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Martin signs for 2 years, Grimes and Winston still lurking

Defensive tackle Vaughn Martin signed a two-year deal with the Dolphins today. He said he was on a plane headed to a free agent visit with Seattle when he heard he was signing with Miami.

He got off the plane and headed to the Dolphins training facility to sign.

The former San Diego 3-4 defensive end said he talked with New England, Kansas City, Detroit, New Orleans and Philadelphia aside from the Chargers before signing with Miami.

"I want to be a part of it. I want to be here in South Florida. I want to help this team win," Martin said.

Martin trains with Mike Pouncey locally in Delray Beach. Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland made it an offseason priority to add a defensive tackle -- once he decided to part ways with Tony McDaniel -- because he believes the defensive line is strong, he wants to have flexibility there, and he believe adding a tackle improves on both.

So the Martin addition is good. But the Dolphins are not done, or at least don't want to be done.

They still would like to add a cornerback. They still would like to add an offensive tackle. They'd like to do it cheaply in free agency.

Brent Grimes remains on the radar. He's being patient despite the fact the free agency market for cornerbacks was not good this year and it's even worse for a player such as him coming off Achilles' tendon surgery.

The Dolphins have some confidence they can land Grimes but they're not breaking the bank for the guy. So the sides that seemingly have each other in their sights are working slowly toward trying to make a deal happen.

The team is also keeping Eric Winston in mind but the interest there isn't quite suggesting he'll land in Miami.

Winston doesn't want a short-term deal. The Dolphins don't want to commit for four years or five years and they certainly do not intend to pay $5 million per year. Maybe half that. But not $5 million per.

So Winston is waiting.

"Obviously I have ties down in South Florida, I have a lot of friends down there from college that still live down there," Winston told the NFL Network today. "I know the area pretty well. Obviously that is an added bonus, being able to play for a franchise like the Dolphins.  Like I said, if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out."

But ...

"Being down there is not the be all, end all," Winston continued. "I am excited about what is going to happen. It is a new chapter in my life and my family’s life. We are going to keep moving forward with this until something happens."

What's Winston looking for?

“The offense needs to fit what I have done," he said. "I have done a lot of zone-scheme in the past. Obviously a great place for a family, I have two kids and a wife, we want to be somewhere where it is nice. It is not a place where it has to be ‘this.’ Everything comes involved in it. The best situation will present itself. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for that to happen. Hopefully it will happen soon.”



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The first pick is quite simple. Our biggest needs are LT and CB. There is only one CB worth a top 10. If they can't trade up for the elite CB, they will trade up for the elite LT.

No need to over analyze it.

Bodine is a troll that comes here every night (using a different name)....... and declaring that he's admittedly clueless. LMFAO!

senso no guarantee they trade up. takes 2

Don't get too caught up by the Louis signing. This could be a lot like the Colombo signing. PFT ranked Louis 148th out of 150 RTs. Yikes! Tannehill better hope this guy never gets on the field. I hope I am wrong and that this guy works out. Maby Ireland sees something in him than no one else does.

The Blog has informed us of what he does. No surprise.

Many Crackers here, Rick. Cuban Crackers.

careless about those rankings. before injury he was damn good, low risk

Bodine bro, you may be clueless but Id still take you for GM over Irescum!

Thats Ricardo for you Oscar. Tu comprendo?

I think Ireland wants Geno Smith.

Comprendo, que?

For what its worth (which may be nothing) both the SB team's LT's were taken late in the first. Oher and Thomas.


¿Cómo está su familia haciendo? Lo que usted come espinaca? Popeye es su héroe favorito?

Its been along time since high school Bodine.

Nmd oscar, I misread your post.


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Wow you go to the bathroom and the trolls take over.

I just wanted to make a couple of quick comments and observations.

1. Lance Louis is an athletically gifted beast. When healthy he can maul and road grade with the best of them. He's also plenty athletic to play zones. When fully recovered he'll be the best guard on the roster barring some miracle pick on draft day.

Prediction: Louis will EASILY relegate John Jerry to back up status.

