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Market for Reggie Bush is strong

The market for Reggie Bush is a good one, with multiple teams showing significant interest in the prospective free agent running back.

A source very close to Bush tells me three teams have been talking to Bush agent Joel Segal and that money involved in those talks is significant. The source would provide no details of the money or name the teams but it is clear the interest in Bush isn't just of the making-a-call variety.

The source is, however, telling me the Dolphins are not one of those teams.

Indeed, the source is saying Reggie Bush categorically will not be back in Miami.

Segal has not been available for comment. (Neither have most agents, by the way).

The idea that the Dolphins aren't working to bring Bush back is not unexpected. The club showed zero interest in doing a contract with him during the 2012 season and had only lukewarm interest recently.

The Dolphins expect to address their soon-to-be vacant running back position by giving Lamar Miller (first) and Daniel Thomas (second) the opportunity to win the job. The club might also add a running back either in free agency or the draft.

Bush gained 986 yards on 227 carries (4.3 yards per carry) last season. He scored six touchdowns on the ground and was also the team's fourth-leading pass catcher with 35 receptions for 292 yards and 2 TDs.

It was Bush's second season with Miami. It was also Bush's final season with Miami.


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Say what you want about Ireland, Philbin and Sherman, but I don't think these guys are dumb. I respect their experience. If Hartline was resigned, you can be sure all three of them were behind it. Their opinion carries more weight with me than 10,000 bloggers combined.

sherman,lol rumor is he still calls egnew daily and cusses at him for 15 mins and then hangs up


Jennings would definately be better than signing noone.

We need a topflite veteran reciever badly. As far as Bennett, I think he may be the best fit talent wise if we go TE in free agency.

I think Winston may be a RT.

Buster I like your thinking. Though Jennings worries me because he is always hurt. I would rather sign Jennings because Wallace is going to be too expensive. Sign Jennings to a 3 year contract and develop a young WR from this year's draft class like Tavon Austin or Ryan Swope.

Your thinking is right though. Adding Bennett, Jennings, and Winston would upgrade three positions. If you sign Wallace you are only addressing one position and there will be no more money this year and you will be handcuffing the franchise for years to come. Smart teams pay 15 million dollars + for QBs unless you are talking about dominators like Calvin Johnson and Fitzgerald (Wallace is not in that league). And BTW look how bad those two teams are with big time WRs earning big money. The Lions and the Cardinals are worse than the fins.

fins will sign cook and prob beat out vikes for wallace. jennings would be a disaster


I read somewhere today that Spielman wasn't all about giving wr's a ton of money.

vikings are out either way with wallace saying he wants warm weather

They sign a seam threat TE, big Man like Cook that runs a 4.49, they might not need that speed demon to keep the Safeties busy.

miami has 30 mill left to spend, they can sign much more than just wallace. miami will offer wallace 5 years 60 mill

btw dusty, i guess we'll be signing cook then. The last time i saw you use that best kept secret line it was about the Chiefs trading for Smith.lol

You could be 2 for 2.

If we did sign Jennings, then we have to go with a WR with one of our first two picks. You have to have a young player developing in case Jennings breaks down. He has been constantly hurt the last two years.

KC did not allow Bowe to hit the FA market because he is a true #1. The Steelers are showing that Wallace is expendable as they are making no effort to resign him. Beleive me if he was a true superstar, the Steelers would have either franchised him or signed him to a multi year deal. The steelers know him best.

telling u cook was called today first by the fins, they love this guy

Will Ireland give 7/8 million to a TE though?

orlando come live here in kc with me, then tell me how good bowe is. fans were beyond pissed when kc resigned him at that hilarious price. hes decent but nowhere near worth 56 mill. drops so many big catches. cant out run u even

pitt made huge mistake of giving brown a ton of cash so now they couldnt tie all that money up in 2 wrs. already gave away holmes for nothing

8 Million is too much for a TE but I would rather sign Cook than Wallace for 15 million. You can sign Cook and Jennings for less than you can sign Wallace.

Yes the fins have 30 million but they still need 5 million for the draft and they will have to pay Sean Smith at least 7-8 million a year and Clemmons 4 million. If you do the math that is about 17 million and that is not counting Fasano for 2-3 million. Do the math.

Seems to me that the Bowe contract with KC is the way to go anymore.....light on the front end....reasonable guarantee leaving the club an out....heavy $$ on the back end .....

....player has to put up the numbers or he's gone after the first 2 years with a buyout before year 3..

...causing minimized cap damage...

I'm thinking that the Hartline contract is probably structured along the same model....

Dusty if you live in KC, then you have better insight than me. I was just going by his statistics prior to last year. In the few games I watched him, he reminded me of Brandon Marshall who is a true play maker. But you would know better than me. In any event it does not matter anymore as KC paid him the big bucks.

