year or two, he has to play at 8-9 million a year.

Quit making me say these things but I guess I'll be the one to say it. It's all so easy until Jake is on IR again at the end of the year for the 3rd year in a row. Maybe we should do a 1 yr deal with him too?

$8-9 mil per year for a guy who hasn't finished the last 2 years? Are you people f-ing nuts?

These are the kinds of contracts that got Ireland in trouble in the first place!

Look at the tackles that signed. ALL AHEAD OF JAKE! NONE OF THEM GOT THAT AMOUNT. And those were the tier 1 tackles.

Some of you are too afraid to have to shelve your Long jerseys!

Honestly, after watching this FA period, and Jeff Darlington saying the Dolphins Draft plans are intriguing, I don't think any of us have a clue what the Draft plans are. I hope we are the talk of the Draft. I think we gonna see draft picks we never expected

Do you blame Craig for being pi$#ed? He spent the better part of two years defending Ireland and the slow build through the draft approach and in three days Ireland turned him around, stuck a knife in his back, bent him over, AND had his way with him.

Craig had your back Jeffy! You betrayed his trust man. I wouldn't be surprised if Craig hires a plane to fly a banner over the stadium.

I always have liked Long but even I am mystified why we don't just draft the guys replacement at a 3rd of the price at least.


Ask Craig.


Mark, Sorry to hear you are a raptors fan. that 7 footer you are talking about sounds a lot like bosh.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Ireland needs to get a good FA RT this offseason.

Yeah, for 8-9 million a year I pass. I would do a 5-6 million this year, prove you can stay healthy and play like a top 10 again and then more money kicks in 2nd and 3rd years. Same thing YG said but with less up front.

in fairness to JI he has made signings and is looking at signings that will make us better now and that is what was needed to compete for a playoff berth. The draft will be to get a couple of starters and then groom some of the others to play next season and replace some of the 1yr'ers if they don't perform etc. That is good planning from him, but it will also mean players need to remain healthy which is never a sure thing.

I like the direction we are finally heading in, even if NFL network(and others) are happy to critisize. They are all monday morning QB's now who love to tell everyone how things should be done.............after the event!!!!!!

I think if the Rams offered Jake and Jackie 8-9 million, he would have signed. I maybe wrong, but I think Jake is looking at 6 million, which is still a heck of a lot of money.

I hope we are the talk of the Draft. I think we gonna see draft picks we never expected

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 15, 2013 at 04:00 PM

Booby D say it aint so! Oh God now I'm getting scared. Sounds like what happens every year in the draft right? Draft picks no one expects?! Hahaha oh boy, I hope he doesn't try to get too fancy or think he's outsmarting everyone with more acorns. Best player available position of need please.

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