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Market for Reggie Bush is strong

The market for Reggie Bush is a good one, with multiple teams showing significant interest in the prospective free agent running back.

A source very close to Bush tells me three teams have been talking to Bush agent Joel Segal and that money involved in those talks is significant. The source would provide no details of the money or name the teams but it is clear the interest in Bush isn't just of the making-a-call variety.

The source is, however, telling me the Dolphins are not one of those teams.

Indeed, the source is saying Reggie Bush categorically will not be back in Miami.

Segal has not been available for comment. (Neither have most agents, by the way).

The idea that the Dolphins aren't working to bring Bush back is not unexpected. The club showed zero interest in doing a contract with him during the 2012 season and had only lukewarm interest recently.

The Dolphins expect to address their soon-to-be vacant running back position by giving Lamar Miller (first) and Daniel Thomas (second) the opportunity to win the job. The club might also add a running back either in free agency or the draft.

Bush gained 986 yards on 227 carries (4.3 yards per carry) last season. He scored six touchdowns on the ground and was also the team's fourth-leading pass catcher with 35 receptions for 292 yards and 2 TDs.

It was Bush's second season with Miami. It was also Bush's final season with Miami.


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Dolphins did a good job with Bush. He filled a hole for a couple years till they replaced him with Lamar.

most RBs are disposable these days unfortunately......not an issue of his talent but how much you want to pay for it--I wouldnt pay what he's asking, not at his size/style/age.

This is the beging of the end of Bush here as a Fin Player

It's time to move on...let the Lamar era start. Thank you Reggie you have been an asset to this organization while you were here...but as a team we most move on

Good luck wherever you end up Reggie. You were a great team player and you will be missed. Go get a ring!

Please give Bush a huge contract un-named teams, Miami would love a 3rd round comp pick in the 2014 draft !!!

While I enjoyed watching Reggie, this was clearly the right call. Miller looked good. We have bigger needs for sure and I think Lamar is the guy.

Well Bush needs to go!Philbin was to 2 stupid 2 watch game tape when Bush played in N.O so now he can go 2 a place where a team will utilize him properly!

Bye Reggie. The guy just isn't special on a consistent basis. Too many games in a row he contributed very little. Enough said already on him.

Waht else's new about the Dolphins being behing the curve in diagnosis of today's nfl? It took a decade for them to find out its a passing league. It'll take another decade to find out its about scoring points.

Reggie Bush isnt just a rb, he's a "POINT SCORER". In an offseason Ireland vowed to be "all about scoring points". He's allowing the team's most prolific point scorer the last two years to take a hike.

Go to a sb contender Mr. Bush, go get your sb ring.

Good for him. Too expensive for the Dolphins, though. It would be nice if Dolphins draft and additional RB instead. I really like Zac Stacy, he would be a solid choice at 4th round.

Would we receive darft picks as it's suggested above? Is he a restrictive FA? I thought that he originally signed for two years and now he is free to mingle with no strings (or draft picks) attached. Does anyone know and can clarify that point?

Peanut Galley...But Mando, Did you really expect a close anonymous source to say he's had little to no interest? And if they did... couldn't they simply call asking for salary parameters? In agent BS speak this is teams talking to them to drive up the price.

Here's how the phone calls probably went.
Hi this is ____. What is Reggie looking to get paid?

Agent...His 5 mil salary last year is a good floor to start negotiations.
Agent..Hello? Hello?

Pause with intermittent hysterical laughter.

Team Showing interest...Sorry we have a bad connection we'll call you back.

Great Move By Ireland.

Reggie's Whole Career Has Been ONE HUGE hype Machine.

The Most Over Rated RB In History!!

Seriously What Has Reggie Done As A NFL Player?


All Are Better RB's And Have Had Better Careers. If Bush Makes More Money Than Any Of These 3. Bush Will Be Grotesquely Overpaid.

..Reggie Bush had 15 TDs in 2 years with the club..That is simply not good enough from your feature tailback. Those numbers would be worth keeping if in a tandem where we had a back with equal production. But for a back that had the percentage of the teams carries Bush had???

This idea that Bush was a prolific scorer???That is a very low standard. Prolific, scoring, and Miami Dolphins should not be used in the same sentance if you are describing the team we have seen the last how many years??

Look Bush is a good player. But don't confuse him for something he isn't, or has never been..And that is one of the leagues top backs..he just isn't.

Posted by: InsureThisOnline | March 09, 2013 at 12:34 PM

Only thing this fo recieves for letting Bush walk will be a "dunce cap".