2. Anybody thinking Tavon Austin will be the pick at 12 is in for a big let down. Right off the bat, the guy would be a luxury pick for us. Jeff Ireland isn't looking for luxury picks and he simply can't afford a swing and a miss at this point. It would mean his Career. He's looking to solidify the roster and get us over the hump. Expect a MUCH SAFER pick from Jeffy at 12.

Austin is a High Risk pick and Ireland has his back to the wall. He can't afford to gamble on Austin. Plain and simple. Whats more, I don't believe Austin is really a fit as far as being a Philbin type of guy/player.

Prediction: No Way, No How, it ain't happening. If Austin was just a bit bigger, a bit tougher......he would be a maybe. But there's just NO WAY. Austin is a highly specialized talent. And were just not at the point where we spend that much on a limited skill set. A team like San Fran could really benefit from his skill set. Don't get me wrong, we could too. But not at this point. Not with all the question marks on offense and defensive backfield.

Ultimately, I think Austin will be lucky to go late first round. Maybe one of the playoff teams. Other than those, It's would be just Plum Crazy for anyone to take that big of a chance on Mighty Mouse!

Watch and you'll see Austin sliding way down. I honestly expect him to go early 2nd......At Best.


Oscar will not answer my Spanish. LOL...

Wow, it only took YG 4 minutes to write a paragraph and think up a new sign in name.

Could be a bit more original though. Your 3rd grade level "Plop-Plop" routine got played out on Mark In Toronto.

As far as your football related insight above......Your post speaks for itself. Take your own advice and "Flush It".

Troll-On now and Buh Bye.....LOL...


Louis was rated very close to the worst.
Posted by: Cree | March 28, 2013 at 10:50 PM

. Sounds like an Ireland type of guy.


Damn, cleared the room out!

I believe the pick is going to come down to 4 guys if the dolphins stay at #12. I been reading every possible article leading up to today and barring more free agent signings or a trade, here is who i think the dolphins will look at at 12.

First, I will assume that Lane Johnson, Dee Milliner, and Ezekiel Ansah are off the board.

Now, the here's who I think they are considering with this pick in no particular order- 1. Desmond Trufant (instead of Xavier Rhodes who is not a fit I guess) 2. Sheldon Richardson- Lotulelei is damaged goods and as of right now, Starks and Soliai are only signed through 2013 3. Cordarelle Patterson- still the best wr on paper 4. Bjoern Werner-best pass rusher on the board

Due to Ireland's "core player" comment, that would put Trufant and Werner as the most likely to be selected. Richardson and Patterson are more BPA.

To bad about the canes, Better luck next year

I would agree with that unless J.Jones, Mingo, Warmack or Cooper are there (likely at least 1 of them is). Still, I would rather see us take the top guy on our board, then to reach for a need (Trufant would seem to fit that). If its Richardson, Woerner, Jones, Moore or whoever it is, take him (although i like Carradine over Woener, just my opinion). I wouldnt be against using both 2nd rnders on corners either, think thats where the value is in this draft at corner, in the 2nd n 3rd rnds, NOT AT 12.

Hey is there any way we can get those seven nitwits that stood outside Ireland's office boycotting last year to grab a couple more of their idiot friends and go down there and boycott that hideous new logo thanks

The one thing we can count on is Ireland to make the wrong decisions.

WOW! Lance Louis is expected to replace Irescum fav John Jerry!

I was very upset about the Logo, but after 24 hours of sleeping on it. It grew on me. Look if miamir km can draft a terrorist defensive end we might be able to disruptBRADY! The road to Success goes thru New ENGLAND. Monte Ball will get drafted by Phins. 940 winz WEEKDAYS @ 5pm THE JESSE AGLER PHINSIDERS -, ,join us. Weigh in. let your voice be heard.

Ross spends more time with the logo and the stadium then on trying to win.



I will worry about the Fins later....now it's time for another upset....FGCU!!!!


Louis was rankef 47 of 49 guards playing with a bad pass protection.He cleared more than one lane for forte and bush before he got hurt.


I like that you're reading Ireland's comments into your reasoning. But we also have to keep in mind, "The Smokescreen". Every Time a GM steps up to the mic this time of year, it's a chance to "Throw The Hounds Off".

