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Mike Wallace is a Miami Dolphin

MIke Wallace and the Dolphins have agreed to a five-year contract that will pay him between $60 and $65 million if he meets all its incentives.

The contract includes a substantial amount of guaranteed money. Although that figure is not yet known, it will be approximately $30 million.

Wallace will be the third-highest paid wide receiver in the NFL behind Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald, according to a person familiar with the deal.

The contract is not yet signed. Indeed, the Dolphins are privately denying that it is done. But Wallace is in South Florida and taking a physical and could sign the deal if he passes, as expected. He will sign the deal this evening.

The Dolphins have been making press conference plans but that will likely happen Wednesday.

Wallace is the deep-threat receiver the Dolphins have lacked since Jeff Ireland became the general manager. Frankly, the Dolphins haven't had a similar deep-threat weapon since Irving Fryar played for the team in the mid 1990s.

The Dolphins are not finished revamping their offense, and specifically their passing game.

The club is deep into negotiation for bringing former Tennessee tight end Jared Cook to the team. Cook is the seam-threat player the team wanted but could get from Michael Egnew and Charles Clay.

Cook, however, is also negotiating with the St. Louis Rams.

Interestingly, Rams free agent wide receiver Brandon Gibson remains an option in Miami, particularly if Cook does not sign. The Herald's Adam Beasley is reporting Gibson will visit the New York Jets.


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Make no mistake. Wallace is no BEAST!

NY G is still mad at that girl that dumped him in high school, so got to have some perspective.

FA a bust w/o Cook, Woodson, Revis & Brees.


Thanks and in the end we all have the same goal, even though I have my issues with Ireland and hope that e can become champions again. I look forward to the rest of FA as well as the draft, followed by a great finish to the season with a ring.

Rejoice Odin and quit crying about Fasano off all people.

Wallace wont be near as productive with Tannehill as he was with Big Ben. The Dolphins need a better QB in order to improve.

Dashi Has been Preaching 4 Wr's for A While.


Signing Cook, And Egnew Developing. Gives The Fins 2 TE's That Run Like Wr's.

Sign Cook. The Fins Next Priority.

Ireland Just Made Our First Round Pick. BPA!! Not A Need.

The Fins Can Even Go After E.Lacy with the #12.

Posted by: Monte | March 12, 2013 at 05:11 PM

Apperently the miami dolphins organization does NOT agree with you!!!!

Fasano is a thoroughly mediocre player. If they get Cook it's a HUGE upgrade. If not, he can still be easily replaced.

Why is everyone complaining about losing Fasano!!

Are you really serious!! Everyone bitched about this guy for years!!

We have 5 picks in the first rounds!!

We can't draft another TE? GEEZ!

Keller will be our number 1 TE
Kelce will be our number 2 TE
You heard it here first, can you live with that combo?

If you're juding Ireland PROPERLY(post Parcells), it's getting tougher and tougher to find fault.

He got Pouncey and Tannehill in a couple of decent drafts. Some good starters and foundation type guys. If Tannehill pans out, Ireland's over the top.

He also set us up really well for this years free agency and draft. Wallace is the Cream Of The Crop and Ireland brought him to Miami!

So Far.........**So Good**

Dear Fair Weather Fans,

Suck it.


Jeff Ireland

Rejoice Odin and quit crying about Fasano off all people.

Posted by: take your Zoloft, xanax, valium | March 12, 2013 at 05:13 PM

Shut Up Monkey Buoy!

Even your Mamma knows that NFL teams need **TWO** good TE's.

As of right now, we have Egnew.

You get it? You Dolt!

Some homers are as excited about Wallace as they were about Brandon Marshall.


"Eggnew Developing"???!!!?? Eggnew?

You gotta be joking.

Cook said to be leaning towards the Rams. Question is, how does Rams sign both Cook and Long with their cap space of 12 million?? Need at least 6 million for draft picks. Something off

Does ANYBODY really believe Wallace is the 3rd best receiver in the NFL?

C'mon man. Really?

Ireland let Wallace take us to the cleaners.


U ireland haters are Straight ignorant.

Clowns Hate All You Want. Dashi is Riding With Ireland."

Who's ignorant?

Mike Wallace is the best player the Miami Dolphins have signed today so far

Some of you are so negative.SMH. Its not your got damn money that there paying Wallace so why are you mad about the contract he got?





It looks like we will lose Fasano as the Chiefs are interested in him.