Insure - Theya re talking about Compensatory draft picks. Before the draft every year, the NFL uses some formula to award up to 32 additional draft picks to teams that lost players in free agency the year before.

Essentially, if a player you had walks away in free agency, signs a big contract somewhere else, and plays well, you can be awarded an extra draft pick at the end of one of the rounds from 3-7. You signing free agents offsets what pick, if any, you could be awarded - so if the Dolphins sign Mike Wallace to a big contract, the league could look at the Wallace signing and the loss of Bush as equal value and award nothing.

Reggie is an unrestricted free agent, so it's not a guarantee that his signing elsewhere would give the Dolphins a pick. But, a big contract would make it more likely.


You've got the wrong end of the stick on this one....yet AGAIN (new name for you perhaps).

Bush at another $5-6 mil a year, is a luxury, not a need. We have a couple of guys on the roster who need to show what they are all about and maybe we add a guy in the 4th round or FA. At the end of the day, no big loss.

For all this apparent 'Reggie Bush is our best playmaker' talk, yeah he led us to 18ppg. BRILLIANT! Time to let a younger, less expensive option show what they can do. Thanks for the 2 years in Miami, Reggie, you worked hard and were a good 'Phin. Good luck!

"The Dolphins declined to tender restricted free agents WR Marlon Moore, S Jonathon Amaya, TE Jeron Mastrud, and DB Bryan McCann, and exclusive rights free agent Patrick Brown, making them unrestricted free agents.
The Dolphins want some of the above players back, but weren't willing to pay the cost of the lowest possible tender. Moore, 25, caught six passes for 116 yards and a touchdown last season. Amaya and McCann play special teams."

Related: Patrick Brown, Jeron Mastrud, Bryan McCann, Jonathon Amaya
Source: Palm Beach Post
Mar 9 - 12:38 PM

Moore could be re-signed b/c of his play on ST's but clearly Ireland is in UPGRADE mode. Love it.

Reggie is the only playmaker on the roster!!

Let's Talk About The Diva Wr Who Still Thinks He Is Worth More Than He Is Paid. Anybody Who Has Seen Or Read Hartline's Press Conference and Still Is A Fan Of This Clown... Is Ridiculous.

And It Wasn't Just This Press Conference. Hartline Has Been A Pompous Prick His Whole Career. He Thinks He Is Better than He Actually Is. Same Way His Fans Think Of Him. Hartline Is Good Not Great.

I'm a big Bears fan and the thought of him in Green Bay scares me.

..Take away the Raider game, take away the Bill game. How much production did we get aside from those 2 games??? I get it. He gets to count thise scores just like anyone else. But it wasn't like Reggie was tearing up the Stat sheet each week. 3 total TD's aside from those 2 games..3??????

And we should pay him why??? Cause he is the best we have??

Shouldn't the goal of the team be to get better. 2 years 15 TD's is proof enough that we can, and have to do better.


What Play Did Reggie Make?

Only Playmaker?

Matt Moore Is A Better Qb Than Reggie Is A RB!!

And That Is Not Saying Much!! Because Moore Is The Backup And T-Hill Is The Starter.

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | March 09, 2013 at 12:45 PM

Yet, 1 scoring td is good enough for our 2012 "feature wr". Total of 4 tds in 2yrs. Yeah, gotcha!

New dolphins blog needs writers.

I like reggie. He made some plays and gave miami fans a style of running that was different to the ground and pound team we had been for years. But what I remember most are the innopportune fumbles from reggie. Miami would finally get a drive going and whoops reggie lets it go again. Especially that last NE game. Time to move on. Let him sign with detroit and watch him tear up his knees and not finish the year. Detroit cant run block at all.

Unfortunately Reggie is just not good enough to be the #1 RB. He's a dancing in the hole, fumbling progress stopper with a mediocre ceiling. I want to see what L. Miller can do with the ball given the chance to win the job. Let's find out what his ceiling is in this league.

A true professional we will miss you Reggie a shame you will not be signed again, great for the 2 years as a Dolphin. A shame I only got to wear your no.22 only for 1 year. Good luck with your new team, a true leader.

Hey YG, how about you g FFFyourself/ Find some other team to constant complain and whine and gripe about. Seriously, all you do is spew your negative trash around so you are stinking up the blog. cumguzzler

Dolphins did a good job with Bush. He filled a hole for a couple years till they replaced him with Lamar.


Hated the signing at the time but considering it was a two year deal--Bush stayed healthy for the most part & he did work out for us.

BTW--I'd be giving Thigpen every chance to beat out Thomas this offseason or looking for ways to utilize his speed on offense. Kid is a burner. If I'm Jeff Nixon the RB's coach--I'm in Thomas' ear saying 'it's now or never.'

