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Martin signs for 2 years, Grimes and Winston still lurking

Defensive tackle Vaughn Martin signed a two-year deal with the Dolphins today. He said he was on a plane headed to a free agent visit with Seattle when he heard he was signing with Miami.

He got off the plane and headed to the Dolphins training facility to sign.

The former San Diego 3-4 defensive end said he talked with New England, Kansas City, Detroit, New Orleans and Philadelphia aside from the Chargers before signing with Miami.

"I want to be a part of it. I want to be here in South Florida. I want to help this team win," Martin said.

Martin trains with Mike Pouncey locally in Delray Beach. Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland made it an offseason priority to add a defensive tackle -- once he decided to part ways with Tony McDaniel -- because he believes the defensive line is strong, he wants to have flexibility there, and he believe adding a tackle improves on both.

So the Martin addition is good. But the Dolphins are not done, or at least don't want to be done.

They still would like to add a cornerback. They still would like to add an offensive tackle. They'd like to do it cheaply in free agency.

Brent Grimes remains on the radar. He's being patient despite the fact the free agency market for cornerbacks was not good this year and it's even worse for a player such as him coming off Achilles' tendon surgery.

The Dolphins have some confidence they can land Grimes but they're not breaking the bank for the guy. So the sides that seemingly have each other in their sights are working slowly toward trying to make a deal happen.

The team is also keeping Eric Winston in mind but the interest there isn't quite suggesting he'll land in Miami.

Winston doesn't want a short-term deal. The Dolphins don't want to commit for four years or five years and they certainly do not intend to pay $5 million per year. Maybe half that. But not $5 million per.

So Winston is waiting.

"Obviously I have ties down in South Florida, I have a lot of friends down there from college that still live down there," Winston told the NFL Network today. "I know the area pretty well. Obviously that is an added bonus, being able to play for a franchise like the Dolphins.  Like I said, if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out."

But ...

"Being down there is not the be all, end all," Winston continued. "I am excited about what is going to happen. It is a new chapter in my life and my family’s life. We are going to keep moving forward with this until something happens."

What's Winston looking for?

“The offense needs to fit what I have done," he said. "I have done a lot of zone-scheme in the past. Obviously a great place for a family, I have two kids and a wife, we want to be somewhere where it is nice. It is not a place where it has to be ‘this.’ Everything comes involved in it. The best situation will present itself. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for that to happen. Hopefully it will happen soon.”



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Cant buy a Dolphin jersey. They change players more often then Dashi changes underwear. Ever year they get rid of their best players. And no one stays on the team more then 3 years. Its no wonder they have no fanbase.

dadsmith, don't waste your breath bro. Just as sure as the Sun will rise in the morning, there will be those on this blog who see nothing good done by Jeff Ireland. Picking a 1st round QB for the first time in 30 years wasn't good, picking up Bess (undrafted FA) wasn't good, the Pouncey, Reshad Jones picks weren't good. Nothing he's done has been successful, that's what a small, but vocal minority will contest until the very end.

At this point I just shrug off what they say, they are obviously so biased they have lost all sense of reality.

Hope everybody is enjoying there Easter Weekend!

Wanted to drop $0.02 on the whole back-n-forth between N.Braman & the Dolphins over public funding for renovations at JRS.

For starters the Fins are and always were a safer bet than the Marlins in terms of City funded investments. The City originally O.K.'d 600 Mil. and later had to approve an additional 200 Mil. to get Marlins park built on some prime City Real Estate on the old OB sight. Even as a World Series winner they have NEVER averaged over 12,000 a Season in attendance. This was blamed on a BAD venue at JRS and NO MEANS of commute for the targeted demographic (Latin Community)

Here in lied the problems, no one thought about the over the top pricing to go to games. The majority of Latin's who've migrated to S. Fla. in the last 20 Yrs. are struggling to make ends meat and can ILL AFFORD to pay for those tickets or much less take a day off to go to so many weekday games. Then the rest (Born in the U.S. of Latin ancestry)like myself grew up AVID FOOTBALL Fans 1st followed by Basketball (fans of the Jordan era till HEAT inception) and have a very minimal interest in paying top $ to attend a Baseball game.

Braman needs to remember when he opens his mouth he's touching the Marlins park discord. The Fins are a draw or were till the last 2 Seasons with the Fanbase staying away unhappy with ownership more than anything. The renovations would bring Super Bowls to Town which always stimulate local economy among other things. It should also be noted that Braman was the NOTORIOUS owner who refused to FIX the dreaded Turf in the Old Veteran Stadium were many careers were lost and the facility was considered the biggest dump in Pro Football and he also let Reggie walk in a City were he was LOVED, as Pro Football owner in P I S S POOR POSITION to make any suggestions regarding our team!