So we should have about 19 million left after signing Wallace. In reality it is just 14 million more to spend on FA since we have to save 5 million for the draft. Do we go after Cook or do we resign Long and Smith. Without a doubt we will need to sign a TE in FA now that Fasano is leaving? We will probably need a TE in the draft also.

BTW- I saw a report saying that the Fins are talking o Tavon Austin. A receiving group that includes Wallace, Austin, Hartline, and Bess would be awesome.

Fasano already signed a contract wth the Chiefs.


If you took offense to what dashi said. then you are ignorant.

The Ignorant People Know Who They Are. Dashi doesn't have time to Post your Multitude of Names.

Fasano is a thoroughly mediocre player. If they get Cook it's a HUGE upgrade. If not, he can still be easily replaced.

Posted by: rjr | March 12, 2013 at 05:16 PM

I don't understand some peoples understanding of building a team.

Fasano is a **SECONDARY CONCERN** no doubt!

But, he was an above average No.2 TE, a good pass catcher and an even better Blocker. The perfect guy you team up with a no 1 seam threat type of TE.

So what do we do? We keep Egnew and let Fasano walk.

We don't have a guy on our roster that can play and BLOCK on run downs. The upgrade were looking for IS NOT a blocker. He'll be a seam threat!

The Average Goofball: "YEAH! We got Mike Wallace! Who cares if we let Fasano go and keep EGNEW! Yeah!"

Yeah! Who cares if we let Bush walk? We have Thomas! Yeah!


Orlando Dolphin, the reported cap hit on Wallace contract this year is 5-7 million. Teams need 6.1 million to sign their draft class. At worse, with 7 million hit we have 23 million minus the 6 million. 17 million left

They must get Jared Cook - we need a TE now that stopgap and no release Fasano is off to KC. Don't miss on this - TE's are the difference makers these days! Get 'er done!

Mike Wallace is NOT the 3rd best WR in the NFL. There are at least 10 better than him making much less.

It's the Price Is Right Showcase Showdown and Jeff Ireland is spending Ross' money. LOL!


Maybe them letting Fasano walk means they thought more of Egnew then they let on last Season. Or maybe this means Philbin/Sherman are moving away from the "TE's are just there to block" usage that the Trifecta were fond of.


2009 NFL Draft

Round 3 84 Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Wallace† WR
Round 3 87 Miami Dolphins Patrick Turner WR
Round 3 89 Tennessee Titans Jared Cook TE

A Jeff Ireland special

The Rookie Contracts Are Already Deducted.

The Advantage of the New CBA.

Fasano Doesn't Fit What Philbin wants To Do On Offense.

Who Said You Can't Have 2 Seam Threats At TE?

And Bush is A Non-issue. Seriously!!

Long deal is reported to be done. Ben Vilion of PB Post says Cook in Miami at this moment.

Yeah, the Dolphins brass said that they were eyeing Jared Cook but unfortunately they got blindsided by a dude named Patrick no burner Turner! LOL!

Actually, the "average" fan would be the one without any understanding of the type of aggressive offense Sherman WANTS to run.

Fasano in no way, shape or form fi that template. You need a legitimate seam threat (along with a 'blow the top off' guy, which they just signed).

They will attempt to get that player in Cook. If not, it becomes a draft priority.

Fasano was a square peg/round hole fit with this coahing staff and their offensive philosophy.

Some of us already understood that.


Someone earlier posted Wallace's numbers next to Megatron's last 3-4 years (whatever it was). They were very similar.

I'm not saying Wallace is Megatron, I'm just saying the numbers are the numbers. This guy can be very, very good, and can alter the way teams defend our offense, allowing other guys to shine.

If done right, this can be a great move.

Am I dreaming? Could it be the beginning of a new friendship in Miami- the fans and Jeff Ireland? I like it a whole lot! Of course you're gonna have idiots whining and complaining, but these are the bafoons that are clueless about football. Anyway, bring in Jared Cook, maybe a cornerback or DE and the Fins just became one scary team to play against. Go Jeffy!!!

Free Agency for Offense won't be a success unless Miami inks Jared Cook. JARED COOK. That's J-A-R-E-D C-O-O-K!

Thanks for the information The Phoenix!