..Yg..Hartline as a feature reciever?? I would hope not. Look. If Bush was a part of a group..If we had backs that had a closer percentage of carries, looks, whatever. It would make more sense to keep him, or at least try. But he has been our feature guy..and like Hartline, We are looking to improve at the position. It's just Hartline comes at a fair cost, and Bush for what we need him for does not.

And don't even come back with that 5-6 million dollar a year for Hartline garbage..I know you are smart enough to know that the contract will be spread out, and he will make nowhere near that this year, or next year. And unless he turns into a all world reciever..The likelyhood he makes it to the end of this contract before being a cap casualty is slim.

Reggie Bush was nothing but a model Pro while with the Fins. Thank you for all your efforts Reggie. Even though you weren't here long it will be odd seeing you in a different uni.

I'm not sure it's the best move as everyone always loves the back-up until that player doesn't deliver through injury (See Thomas) or because we just don't know what we have (See Miller). I hope this is not a decision like LB Rob Nincovich were we see Reggie as the flat forehead "We shoulda kept ya" guy.

I liked what I saw in Miller in his limited carries so I will not bash the move until I see it all pan out this next year. Thomas is trash and I have been saying it since Ireland traded up to get him. IF I were Ireland I would draft/pick up 2 RB's and ditch Thomas now. I know he doesn't want to tip his hand that he drafted up and was wrong but now is not the time for pride Jeff...swallow it and move on from the Thomas gaffe pick.

I'm sure RB Jonathan Franklin or some other solid RB will be in the mix in the draft.


Posted by: Isaidit | March 09, 2013 at 01:05 PM

How about you go become a Pat fan. Then maybe we can gain some ground on them loser.

This is BS. Daniel Thomas is garbage.

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | March 09, 2013 at 01:05 PM

Excuse me Mr. Dunphy, but Hartline was our featurte wr in 2012. Im witness you didnt spend the entire 2012 season gone fishing.

I'm done. I've been loyal to the fins for almost 30 years. I'm tired of watching my team consistently shoot themselves. Letting RB go is the last bullet in the chamber for me. I can't pull for a team that obviously doesn't want to win.

If they would've been smart, they would've put him on for trade last year and possibly gotten a 2nd or 3rd round pick for him.

Whatever Bush is or isn't, it's amazing they would feel fine releasing him, and hang on to the ever average Daniel "Sideline" Thomas, who has been a total bust.


Aso, Bush could recieve a spread out contract too. Ireland flat out doesnt want him back. Ireland's behind the 8-ball on this one.

If Ireland truly wanted Bush back, then he would find a way to economically get the job done. This is a league about scoring points. Bush was our leading point scorer.

Im the unhappiest guy in the blog over the offseason moves so far. Cant you tell?

..Rob in OC. WWWWWWHHHHAAAATTTTTT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From everything I have seen, or read. Bush was a model teamate. A Pros Pro.. All of that is great. I just think that given a similar opportunity.. how many backs would have had equal production? Reggie may be a great guy, great teamate. Awesome at video games, and cooking Indian food. But the team has the right to try and improve at the position.

Will Lamar Miller be any better? will a combination of Miller-Thomas, and someone else be able to match or exceed Bush' numbers? I feel like the team does..Yes, and we have too our else we will never get better.

Yeah we can, you are a cry baby DKHEAD

Unfortunately Reggie is just not good enough to be the #1 RB. He's a dancing in the hole, fumbling progress stopper with a mediocre ceiling. I want to see what L. Miller can do with the ball given the chance to win the job. Let's find out what his ceiling is in this league.


Way to bring it. Couldn't agree more. $5 Million last year for a guy that disappeared for 8 games during the season is not exactly a great return on your investment. Miller has 4.4 speed & is younger & cheaper w/ less wear on his tires.

I think demented how fans fall in love with the big name players even when their performance on the field diminishes. For example--See Jake Long. That sh#t is for children who don't know the difference.

Funny!..claiming Hartline is the feature receiver in this offense. Everyone here knows he is not the feature WR. Which is why we have the need for getting one in FA or the draft.

Look for the team to grab a RB in the draft at fraction of the cost of 5+ mil per year.

(1) Good move. Bush isn't worth paying out the nose for - he just hasn't done that much. The Saints let him go for a reason. I think he was underutilized in the slot last year, but OTOH I got so tired of his dancing around instead of going forward and picking up 2-3 yards.

