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Mike Wallace contract numbers interesting

So Mike Wallace signed a five-year, $60 million deal, right? It had $30 million in guaranteed money, right?

Well, yes.

And no.

According to spotrac.com (very good website), records at the NFL Players Association and a source who has shared details with me, Wallace actually got $27 million in guaranteed money.

He got an $11 million signing bonus plus a guaranteed $1 million base salary in 2013. And his 2014 base salary of $15 million is guaranteed. That's $27 million guaranteed.

But the Dolphins also gave Wallace a $3 million guarantee if he's injured. That one only applies if the player's career ends and he cannot play out the final years of his deal.

So the agent can truthfully say it is a $30 million guarantee.

The beauty of the contract is Wallace's cap number is only $3.2 million in 2013. That's very, very low for a $60 million player.

The beast of the contract, however, is Wallace's cap number in 2014 shoots up to a whopping $17.2 million. That is the highest number of any NFL wide receiver save Larry Fitzgerald.

The numbers drop somewhat the following years. The 2015 base of $9,850,000 plus the $2,200,000 prorated signing bonus make the 2015 cap number a more managable $12.05 million. Interestingly, the base salary becomes completely guaranteed on the fifth day of the league year, according to spotrac.com

That means that if the Dolphins plan to keep Wallace that year, they simply do nothing. But if he has not lived up to his deal the previous two years and the team wants to cut ties, it will do so before that deadline.

Wallace's final two years -- 2016 and 2017 -- are mirror images financially. He's scheduled to earn $11,450,000 both years and cost $13,650,000 against the cap both years. 


As an aside, I offer you the Chris Clemons contract:

One year. $2.75 million. It contains $250,000 in signing bonus and a base salary of $2.5 million.

What does this mean?

The Dolphins like Chris Clemons.

They do not love Chris Clemons.

He's on the team to compete for a starting job. But if the Dolphins find someone better in the draft, he's still cheap enough to play on special teams and the contract makes it possible that he can even be cut for a relatively inexpensive $250,000 hit.

If I'm Chris Clemons, I work hard because I know I have a chance to start. But I don't feel all that safe.


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I don't care about the details.....thats Dawn's job....

have we signe Keller yet...


the only problem with the "post of the blog" from the last blog is this....

many people had already said the same thing...only they didn't sound like 13 year olds saying it....

content matters imo....put your name by it....and address those you feel need to "grow the eff up" by name....

'I don't care about the details.....thats Dawn's job....

have we signe Keller yet...'

LOL@Kris. Exactly! Sign the TE so we can run GB's West Coast offense.

F#cking Ireland is probably crying in his office right now after he read the report about Long...Sign a TE, sign a RT, sign someone who can help this team you beotch!!!

Yeah so what is the deal with Keller? I don't care about the money I care about the product. Has anyone heard if we made an offer?


Thats the news were waiting for....

content matters imo....put your name by it....and address those you feel need to "grow the eff up" by name....

Posted by: Kris | March 14, 2013 at 01:09 PM

Gotcha ;)

This Dog Will Hunt!

WNP @ 1:15....LOL....really cracking up....

Longs Gone!!!!

Alright Jeffy, bring in Winston and Keller!

Lets wrap this thing up and get ready for the draft.

PS: Jeffy, offer Green Bay a 3rd and a 6th for Finley or Sam Shields!

The huge number in 2014 is no big deal because we're still paying peanuts at the qb position and the only big money fa's are Pouncey and Reshad Jones.

We really shouldnt need to do any fa shopping in 2014, So it seems we're fairly safe.

f4l, in 2011, keller caught 800 yards worth of passes ... I'm sure that just didn't come against us

That's why it is so very important to draft tennessee vols wideout "patterson"....need youth and playmaker for insurance also!!! Hopefully ireland sees this...gotta cover your backside and no better way than stockpile a few wr's...

spotrac ...looks like Mando reads my posts ...been using this site as a reference for a while ..

Yw Mando

4 year career.
Gibson: Rec 171 YDS 2090 TDs 9 FD 127

First 4 years (5 year career)
Bess: Rec 260 YDS 2669 TDs 11 FD 145.


Um, what part of my name is confusing? I post here infrequently, but today was not the first time. Does that make my viewpoint less valid somehow? Please explain.

And, frankly, some of the arguments and name-calling I routinely see here strike me as much more in the '13-year-old' realm, Kris.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 14, 2013 at 01:25 PM

Get over yourself Predator boy. Armando knew of this site long before you were first incarcerated. Geez, you and your girlfriend CraigM always looking to falsely pat yourselves on the back to no ends.


Shields was tendered a 2nd rounder so a 3rd & a 6th may yield a pair of cleats, but, it won't yeild sam shields.

I floated that idea the minute he was tendered. Still can't believe a team wouldn't give up one 2nd rounder for a 25 year old up & coming CB.

Unbelievable actually!

Look guys I would stop short of dancing in the streets because Long isn't returning. While I surely didn't want to see us give him 10/11 million a year, it's pretty obvious the Dolphins thought he was the best fit for us at this time.

