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Martin signs for 2 years, Grimes and Winston still lurking

Defensive tackle Vaughn Martin signed a two-year deal with the Dolphins today. He said he was on a plane headed to a free agent visit with Seattle when he heard he was signing with Miami.

He got off the plane and headed to the Dolphins training facility to sign.

The former San Diego 3-4 defensive end said he talked with New England, Kansas City, Detroit, New Orleans and Philadelphia aside from the Chargers before signing with Miami.

"I want to be a part of it. I want to be here in South Florida. I want to help this team win," Martin said.

Martin trains with Mike Pouncey locally in Delray Beach. Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland made it an offseason priority to add a defensive tackle -- once he decided to part ways with Tony McDaniel -- because he believes the defensive line is strong, he wants to have flexibility there, and he believe adding a tackle improves on both.

So the Martin addition is good. But the Dolphins are not done, or at least don't want to be done.

They still would like to add a cornerback. They still would like to add an offensive tackle. They'd like to do it cheaply in free agency.

Brent Grimes remains on the radar. He's being patient despite the fact the free agency market for cornerbacks was not good this year and it's even worse for a player such as him coming off Achilles' tendon surgery.

The Dolphins have some confidence they can land Grimes but they're not breaking the bank for the guy. So the sides that seemingly have each other in their sights are working slowly toward trying to make a deal happen.

The team is also keeping Eric Winston in mind but the interest there isn't quite suggesting he'll land in Miami.

Winston doesn't want a short-term deal. The Dolphins don't want to commit for four years or five years and they certainly do not intend to pay $5 million per year. Maybe half that. But not $5 million per.

So Winston is waiting.

"Obviously I have ties down in South Florida, I have a lot of friends down there from college that still live down there," Winston told the NFL Network today. "I know the area pretty well. Obviously that is an added bonus, being able to play for a franchise like the Dolphins.  Like I said, if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out."

But ...

"Being down there is not the be all, end all," Winston continued. "I am excited about what is going to happen. It is a new chapter in my life and my family’s life. We are going to keep moving forward with this until something happens."

What's Winston looking for?

“The offense needs to fit what I have done," he said. "I have done a lot of zone-scheme in the past. Obviously a great place for a family, I have two kids and a wife, we want to be somewhere where it is nice. It is not a place where it has to be ‘this.’ Everything comes involved in it. The best situation will present itself. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for that to happen. Hopefully it will happen soon.”



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Agree @ 2:34.....

Players got hosed....and D. Smith didn't even give them a reach around...

Best case scenario, KC gets desperate and takes a 3rd pick for Brandon Just to move that franchise contract.

albert for 2nd rd pick is a steal but kc not budging so far on the extra pick

zero need for winston if the get albert, u let martin play and get better, winston sucks

Winston better than Garner. Garner counts 1.2 million to this year's salary cap. If we could sign Winston at 3 million, cut Garner, and its like Winston only cost 1.8 million.

For the extra 600,000 you get a huge upgrade over Garner. Garner will count 1.8 million on 2014's cap. See sportstrac.

I am hopeful for Grimes. A proven VET at CB is needed. Assuming his physical doesn't fail due to the achilles I would get him on the team.

The slow movement on Winston suggests to me that the team really isn't totally comfortable with Martin at Left Tackle. Why add another RT if they don't believe Martin is ready for LT?

disagree u start martin at rt if u get albert. garner valuable playing everywhere

I've noticed a lot of you saying Rhodes is not a fit for us because he's only a press corner and that Mingo, Dion and Ansah are the only elite level pass-rushers in this draft. Well you should check out 'secondroundstats.com', the way they break down game film and player's metrics while comparing the top rated prospects against each other might give you a different perspective.

miami trying to trade up to get johnson just tells us they arent gonna go for albert, which makes no sense. why waste our first rounder and another pick on a lt when we can get a proven one with a 2nd rd pick and still have our first

Can we see if Grimes can walk without a limp and run please............

Geez what is the rush!! We have know clue if this guy can do anything on that leg yet!!!

make it a deal with incentives, just get it done. over 5 months till season begins

The only guy we should be trading up for should be Milliner. Just dont understand the need to trade up for a Tackle when we could draft one in the 2nd/3rd.

Milliner is clearly the best Corner in the draft and would warrant a trade up alot more than a Tackle.

If we cant trade up...draft Rhodes.

Playmakers please...not boring offensive linemen...AGAIN!!


they must like johnson, i dont see it. give kc a 2nd for alberts and draft a corner in first rd


Interesting Scenario.

All Real Good Picks.

The Albert Thing Will Be Interesting To Watch. I'm With Ireland. I Will Trade a 2nd Round Pick, Nothing More. And That Is If B.Albert sign's A Long Term Deal That Is Cap Friendly.

