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Long leaves St. Louis, Dolphins 'encouraged'

Jake Long may still join the St. Louis Rams someday. But probably not today.

After three days of dining and meeting and poking and prodding and, yes, negotiating, Long left the Rams facility earlier without a contract from that team. That is a blow of sorts for Long who expected he'd have a deal with the team once his medical exam checked out.

It's also a blow for the Rams who wanted Long as their blindside protector of quarterback Sam Bradford.

The Rams did offer Long a contract, according to a league source. But it wasn't for the terms the Long camp want.

Meanwhile, as I've been reporting for days including today the Dolphins continue to want Jake Long back in the fold. They have continued to try to get him back throughout this process.

Now, keep yourself from making the leap that Long leaving St. Louis without a deal and Miami pushing for a deal means it is a certainty Long will return to the Dolphins. A league source told me today Long has multiple teams interested in him and that he is willing to explore those interests.

But, on the other hand, I'm told the Dolphins are very encouraged by today's happenings. The last time the Dolphins told me they felt things were looking good was earlier today and then the club agreed to a deal with TE Dustin Keller.

A reminder: The Dolphins have a Plan B if Long bolts, I am told.

But it is not correct to believe the Dolphins cannot continue to do other work while Long hangs in the balance. The team obviously already disproved this by getting Keller. The Dolphins are also hosting wide receiver Brandon Gibson and want to get him signed as well at the right price.

Free agency has not stopped because of Jake Long. 


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Posted by: bidniss | March 15, 2013 at 03:57 PM

Actually, only 1 olineman in top 3 picks if we do. Also have to look to the future. You have to view them as 2 olinemen that will actually pan out. Have to view what your salary cap will look like when both become fa's.

Olinemen are fairly expensive on the open market. As a gm, I really wouldnt want to be on the hook to resign 2 very expensive olineman in their fa years. So, I would want to bring in my quality olinemen at least a year apart.

You never know what your cap space may look like when they become fa's. But I would be game for trying to draft quality depth at the oline postion 4th-6th rd.

Funny thing about this even, is that you luck up and draft a gem because you werent looking to draft a starter. Sht sometimes happen this way.

Miss when trying to hit and hit when trying to miss. LOL...

Bobby I'm sorry, that was a typo man.

To the Keller/Fasano comparisons earlier.

There is NO comparison. It's not like Keller can't block. Fasano might be better here, but thats it. Keller can block, but more importantly, in this offense he'll be heavily involved with the Pass Game.

Good Bye to the Old Henning, SpOrano and Parcells philosophy! Thank God!

The great thing about Keller is how opposing DC's will play him. In the past, DC's would simply put a Linebacker on Fasano and call it good. They can't do that with Keller, he'll demand a safety. If not, He and Tannehill will pick D's apart.

The Great thing is Keller simply drawing the safety. Wallace will also draw a safety over the top. This is the key because this is how you force the mismatches.

By tying up the two safeties, Hartline or Miller(or Thomas)will draw the mismatch.

Or more simply put, With the additions of Wallace and the Pass Catching Keller, opposing DC's will be FORCED to "Pick Their Poison".

Ireland's earning his pay!

Could've been a Freudian slip, haven't seen the wife in a week.

bobby, that would depend on your definition of a basketball team. they play more like a woman's volleyball team in longer shorts.




Ricky Williams Little Brother.

Phins78, lol I meant talk of the draft in a "good" way for once. Ireland said he is going to go out and get playmakers, he has stuck to his word. I want to see a Dolphin Draft that will have me up and dancing.

Tackles that have signed & average per year salary:

Bushrod - $7,193,000
Beatty - $7.75
Baker - $6.8
Cherilus - $6.9
Loadholt $6.25

People wanting to give Long $8-9m per should have their heads examined.

I will check it out Dashi, thanks

Reg I was upset by the criticisms but then quickly realized it's no different from any other offseason. When we don't do anything in free agency and try to build through the draft they laughed at us. Now we're doing what everyone else does and they have a problem.

After I thought for a while it dawned on me that most of the people at the NFL network are biased against the Dolphins because they have had their run ins in the past. Sapp and Pioli?! Come on, they can't be counted on to be objective about our team.

And everyone at ESPN is a Patriots, Jets or Giants fan. So of course they don't like the Dolphins moves. Like that idiot Greenberg. Spent 20 minutes of the beginning of his show hating on the Wallace deal. Everyone argued against him and he couldn't budge an inch! Had it been the Jets he would have praised them for getting Sanchez help finally.

Freakin twits.

