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Martin signs for 2 years, Grimes and Winston still lurking

Defensive tackle Vaughn Martin signed a two-year deal with the Dolphins today. He said he was on a plane headed to a free agent visit with Seattle when he heard he was signing with Miami.

He got off the plane and headed to the Dolphins training facility to sign.

The former San Diego 3-4 defensive end said he talked with New England, Kansas City, Detroit, New Orleans and Philadelphia aside from the Chargers before signing with Miami.

"I want to be a part of it. I want to be here in South Florida. I want to help this team win," Martin said.

Martin trains with Mike Pouncey locally in Delray Beach. Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland made it an offseason priority to add a defensive tackle -- once he decided to part ways with Tony McDaniel -- because he believes the defensive line is strong, he wants to have flexibility there, and he believe adding a tackle improves on both.

So the Martin addition is good. But the Dolphins are not done, or at least don't want to be done.

They still would like to add a cornerback. They still would like to add an offensive tackle. They'd like to do it cheaply in free agency.

Brent Grimes remains on the radar. He's being patient despite the fact the free agency market for cornerbacks was not good this year and it's even worse for a player such as him coming off Achilles' tendon surgery.

The Dolphins have some confidence they can land Grimes but they're not breaking the bank for the guy. So the sides that seemingly have each other in their sights are working slowly toward trying to make a deal happen.

The team is also keeping Eric Winston in mind but the interest there isn't quite suggesting he'll land in Miami.

Winston doesn't want a short-term deal. The Dolphins don't want to commit for four years or five years and they certainly do not intend to pay $5 million per year. Maybe half that. But not $5 million per.

So Winston is waiting.

"Obviously I have ties down in South Florida, I have a lot of friends down there from college that still live down there," Winston told the NFL Network today. "I know the area pretty well. Obviously that is an added bonus, being able to play for a franchise like the Dolphins.  Like I said, if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out."

But ...

"Being down there is not the be all, end all," Winston continued. "I am excited about what is going to happen. It is a new chapter in my life and my family’s life. We are going to keep moving forward with this until something happens."

What's Winston looking for?

“The offense needs to fit what I have done," he said. "I have done a lot of zone-scheme in the past. Obviously a great place for a family, I have two kids and a wife, we want to be somewhere where it is nice. It is not a place where it has to be ‘this.’ Everything comes involved in it. The best situation will present itself. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for that to happen. Hopefully it will happen soon.”



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Two bummer days in basketball. Tomorrow will be probably be the trifecta as the dreaded gators will probaby end Gulf Coast's dream season as well.

actually NE doesnt have many of its draft picks on the roster over the years


If Lane Johnson doesn't go by the 9th pick, I would use a 3rd to trade up to the 10th spot to get him. The Chargers are on almost every mock to take Johnson at #11.

I believe a 3rd rd pick is about what the value chart would state is what it'll take.

Lets Go DUKE!

12 is a great place in this draft. Someone could fall and we can be there waiting.

We can move down if we want and still grab a player we like.

We can move up a few spots if necessary.

We can stay where we are and get the top prospect at TE, WR, RB, S.

YG can't agree with you more on Albert. I personally wouldn't move up for Lane Johnson. I think we will have plenty of options at 12

What a bummer 2 days. Heat streak snapped lastnight and Canes go home tonight.
Is there rental room on the FGCU bandwagon. If yes, count me in.

Miami Is Back To Being A Football Town.

The Basketball Mirage Is Over.


Not that the Titans would take it, but would you give up one of our 5th rd picks to move up if Lane Johnson were still there at #10?

If the Titans would accept, I would, because a 5th rd'er isn't even a lock to make your team.


Clyde Gates was a 5th rd pick in 2011, didn't even make it out training camp cuts 2012.

IDK Dashi. The Heat still have another ring to bring home. Perhaps several.

Trying to call how the draft will fall, and who will trade up or down with who and for what....that is too far off in fantasy land.


Miami is a title town, win they love you, lose and you get the middle finger.