I'm sure Ireland wasn't alone in that decision. Surely he was getting input from Philbin and Sherman as well.

Now we eiher have to find a LT or RT and hope Martin does well at LT if it's the latter.

'ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Chiefs are in pursuit of free agent Sean Smith, and Kansas City is "clearly" a viable landing spot.

Smith was expected to be perhaps the hottest free agent on the market when Tuesday's signing period opened, but that turned out not to be the case. Despite the signing of Dunta Robinson, the Chiefs have been lurking on Smith all along. The 49ers and Eagles are already believed to have dropped out of the running. Smith would make a formidable bookend for Brandon Flowers in Kansas City.'
Related: Chiefs
Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter
Mar 14 - 1:22 PM

Please sign him. We need to get rid of the dead weight around here.

YG, please tell us more dull witted jackie Long jokes or another Keller pun that got absolutely no response at all despite you posting them 50 times ...

oh yeah , ROLFMAO...




I like how that deal looks especially with the ability to roll over cap.

I wish all of you could appreciate the cap situation like I do. Our books are really in order.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 14, 2013 at 01:35 PM

On thing for sure I dont joke about, the fact that you only post prison library operational hours. Correct inmate Child Predator Alligator Mark?

Wished they would move you off of the Predator protection ward and into regular prison population. Its wouldnt take a week to be permantly rid you child sleeze. LOL......

f4l, in 2011, keller caught 800 yards worth of passes ... I'm sure that just didn't come against us

Mark in Toronto | March 14, 2013 at 01:22 PM

I'm not disputing his ability as a threat in the pass game just wondering out loud why everybody feels that:

1) Long was holding this deal up, common sense tells you that the completion of our FA wish list was the added additions of Cook and resigning Long. If the report that we offered Cook a deal in the 6 Mil. per range are correct then how does the Long situation have anything to do with offering Keller what amounts to a lesser deal.

2) With PLAN-A in FA incomplete I rather weigh options rather than simply sign the 1st guy through the door. In a weak draft group I would seriously consider giving Baltimore the 3rd-RD pick for RFA Dickson and maybe even offering Pitta a deal giving up a 2 if not matched.

My point is there are options still to be weighed regarding the T.E. Pos. and the OL along with CB to try and get the best group between what we have left in FA through the draft.

Pete G.....since I think your post was directed @ me....

I don't think anybody said your post was confusing....I in particular said it was childish...and that if you believe that "some" on here need to "grow the eff" up (presumably because they see the Long situation differntly from you)....

Then you should address your post to that person or persons....

I happen to agree with what you said....I disagree with how you said it....

just my opinion....do with it what you will....

Child Predator Alligator Mark,

Are you bunking with Jerry Sandusky?

The huge number in 2014 is no big deal because we're still paying peanuts at the qb position and the only big money fa's are Pouncey and Reshad Jones.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 14, 2013 at 01:21 PM


Both are going to command (and get) 'top-5 at the position' numbers as both are young, rapidly ascending players.

We're talking a LOT of money to keep those two. Just saying...

Nandi is a FA, Dangelo Hall was a FA, Dauta Robinson was a FA, we need corners WTH is Ireland doing, we should of signed at least one of these guys.

It is true that Yg was conceived when his father inserted his own member in his anuuus while detained in a mental health facility.

Unfortunately he has never met this father either. You can tell by how much he tries to associate with people in this blog, he has no friends.

When is miami getting conerback we need some fast and there are a couple of veteran out there wo will probably come for da cheap

YG, are you done beatching about Irewland moves we got Wallace and thoughs other LBs whatever there name is

WNP @ 1:15....LOL....really cracking up....


Am I wrong though??? He just spent like a billion dollars on Mike Wallace so we could finally have a playmaker on offense. Is it SO crazy to sign another one who just so happens to be eating lunch in your building???

And who cares if we add playmakers if Tannehill is getting carted off the field b/c Long is getting eaten alive like he did last year. Freeney made him look BAD & Freeney was cut so what does that tell you? It tells me that Long is getting lit up by players that aren't even in their prime.

Ireland needs to get over his 'man crush' of Jake REAL fast & understand that he's not the same player that was taken Number 1 overall.

Q: What book does Jackie Long like the most?
A: "Jake's checkbook!"

Q: Why didn’t Jake Long report his stolen credit card?
A: The thief was spending less then Jackie.

Expect Pouncey or Jones to get franchised.

Posted by: pete g. | March 14, 2013 at 01:42 PM

Clearly this means we'll need at least 30 million in cap space, that also counting the 10 million in 2014 operational cost. So total of at least 30 million. Which is fine because our only 2014 big splash fa signing will be Jones and Pouncey.

We'll clear cap room if neccessary. No prob.

I'm not seeing where Long signed with the Rams anywhere. Link?

'NFL.com's Albert Breer reports the Raiders are "vying" for free agent CB Sean Smith, in addition to the Chiefs.'

Good. Go sign with Oakland so Tannehill can throw for 300 yards in your direction w/o fear that you can EVER make a play on the ball.

"Chiefs agreed to terms with CB Sean Smith, formerly of the Dolphins, on a three-year contract."