We'll sign Wallace. If he does well, in two years he will be holding out and arriving late to camp, just like he did with Pitt. If he doesn't do well, then it was a mistake.

I don't like those odds.


I'm not sure how it breaks down but Armando said the other day that Wallace would only count 4 million against our cap this year.

Dusty I just looked at Bowe's stats again and they really are not as impressive as I thought. Though you have to consider that KC had horrible QB play.

It makes me think, why do fans trash Hartline so much? Bowe's best year was 2007 where he caught 72 receptions for 1162 tards. That is not much better than Hartline who caught 74 catches for 1083 yards. Bowe is a great red zone target though, he had 15 TD catches that year.

Can we lock up Egnew to a long term deal? It would be awful to lose him to free agency in a few years.

Wow....4 Million...that sounds low.....are u sure he wasn't talking about the prospect of signing Hartline ?.......I remember reading something like that ...but not referencing Wallace... dunno

then again..Armando says so many things, it's tough keeping track...lololol

I really dont see why you guys dont get:

How the hell do we get into the endzone in 2013?

How the hell do we "WIN GAMES" if getting into the endzone iasnt the single most important stat of all?


Guys, I'll be in the minority here but I don't believe the Steelers are out of the Wallace sweepstakes. They're a smart organization and hold their cards very close to their chest. They chopped James Harrison today and I believe part of that was to free up money for Wallace. Also, look to them to cut or restructure Mendenhall at some point too. They can make it work numbers wise if they want him there and I believe he still likes being in Pittsburgh. This is getting no play right now, so that's why I'm suggesting it. There's NOTHING that says Wallace needs to get $12-13 mil a year. Steelers could make it work on a long term deal for less than everybody else. I'm not saying this is going to happen. I'm saying it could happen, and nobody is talking about it.

Even if Wallace signs here, expecting more than 8 tds from him in the first year could be a stretch.

I'll take a 8tds over under right now on Wallace.

If Wallace comes here and scores 8 tds, we've only replaced the 8 tds we packed in Bush's bags.

Oh...... I see....... we're going to get 8 tds from th "UNPROVEN" Miller.

Either you guys are geniuses, or youve got one helluva great crystal ball. LOL...

Here's what Mando said about Wallace's cap hit:

"The Dolphins have plenty of cap space to afford Wallace.

To understand that you have to look at the breakdown of Bowe's contract. His salary cap cost for 2013, for example, will be $4 million. His cap cost for 2014 will be $12 million. His cap cost for 2015 will be $14 million and his cap cost the final two years of his deal will come in at $13 million unless the team does something different.

Looking at this example, you see that a contract similar to Bowe's would easily fit within the Miami cap structure in 2013. A $4 million cap hit is nothing. Dimitri Patterson is slated to cost the Dolphins $4.6 million against the cap in 2013 and he is unproven in Miami. Karlos Dansby and Randy Starks will cost the Dolphins twice that amount against the cap and I assure you they will not score 6-10 TDs per season as Wallace might."

Woah...easy YG....we can't all be at your level of excellence.....

...have pity on we the poor intellectual peasants..

.....someone said earlier that Hartline and Bess are the chain movers , and that someone like a Cook or a Jennings or Wallace could make the difference in the Red Zone.....

.....you must admit we got down to gates often enough, but didn't reach the promised land nearly enough....

...well, maybe the staff sees Hartline and Bess as the table setters and will leave the real cooking to the master chefs (yet to be named, of course...which is the reason for much of the anguished discussion here)

....so I would think that the verdict is still out since we don't have privileged information as to what the FO is thinking....(Oscar and Dusty standing the exception of course()

....sometimes life requires patience, cuz.....:-)

Posted by: Craig M | March 09, 2013 at 08:00 PM

More dumb sht. Steelers would have resigned Wallace to 11-12 million. Wallace turned down 10 million on a an extension last season. The Steelers know exactly what Wallace wants.

Get back to the corner with kum-caked Jeffy doll. LOL...


Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 09, 2013 at 07:57 PM

More brilliant than your odiotic claim that Sparano would be the most sought after HC.

Only YesterGiggle gets to be dumb, he can forgive himself.

Actually YG, If you keep using that potty mouth we're gonna have to send you to the corner.

Kum faced jeffy doll..lol. Good grief.


I have no fukking clue what that TD thing you're going on about....NONE.

Keep ranting about it cause it makes NO sense.

Posted by: Buster | March 09, 2013 at 08:05 PM

Pay attention Buster, the playoffs and sb showed indisputable evidence that great offenses need homerun tds. Great offenses are not depending on getting into the redzone every drive to score.

Plus the more real weapons an offense has, the more efficient they are at excuting in the redzone.

Also, why in the hell have some of you already booked Cook's arrival to Miami. You have pure nothing to base that on.


