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Mike Wallace getting interest from teams (no surprise)

While Dolphins fans have been debating the pros and cons of adding the major talent and major salary burden Mike Wallace brings, it is clear teams around the NFL don't need to weigh such issues.

They like Wallace.

And that's why, according to a league source, I'm told multiple teams are showing interest in Wallace and it started "well before midnight," meaning the time teams are officially allowed to make overtures to Wallace's agent.

Then there is this:

An NFL agent which I trust but does not represent Wallace told me early Saturday that he has it on good authority the New England Patriots are one of the teams showing some interest in the prospective Pittsburgh Steelers free agent.

Let that marinate for a moment.

You may recall I included the Patriots on the list of teams that could potentially be interested in signing him. This despite the fact the Patriots have not previously been prone to making splashy free agency moves.

Now, before you commit violence against yourself or the computer screen, understand the perspective here. Showing interest does not mean a contract is imminent. It doesn't not even mean\ a contract is being discussed. It might be just a phone call to gauge Wallace's interest and feel him out.

So this is only initial.

As to the Dolphins interest, I cannot confirm that officially. The club has locked up tightly. The club has also told agents not to speak with the Miami media or disclose information to the Miami media.

But I would be very, very, very surprised if the Dolphins also weren't one of those teams that at minimum are showing interest in Mike Wallace.


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What if Wallace stubs a toe, tweaks an ankle, or any minor injury? Without his speed, he has nothing else to offer. Nothing.

Kyle--hope you're right but doesnt the Bowe deal sort of set the parameters?--his deal averaged north of 11 mill/yr and everyone agreed that he was the least dynamic of the big 3 (debatable but regardless)--Wallace and Jennings now have more leverage, we have zero playmakers which they know.....Pats would love to drive up the price just because--I'm fine with overpaying because thats what its gonna take, but most wont be--its gotta be north of 11 mill/yr by definition.....he's got the leverage so it'll be higher

Chance Warmack is the right pick. Play him at LG, move Incognito to RG and Jerry to RT.
draft a CB and a TE in the 2nd.

My thought is let's drive the price up on Wallace for the other teams and fall just short then sign Jennings.

My FA wishlist. Note not all of this money hits this years cap. So if we have the money to extend R. Jones we should do so. The draft can fill all the other needs.

WR Jennings 9 mil
TE Bennett 5 mil
OT Winston 6 mil
DE M. Bennett 6 mil

So the Patriots are saying they have interest in Wallace, one of the most expensive free agents; one they also know we have interest in.... smart move on their part to get the Dolphins to over pay for someone they really dont want

LOL @ the Mike Wallace criticism.....


Sombody is going to pay this man a LOT of money.....but if it makes you feel better....please....continue to nit-pick him.....

I'm sure Wallace has stubbed a TOE...tweaked ANKLE....and lost a step and some point during the course of a 16 game season or 63 games played total.....

And Wallace STILL = 32 TDs....minor injuries and all.....after all...its football...nobody is healthy after week 1....plus any athlete or even weekend warrior will tell you that your body gets weak just do to over-use.....

but please....make all the unsubstantiated....ill-informed....IGNORANT comments that you need to justify your "opinion"....

If The Dolphins Won't Get The Player Because The Pat's Will Get Him.


You Clowns Amaze Me!!

Name 1 Impact FA The Pats Picked Up In The Last 5 Years??

Seriously!! Get Off Belicheks Jock!! He's A Great Coach That Won Super bowls By Cheating. But He Is A Horrendous GM!! Specially Over The Last 5 Years!! Or Since Pioli Left.

If The Pats Sign Wallace!! Like You Clowns Want!!

Ireland Will Go And Sign Welker and Jennings For The Price Of Wallace.


Ireland Is Going For Value!!

If Ireland Won't Overspend For Jake(His #1) Or S.Smith(His CB)

What Makes You Think Ireland Will Overspend For A Diva Wr That Only Runs 1 Route!!

Bush Or S.Jackson?

Bush Is Another One That Overvalues Himself. Bush Isn't Even Worth More Than Bradshaw At This Point In His Career.

A.Boldin may Still Get Cut. And At $6Mil He Is A Better Value For The Next Couple Of Seasons Over Wallace And Jennings. And A More Complete Wr!!

Plus, S.Holmes Can Become A FA In A Couple Days. But Doubt Philbin And Sherman Like His Attitude!