Dashi, Bosh plays like Kevin Garnett or Charles Barkley compared to the Pasta Man

Posted by: Phins78 | March 15, 2013 at 04:03 PM

Even though I would feel 5-6 million for Jake Long in the 1st year of a contract, still I would at least offer 7 million that 1st year.

5-6 million and you totally piss him off and make him feel hugely disrespected. As gm, making that kind of lowly offer, your plans have to be to draft a replacement 1st rd of the draft.

May as well sign Winston or McKinney right now and be done with it, if your max 1st year offer to Long is 5-6 million. He'll go to Bellichik and sign for that just to piss the fins off. LOL...

The average per year of those 5 guys is $6,978,600 per year. I'm taking 10-15% off that & offer Long an average of about $6.25 per year.

There isn't 1 guy here who can tell me with a stragihtface they'd rather have Long at $8-9 over any of those guys. The only reason would be because he was our #1 pick.

Ireland missed the boat with the OT spot in FA. He could have had a better player for less than what Jake would get.

NICE,NICE,NICE It's a 2 T.E. leauge now double up with Eifert!!!!!

Dumervil contract not filed in time, will be released. Go get him Jeffrey! NOW! He is way better than Bennett and would make our d-line the best in the league! Do your dance Jeffrey, do your dance!

Not only that but everything is dumbed down coming from them. 90% of the people on this blog know more than any of those guys about our Dolphins.

Sapp was praising the Dolphins at first but then didn't like them because they got rid of Burnett and Dansby. Had no clue we saved money, got younger, faster and better at the pass rush AND in coverage!!! DON'T COMMENT ON A TEAM WHEN YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THAT TEAMS NEEDS! I guess I'm still a little upset :)

Polian had our RB position as a top 2 need! WTF are these guys watching. So we all know more about our team than Polian? Holyt crap, why do we even listen to any of them?

Yeah, not sure but Craig hasn't been here in a little while, or we're just missing eachother. Not that important, I hope he hasn't lost faith.

He'll go to Bellichik and sign for that just to piss the fins off. LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 15, 2013 at 04:13 PM

Who cares where he goes? What is the infatuation with having to hold onto him? Let Belly have him & make the mistake.

Long is not worth $8-9 per year. He wasn't worth his ridiculous contract the last 2 years either.

We grossly overpaid him the last 2 years of his deal anyway. Treat him the same way the Pats treated Welker.

Who cares if his feelings get hurt? It's a business. He's made his $$ from us. Let him go get it from some other dumb GM.

Tell ya better at cb than most people think. Get some RUSH! Cornelius Washington D.E. (Georgia)

I don't know LOL, I would think jake should get Beatty money ... Loadholt is strictly a RT, those other guys even healthy aren't as good as the broken down Jake.

Cherilus is a joke. Baker was almost run out of town, Bushrod is decent but jake is more talented. I wouldn't cry if the Dolphins gave Jake the Beatty contract.

Everyone calls Wallace a one trick pony but wasnt Brandon Marshall a one trick pony as well, Marshall didnt blow the top off the defense he was a intermediate route runner who dropped a bunch of TD.

I hope Wallace is a hard worker who doesnt get content just because he got paid. I hope he has the attitude that he wants to be the best WR on the field at any given time. I guess we'll see this season.

What do you guys think about Jonathan Cooper??? Chance Warmack could be gone by #12...

If we are looking for OL quality depth at latter rounds, I really like Hugh Thornton. He would be great value at 4th round or later.

Hey Francis, Regarding your comment about Warmack. You're right guards don't usually go in the top ten. However, 12 isn't in the top ten. Thought I'd clue you in on that just in case hadn't determined it on your own.

**ALL the Pundit, Talking Head, Poosies**, whether on The NFL Net or ESPN are SHAMELESS!

They made FOOLS of themselves this year and exposed their Anti-Miami Agenda in ALL of it's Glory!

They were ALL lined up to "Oooooh" and "Ahhhhhhh" The Teams that signed guys like Wallace, Ellerbe and Keller.

Then Ireland, of all people, just JAMS a Monkey Wrench right up their WahZoo's! Ireland forced them to do an about face and expose their Blowhard, bandwagon riding, bullshyt Con Jobs.........wait for it........wait.........**ON NATIONAL TV**.

(I've had to pinch myself the past 3 mornings and it ain't no Dream-LOL)

ValHalla to YOU Jeff Ireland!!!!

Baker was almost run out of town? By whom?

That must explain the $6.8/year contract? Come on, thats absurd!

The simple fact is this. Other tackles signed before Jake. The market is set. All those other guys haven't been hurt like Jake.

