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Mike Dee takes on Norman Braman head on

The Dolphins have been negotiating with Miami-Dade County in an effort to get $389 million worth of upgrades to Sun Life Stadium. The club is paying for 57 percent of the deal out of its own private funds and offering to refund $120 million to Miami-Dade County within 30 years, meaning it will give back the county's $120 million public investment that it is getting from a tourist tax.

But while this has played out, the club has fought an unseen battle with local car magnate and former Philadelphia Eagles owner Norman Braman.

Braman has for some reason become the very vocal voice of the opposition. He has also been a major funding source for those opposed to any public funding for upgrading Sun Life.

Why is uncertain. But this much is certain:

The Dolphins don't like it much. The club has been simmering privately about Braman's lobbying of politicians against their efforts and public stance against the team in the media.

Those private sentiments leaked into public Tuesday evening when Dolphins Chief Executive Officer Mike Dee took to twitter and went after Braman.

"With the offer that is now on the table, Norman Braman is frankly irrelevant to this conversation," Dee tweeted.

"When he agrees to repay the public money he accepted for his dealership, we will be happy to acknowledge his otherwise hypocritical stance," he added.

The team says that Braman, who opposes public funding of private ventures, took public money for one of his car dealerships. That is something I will be looking into the next few days.

Finally, Dee believes that whatever Braman says, the final say belongs to voters.

"Thanks for the positive replies," Dee said on twitter. "The voters of Miami Dade County should make this decision not Norman Braman."

Yup, it's on now.


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Had the Marlins won the World Series or even made the 2012 MLB playoffs, critic would have a legit gripe. But every one of his critics fail to mention the 2012 Marlins finished "DEAD LAST" in their National League East Division.

I wonder why? Is so unusual for critics to leave out very key info if it doesn't support their argument? Oh what a startling revelation. LOL...



He could have made some adjustments to the team. I don't buy his excuse that I broke it up because it did not work out last year. The city of Miami just spent over 500 million to build him a stadium. To go from a MLB team to now field a minor league team is a disgrace. There is no defending Loria he is an absolute embarassment. Now he is claiming that he won't spend money because he does not have a big TV deal. Loria is a con artist.

Ross is WORSE then Loria. Ross is a total sham.

At least Loria brought us a World Championship. Ross brings us losers.

The Nationals had been finishing dead last and that did not stop them from spending money. Loria used last year's team as an excuse to go frugal again. He could have cut bait with players like Bell but to go to a AAA team makes no sense.

The problem with this approach is that no one trusts Loria. It is going to be a long season. I love some of their prospects (Yelich, Fernandez, and Ozuna) but there is no future for this team. Once these players reach arbitration they will be gone (if Loria owns the team). The next player to leave will be Stanton. Loria will not have the pockets to keep him.

Monte @11:39

Dave Dombrowski's guys brought us a world championship, Loria hasnt done Jack SHYT! Correction, he is on his way to running a 2nd major league franchise face first into the ground! FACT!

I know it's not as important as winning but if that generic ugly whale is truly our new logo it will be more disappointing than any loss I can think of in recent history

Just my opinion but the newer logo on Ellerbe's twitter page is waaaay sweeter than the one reported to be the logo (orka). Really hoping the Fins announce that one as the logo and Mando is left to eat crow (again). Would bs humorous.

Ellerbe's logo is sick. The other leaked logo...Not so much, but, who really cares if we can't beat the Pats?!

Im rockin my throwback gear if this shyt is the new logo. And by throwback gear i mean anything before this femme crap!

I hope Ireland signs Braman!
Do you think he'll be good in the West Coast Offense?

To Philbin (aka uncle Fester), ENOUGH WITH THE WHITE PANTS ALREADY! !

Greg Rosenthal at NFL Network called the Dolphins Losers in Free Agency.

He considers the Chiefs winners and states the signing of Sean Smith and Duanta Robinson have them stacked on defense. There goes Greg's credibility(if anybody at NFL Network had any to begin with).

He goes on:

Miami Dolphins: You "win" free agency by signing guys like linebacker Philip Wheeler to cheap one-year contracts, like the Raiders did last season. You don't get value by signing non-pass rushing linebackers to huge long-term contracts.

He calls Wheeler a "non-pass rushing linebacker". Yet the reputable Pro Football Focus ranked Wheeler as the 2nd best 4-3 pass rushing linebacker. That's based on last years performance.

OK, so Rosenthal's batting .000!


Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace was a perfect pickup for Ryan Tannehill's big arm, but otherwise GM Jeff Ireland spent like a guy trying to save his job. (Which he is.) It's also easy to ignore that plenty of talent left the building: cornerback Sean Smith, tackle Jake Long and running back Reggie Bush.

I liked Bush, but not as an every down back and I sure didn't want to pay him like one. Besides, Bush stayed healthy all of one season(I think), throughout his career.

Smith? Please! Smith never panned out, never lived up to the billing and wanted to be paid like he did. So Rosenthal would have over paid for Smith, but not Wheeler(The 2nd highest rated 4-3 pass rushing linebacker)?

The Long situation wasn't much better. But this might be the only spot where Rosenthal can squeak out an ounce of football intelligence. We could definitely use a healthy Long. But his health and play were deteriorating quickly and he wanted to be paid like it was 2008.