No way Miami breaks the bank on either wallace or overaged Jennings. In fact Philbin has shown a remarkable reluctance to take any Green Bay players.

We have plenty of draft picks and 5 of the first 76 picks in this year's draft. I'm surprised that that Miami hasn't signed Winston yet. Let Jake walk if you can't get him for under $8M.

It doesn't matter what the Fins do this year it is next year they have to set up for. That means lots of excellent young players and good cap and draft pick situation in 2014 - that is the year they can make a serious run at a division title.

Well, we managed to retain Austin Spitler, Devlin and a some CB there.

Pats are trying to improve like every other team in the NFL, I'd be surprised if they didn't have interest in Wallace. Not really news and not rocket science to guess at.

Posted by: Darkoak | March 09, 2013 at 03:00 AM


I mean what team isn't interested in a Mike Wallace type.....

in other news....sun=good.....

speaking of sun....we have plenty of it here in Northern VA.....

got to get the family out enjoy some of this.....its the first truly NICE day of the year....

enjoy fellas....

"While Dolphins fans have been debating the pros and cons of adding the major talent and major salary burden Mike Wallace brings, it is clear teams around the NFL don't need to weigh such issues."


We're looking @ $12 Million plus a year. Although we have the cap space right now that doesn't mean that his salary won't choke us in a few years. Don't get me wrong...I like Wallace & I think he's what we need @ WR but all is not lost if we get outbid. There's still Greg Jennings or we can sign Martellus Bennett & a top tier RT in FA.

I think that Ireland will be disciplined enough not to pay Calvin Johnson money for Wallace (which is what he is looking for) for a guy that had very similar numbers to Hartline lasst year (in fact Hartline had more receptions, total yards, and yards per catch). If we can get him for 9 million a year then we can take a chance. Notice that Pittsburgh is not even in the picture. The Steelers should know him best and they don't feel that he is irreplaceable.

I guess this People(Ireland, Philbin) have a Plan in mind(at least they have a Plan). Poor Ireland chasing after Sparano to see what his Plan was, but he had none. We'll see.

I would rather the fins sign S Goldson, WR Jennings, and TE Bennett than pay big money to Wallace. Ireland needs to be smart with the cap money.

"Remember guys? When I said the Patriots might be interested? Here's the link, remember? It was super smart because the Patriots don't usually go for expensive free agents and I said they would and now they might! Aren't I smart guys? Guys?"

My thought is let's drive the price up on Wallace for the other teams and fall just short then sign Jennings.

My FA wishlist. Note not all of this money hits this years cap. So if we have the money to extend R. Jones we should do so. The draft can fill all the other needs.

WR Jennings 9 mil
TE Bennett 5 mil
OT Winston 6 mil
DE M. Bennett 6 mil


I like what you're thinking but I'm not totally sold on Winston. The guy was cut by two teams in two years so if he's THAT good??? It just wouldn't happen. Lots of really good RT's in FA like Loadholdt, Andre Smith, & Cherilus.

I think that Ireland will be disciplined enough not to pay Calvin Johnson money for Wallace (which is what he is looking for) for a guy that had very similar numbers to Hartline lasst year (in fact Hartline had more receptions, total yards, and yards per catch). If we can get him for 9 million a year then we can take a chance. Notice that Pittsburgh is not even in the picture. The Steelers should know him best and they don't feel that he is irreplaceable.


The Steelers are f#cked b/c of their cap. They tried to extend Wallace last year but he wanted V-Jax money so they got a deal done with Antonio Brown.

"Dolphins assigned an original-pick tender to restricted free agent LB Austin Spitler.
They're also retaining ERFA QB Pat Devlin and CB R.J. Stanford at $480,000 and $630,000, respectively. Devlin is a third-stringer with a weak arm. Stanford is a special teamer. Spitler, 26, is another special teamer who can make $1.323 million in base salary once he signs the one-year restricted tag."

Related: Pat Devlin, R.J. Stanford
Source: Ben Volin on Twitter
Mar 9 - 11:25 AM

You can easily see that Teams that have been powerhouses will not be so anymore. LV will have a Field Day next Season.

no criticism of Wallace from me Kris--far from it......I'm all for signing him and realize its gonna take alot of money to do so, and thats ok--cant coach/create his speed, and cant count on an immediate impact from a drafted rookie, so he's the guy to target and pay up for--Jennings would be fine too but not as dangerous--get to it.