Yes!!!! Only one more deadbeat to go!!!


I hear you on Cook's #'s but his QB situation wasn't the best so far either and there is no denying that if we offered this deal our Coaches really liked the player given I believe that unlike Sparano, Philbin actually has plenty of input into the decisions Ireland makes. I got that sense going back to HARDKNOCKS when Ireland was telling Philbin that he thought there was alot of upside to C.Gates and he could be Coached up with Philbin giving him an UH HUHH cutting Gates that very day. I got the impression the H.C. sent the G.M. a message that the days of churning the roster at his discretion were over given he at the end of the day would cut anybody he deemed not worthy.

Here, let me imitate you so you can see what it is like dealing with you everyday in here.

"Dude, you're a child molestor, LOL


Thanks for coming by ..."

How do you deal with someone who thinks this is witty or clever on any level???

Posted by: Clue | March 14, 2013 at 01:45 PM

I was just hugely upset about Hartline getting legit #2 wr money having only produced 5 tds in 4yrs. But wtf, he counts only 4 million to the 2013 cap.

I would like to see a wr drafted in case Hartline has another td drought in 2013. Then he can be dumped in 2014 if he does. I want to see at least 6tds form Hartline this year and no lower than 5tds.


Hindsight tells us that what made the Marshall deal bad ws that he was the ONLY play maker we had @ the reciever postion....

Ireland can't make that mistake agaon wih signing only Wallace...we need a BIG TIME TE...and another upper tier WR to make this work....

KC and Sean Smith agreed to terms per 810WHB in Kansas City. And they're celebrating here like they just signed Deion Sanders.

How do you deal with someone who thinks this is witty or clever on any level???


You don't. I ignore 95% of the things that come from him or his other ten aliases. The other 5% I just chastise him for being a retard. Now the attacks will come from all directios...Ha!!!

First of all, R. Jones has done nothing yet to merit a top 5 contract. Let's be realistic here!

If Starks & Soliai don't get extended, both their contracts come off the books next year which would be saves 14-15 million. Only 1 will likely be extended.

Centers don't break the bank so it shouldn't be terribly hard to extend Pouncey. The top paid center in the NFl this year is Scott Wells and his salary this year is 5.5 mil and everyone else is under $5m.

The big money, like all good teams, should be invested in a QB, WR, CB & Pass rusher.

Do not rule out the potential for Ireland to save alot of the unused cap space this year to carry over to next year.

Will help absorb Wallace's salary, help extend Soliai or Starks or extend others.

Posted by: hireland | March 14, 2013 at 01:49 PM

Im not so sure about Pouincey or Jones beig franchised. Usually when franchising a player its for more than their actual value.

For example, Starks was franchised more because of age and production. He's going into 10th season, it buys time to replace him, still he was the cheapest of all of their options to place the franchise tag on.

Hindsight tells us that what made the Marshall deal bad ws that he was the ONLY play maker we had @ the reciever postion....

Ireland can't make that mistake agaon wih signing only Wallace...we need a BIG TIME TE...and another upper tier WR to make this work....


Totally agree. Just look at the Bears this year. It was the same thing. He can dominate games but you still need other guys.

What makes GB's West coast offense so successful is that Rodgers has 4 or 5 players to spread the ball around to. And it doesn't hurt that Rodgers is a flat-out stud either.

Unfortunately, Miami now has zero at tight end and zero at cornerback 3 days after free agency started. I guess they're doing addition by subtraction, but they now have multiple holes at the same posiiton to fill.

Dolphins have Marshall, Patterson, and Nolan Carroll currently on the roster. Need to add a vet and draft a corner in the 2nd rd...Trufant or Banks would be good.

I expect Ireland to draft a few CB's this year.

Patterson & Marshall cost $5m/ea the next 2 years. They are CLEARLY on the chopping block.

Whether it's today or next year, cutting both would save $10 mil. I don't recommend buying either jersey!

Now that SS is officially out of Miami I expect Ireland to sign a decent CB soon enough.

Hope Jake L. makes a choice TODAY so we can begin improving the OLine altogether.

If you are getting to the qb... cb dont have to cover long... thanks got we got younger on lb... we will get to the qb thats a given

You guys saying you don't care about the money are joking right? Its good to know the numbers so we understand the moves. And more importantly why we can/can't go after other players. It also lets us know how much of a hit these contracts will have in future years. It looks to me that that was what the jets were thinking when they signed all those big contracted players over recent years. So for me the numbers are worth knowing 😉


dang wallace cap number of 17 million next year that is QB money that is alot looks like we won't be franchising anybody next year so hopefully we don't have a stuf becoming a free agent next year if we do hope we resing him because we ain't going to be able to franchise the man with wallace making all the crazy money in 2014 since we are paying him noodles this year and filet migon next year! don't make sence we should of split it up paid him like 9 mil against the cap this year and like 10 next year instead we are paying him 3 this year and 17 next year that is kinda dumb unless like i said we don't have anybody good becoming a free agent next year which the only player i can think of is starks which we franchised this year so next year if we had to again we couldent because he would be like a 11 mil hit next year since we hit him this year at 9 mil!

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