Braman was certainly right about the Marlins. Think he's right about the Dolphins too. This is something Ross can easily do himself.

At this point I just shrug off what they say, they are obviously so biased they have lost all sense of reality.

DC Dolfan | March 29, 2013 at 09:14 AM

No secret I led the charge of Ireland detraction on this blog but must admit I can see his plan unfolding and am pleased with the obvious across the boards upgrades he's made to this point! I'll hold off on the overall grade till after the draft where he still needs to work out some other situations but given the number of holes he's doing a bang up job!


Ireland has earned the title....

"FINS GM for Life"....

Braman was certainly right about the Marlins. Think he's right about the Dolphins too. This is something Ross can easily do himself.

Vazman | March 29, 2013 at 09:53 AM

I don't think there would have been much of a public swell up had the Marlins left for Vegas. I NEVER understood giving them the Old OB sight. They WILL NEVER draw over 20,000, EVER! The City would have been better served building a 60,000 Cap. Football park for the Canes than building the MONUMENTAL EYE SORE in the middle of the City!

Ross could do it himself but every NFL based City enjoys public funding for new venues or renovations why are we the lone exception??

We can draw SUPER BOWLS as in plural unlike Minnesota which is getting a new stadium and can make a better case than N.Y. for the game as well just wait till the 2014 S.B. is played in the Snow. I got a money bet N.Y. will not get one after ect......

Tavon Austin is 5'8 and 180 and some of you guys want to draft him at 12. He'll end up like Pat White knocked the F out with a concussion on the field. I dont understand some of you.

The Dolphins dont draw either. Ross has to buy 25,000 of his own tickets every week.

Usually free agency is where a lot of overpriced vets get paid big bucks and then go bust. The Fins are signing guys who are emerging or still have an up arrow.

Maybe that's why Winston and Grimes are not signed yet. They may not get signed until after the draft.

Kris | March 29, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Dolphins G.M.'s through their History:

Joe Thomas - Built 70's dynasty

Bobby Beathard - the former scout Dir. was allowed to walk by owner Robbie over money to Wash. and it would haunt the franchise 4LIFE given he traded for our 3rd string Q.B. Theisman and traded Jets for washed up Riggins building the hogs along the way to smashing us in S.B.-17 in route to winning 3 Titles in tenure before retiring. Came out of retirement to G.M. in S.D. were he took them to a S.B. as well after the Fouts ERA.

Don Shula - The great ball H.C. had one very big nemesis and it was SHULA the G.M. blowing draft after draft of looooong and distinguished picks that never panned and if not for Marino falling in his lap in 83 would probably have been canned along with the other big 2 H.C.'s of the ERA in the 80's (Landry, Chuck Noll)

J.J. - Great talent evaluator but feuds with Marino and liking the cushy T.V. gig at Fox wasn't in it for the long haul. We didn't know D in Miami till he arrived but his plan with the O wouldn't work with Marino caught in the middle.

Wannstedt, Meuller, Speilman - ENOUGH SAID, REACHING FOR BUCKET TO PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SATAN - Great Coach TERRIBLE talent evaluator at the next level!

Parcells - FRAUD!!!!!!!!!! CHEAP USED CAR SALESMAN FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ireland - Doing better job this Yr. but when analyzing the list which I happened live through alot of you understand why people are skeptical

Not sure if anyone has seen the numbers but Martin got 2 years $4 mil compared to his predecessor who got 2 years $5 mil a couple of years ago.

Ireland has done a GREAT job on D replacing aging players w/bloated contracts for younger, cheaper & healthier options. To me, that's why Grimes doesn't fit.

I've been hard on Ireland but, I think he's done a great job this offseason. Now, find a OT & 2 cb's in the draft & it's been a great offseason.

I still think the best way to address the CB situation is to find long term replacements. Trade a 2nd rounder to GB & offer Sam Shields a long term contract. They are close to signing Rodgers to BIG money & won't have much to pay Shields!

I for one am not sold on Grimes being healthy. Plus he'll be 30 in a few months. Goes against what Ireland done by getting younger. I don't want to see another 1 year rent a player type contract either. What's the point? Try solving positions long term instead of addressing the same issues year after year!

Louis & Keller need to prove they are healthy before they get long term deals so I understand those 1 year contracts.

Shields is only 25, on the upswing & healthy. Grimes does not have youth or health on his side. To me it's a no brainer unless schematiclly he isn't a fit.

The Dolphins dont draw either. Ross has to buy 25,000 of his own tickets every week.

Monte | March 29, 2013 at 10:12 AM

In Yrs. of countless sell outs Wayne rarely had to buy tix and if he did it was always in the 2,500 range. People walked away in 2011 because of the laughing stock team had become!

