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Market for Reggie Bush is strong

The market for Reggie Bush is a good one, with multiple teams showing significant interest in the prospective free agent running back.

A source very close to Bush tells me three teams have been talking to Bush agent Joel Segal and that money involved in those talks is significant. The source would provide no details of the money or name the teams but it is clear the interest in Bush isn't just of the making-a-call variety.

The source is, however, telling me the Dolphins are not one of those teams.

Indeed, the source is saying Reggie Bush categorically will not be back in Miami.

Segal has not been available for comment. (Neither have most agents, by the way).

The idea that the Dolphins aren't working to bring Bush back is not unexpected. The club showed zero interest in doing a contract with him during the 2012 season and had only lukewarm interest recently.

The Dolphins expect to address their soon-to-be vacant running back position by giving Lamar Miller (first) and Daniel Thomas (second) the opportunity to win the job. The club might also add a running back either in free agency or the draft.

Bush gained 986 yards on 227 carries (4.3 yards per carry) last season. He scored six touchdowns on the ground and was also the team's fourth-leading pass catcher with 35 receptions for 292 yards and 2 TDs.

It was Bush's second season with Miami. It was also Bush's final season with Miami.


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Did Boldin have a lot of home run TDs in those 4 he had?.....LOL.

Here is the real question
If mike wallace comes to miami, who is #17???


Hartline goes over 1,000 yards last year, with a rookie QB and very little help and instead of celebrating this fact, YG wants to rip into because he only had one TD. Of course, none of that could be on the QB or play-calling. Nah, had to be on Hartline. I don't think he was trying. How many TDs did he drop again? Must have been dozens.

I'm loking forward to rubbing it in the guys face when Hartline has a great year. I'll be merciless. Keep your head up, YG!....Jets blog to the left.

Good point PG13. Ross said we will retire the # but he didn't say who would be wearing it.lol


Blaming the 1 td on Hartline is nothing more than an excuse to hate. He had more catches for more yards than Fitzgerald and Wallace.

How is the truly great Fitzgerald doing without an MVP QB?

YesterGiggle will not acknowledge any of that.

YG is way into S&M but his old lady has really bad arthritus these days, that's why he comes here. He loves the pain and ridcule of having his dumbassness brought to light.

sean smith will not be resigned. there are better playersin he draft. you draft defence.....good safties too. Cypien or Reid in round 2. could go Xavier rhodes round 1.

YG posted:

"Im being nice, because your dumbass will probably be talking 2014 draft picks in November.
Oh.... you'll get it dumbass. As soon as the fins are out of the playoffs before the end of december."

This is being nice....really.............callling someone in a blog a name such as dumbass, simply because they fail to see your point of view, is not being nice......

...juvenile definitely, but nice?.....I don't think so....


Good points, man. Nothing but hate. No basis for it all. Like it's Hartline who's been putting this team together. Crazy talk!

So who gets #17 if it happens? The 2nd year QB making a cpl MIL or the $12 MIL man?

You have to ask, if Fitz went downhill so far without an MVP QB, how effective will Wallace be without one. Hmmm.

You know folks...there is an amazing word in our vocabulary.....hope..

...so...I hope Jeff Ireland makes good decisions...I hope Steve Ross opens the purse strings...

...I hope we get improved talent..

...let's hope Joe P and Sherman can utilize it and maximize it...

...let's hope our team makes us proud to be fans, and hope we are happier standing by them when things were bleak..

so we can hope to celebrate success when things brighten up....

...so let's all hope ....is that asking too much of

........not by definition anyway.....that's part of what fans do.....they hope their team can be the best...

...Go Dolphins!!!!!


Love it man!! Well said....

I also like Hartline and thought that he was a must sign at the right price of course. People seem to forget that Hartline was a pro bowler and that he accoplished this with a QB that had only started 19 games in college. I am glad that Tannehill will have some continuity with Hartline. I also think that Hartline is poised to have a great season.

Craig, you are absolutely right in saying that Hartline having 1 TD is not only his fault. He had a rookie throwing him the ball and it is not like he dropped a bunch of TDs. In fact, if I remember correctly Tannehill over threw Hartline at least twice on throws that should have been for TDs and he was wide open.

My question is how much of a factor was Big Bens ability to extend plays and hit teams with that killer pump fake have on Mike Wallace. The Phins offense is more of a timing offense. That shiney new sports car looks real nice. But can we effectively drive it on our roads? I don't know.