You're wasting your time on that clown. He's been in a little sucky hissy fit ever since the team re-signed Hartline and Moore. He's like a 6 year old.

I wish to God he'd do what he said he'd do and go support another team.

Posted by: Craig M | March 09, 2013 at 08:12 PM

You'll get it when again in December your posting dumbass 2014 draft picks you want. Im being nice, because your dumbass will probably be talking 2014 draft picks in November.

Oh.... you'll get it dumbass. As soon as the fins are out of the playoffs before the end of december.

YG....no need for the admonition as I pay strict attention to everything you utter..

....now you really never said Sporano was going to be the most sought after HC, did you?

heaven knows you would never make such an inane projection as that..

-------> Buster, paying attention....;-)

Guys,not sure if anyone has mentioned him as of yet but if we're trying to upgrade the TE position,surely Brandon Myers should be on the radar?

I may be wrong but isn't he a free agent? He put up some impressive numbers on a bad Oakland team last year so could be an option?


'The playoff and SB showed indisputable evidence that great offences need homerun tds'. They did?

Can you give us some examples?


I don't believe he's a FA but I could be wrong. What makes you say that?

and I actually don't rate him that highly. What is it you like about him?

You'll get it when again in December your posting dumbass 2014 draft picks you want.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 09, 2013 at 08:16 PM

You mean like how you wanted Stanzi? That dumbass or even more dumbass?

Want a giggle?

Than consider YesterGiggle is guilty of every single think he ridcules others for, dumb posts, and dumb ideas.

The guy has issues. He should spend his time laughing at himself.

YG posted:Plus the more real weapons an offense has, the more efficient they are at excuting in the redzone.

....so that makes the point that players such as hartline and Bess et all, make it possible for ones like Cook and Jennings to score ......

....or where you thinking the Fins couls organize the first All Pro Offense in the history of the league...

..let's see Adrian P in the backfield...Fitzy and Wallace at WR, Welker in the Slot and Gronkowski and T Gonzo at TE...oh yeah...and Joe flacco dishing the rock...

......those kid of real weapons....yah...I'd pay attention then...

You gotta love a 'Dolphin fan' (and I use the term very loosely), who actually is more interested in being right about Hartline and Bush being the wrong choices, than the team actually winning. Pathetic!

I hope you "FLATLINERS" enjoy, because if we get a true #1 wr, Flatliner is back to 600-700yds recieving yards and max of 3tds. Helluva lot for 30 million dollars. LOL...

YG !!!! for Krissake...the team can't all be #1's......please try to digest that !!!! thanks

YG, I get that you're not a big fan of Hartline and letting Bush go. Here's the good news I guess if your right Ireland is gone. What would you suggest the Dolphins do to help remedy things this offseason ?

Hartline had a terrifiic year....just didn't have points to go along with it...maybe he was drawing the best DB's from the opposition....is that possible..????

and if we do get a Wallace or a Jennings or a speedy rookie WR , wouldn't that coverage change/...and couldn't that spell more points for Hartline/...just maybe...hmmmmmmmmm/


He's looking for a team of track stars that can take it to the endzone. There's no such thing as a possesion receiver in his world. He doesn't understand the need for ball control and time of possession. It's bombs away on every play.

and we thought Dan Henning was a bad startegist....LOL.

Craig, i'm sure i read something on Bleacher Report saying he's a free agent. At 27 years old and the fact he was productive last year for a terrible team,maybe he's worth a look.

Joe Thomas and Bobby bethard are rolling over in their graves right now watching your genius Jeffy Ireland at work. LOL...

Anquan Boldin didn't even crack 1000 yards with the now highest paid QB in the NFL. And he had a mere 4 tds. Good enough to win the SB.

YesterGiggle ignores any stat that goes against his jaded anti-Ireland attitude.

Mark,,,Meyers would be a nice upgrade...agreed

Bobby Bethard? He died?

lobo and Buster,

Gotta admit, you guys make a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, your points will be lost on some.


Ireland rectifies this by drafting 2 wrs with the first 3 picks. Which aint gonna happen because he signed Flatliner to #2 wr money.

Ireland will never do anything to suggest he my have been wrong about something.

Even if get Wallace, even worse, Ireland's not going to sniff at a wr until 3rd rd or later. Most likely finding a Pat Turner or Clyde Gates clone.

YG....I also have criticized Ireland in the past...

...but I'm hoping he has learned in the process...and will find a formula for winning..

...you know, if everyone who met with initial failure threw his hands up in surrender, many of this world's greatest achievements would never have been realized...

....we are finding out know that Einstein was not entirely right....what should we do?......disown him too?

YesterGiggle is guilty of every single thing he ridicules others for. He is pathetic.


You could be on to something with Myers. Rotoword does list him as an ufa.

Last year 79 catches for 800 yds and 4 td's. Not too shabby.

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