Shields is only 25, on the upswing & healthy. Grimes does not have youth or health on his side. To me it's a no brainer unless schematiclly he isn't a fit.

LOL | March 29, 2013 at 10:22 AM

Really good post, AGREED!

Omar has a highlight cut up on Louis - check it out.

Guy looks solid. Understands the zone scheme. If he comes back healthy I think the Fins found a solid guard.

Best news of the Day: Fred Davis resigns with Washington. Phew! Dodged a bullet there. Didn't want to see him two times a year if he went to the Bills. Still looking like a 2 team race to the division title this year (Miami and Patriots).

Parcells engineered a great turnaround for the Fins. Ross is the used car salesman.

Ross said Chad Henne was the 2nd coming of Dan Marino. LMAO!

Parcells engineered a great turnaround for the Fins. Ross is the used car salesman.

Get Sense | March 29, 2013 at 10:46 AM


Lets see Parcells has noodle arm fall in his lap (perfect Q.B. for what we did Wild Cat included) and played a weak schedule were we would win a ton of close ones by F.G. before dispatching the Jets Week-17 in a game were Farve injured had all but packed his bags for Minneapolis.

By the way interesting that clause golfing buddy Wayne put in his contract about payment of 16 Mil. in full if team sold, you think Fats Tuna didn't have the skinny on imminent sale of club???

He put in a Season and a half of work leaving the team in FLAMES with rudderless F.O. tghat didn't get out from under his bloated spending till this Off-Season!!

So You Calling The Biggest Dolphin Homer, A Jets Fan?

Then You Are Talking To Dashi Like You Know Dashi?

Never Seen That Name Before?

And Are You Confusing Odin For Dashi? (Odin Great Set Of Post By The Way)

Question Marks??

Dashi Uses "!!"

And To Dashi The Fins Only Have 2 Needs Left!!(Been Saying It For A While) OT and CB!! And If We Can't Get It In FA!! The Fins Will Get It Thru The Draft.



Great Post On The Stadium Referendum.

And On The GM's.

I Believe Though That We Should Grade Ireland 2 Ways. Before Philbin "C-", With Philbin "A" . Spo Had A lot To Do With It. Some People(not Saying You) Don't Understand The Importance Of Coaching. A Team Is The Personification Of The Coach!! Not The Other Way Around.

People See Lebron Win The Title And Think Coaching Is Over-Rated!! No, Spo Is Over-Rated! Basketball Is A Different Beast!! It Is The Only Game 1 Player Can Make The Difference. (Jordan)

Football, Baseball, Hockey, and Soccer All Are Dependant On Good Coaching. You Have 24 Starters In Football. Punter And Kicker Incl'd. Coaches Are The Most Important Person On The Field!! (They Don't Play, But They Call The Plays)

A Great Coach Makes A GM's Job Easier. They Give You The Right Prototype Of Player They Want. Plus, They Are Also Great Talent Evaluators. They Are Suppose To know What A Football Player Looks Like.

This Has Been The 2 Best OffSeason For The Dolphins In Over 25 Years. Ireland Is Starting To Build Some Consistency In A Good Way.

fin4life, do not respond to the troll. Let her talk to herself, she will go away. Get sense, vazman, monte = same troll

Agree Dashi,

It has been 2 good off seasons. I was perplexed last year because I didn't understand what they were doing or not doing at WR.

It's apparent now they had a plan. A veteran CB and OT and another good draft and Sherman and Coyle can get to work. It looks like Ireland and Philbin make a great team. We just have to see it translate on the field.

If I were a betting man (and I am), I'd bet the 'Phins dop what it takes to trade up and pick Lane Johnson or Eric Fisher. SO guys can talk about whoever they want. I truly believe this will be Ireland's plan....and I'm all for it. Yes we need help at corner but we can get that in the 2nd or 3rd round. Grimes or a guy like Jammer might help in the short term. I also believe Ireland will hold onto some money incase a guy like Eric Wright comes available should the Bucs add Revis. Smart plays all around.

Grimes is a risky pick but seems worth the chance if Miami and he are open in agreeing to terms.Winston seems like he s asking for too much money and years and is a bit out of touch(unrealistic) in his opinion of his current worth.He s no longer elite but decent at this time in his career.No way Ireland will pay what Winston is "dreaming he ll get".Fact.Dolphins don t need Winston that bad though he would be added quality depth...to be sure.Dolphins have done about as well as they could and a good job I think save for a couple positions.Can t wait for the draft.Hope Miami gets at least a couple playmakers.They ll undoubtably select at least a handfull of excellent picks....to be sure.GO FINS.

i am so thankful LOL is not the GM

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