You want to pay Jake based on what he was. Not what he is. He's worth what the market says he is & that's below than the tackles who signed ahead of him.

He's a 2nd tier tackle & should get paid like it.

WOW!! What a brainfart by the Broncos and Elway. Filed Dumervil paperwork 7 minutes to late and had to release him. What a mistake if this guy walks, especially after agreeing to a 4 million dollar pay cut.

Posted by: odinseye | March 15, 2013 at 04:23 PM

Odin please catch up man. There's been an anti-Dolphins media agenda since 17-0 1972-73.

Chris Berman still hasnt forgiven the Dolphins for the way we beat them like a drum during the entire decade of the 70's. LOL...


GO GET HIM JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are my Nubian Princess.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 15, 2013 at 04:25 PM

I really dont think it was a mistake. Elway may have gotten with his capologist and saw the numbers still didnt quite work. So since Dummervil agreed to pay cut, Elway's only out was to send the paperwork in late.

Something in the milk definitely isnt clean with this in my opinion.

Miami doesnt need anymore Wrs in FA. Pick up a young one in the draft and they will be set. They need to resign J. Long then depending on cap space go aftera De or go into the draft and take the best player they can for their needs.


The Broncos screwed the pooch. Time to take a look at Dumervil.

LOL, looks like Dummervil backed out of the paycut by deliberately faxing he paperwork back toBroncos after the deadline. Probably didnt answer the phone on attempts by the Broncos to get him to fax the paperwork to them on time.

Here's Per PFT:

According to Klis, the Broncos received the fax from Dumervil at 2:07 p.m. MT, seven minutes and one second after the Broncos had to pull the trigger to release Dumervil and avoid being on the hook for the full $12 million. The team could still re-sign Dumervil, but there would be different salary cap ramifications because Dumervil’s contract ran beyond the 2013 season.

So a settled situation that looked like another offseason win for the Broncos and John Elway has suddenly turned into a mess. They’ve got no Dumervil and will now have to scramble to find a way to bring him back or convince another free agent pass rusher to join their defense.

Looks like Dummervil backed out by faxing the paperwork back late. ROTFLMAO!

We do have the resources to get Dummervil in under the cap even if we have to trim a little fat to do it. Dumping Patterson or Marshall alone more than gets us comfortably there.

It would be like trading Patterson or Marshall for Elvis Dummervil. A fking coup. LOL...

Sign Dumervil... Sign Long... Pick up Lombardi Trophy!


Signing Dummervil would be like recieving manna from heaven. LOL...

Adam Schefter reports the Dolphins have signed Brandon Gibson

Guess what guy? Just googled Dummervil, he's from:

FKING............ MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SICK'EM JEFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Ireland was doing such a good job why have we NOT been above .500 in the past 2 years!!! Till it was out his job is on the line nothing got done!!! 1 or 2 hits in 2 years is NOT good enough as we all see!!! Get Jake back cheap now that he knows the market is NOT for him!!! Get us another OL, pass rusher & a CB!!! Ireland still sucks!!!

Elvis Dummervil is a Miami native. Mr. Ireland, all you need do is persuade him to come home.

Dmmervil, Wallace, Keller easily makes the Dolphins fa kings. Then we still have 5 of the first 86 draft picks.

Adding Dummervil and andhitting on at least 3 draft picks should easily place us into te playoffs and being a very dangerous team nce we get there.

Gibson a Fin

GET DUMERVIL NOOOOOOOOW!!!!! Draft 3 corners if you have to. Dumervil, Solia, Starks, Wake best front 4 in the league! New LB's bringing heat as well, we would just need corners that can catch the ball (unlike Sean Smith).

No, They are all band wagon jumpin MOFO's. Now, and only now, you guys are saying praise ireland, praise ireland. What about the last 2 years of ireland putting this team in this position to get to this point. You all are idiots. And you know damn well who you are. Negative, bashing, Aholes that have NO CLUE. GO PHINS, GO IRELAND,GO AWAY you bandwagon jumping hippies. Signed,

A true, positive, real dolphin fan from way back.
You guys are toads.

ok Mike you sound like you know what your talking about, really I don't think anyone on this site cares what you think..

Uh NO HELL NO F*CK NO. Blidi Wre-Wilson not the answer at corner. I dont ever wanna hear that garbage again. Watch ur f in mouth nfl network. Remind anybody of sean???????????

they had to fight hard to win and I support it

He could have had a better player for less than what Jake would get. Baker was almost run out of town, Bushrod is decent but jake is more talented.

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