"NFL.com's Daniel Jeremiah is "hearing a lot of buzz" about the Dolphins being interested in free agent Rashard Mendenhall.
The Fins are committed to getting Lamar Miller the football more, but they need an upgrade on Daniel Thomas behind him. Mendenhall should be affordable, is still only 25 years old, and produced behind awful offensive lines in Pittsburgh. He can also catch the football and pick up the blitz, and Miller remains incredibly raw in the passing game. Mendenhall would be a nice fit in Miami. His addition would likely spell the end of Thomas as a Dolphin."

Wow...If this is true & we get Wallace--then Ireland isn't f#cking around this year.


Why have hope when instead you can sit around all day bashing Ireland and dismissing any single positive that comes along.

Let's all be miserable.

Daniel Jeremiah (nfl network) reports on twitter that he's hearing the Dolphins are interested in signing Rashard Mendenhall should they part way with Reggie.

Can understand the move even though im not overly pleased if this is indeed true.

Mendenhall sucks, I don't get it.


I wouldn't waste the time or money on Mendenhall. He's been banged up and he'll likely want to get paid. I'd rather see what Thomas and Miller can do and draft another back middle of the draft. Unless of course the plan is to get rid of Thomas...but for the money, I'd give him one more year.

Craig ty cuz....and lol @ Lobo..I hear ya dude...

...and I agree a FA RB is needed to back up Miller......just not sure who it should be......whomever...needs to be a guy who can get the 2 or 3 yards when the D is expecting the run....

..is why i previously mentioned Brandon jacobs...if healthy I believe he has some value if used in the right situations..

...but some like he or Mendenhall fills a need , but is not just a one dimensional specialty FB type...

Lobo...maybe he sucked in a premier role....but would work as a complimentary back to Miller.....dunno..

.....once again..we are not on the inside with access to the appropriate info..

....except for a few clairvoyants who populate this blog space...lol


Mendenhall sucks, I don't get it.

Posted by: lobo | March 09, 2013 at 09:06 PM

WTF happened to hope. You just criticized me a couple posts ago. ROTFLMAO!

Hiya Wally

I give Thomas his shot also. I know the knocks and negatives so far. But I've also seen flashes and seen the dude make people PAY aand look silly. I like his fight too, but sometimes bro...just, go, down. Just like Reggie. Potential to break any play? Yup. But sometimes bro... Just hit the hole! 2nd and 8, next play. 2nd and 12(+)...kinda shrinks your playbook.


go dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, he got ya there @ 916.

Kewl beans wally......that makes a bunch of us here...we are happy to have you aboard....

I just think Mendenhall is going to want some decent money. Has he been cut already? I didn't know the Steelers had chopped him already.

What kind of money do people think he's going to want? Truth is he's never really stayed healthy long enough to be truly effective. Isn't that what people are also saying about Thomas?

sad but true.....your old handle wasn't "Here's my story" was it? ;-)


It might not spell the end of Thomas. Mendenhall could be insurance behind Thomas. It couldn't be for much money though I wouldn't think.

Mendenhall han't been the same since his knee surgery.

Pulled This From A Poster ON PFT:

fusstr8tedfinfan says:Mar 9, 2013 7:45 PM

Someone who goes by the handle Incarcerated Bob “reported the Fins and Wallace have reached an agreement in principle for 5 years 60m. I don’t normally trust “breaking news” like this. Can anyone add some validity to this for me?


We have been talking alot about WR but what do we do about CB? If Sean Smith leaves we are going to have no quality starting CBs left. According to Adam Schefter, Smith is the best CB in the FA market. If that is so, doesn't Ireland have to make a better effort to resign him.

Do we really want to start two rookie corners next year or bring in one of the other FA rejects from other teams? What will the plan be for our thin CB position?

We do hope YG...we hope you're going to be courteous and respect the fact that everyone has their own opinion..
......Lobo's opinion is that mendenhall suks......

....but he's not gonna start a crusade to have him eradicated from the face of the earth.....

...there's a difference

There you hve it, Incarerated Bob says weve reached an agreement in priniple with Wallace for 5yrs 60million dollars.


Mendenhall sucks, I don't get it.

Posted by: lobo | March 09, 2013 at 09:06 PM

WTF happened to hope. You just criticized me a couple posts ago. ROTFLMAO!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 09, 2013 at 09:16 PM


LMAO. Sorry lobo but that was funny.

Hey man, I don't know WTF you are talking about? But the wink face is kind of creepin...

Posted by: Buster | March 09, 2013 at 09:24 PM

Hey butt twitch, you keep seeking me how. Im not going to change my opinion, not going to try and change yours either.

Why dont you respect my opinion not to agree with yours ok?

Orlando...your point is well receiverd...

...it's just that Smith has a glaring deficiency...he doesn't get his head around on incoming throws....