Personally, in this instance, I don't think it applies. I think he said what he means and I think your reasoning is on the money.

Before saying anything else, I do believe Ireland signs at least one, if not two more free agents. But sticking with your comments, we'll assume this is it.

With a CB class this deep, having 4 picks in the 2nd and 3rd, I don't see a reach this far for Rhodes or Trufant. If you noticed, Mando qualified his Mock Pick with a disclaimer of NO TRADE DOWNS ALLOWED. I said all that, just to say: Barring a trade down, I think you can count both Rhodes and Trufant out.

I think Patterson will be tempting. VERY tempting. But the Juco questions and just a seasons worth of production, this off-sets the temptations. Then you consider the Wallace, Hartline and Gibson signings, along with a really good slot guy like Bess and I count Patterson out too(Ireland's careers on the line and he won't want to take the big chance hear).

Richardson is a Freak! I would LOVE for him to join the team. But our D-Line is a strength and Kheeston Randall is now joined by Vaugh Martin to solidify our depth and rotation. That's not to say we won't upgrade, because Richardson would be worth it. But I still don't see the value meeting the need here. Final word, I would love to have him. Just don't think it's happening.



So, by your post that leaves Werner. Another guy I really like a lot. He does have value meeting need and wouldn't be the biggest surprise.

The question for you that I have, is you assume that Lane Johnson, Dee Milliner, and Ezekiel Ansah are off the board. So what about Fisher and Joeckel? Are you assuming they're gone too?

The problem I have with everybody throwing out names like Austin, Patterson and even the Two tight ends, is that we have our new alledged QB and we just lost our Pro Bowl Left Tackle. Not a good combination and not a problem that can be overlooked or underestimated.

I like Jonathon Martin a lot.......at RIGHT tackle. But I haven't seen anything that makes me think he's anywhere NEAR ready to move back to the Left Side. I've watched my DVR's of him at Left last year over and over and it's not encouraging. Every Time I watch them, the more I'm convinced we have to find a legitimate Left Tackle. Martin may eventually be able to make the switch, but I pray they don't try it this year. If they do, you might as well consider the season a scratch. It's that important. If Tannehill doesn't have the time, he doesn't develop and Wallace's speed amounts to wasted.

We have to have a legitimate Left Tackle no matter what or where we get him!


Bobby Bottleservice?

Bad pass protecting line .

Ross spends more time on the logo.......

Posted by: Fin 77 | March 29, 2013 at 12:32 AM

The leaked logo is actually a fake. The FO is going along to throw the public off.

Fin77 has it right. The new logo will feature Ross riding bare back on a wicked looking Dolphin!

These Multi-Billionaires and their Big Egos - SMH!

Giddy-Yap Flipper!!!!


LMAO, Ross' huge ears will be covering his genetalia!

The only problem with J. Martin is that he's soft. Gets spun around like a windmill to much.
We actually need a Rt and Lt tackle.

Secondary needs to be averaging at least 1 pick per game.
And offense, at least 1 TD per qtr.

Constantly score in the 30's, with our defense, should put us in the playoffs...

Trade picks we Cleveland, there #6, they get our #12 and 3rd rounder.

Odinplop, Louis was rated very close to the worst. He is a 7th round sub trying to recover from an ACL! Jerry will beat him like you beat your dogs wango!!!!

Posted by: Cree | March 28, 2013 at 10:50 PM

Louis was rankef 47 of 49 guards playing with a bad pass protection.He cleared more than one lane for forte and bush before he got hurt.

Posted by: Sammo | March 29, 2013 at 12:41 AM

There were MORE THAN 64 guards rated for taking more than 60% of their teams snaps.

Way to twist the facts.

From ESPN Chicago:

In four years with the Bears, Louis (6-foot-3, 320 pounds) played in 41 games, starting 28 of them.

Rated as the league's 47th-best offensive guard, according to Pro Football Focus, Louis played 712 snaps in 2012, and was one of the most consistent performers on a struggling Bears line. Louis took a free-agent visit to Miami two weeks ago.

"It's a nice city, and a great team on the rise," Louis said. "I feel like Miami is going to be one of the teams to be reckoned with this year."

PS: Doctors say his recovery is well ahead of schedule and he should be ready for Camp!