Also, Agreed With Your Earlier Post On Ireland. Ireland Drops Subtle Hints. You Just Have To Look For Them.

All of the Jeff Ireland haters should be keeping their opinions to themselves these days.IMO Nobody is perfect,we all can admit to that. But something should be pretty evident by now,Ireland put the Dolphins in position to make the moves that they are making,and he is far from finished. We have eleven draft picks and still have cap money too spend. I am (cautiously)waiting for this team to start the season,just to see if all the right moves were made as to wins and loss'. Time will tell!

I really wanted a BIG day from Barkley. Good day for him. Most don't see him in the top 10.

I'm really starting to like the Jonathon Cooper pick, or Warmack. Not sexy picks, but big time players.

I would really like to trade back a few spots if someone likes Austin. We still get one of these two or Ertz.

We will see!

Dusty, the reason they would trade a pick to move up for Johnson and not trade a 2nd for Albert is because Johnson can be signed for 5 years to a very cap friendly deal with the new rookie salaries and Albert would demand $7-8 million per season (likely on a 3-5 year deal). Trading up for Johnson means you have your QB and LT signed for dirt cheap for the next 4-5 years. When Wallace's big numbers come off the books, you sign your QB and LT to contracts worth what they deserve (if they turn out to be studs) and get younger and cheaper WR's. That my friend, is how you manage the salary cap!

wont matter if the lt is cheap if he sucks

If FAT ALBERT's back keeps acting up, then he will be expensive and he sucks!

u can cut guys in nfl quite easily. if we have a rookie lt and a 2nd year martin at rt next year its gonna be ugly, real ugly. plus our corners are worst in nfl currently and our first rd pick would be gone. great plan


Winston Wants At Minimum $5Mil And For Multiple Seasons. Supposedly 4years.

Ireland Will Only Sign Him For 1 Year.

I'm With Ireland Don't Get In A Long Term Deal Just To Keep A Guy For 1-2 Years. That Is The Old Parcells Way Of Thinking. Keep The Cap In Mind When Making New Contracts Ireland.

Ireland Wants The Fins To Have Cap Space, Next Season And Beyond.

good dashi cause winston sucks balls


Garner gave up 3-4 sacks by himself in the last game vs the Pats. Winston has to be a depth upgrade over Garner.

ur saying sign winston to be a backup?? for what 1.5 mill? he wont take that, some dumb team will pay him like a starter and cut him again after next year

You can cut him Dusty, but what happens to the signing bonus on the new deal? You want dead cap space so we can be like the Cowboys, Jets and the rest of the teams up against it right now? I don't. Let me ask you... did Pennington struggle with protection in 2008 when Jake was a rookie? Jake was a beast that year. Clady was a beast that year. There must be 1 or 2 of them this year.


Then someone needs to wake Winston the fk up. He will be on his 3rd team in 3yrs. No one's going to give a player with that track record 5 million.

If he wants 5 million, maybe he's not planning on playing nfl football this season?


I was saying sign Winston for 3 million, then dump Garner's 1.2 million. Subtracted from 3 million, Winston's cost would be absorbed down to 1.8 by cutting Garner's 1.2 million.

But if Winston thinks he's worth 5 million he's lost his mind.

Has Irescum been fired yet?

phillie not lane johnson thats for sure

i have zero interest in winston but maybe they sign him which means martin is our left tackle, a horrible domino effect

Our OL is going from great to mediocre without Jake Long. Tannehill will be running for his life.

If you want people to read your posts then do away with the caps TK SWAN!!

Just some friendly advice :)

What's Winston looking for?

“The offense needs to fit what I have done," he said. "I have done a lot of zone-scheme in the past. Obviously a great place for a family, I have two kids and a wife, we want to be somewhere where it is nice. It is not a place where it has to be ‘this.’ Everything comes involved in it. The best situation will present itself. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for that to happen. Hopefully it will happen soon.”



I fit well with the Dolphins but I will go with the team that offers me the most years/money. Unfortunately, my agent and I think too much of ourselves (especially considering we have been cut the last two offseasons) so we can't find the $$$'s we are looking for. I am going to have to decide on the best contract soon because my wife/kids are getting tired of waiting to find out where we are going to be living.

Winston doesn't want a short-term deal. The Dolphins don't want to commit for four years or five years and they certainly do not intend to pay $5 million per year. Maybe half that. But not $5 million per.

That Is From This Post By Mando.

Plus, If My Memory Serves Me Right?

Wasn't Winston Bashing The Fins Last Year!! Talking About How He Won't Sign With Miami!! When Miami Had No Cap!! And Were Trying To See If He Was Available.

People Tend To Forget.

Now That I Think About It!! HELL NO!! ON WINSTON!!


No matter we trade for Albert or move up to draft Johnson. I want to see Garner upgraded. I know for certain he gave up at least 3 sacks in the last Pats game, maybe even 4.