....and he doesn't show a prpensity to change that...and so the dilemna is : do u keep a vet who costs you receptions, yardage, extended drives by the opposition, and ultimately points....

...or do you let him go , and for the same price or less get a FA and draft a rookie at that position and hope for an upgrade at that particular skill...


I have no interest in Smith being resigned. FA is off to a good start, but resigning Smith would undo a lot of that good work. I would think Rhodes would be a great replacement for him and I'd be fine with a mix of Patterson, Marshall and another vet.

Smith is someone else's mistake to make, IMO.

Adam Schefter is a DOUCHEBAG

YG never said I didn't respect your opinion...just don't share your negativity..

....and would appreciate if you could be adult enough to have a conversation with me while refraining from the name calling....

...or is that your intellect frustrated by its limitations?

You are not allowed to sign anyone until Tuesday. You can start talking to teams but not sign anyone. How would some random blogger know that kind of information about the fins signing Wallace?

We have to be patient. We will not know anything until after Tuesday.


We've got Heartline and Moore we don't need Bush(Sarcasm)! We've got the second best number two receiver in the AFC east and the second best back up quarterback in the AfC east. Why would we need a running back that defenses actually need to game plan for because of his big play potential. A running back that played on a Dolphins team that didn't have a passing game so teams routinely stacked the box to try contain Reggie. Reggie told ireland a year ago he wanted to be a Dolphin obviosly he feels heartling is higher priority. Heartline basicly had one monster game last year to pad his stats..GO GET PAID REGGIE! YOU GAVE A HUNDRED PERCENT TO THE DOLPHIN COMMUNITY. YOU WERE THE FIRST TO PRACTICE LAST TO LEAVE, SIGNED ARTIGRAGHS FOR ALL THOSE SNOT NOSE KIDS, JEFF IRELAND GAVE YOU HIS BUTT TO KISS AND ALOT OF THESE SORRY FANS DID THE SAME. I HOPE YOU WIN TEN SUPERBOWLS AND GO TO THE HALL OF FAME.

Craig...i agree....Smith is a liability with limited solutions....he therefore is expendable

Posted by: Buster | March 09, 2013 at 09:31 PM

Two choices:

1. Skip over
2. Take a skip

Its all up to you.

YG which means you don't care if you offend to the point of being ignored....fine ...

.........I choose Door #2 .....thanks for making it an easy one....have a nice life...

LAMAR MILLER!!!All you UM loving fans are going to get slapped in the face when you actually get to see Lamar miller as a full time back. For every hole Jeff Ireland fills he makes four more. Pathetic to see what my beloved Dolphins have become and Steven Ross sits idol while jeffy runs amuck impersonating an NFL General Manager.

Interesting Hydrashock. There is an Incarcerated Bob.

This too from Incarcerated Bob:

IBN also gets word that the Dolphins are being very aggressive with a player they want to keep, the big man OT- Jake Long has been in convo's with Miami and passed a physical earlier this morning.. Biggest competition so far has come from the Bears / Rams both in on Jake and have made contact.

Pujo...when Bush came here , most fans expected the Reggie from New Orleans....

...but Reggie viewed himself as being more than that....premier back he envisioned..

...in my opinion he was never that..

....was however, fantastic from the slot..and catching out of the backfield and returning kicks...

...but the team signed him and gave him his opp..result..one or two seasons close to /over 1,000 yards rushing..

...but her's the key..was he effective...did he get you to 2nd and short enough?....

..for me , that is what a premier RB does...he shortens the down and distance to where it is manageable....so that the Offense is not predictable..

..too often 3rd and long...too often needing a pass to extend the series.....too predictable...

...he's a great talent ..god speed....wish him the best of everything....

Dolfan Rick, I still need to see a more reputable source.

The story also says that the fins are trying very hard to resign big Jake.

Interesting story though. I hope that it is true. If they do sign Wallace and resign Long. It means that they won't spend big bucks at CB or TE. They will probably address those positions early in the draft.

We just have to wait and see Orlando. I don't think deals can be announced until Tuesday.

It appears ol Bob there is a bookie of some sort.

Resign big Jake. Mendenhall would be a solid compliment to Miller. Draft Marcus Lattimore with a 4th or 5th rnder just to sit n get his knee right this year n then compete with Miller nxt year or eat his lunch, if Lamar doesnt cut it this year.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | March 09, 2013 at 09:48 PM

Why? Is not the word of world famous Incarcerated Bob good enough for you.

Imean, he is the go to guy for info along the insttutional cicuits. He doubles as jailhouse lawyer too.


Who is this guy anyway?

Incarcerated Bob's the guy to go to if needing a cell phone in the joint also. He makes things happen behind locked doors.

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