Bobby Bottleservice= Fabrice Fabrice

................**TRULY BIZARRE**.................

****I just read some stuff about Vaughn Martin!****

Martin wasn't invited to the 2009 NFL combine. So he was able to workout at the University Of Michigan's Pro Day.

*@**@ At 6-4 330 he ran a 4.96 Forty Yard Dash @**@*

He also set the 2009 draft class bench press record, lifting 225 pounds 44 times.


He played some DE and FB while playing for the Western Ontario Thunderbirds(whatever that means)and helped "Team Canada" to a perfect 5-0 record with FIVE SHUT OUTS!

The guy is HUGE, fast, strong as they come and is only 26 years old.

If that's not enough(Wiki):

Athletic and intelligent—he scored an impressive 38 on the NFL's Wonderlic Test—scouts also report that he has the bulk, strength, and agility to become a nose tackle like Jamal Williams.

Even though he was drafted and signed by the Chargers in 2009, the Montreal Arlette's selected Martin in the 5th round of the 2011 CFL Draft.

I don't know what happened in San Diego, but this Kid sounds like a BEAST. This could turn out to be a pretty decent signing.

McDaniels never really panned out. I suspect the same could be said for Martin to some degree. But I'm happy with the trade off, Martin is over 2 years younger than McDaniels.

4.96 in the 40!?!?

WELCOME to Miami Mr. Martin!!!!

You and all your obvious fake names pretend it's everybody else that drags this blog down.

I'm a self employed single parent, on call at this very moment and making an honest living for me and my Kids.

You on the other hand are probably nearing that last push on the Meth Pipe.

Isn't it time for you to put the knee pads back on and head out for that............"Morning Rush"?

Martin started playing football late, comparatively speaking. He was also considered EXTREMELY raw when drafted because of it.

Reading a couple of Chargers sites and they say Martin improved every year and that the team did want him back.

Big Deal or no Big Deal, I like the guys awesome skill-set and believe he'll more than make up for the loss of Tony McDaniels.

Overall, another Good Move by Mr. Ireland.

We got to get the best player available at #12. I would rather get the best player than reach for a need. If Chance Warmack, Lane Johnson, Jonathan Cooper, Star Latulalie, Eziekil Ansah, or Tavon Austin are there at #12 I would like to see us draft one of them instead of reaching for a CB like Xavier Rhodes just because we need a CB. Always get the best player in available in the first round. Then go for the best player available at a position of need in rounds 2 and 3.


The Only Ones That Love What Ireland Has Done This Offseason Is The Jet Fans. The Musical Chairs With Players Is Absurd. This Is An Expansion Team. Tons Of Questionmarks After Losing 7 Starters.

P.S. Questionmarks Are Not Good

BPA at #12 will be Matt Barkley.

Vaughn Martin, don't know much about him, but sounds like he'll provide some depth. Philbin is getting the team he thinks he needs to implement his system. I like it. Now its on him to coach up these players so they execute the game plan.

Vaughn Martin is a workout friend of Pouncey which is good enough for me. Apparently, Pouncey sold him on playing for the Phins.

I just can't say enough good things about Pouncey. I have nothing but respect for how he is the ultimate team player. Love that guy's play and attitude.

It looks pretty clear with the first 5 picks of the draft, the Dolphins are going to draft at least 1 CB, 1 FS, I OL, a TE and maybe another CB. The curve ball would be at #12 they draft Austin.

So theres 9 new starters?? WTF?? Getting rid of Ireland’s busts and then allowing him to pick new busts is insanity.

John Jerry, D Thomas, and Michael Egnew shouldnt be in the NFL.

and those 3 are STILL ON THE TEAM!

I am No Jet fan but I like what the Phins have done a lot so quit exaggerating. Ireland has done a great job by being both aggressive at the start and patient now in FA. And it's not over...more signings to follow.

No I don't agree with every move but as for the question marks we still have good opportunities to fill those holes. We of course have the draft and we can always make a trade. *Reminder we don't play a game for 4 months.

Lose Reggie Bush but keep D Thomas?? Sure, it saves money you cheapskate but GEEZ!!!!!!!!!

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