Rosenthal's obviously an idiot that simply likes to skip his homework and parrot idiots like Warren Sapp. Screw Rosenthal and the Network he rode in on!!!!

Remember Analyst contains the word anal! Most analysts pull stuff straight out of their ashes, similar to some bloggers on here (they know who they are).

That Leaked Logo looked for real.

The packaging, the plastic and even a Nike Logo. I think it was the Nike Logo anyways.

I'm not a big fan(maybe it'll look better when seen on the helmet-lol). But at least it's an upgrade. I mean, it's better than the old Dolphin and the ring of fire looks a little better too.

I was hoping for more, but at least it's not cartoonish and sissified looking. I mean, how much can you do with a Dolphin?

I understand your mistrust for sports staduim in florida but that staduim does need a upgrade and if it is not upgraded there will be no superbowls and Miami will be left out of the rotation i really believe the nfl wants to play the 50th super bowl there but they also want upgrades. Pass the tax bill and let they upgrade it Ross is putting in most of the money. there other option is to move miami to a city that really wants football. I do nto want to be a fan of the LA dolphins

Odin, your right about Rosenthal and the other talking heads like Sapp. If the Patriots had anywhere near our level of offseason pickups, theyd already be crowned champs by them.

Look at Ellerbe, he goes from the heir apperant to Ray Lewis and a big player on the Ravens to "overpaid" on the Dolphins

Again Vote NO has no logic to his reasoning.. Now theyre going to repay what they borrow from the county.. Wow VOTE NO, no leg to stand on.. whats your excuse now

New and improved sells. And if you sell tickets, you have people buying souvenirs, eating in restaurants and create more buzz and traffic. Then more and better acts are booked around town.

It just works. It is good for business and employment.

First, I used to work for a company that provided hardware and software to Car dealerships (ERA). Dealerships are called "Dealers" for a reason; their just like the guys you see at the corner og 3rd and main :)!!

Next, Maybe this Bramen guy is a Philly diehard, and he's trying to stop the Dolphins from moving forward; just a thought.

Lastly, I don't live in S.Fla, but if I did I'd vote for the Stadium improvement. Major events mean more revenues into the S.Fl area, and not somewhere else in the country. The events are going to happen, so why not bring them to S.Fla? FUND THE STADIUM.

From Berwick PA via Dayton Ohio.

Hello? It's not considered a hand out if they pay it back...some have missed that fact on purpose. Who wants to go the stadium and sit in the hot sun? Or would you rather have some shade while drinking a beer? This is an invisible tax which most in Miami will never even pay a dime towards. They do the same all over the country.

No welfare for billionaires.

I find it very sad and funny at the same time how many people that live in this city dont understand how the tax system works here,
this bed tax does not take money from police, fire etc.
this bed tax does not come from your paycheck,
the tax is to promote tourism, paid by tourist,
the amount of money that a super bowl brings to miami and the local business owners and the employees is huge
the nfl has alredy said more than once, no upgrade, no game,
dont want the tourists and the mass cash flow it brings ? just vote no,
but at least understand why your saying no

Jeff Loria at least brought a World Series win BEFORE he got public funding. What has Ross done to deserve a handout? Ross honored our opponent Tebow (to make a few extra bucks) resulting in a loss for the team. ..and alienating both Dolphin and Cane fans. He has further alienated fans by keeping Ireland through losing season after losing season after losing season after losing season. And he can easily afford to renovate with his own funds. He's the prime beneficiary anyway.

A bed tax SHOULD be used to subsidize the school system, police, and fire departments, not football.

Hey, can get a handout to renovate my business, too? Sweet.

I dont care about them hosting A SB if they're not in it. Make the handout only after they win a SB. Give Ross some incentive to improve his crap team.

Why reward Ross for poor performance? If he cant win and wont pay his own expenses then he really needs to sell the team (which he may do after a handout).

Anyone watched Major League the Movie.

This is all a plot to move the team. The city votes down funds to fix stadium. Check.

You put a whale on the logo. No one buys gear. Check.

You keep churning the roster so people cant get attached.

This is a plot by a Jet Fan plant. Ross is going to move this team unless we grinn and bear it. This Logo thing just proves it. The NFL would never have allowed the Dolphins organization of the past to move. To much money involved. Remember the Days when Dolphins Gear was towards the tops in sales, Remember the Heritage Shula, Marino, and company built.

This is the completion of the Jimmy Johnson Destruction. They took our old winning logo and legacy and now we are left with a Dolphin Swimming into the sunset.

You cant defend this, no one can, Watch Wallace blow his knee out week one. I'm tired guys. How long can us fans be beat down.

I would investigate Bremans relationship with 76ers ownership group, especially Joshua Harris, it is my belief Harris wants to purchase the Dolphins, if he is associated with Breman, maybe this roadblock in upgrades would help convince Ross to sell to Harris. Just a thought......

When I needed my Rolls Royce serviced I went to Braman because they are a Rolls dealer and I felt that the work I would get would be top notch. Plus it was close to home.

It was far from top notch, and they charged a lot more for the service than if I would have gone to an independent Rolls mechanic.

Fool me once. No more Braman motors for me ever again, and when I buy my next Rolls, I'll go out of state if I have to in order to avoid his dealership!

In response to those saying the '72 face masks were white, they were grey.

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