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Market for Reggie Bush is strong

The market for Reggie Bush is a good one, with multiple teams showing significant interest in the prospective free agent running back.

A source very close to Bush tells me three teams have been talking to Bush agent Joel Segal and that money involved in those talks is significant. The source would provide no details of the money or name the teams but it is clear the interest in Bush isn't just of the making-a-call variety.

The source is, however, telling me the Dolphins are not one of those teams.

Indeed, the source is saying Reggie Bush categorically will not be back in Miami.

Segal has not been available for comment. (Neither have most agents, by the way).

The idea that the Dolphins aren't working to bring Bush back is not unexpected. The club showed zero interest in doing a contract with him during the 2012 season and had only lukewarm interest recently.

The Dolphins expect to address their soon-to-be vacant running back position by giving Lamar Miller (first) and Daniel Thomas (second) the opportunity to win the job. The club might also add a running back either in free agency or the draft.

Bush gained 986 yards on 227 carries (4.3 yards per carry) last season. He scored six touchdowns on the ground and was also the team's fourth-leading pass catcher with 35 receptions for 292 yards and 2 TDs.

It was Bush's second season with Miami. It was also Bush's final season with Miami.


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YG needs to criticize everything to show you how he knows better. This causes him to say things more foolish than all those that he laughs out. YG is wasting his time seeking inferiors to laugh at. One day he will figure out there is no better person to laugh at than himself.

Posted by: I Pity The Poor Soul | March 09, 2013 at 03:21 PM

Barbra baby, I knew it was you 'hon. No one knows me better. Now about the toe sucking thing.............

Youre the best baby, I want you back! LOL...

If YG was a GM there would be about 30% turnover on the starting lineup every 9 days.

Tell you what YG, as I've told you before, getting Armando to show you ONE alias I've EVER posted under in all the time I've been here. Just ONE. Show me....

Until that time, shut the fukk up!!....'this isn't the time or place to fukk with me'......LMFAO.

Posted by: Zinga | March 09, 2013 at 03:24 PM

I can always laugh out loud at your mother. After all, she did choose you and threw away the afterbirth, didnt she? LOL...

Posted by: Craig M | March 09, 2013 at 03:27 PM

You are just too cute whe youre angry. LOL...

Zinga, very good posts previously posted above. Could agree more. It's obvious you've been around here for a while and seen exactly how this guy acts. Very astute points.

Remember how YG was gushing nothing but TEO on and on and on and on?

Then out of the blue he says we need to address the offense first and he starts ridiculing anyone who suggested taking a defensive player with the first pick.

So you see, it's all a silly childs game with no logic or reasoning, it is just him struggling to find a way to boost his sadly deflated ego.

Posted by: Zinga | March 09, 2013 at 03:26 PM

Wow! You shouldnt be revealing your mom's bedroom habits in public. LOL...

Posted by: Zinga | March 09, 2013 at 03:29 PM

Oh................. now we know the logic your mother used over keeping you over throwing away the afterbirth. LOL...

Posted by: I Pity The Poor Soul | March 09, 2013 at 03:32 PM

Barbra, just becuase I refuse to actually have sex with you doesnt mean Im a middle-aged virgin. Just that you were so great at sucking toes baby.

Lets not air our personal laundry in public sweetheart. Ok? LOL...

It's all right there in black and white, dude. Not sure what you can say to defend yourself. I'm sure you'll come up with something. Throw out a few insults.....that usually works well for you.


Face it R. Bush is not an in between the Tackles RB! His 8 touchdowns weren't anything to brag about considering 5 of them came in two games, against crap teams. He is also not a threat to score near the goal line. That is the most important place to be able to run!

You rip on Hartline for not scoring TD's but how many passes did he have thrown his way in the redzone? Exactly because he was blanketed up because everyone knows Bush isn't a consistent enough threat to keep guys in the box on.

Then as you can see at 3:27 and on, when cornered he doesn't face up to anything, he either disappears or attacks you on something unrelated, as he just did by making personal attacks against my mother. How childish is that?

Just thought I'd shed some light on that character. I have nothing else to add at this time.