I'm completely bummed though. Seems like a Sunday.lol

Why couldn't the Heat break the record? Only a true team could break that record. Miami is a cast of players, but the group is no team like the great Lakers and Celtics teams of the past. They defined what a team means.

Also, Spo is not a good coach. The talent on the team won in spite of him.

Beat thing that may have happened to the Heat was that loss. Now they can rest some key guys. They have been playing at such high intensity for so long, they may have been burning to much.

Ony a true team can win 27 straight. Get real Bodine.

Spo is the best coach in the NBA.


Miami's 27 straight is easily equivalent to the Lakers 3 straight in 1969. Back then, all of the good players were on 3 teams, Lakers and Celtics. Any other team was lucky to have one star or even 2 very good players on the entire roster.

Bodine, let no one fool you, there are many backups on rosters today that would be star starters 45-50yrs ago. Parity is far greater now than when the Lakers launched their streak.

Back then, the nba really only consisted of 3 teams: Boston, LA, and NY. The other teams were only there to fill out the scheduling.

Spo without Lebron = Sparano


33 straiht

Yesterday, tell that to Stockton and Malone.

One cannot compare athletes today with athletes of 50 years ago! No way, no how. Training and technological tools have evolved light years.

Lebron was nothing until Spo coached him up. Now he's a complete team player.

yesterday yes on 5th rd pick. but im not high on johnson but we need smebody

Yes, Rick.

The Heat Need To Win At Least 2 More Titles With Lebron. And By Then The Fins Will Be In The Playoffs. And 1 Dolphin Superbowl Means More Than 3 Heat Titles For Dashi. My Team Is The Dolphins.

And To Me What Makes A "Sports Town" Main Sport, Is What The Community Plays. And We Play A lot Of Football In Sfla. Some Of The Best In The Country. Definitely More Football Than Basketball.

Until More Basketball Players Than Football Players Come Out Of Sfla. Sfla Will Always Be Football Country. The State Of Miami.

3 Division One Football Programs Within 30 Miles Of Each Other. The U, FIU, FAU.

Right Jay, Lebron was nothing. Funny. More people watched his 'decision' than the presidential elections. Nothing you say.

lebron carried a horrible clev team to finals


Get with the times. Miami hasnt been a football town for over 6 years.

Moving from 12 up to the 10th pick is 100 points. Which is a high 4th or low 3rd. Depends on how bad the Titans want to stay at 10.

true rick, no way a 5th gets it done chargers would counter with there 5th,lol


Problem is, after the top 3, LT's in this draft almost completely suck. If you don't trade for Albert, there's really zero choice that Lane Johnson is a must have.

It's Albert, Johnson, or IR for Tannehill in 2013.

Has it occurred to anybody here that Louis might replace not Jerry but Incognito?

We will be able to move up 2 or 3 spots only if the team willing to make the swap does not covet the same player as we do.

Heck, Ross has to buy 25,000 of his own tickets every game.

should be albert

Also, there isn't a RT in this draft as good a RT has Martin. We do nothing and he's forced to be our starting LT and Winston at RT. This could equal Tannehill playing the IR position before season's end..

John Jerry = Another Irescum bust

if we sign winston its a disater cause the domino effect is huge pushing martin to lt, exactly

Worry not. Philbin is wiser than all of us.

If Martin plays LT, Tannehill should sue the Dolphins for gross negligence!

I know that most of you here pull for White Players(Incognito, Swoop, the great white hope as receiver,etc) you most here being white boys. But Incognito is nothing without Long besides him, had a terrible Season and lost his cool on many occasions. There is a strong possibility he might not be here to start the Season.

The Heat are only the 2nd NBA team to EVER win as many as 27 straight games.

To put that in perspective. The Laker teams with Magic and Jabar didn't do it. The Celtic teams with Bird, Parrish, and Mchale didn't do it. Neither did the Jordan, Pippen, and Cartwright led Bulls.