I would hate to see what happens if one of our starting OT's goes down. Garner is horribly inconsistent.

finally dashi welcome to the smart side, winston sucks

well yeah yesterday i dont want garner starting either but ill take him as a backup anyday

Yhe 7-9 team was too expensive for cheapskate Ross. He had to break it up.

Our OL is going from great to mediocre without Jake Long. Tannehill will be running for his life.

Posted by: Shark | March 28, 2013 at 05:53 PM

I' not sure which Jake Long you were watching last year.........the one who lived up to his billing the first few years or the one who wasn't there at the end of the season the last 2 years? Oh and bye the way, the line was not great even when Long was playing good for us so i'm not sure what line you are whining about...lol.

so quit wasting your time "cheap fish" on this team. why come in here, why watch. go root for the jets, they spend bad money

agree long was terrible last year

When Big Jake didnt play in the last game of the season Tannehill got shut out. The OL has become a huge questionmark.


I agree with waiting on Albert. The longer we wait KC has to come down to a 3rd round pick. My question is how good is he really and is it all about the money like Jake?

I would rather draft a left tackle, pay him way less, and mold the guy. Winston not signing else where by now speaks volumes!

Jeffy holds all the cards here!!


Dashi Has Been On The Fence About E.Winston. Then I Remember Him Acting Like A Prick, After Signing With KC. Talking Bad About The Fins And Ireland.

But Dashi Has Said All OffSeason #1 Goal Is To Keep Jake Long, Or Sign Someone Of Equal Value.

The Way It Looks, The Best Option Looks Like The Draft.

The Question Should Be First Round? Or Second Round?

If None Of The Top 3 LT's Are Available In The First! Draft The Next Best One In The Second. But Just Don't Reach Mr.Ireland. Hopefully He Treats The Draft Like Free Agency!! Go After The Biggest Need First!! Then Just Get Best Value Available With The Other 10 Picks.

Jeff is setting up this draft so he dictates it, and not the draft dictating his picks.

The ONLY immediate need is CB.

Millner is the ONLY guy I would trade up for. I would never take a CB at 12!!! NEVER!!!!

As much as we all like Ertz, he is a luxury for us.

Sending Ireland out to do the Dolphin draft is like sending my 12 year old out to block Cam Wake. You just close your eyes and hope he doesnt get killed lol

Tony Nathan:

Please direct your twelve year old to play with a chain saw or a blow torch. Im sure that he or she is as worthless as you are anyway. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Oh, and Tony,

If your kid's mother has a decent rack please send her to my place. I will cover her head with a potato sack so as to spare my eyes.

With all these quality signings only Tanne can fu@k this season up for us.

Whats up with Ross saying that I am full of sh__? I am actually full of yellow festering puss.

YG, Garner isn't going anywhere for better or worst. They signed him to a new 3 year contract just a week or so ago, they won't cut him now.

Nothing but contradiction on this blog, Dusty and his supporters are bashing a highly rated (last year) Winston because 2 years in a row he's a free agent and saying 5mil is too much to pay him. Yet, he's willing to trade a 2nd or 3rd plus pay 7-8Mil for a lineman with back problems whose team is trying to dump him.

I thought coming into this offseason what I heard was, stop making linemen one of the highest paid players on your team because they don't touch the ball and hardly factor in your teams win. What exactly is wrong with Winston? Do we know why the Chiefs cut him? Who was the last right tackle we had that is better than him as far as consistently grading out in the top 10 of his position in the NFL?

You guys can say what you want about Winston but he's a solid RT. The question is, Is Martin a solid LT?

If so I think that signing Grimes and Winston would put a cap on a sweet free agency period and we enter the draft thinking BPA.

If it were me I would pick 3 or 4 playermakers I would like if they fell to the 12 spot. Like Jordan, Patterson, Mingo or Jarvis Jones for example.

If I see them all come off the board before our pick, I start looking for trade back options. Then I would look at my next tier of players like Trufant, Cyprien, Hopkins, or Fluker.

If I couldn't find a trade partner and had to stay at 12 then I would be hoping for Johnson or go with Cooper or Vaccaro.

I really don't like the sound of a trade up for a OT.

What is with the Canes shot selection so far?? They're playing like theres only 3 minutes left in the game.

Winston-NO Grimes-Yes

The Jets need draft picks. We need a CB and LT.
Trade all picks in rounds 3 thru 7 for D'Brickshaw and Revis.
Use our top 3 picks for players that can start immedately.
That would give us 5 starters from 11 draft picks.

Dolfan Rick, I'm sorta curious to see how Yeatman comes into camp. He was a LT in college, 6:6 270. Pds, athletic, also played LaCrosse. He puts an extra 30-40 pds on that frame, the boy might be able to play LT.



canes are done, knew it would catch up to them at some pt, great season at least

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