No defence, other than to throw out a few insults. Have we seen that before on here? Yeah, I do believe we have.....

Posted by: I Pity The Poor Soul | March 09, 2013 at 03:32 PM


Miss Barbra Walters, you arent still keeping Walter Cronkite's corpse in your basement are you? LOL...

Well, maybe that was a bit harsh. But you don't get much (if any) action, right? C'mon, let's be honest here. You're probably pretty fat and lacking in good social skills since you don't seem to get out much.

Drinking the pain away is not the answer though, friend. You might even consider counseling.

Posted by: Craig M | March 09, 2013 at 03:34 PM

Yup, your greatest blog moment are when your arent actually talking Dolphins football. So please I can be an assett to the blog in any way possible. LOL...

Oh, and be sure to add that nervous "LOL" at the end of your response. Thanks in advance.

Posted by: Craig M | March 09, 2013 at 03:36 PM

I could insult your mother, but I wont. She's been insulted enough just by having you. LOL...

Right on cue.

Posted by: I Pity The Poor Soul | March 09, 2013 at 03:39 PM

Barbra baby, Barbra baby, please dont be upset. Can I get just one more toe suck for ol time sakes?

Promise I'll tell no one, ok? LOL...

Anyway, this was fun but I do have a life (you can look that up online, YG) and must go.

Take care!

Burn The Reggie Bush Jersey, YG!!


Talk About The Truth (Anything Other Than Reggie Coming Back.)

If Wallace Is A Sure Thing!!

Ireland Has Done His Job In Free Agency So Far! He Has Upgraded The Wr Position!! Wallace Is More Dynamic Than Bush At A Position Of Real Need. Add 8 More Points A Game, YG. Wallace Might Even Let Hartline Score More TD's. Ever Thought Of That?

Boldin Or Jennings
And A Draft Pick

I Bet Any Collection Of These 4 Will Make The Offense More Dynamic Than last Year!! At Least 8ppg More Dynamic. We Wouldn't Need Reggie And "His Playmaking Ability"

Get 4 Capable Wr's and Philbin Will Turn This Offense Into A Juggernaut!! Specially 4 Good Veteran Wr's!! 2 That Can Run Routes And Catch. And 2 That Can Consistently Stretch The Field.

Posted by: I Pity The Poor Soul | March 09, 2013 at 03:40 PM

Tell you what, Barbra 'hon, I'll start spelling LOL backwards just for you. Is this good enough sweetie:


Posted by: I Pity The Poor Soul | March 09, 2013 at 03:42 PM

I guess this means youre going down to basement and spend time with Walter. Ive always hated that guy Walter Cronkite, he's always come between you me.

Even in death dammit! LOL...

Posted by: I'm Better At Life Than You | March 09, 2013 at 03:42 PM

Ive learned my lesson of buying a Dolphin jersey since Ireland has been gm. So I won be burning a Reggie or any other Dolphin jersey. LOL...

A a matter of fact, I will never again purchase another Dolphin jersey with Ireland as gm.

Although, I could be fairly safe purchasing a Brian Hartline jersey. But wht idiot in his right mind wants to do that? LOL...

He Dashi (I'm Better at Life Than You),

Care to show us where it says 'Ireland reached out to Ellerbe'. Keep dreaming, bud!!

A a matter of fact, I will never again purchase another Dolphin jersey with Ireland as gm.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 09, 2013 at 03:49 PM


I think the real reason is that they ran out of 'XXXXX-Large Lardass' size.

Wallace will look good in that Dolphin Uniform. Lets get Bennett and 2 CBs!!

Posted by: Craig M | March 09, 2013 at 03:51 PM

Hell, it ok for you to continuously say stupid sht. However, this time Dashi could be right. It is reported teams are reaching out to Ellerbe. His agent just said he cant say who.

Like always youre behind the info ball. Dolphins could be one of those teams, if it gives chance to dump well overpaid Dansby.

Go back to corner and play with your Jeff Ireland doll. LOL...


Smart Man.