HoHo! I doubt Ben Volin wrote that about Devlins abilities and rather it was your writing. HO!

Uff, so many good Players being released, I don't know anymore. Leave it to Ireland.

I think Mike Wallace is the only reason big enough to justify the whole Tom Brady contract extension deal. That (and shiny rings) is how you appeal to the ego of a diva. "Showing interest does not mean a contract is imminent" is what Belichik wants everyone else to believe.

Meanwhile DolFANS are happy because Ireland did not call the player at midnight to ask him about his mother's night job...

I have the Dolphins drafting Cordarrelle Patterson in the first round for a reason. I just hope we can still land Jennings.

Why are the Steelers letting Wallace walk if he's considered one of the best WRs in the league? If we are willing to pay Wallace 12 mil per we will make him the third highest paid WR in the league behind Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald.

For a very fast two route guy who doesn't like catching with his hands and isn't great with contested balls. Is this a joke? Shouldn't you reserve that money for guys who would be considered the best in the business?

And if you're talking TD totals why not mention the team he played on and how good the players were around him that opened it up for him. Unless the contention is Wallace is so good he's the one who made the team better.

So now he's expected to come to Miami and save the passing game, that worked wonderfully with Marshall. I'll say it again, I believe the Phins will sign Wallace if he can be had for 11 million. If another team outbids them they will happily move on to Jennings. They have plenty of options in the draft but I also have a sneaking suspicion that this is all a smoke screen and Jennings is who they targeted all along. Contrary to st8ballas belief 29 is not "too old" and Jennings not only catches with his hands he is also comfortable with the system and excels in a wco. The Phins will be drafting a wr or two and Jennings will be able to help groom them.

When you do the math a Wallace signing doesn't add up.

Bowe = alpha receiver, a go to guy every down
Wallace = one trick pony (in the words of his own coach)

Different pay scales. It's funny how some of you think Wallace will be a difference maker for us when he wasn't on a better team in Pittsburgh.

No playoffs = no playoffs any way you slice it.

(p.s. he won't have a top 5 SB qb in Miami)

Patriots have no interest in Mike Wallace except to drive up the price the Dolphins might be willing to pay.

bobby, no need to regurgitate what every body else already read on the other sites and act like its your own opinion.

Seriously, this kid is about to become the third highest paid WR in the league and the Steelers are fine with letting him walk, OVER 2 TO 3 MILLION A YEAR?! They offered him nine but won't budge from that for what reason? They have the talent to be contenders, they can restructure deals to keep him long term, but they couldn't care less. He's such a must have , the team that drafted him and knows him best are about to let him walk when he's hitting his prime.

.......the team that knows him best is.....

wolf, no need to respond to me with your million names

Steelers have never spent big money on receivers, that's their history. Does not mean Wallace is no good.

Steelers letting Wallace go because they draft alot better than Miami, and have cheaper quality players in the wings.....and a proven stud QB to make even lesser WRS look good--we have neither. Heres the deal.....come to the board with reasonable Plan Bs, other options......dont just say "dont sign (whoever)"......offer a realistic and better option.

If passing on Wallace and landing Jennings means that Dolphins will draft one more WR in the first round, so be it!!!

Oh, and you have to love Hartline. The kid is talking like he did the Dolphins a favor instead of just being grateful for the generous contract for a guy who was productive , in yards and first downs, for exactly one season. "I could've got more on the open market but wanted to stay here", "I'm curious how much I would have made in free agency".

Oh yeah Bri? So why didn't you test the market? Hmmmmmmm wouldn't have hurt you right? UNLESS,, your agent told you to take the offer because he thought you would be offered less in free agency which would then in turn drive the Dolphins price down? Could that be the real truth behind why you stayed? Yeah, please stop making yourself out to be a hero to the Dolphins and show some class.

While you're at it, this year during the times you're open but the ball doesn't come to you could you not throw your hands up in the air and look at the sideline like a snotty child? These things happen, especially when your 11 million dollar a year LT is doing his best impression of a turnstile. Oh also, maybe stop making fun of your QBs intelligence to the media considering the kid is far more intelligent then you will ever hope to be. Thanks guy.

Great read on espn from Matt Bowen about Jennings and the teams he fits best on. He looked at his tape from the end of last year. Sorry to burst the bubble of his age being the major knock on the guy. Never thought 29 was old anyhow.

Bottom line is this guy will still be good for a while and what he may have lost he makes up for in veteran smarts.