(2) Hating on Hartline is silly. He's not a #1 receiver, but if we have someone else drawing the double coverage, I think we'll see a lot more from him next year.

glad i decided to check the blog today to see craig & his m&m`s scolding a blogger about being wrong again.

seriously dikkwad, it every get old for you? even by canadian standards your sad.

same boring played out posts day after day. youre the farthest thing from original but at least your consistent. boring that is.


Agreed. a Good RB Can Get You 10+ TD's A Season. And Definitely More Than 1000 yds in 16 Games.

A Great RB Can Get You 15+ TD's A Season And 1500+yds.

Is Reggie Bush Better Than Ricky Williams?

Reggie Isn't Even Better Than R.Brown.

K. Adul-Jabbar Had A Better Career Running The Ball.


..Yg..Yup. I have noticed..That is your right. But don't jump just yet. We still have free agency and the draft.

It's sad to see that the Fins are not making Bush one of the more important re-signings. I would have put his re-signing ahead of Matt Moore's. If we get an electric WR like Mike Wallace, Bush would suddenly become even MORE explosive, as safeties would not be able to crowd the line like they did last season. I say give Mike Wallace whatever he is asking for, re-sign bush, and go after one of the top 2 TE's in the draft in the 1st round. I prefer Tyler Eifert. However, I think we should trade down a few spots into the high teens, early 20's before we do so.


I have much more confidence that Sherman and Philbin know what they are doing, rather than you. What tells me this is the RIGHT move is that you don't like it.

There's not too many you've been right with. Let's recap:

- Sparano the most sought after HC
- T'eo the best pick in the draft, top 5 for sure
- Ricki Stanzi the top QB in the draft
- Matt Moore, as good as gone (said before last season even started).

Dolphin fans should feel good about this move, as they should also feel that Hartline will have a really good season. Why? Cause YG hates them both.

Anyone listen to the way Lamar Miller talks ? and this guy went to college. WOW!


What the fukk are you talking about? There's ONE guy that didn't want Bush back....Joe Philbin. It's HIS team, or are you not paying attention?

I also forget about how you said Vince Young would be such a great pickup, just a couple of years ago. Good one! Guy can't even get a job in the NFL any more.

Last one, you also told us all, that none of these guys would want to play for Ireland. Good one! You're on quite a roll....

Posted by: We Need Playmakers | March 09, 2013 at 01:15 PM

During that stretch the entire run game disappeared. The oline blocking disappeared.

There's THREE guys that teams will overpay for in FA that I can think of, of the top of my head.

Reggie Bush
Sean Smith
Jake Long

Let someone else make the mistakes on these guys. Time to move on.

WNP, Thomas with 2 concussions already has me very concerned. I can definitely see another RB picked up along the way. I am really high on Lamar though.

Wasssup DD! Good ta see ya on mang.

I am not gonna cry the sky is falling as I don't believe Reggie is an irreplaceable piece at RB or anything...I just hope they don't go backwards is all.

I could care less the combo, if we have a stronger running game all the way around next year then I will not only know they did the right thing but, that Philbin is on track with recognition of what he needs to win.

Tannehill NEEDS to be more accurate...period! So much so that I worry about picking up a player like WR Tavon Austin. The Fins won't make hay if Austin can't get to the ball in the air. That said, that is just my example as I don't think with Ireland's "Must draft Cro-Magnun" style that a guy like WR Tavon Austin would be on his radar.

And now here he is the time in my post for my shameless, hard core plug to get WR Markus Wheaton (We cannot sleep on this guy...fast,quick,competitive,strong 20 reps WOAH!!, he will be a DeSean Jackson type) AND, ALSO WR Quinton Patton. (Killer hands, nice routes, tracks the ball great, speed, will handle the level of comp).

IRELAND GET THEM BOTH!!!! Our WR woes will be over especially if they nab TE Jared Cook as well.

Pressure bust's pipes! That would be a whole buncha pressure on a DEF.

Cheers bro!

If Daniels blossoms as he didnt last yr will he be considered a bust? Miller who can't or wont block on pass protection, then theres no one else. FA or the draft to find someone who can sustain a yr in the NFL. And good luck to Bush he was a classy person while in Miami and I know this is about money.

Miller Has 4.3 Speed.

Miller compares Well To Clinton Portis.

And Who Would You Rather Have? C.Portis(A Real RB) Or R.Bush(All Hype)

It is time to move on from Reggie Bush. He is not an every down back and he is fragile. He took carries away from Lamar Miller last year. We would be fine with just Miller and Thomas. The young RB from ND that they had on injured reserve is also impressive (look at his ND highihgts). There are also going to be some good RBs in the 3rd and 4th round for added depth. We need to spend our money in areas. There are too many other holes on this team that need to be filled.

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