I'm Waiting To See How T-Hill Pans Out This Season With Weapons Before I Commit To Him Like Lauren. Would Rather Get A C.Wake Jersey.

The Dolphins Have Reached Out To Boldin.

Allegedly, The Fins Wr Group Will Look Like


And The Fins Will Still Have $20Mil To Spend.

Ellerbe Doesn't Count Since The Cap Saving From Cutting Dansby Will Suffice.

Posted by: preach it, brother | March 09, 2013 at 03:55 PM

Oh so those were your mother's cumsoaked panties that I saw hanging over the dumpster at the truck stop.

craig, clutching your jeff ireland blow doll M,

can't you just stfu? even on the weekend? is that how pathetic your life is? ASK ARMANDO IF I'M YG. you will be shocked to find out im just another blogger tired o your BULLSH*T.

thats all you do here. nobody wants to read your constant berating or belittling of anyone here. go talk to your wife or your kids if they can stomach the thought of it.

you act like your sh*t dont stink. well guess what block head, it does. go for another body cleansing and ask them to work on your brain this time around.

youre no better than anyone else here, no matter what your mommy told ya. so stfu & please find a new blog to ruin.


So where did it say the 'Dolphins' reached out to Ellerbe? That's what I'm looking for. Dashi has a hard on for Dansby. He won't be happy until he's gone. He makes sh*t up just like you, to make his case.

And why do you think Ellerbe's going to be any cheaper than Dansby? Geez, you're dumb!

Posted by: I'm Better At Life Than You | March 09, 2013 at 03:57 PM

Would love to have a C-Wake jersey. But even that isnt safe with Ireland at the controls. LOL...

"..Reggie Bush had 15 TDs in 2 years with the club..That is simply not good enough from your feature tailback.

Right. Because the defense didnt know Bush was going to get the ball?

So, he scored 15 td's on a anemic Dolphins offense and you think thats bad?

Burn The Pink Dansby Jersey Craig!!


And You Always Keep Asking To Give You A Scenario. How Will Dashi Replace Dansby?
Easy With More Ways(1001) Than The Main Troll has Names.

Starting With Ellerbe And Ending With O.Vernon Switching To MLB!!

The Latter Would Have Z.Thomas Coming In As MLB Coach.

it's obvious zinga is mark in toronto & craig m is well, his usual arrogant self absorbed weenie self.

don't need to thank me yg. im equally as tired of these morons as anyone.

bunch of mamalukes from another country acting like they're smarter than anyone else.

Mr M&M likes to pick apart YG but, he won't recall the doozy comments he's made. Typical of a hypocritical P.O.S. human being

lets hope your right bout Miller,I loved the pick but all these people got him penciled in to be so great and we barely got 2 c him get in to games he probably was lucky 2 get 20 carries on the season.I really dont have problem phins no overpaying on bush but to say what has he done?He has been productive when healthy but he has 2 be usesright hes no steven jackson not a 25 carry guy hes a 25 tuch guy mening some carries and put in the slot but yet miami with their lackluster r corp at best failed misserably to put him in those situations and create some mismatches.To me looked like no crativiety with him and no game study on how the saints used him like they use sproles now.It just seems to me made a waste of his skill set.Shame on Philbin for that.

Posted by: Craig M | March 09, 2013 at 04:00 PM

Have you sent your Jeff Irland doll to the cleaners yet? Or do you just love having encased in your come covered crust? LOL...

Hey truth hurts (wink! wink!),

'nobody wants to read your berating or belittling of anyone here' and yet YOU READ EVERYTHING I WRITE. So how pathetic are you?

I think I made my point.

Posted by: truth hurts | March 09, 2013 at 04:03 PM

I figured out long ago Child Predator Alligator Mark is king of aliases. Then still cries everyone else here uses alisaes to Armando.

I also have my suspicions CraigM and Mark are the same poster. Most times they arrive and leave about the same times. Except for the Mark In Toronto alias usually gets the weekends off. LOL....

Dashi (try sticking to one sign in name for one thing),


'Vernon moving to MLBer'????.....WTF???? That's funny man. So you're going to take a pass rusher and make him a tackling machine? See now I now you have NO clue what you're talking about.