Benz I sincerely hope you're not addressing me with the better options thing because I stated my option, its Jennings, and I explained why I fell it is a better one. You must be talking to someone else I guess.

I still think spending 13-15 a year on Wallace doesn't make us a Super Bowl contender so why not continue building through the draft. Sign a guy like Donnie Avery or Emanual Sanders and draft Patterson. Then you'll still have plenty of cap to sign a top FA TE, a CB, and a RT. draft well and still be a playoff team who still has the freedom to add more next year without any cap issues. The best teams seem to only go huge on contracts at the QB position and work the draft everywhere else. We have a few years before we have to spend big on a QB but let's hope tannehill earns that second big contract. I think the offense would be pretty potent without Wallace if we do it by drafting our alpha WR and signing a guy like Avery or Sanders. Then grab Cooke or Keller and draft one of the top 3 TE in the 2nd round. Try to grab Avril or maybe sign Dorsey who fits as a 4-3 DE and would be fairly cheap. I'd love to keep bush too. He's so versatile.

Bottom line... I know we have lots of cap room but should we use 13-15 on one guy with all the other holes? Think about it, both staring CBs are question, starting safety, O-line, WR, TE. Those are just the glaring ones. Patterson at 12 would cost about 4 mil? A season. I am really hoping Ireland doesn't spend like an idiot to go for a run a the cost of lasting success. It seems like a lot of people on here wants him to do that. I don't want to get to the playoffs only to be the jets in two years, I'd rather be the patriots in 3-4years. Smart FA signings, great drafts. I think the last two drafts have been pretty solid. We need a spectacular draft this year.4 of those top 5 picks need to be impact players by 2014.

I said it a few months ago, the best FA WR this year was Bowe. Teams generally do not let big time Alpha play making receivers go. That is why Detroit resigned Calvin Johnson, Arizona resigned Fitzegrald, and Houston resigned Andre Johnson. Notice that KC immediately came in and signed Bowe to a multi year contract. KC was not going to let Bowe go becuase he is a playmaker that can take over a game. Wallace is a track star but not a big time player like Bowe.Bowe reminds me a lot of Marshall.

The Steelers offered Wallace what they think he is worth. The Steelers are a smart team which is why they have won 2 super bowls in the last 10 years. They are not going to over pay for a one trick pony diva receiver. I hope the fins spend there money else where (RT, TE, CB) and then draft a young receiver in the 1st round (Tavon Austin, Keenan Allen, or Cordarrel Patterson); then double up and pick Swope in the second round.

BTW- Great post Jaison. You are right on with your analysis. No way that Wallace deserves to become the 3rd highest paid WR in the NFL. All you have to do is watch football and you can tell that he is not Calving Jonson or Andre Johnson. He is not even as dominant as Brandon Marshall (10 Million) and he wants 13 to 15 million. He almost wants to make as much as Drew Brees who makes around 15 million a year. Ireland would be a fool to pay that kind of money for a player that had less receptions and yards per catch than Brian Hartline and he was playing with a top 5 QB, Big Ben

You see, you see, Reggie getting a lot of interest around the League.

Man, BM might not have worked out here but he IS a Megatron WR.

There gonna go after who they think will help the team and the biggest need right now is a #1 wr. Right now most media outlets are saying that Wallace their #1 target.

Philbin and Sherman have a plan as to what they need to make their spread offense go and it's Irelands job to get a deal done.

Wallace is the most coveted wr in free agency for a reason. You guys can talk all that he's not worth it trash you want to.

If he would play for what the Steelers want to pay him they would bring him back in a heartbeat. The same as the Dolphins and Long. The only difference is Wallace isn't injury prone and he's younger. We have a bigger need at the position and a bigger sense of urgency than the Steelers do.

Mike Wallace ISNT Going to be a Dolphin.. YUP I SAID IT! Ireland couldn't land Payton Manning, couldn't land Jeff Fischer & isnt going to land Wallace either. So WHY Do we have to keep talking about it??? Its Just Hype for the Media & Wallace's Agent & Publicist to get him the highest contract they can, because the higher his contract is.. the more money the agent & Publicist will make....

Those of you that think Swope is the pick need to look at his concussion history 4 round maybe later




Patterson does have elite speed, and more! He can't stop and cut on a dime! He's not top five pick because he does not have enough games/playing time for teams to gamble on him that high....be great fit for dolphins...mike wallace and patterson would strike fear in defenses!

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