The gritty Piston team with Rodman, Thomas and that a-hole Laimbeer weren't able to make that long of a run either.

Quite of an acomplishment for a "untrue" team.

Think about it. For every hour of TV watching and pundit post you've consumed, Philbin has 50 hours of hands on pro experience, and for the last 20 years.

He needs not our advice. We are crumbs that know nothing.

Slowly we are slouching toward the day when we are force-fed Martin as an LT.

If that is indeed the plan, the season is already as good as gone.

Bodine is the know nothing.

Rick, those Lakers and Celtic teams had far tougher competition than todays generic NBA teams. NBA is way down in popularity from those days, and for good reason. The Bulls were nothing special last night, and they made the Heat look like nothing special.


Keep Speaking The Truth.

Spo' Sucks!!

The Guy Is Softer Than Charmin And Coaches Like A Pansy!!

It Has Been Proven!! You Just Have To Play More Physical Than Miami!! And Spo' Will Get Scared!! Miami Will Never Retaliate Even If They Cause Great Physical Harm To The Heat!! Spo Is Even Scared To Argue With The Ref's For His Own Guys!! Because He Might Get A Technical!!

The Heat Won The Title Because Of Talent!! Not Because Of Coaching!! Coaching Lost The First Title!! A Better Coach Would've Beat Dallas!!

Dashi Has A Theory!! The Reason Because Spo Is Coaching The Heat And Is Still Coaching The Heat!! Is Because Spo And N.Arison's Son Are Secret Lovers!! South Beach Booty Bandits!!

Seriously!! What Is The Infatuation With Spo And Heat Management!!

SVG Was A Better Coach!! And Got Fired For Less!! And SVG was Suppose To Be A Riley Disciple!! I Believe That Was An Arison Decision And Not Riley!! Else, Riley Would've Been Fired Spo' and Already Won 2 Titles!! Going for A 3-Peat.

But Spo Is The Golden Boy To The Heat Organization! Making Stories Up Of Him With An (Ex)Employee!! When The People Started Asking If Spo Was Gay!!

Who Did Spo Date Before The Heat Dancer?

A Dolphin Cheerleader?

A Miami Mermaid? (These Chicks Might Give The Dolphin Cheerleaders A Run)

Don't Believe The Hype!! Not Hating On Spo's D'ck. But Spo Looks Like He Has No Game!! Or Charisma To Be Knocking Model Types!! Spo Isn't Funny!! Spo Is Goofy!!

Specially When Nobody Has Seen A Previous GF, Or Friend.

People Are So Gullible. When They Want To Believe Something, Even The Truth Seems Like A Lie.

Reality, yes, I know nothing. That is the difference between us. I accept reality, you are a teenage wimp hiding from life.


Incognito isn't as athletic as the Dolphins would like either but he is solid and plays wide open. I'm thinking the plan is to draft his eventual replacement.

I don't know if it will be with a cracker or not though.lol

It's still history Bodine. Check Wikipedia.

bodine then go to low self esteem room and chat there


Agreed. Good Point.

Incognito Was Protected By Long.

Louis Might Be Here To Replace Incognito.

Jerry Also Has To Come In Shape.

Dashi Believes The Fins Are Still Going To Draft A OG High.

Only 2 Players Fit The Zone Blocking Scheme Last Year. Pouncey and Martin. Both Smart Athletic Linemen. And In Shape.

Incognito And Jerry Were The Weak Link Last Year On The Line. Reason The Fins Couldn't Run Sweeps Or Screens!! The 2 Fat Dumb Guards!!

dusty, how stupid is your name? We'll assess your opinions accordingly.

When ignorant and immature people are challenged, they respond like children, rather than with substance. They are helpless to do otherwise.

no "we'll" just u, ur the fool who keeps telling everyone we are retarded humans who should be bowing down to miamis management


Dolphins are going to draft OG Dallas Thomas 3rd rd.

not a bad idea yesterday, having 5 picks first 3 rds is huge

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