Dashi, we'll talk again when Ellerbe signs with another team. Stay tuned....

So Reggie is about to go to New England. But have no fear. Ireland re-signed a backup journeyman QB and a slow white receiver. Who needs an exciting running back when we have mediocre talent at other positions! Great job, Ireland. Now sign Reggie

I'm Speculating.

Like The Guys In The Market.

As Long As They Say MULTIPLE Teams And The Guy Fits A Position of Need, Why Can't The Fins Be Interested? We All Know People Are Talking To Dolphin Players Why Can't Ireland? Ireland Already Set A Deadline For The Free Agents He Wants To Keep! Ireland Is Talking Now To Players He Wants To Get!! And Ellerbe Seems Like A Reasonable Get!! Specially For Less Money Than Dansby!!

This Years Cap Hit Is Next Years Cap Space. Cutting Dansby Guarantees Us At Least $9Mil In Cap Next Year!!

Posted by: I'm Better At Life Than You | March 09, 2013 at 04:10 PM

All except for that blockheaded CraigM. Like you said, why shouldnt Ireland be interested in getting from underneath Dansby's well overpaid contract?

Great theory, YG. I think you've figured it out exactly.

Reggie is about to go to NE?? LMAO!! And so is Wallace, Avril, Hartline and Jesus himself. Everybody is going to NE cause they have 5 billion in cap space

With all the WR talk its pretty clear we should've kept DA BEAST.

Posted by: Craig M | March 09, 2013 at 04:14 PM

Hate to disapoint, but, I really dont give a sht who you are or what alaises or non aliases you chose to use.

Hell, I would be far more interested in tracking down your afterbirth so that your mother could have a redo. LOL...

Hey bobby,

Just wanted to say it's good to see you back on the blog. My guess is you're only here for the offseason but you're one of the few guys here who brings there game consistently. I have respect for a real fan, not like a lot of these numbskulls that criticize everything this team and FO do. No they're not perfect but I get really tired of the constant BS all the time from many of these guys.

Good to have you onboard.

Posted by: Steve in Ottawa | March 09, 2013 at 04:17 PM

Those were 6tds we lost over 2011, and didnt make up for in 2012.

Yes, Jeff Ireland is fking brilliant. Now he wants to dump 8 of 2012's tds(Bush).

Fking crazy, this guy dumps td production without solid plan to replace them. Always based on hope, not even a prayer.

Yeah YG,

You don't care about it and yet you spend some much f8cking time talking about it....typical!


I Do Stick To 1 Name!!

When Has Dashi Ever Denied Being Dashi?

Just Cause Dashi Uses Daily Quotes As Sign-in Names. Doesn't Mean Dashi Isn't Dashi!!

What I've Noticed By Me Switching Names It Eliminates My #1 Fan From Going On A DaShe Tirade!!

I Do This For The Betterment Of The Blog. Dashi Loves When This Blog Is About Talking Football. Not Some Dashi Personal Attack Blog.

If You Notice Dashi Usually Likes To Keep The Conversation On Football.

Today's Quote/Name "I'm Better At Life Than You"

C'mon Son!! You're Telling Me That Is Not Something You Think Dashi Will Say?

Dashi Just Wouldn't Sound So Serious Saying It!!

Richard Sherman!! The Biggest D'ck In Football!!

If I Was Sherman The First Words Out My Mouth To "Skip" Bayless Would Be "Call Me D'ck"

And Correct Him Everytime He Calls Me Richard.

But That Is Just Dashi.

I'm done.

Posted by: Rick | March 09, 2013 at 01:10 PM


Good. You won't be missed.

Posted by: Craig M | March 09, 2013 at 04:19 PM

Bobbyd12 knows youre an idiot. You dont think he sees the coment board? LOL...

Bobbyd12, forgive for using your name in the same post as CraigM. I so deeply apologize.

Posted by: Craig M | March 09, 2013 at 04:21 PM

Wow, dude, youre easier than your mother. So why shouldnt I take advantage? LOL...


You should try making the post a few more times about lost TDs. For emphasis even...

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