So what do we do with the 17 million, resign Long, Clemmons, and Smith or go after Cook and some cheaper tier FAs to cover for the FAs the aforementioned FAs (Winston, CB, and Clemmons).

atta boy irelanddddddddd finally the light has come on

$65 Million for Mike Wallace? Ok, Ireland you are officially showing how desperate you are to bring some excitement to Miami . Like the speed he brings but he better be one helluva superstar for that kind of money. He wasn't worth that catching balls from Big Ben. And now we're chasing Jared Cook? Gotta love free agency.

If Miami doesn't improve the secondary (Smith is gone) and add an elite pass rusher in free agency, everyone will all be forgetting about Mike Wallace when the Fins are playing from behind every game. Jeffy boy better step it up and follow up with some defense.

Gholdson's reportedly heading to Tampa. We should Hi-Jack his plane to Miami!

Trade for Sam Shields too!

Mike Wallace is ELITE! If he continues to improve he could be one of the best WR in the league. If he works on his hands and route running he's unstoppable. At the very least he'll improve everyone around him with just his speed alone. As long as he stays healthy he might be the fastest WR in the game. Straight up speed demon.

forget long, hes gone. and thats a good thing. sign 2 legit corners now after cook is done

Chris Clemmons signs one year deal with Dolphins


Posted by: DC Dolfan | March 12, 2013 at 05:30 PM

I agree DC and I could really give Two Squats about Fasano. But I have to say, I would have prefered we sign someone BEFORE letting Fasano walk.

It unearves me to think that Egnew is now the BEST TE we have under contract.

If they get Cook it's a HUGE upgrade. If not, he can still be easily replaced.
Posted by: rjr | March 12, 2013 at 05:16 PM

Excuse me, but what are some of you guys smoking? Can I have some? Jared Cook has done NOTHING, ZERO to deserve a big contract with ANYONE. Why overpay for potential? He's had plenty of time to prove it in Tennessee and hasn't amounted to anything but average.

Let's get some damn defensive help. Have you seen how many pass rushers and Corners are looking for work with the cap cuts? Screw Jared Cook. Draft a TE


He is not the 3rd best WR in the NFL but unfortunately that is the market right now. How can Wallace be making more money than Andre Johnson, Julion Jones, AJ Green, and Brandon Marshall. Those guys are in another league?

FA is all about timing and Wallace hit the jackpot this off season. A desparate team, a weak market and draft made Wallace a lot of money.

This was a necessary move to help a growing young QB, as well as the number 2 and 3 guys in both Hartline and Bess.

Why both with Gibson? Bess is the better player at this point and I want to see what Rishard Matthews has and keep developing him

Guess who the Rams coach is..Fisher. Ouch

I can't wait to see what the Rams signed Jake for. If it under 8 million, I will be pissed at Jeff. Anything over that, BYE BYE!!

If Ireland manages to sign Cook today I will be tremendously happy. We still need a bit of defensive help though.

First off to the Ireland haters. It's up to 65 million if all incentives are met. Not likely.

Second is our cap was so mismanaged up until now that Ireland has made tough but disciplined decisions.

Finally we have a true offensive minded coach that seems to work well with Ireland since they're likely attached.

Enjoy the day, take the day off from hating

If the cap hit is really $7million or less, what a great signing. Pay all of the guaranteed money early and then they have the option of releasing him in 3 years if he isn't living up to the contract. Great work by Ireland! He'll land Cook, Clemons, and a CB too. Then draft a DE, CB, WR(to replace Bess next year), LB(to replace Dansby next year), RG/RT, and then best available. Next year, they'll be clearing another $50 million, THAT's RIGHT, $50 million in cap space by releasing Dansby, Burnett, Carpenter, Bess, Starks and Soliai(unless one or both resign). Good times! Oh yeah, don't forget the three 3rd or 4th round compensatory picks next year for Bush, Long, and Smith.

And Bush is A Non-issue. Seriously!!

Posted by: Dashi | March 12, 2013 at 05:31 PM

A non-issue? OK, sure Dashi, and I understand Running Backs are SUPPOSEDLY a dime a dozen in the day and age of the "Pass"!

Still, you can't get around the FACT that the "Non-Issue" Reggie Bush is LIGHT YEARS better than ANYONE Miami has under contract.

Orlando, we just gave Clemmons a one year deal. I believe the Fins go after Cook and if that fails, Keller. I would look for Woodson to sign. I think Fins draft two CBs in upcoming Draft.

Dolphins sign Ellerby LB from Baltimore Ravens!!!! Surprise!!!

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