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Mike Wallace is a Miami Dolphin

MIke Wallace and the Dolphins have agreed to a five-year contract that will pay him between $60 and $65 million if he meets all its incentives.

The contract includes a substantial amount of guaranteed money. Although that figure is not yet known, it will be approximately $30 million.

Wallace will be the third-highest paid wide receiver in the NFL behind Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald, according to a person familiar with the deal.

The contract is not yet signed. Indeed, the Dolphins are privately denying that it is done. But Wallace is in South Florida and taking a physical and could sign the deal if he passes, as expected. He will sign the deal this evening.

The Dolphins have been making press conference plans but that will likely happen Wednesday.

Wallace is the deep-threat receiver the Dolphins have lacked since Jeff Ireland became the general manager. Frankly, the Dolphins haven't had a similar deep-threat weapon since Irving Fryar played for the team in the mid 1990s.

The Dolphins are not finished revamping their offense, and specifically their passing game.

The club is deep into negotiation for bringing former Tennessee tight end Jared Cook to the team. Cook is the seam-threat player the team wanted but could get from Michael Egnew and Charles Clay.

Cook, however, is also negotiating with the St. Louis Rams.

Interestingly, Rams free agent wide receiver Brandon Gibson remains an option in Miami, particularly if Cook does not sign. The Herald's Adam Beasley is reporting Gibson will visit the New York Jets.


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Fasano was a square peg/round hole fit with this coahing staff and their offensive philosophy.
Some of us already understood that.

Posted by: rjr | March 12, 2013 at 05:32 PM

Every Head Coach and GM in the league likes to have a 1 - 2 punch at the Tight End position. Preferably one, or both that can block a little too so you don't choreograph the play before it's ran.

But O-Key-Dokey rjr, we'll take your word over that of REAL NFL employees.

ROTFLMAO-Sheesh! Yeah, rjr.......we have Egnew! Whoop-WHOOOOOOP!!!!

Benny V. was right.. He has the best contacts within the phins organization.. PBP rules! Go Benny! The deal was "done" despite what a jealous Mando says..

Is Pat Riley in Davie whispering in Ireland's ear?? Incredible. Never saw Ellerby coming. Bye Burnett or Dansby???

I agree with those saying Wallace was an obvious signing. What Ireland does now is what will determine if he has what it takes. He needs at least 2 CBS, a safety, an ot & a te to go. People claiming Ireland is now a great gm are ridiculous. Take the blinders off already.

Cook is said to be deciding between the rams and us. People are already acting like his signing is set in stone.

Linda Ellerbe signed for Fins Network!


Debacle City

The Phonix you are faster than Adam Shefter. Good idea to sign Clemmons to the 1 year deal, we can look for a young more productive FS next year in the draft. Meanwhile Clemmons fills a whole for this year.

Signing Cook would be amazing. I still think if there is money available they have to consider going after a veteran CB (maybe even Smith). It may not be a wise idea to go with 2 rookie starting CBs next year.

It is looking like our first 2 picks will probably be CB and OT. We'll see what happens the rest of FA. I have a feeling a lot of the mock drafts are going to change.


NOT acting like Cook set in stone..........its the OPPOSITE.....we figure Ireland's gonna choke & let the deal slip away!

Ellerbe signs with miami

Ireland has made tough disciplined decisions to get the cap under control? You mean letting contracts expire? Gosh it's getting thick in here!

Dolphins sign Ravens MLB Ellerbe

Ireland is sticking it to the haters this off season. This may be the fins year. Finally, after all the years of suffering.

Eileen's is awesome. So pumped!!

better be getting cook. ellerbe not needed

Is Dashi the happiest person in Miami? Who gets cut in the line backing core?

Ellerbe a Dolphin! Good bye Dansby! At least as our MLB.

ellerbe never played in over 13 games for a season. if this messes up the cook deal then awful move

Next year, they'll be clearing another $50 million, THAT's RIGHT, $50 million in cap space by releasing Dansby, Burnett, Carpenter, Bess, Starks and Soliai(unless one or both resign). Good times!
Posted by: randy s. | March 12, 2013 at 05:42 PM

Dude, seriously? So, you are happy with wiping out the strenght of the interior DL, arguably one of the few strengths the Dolphins have had the past few years? Why not just wipe out the whole team and start over? I will give you some of the overpaid guys. Could use an upgrade at LB.

But some here just want to see Wallace and a new team. And I suppose Bush meant nothing too? He was the best player on offensive side of the ball by FAR. I don't get the lack of affinity to some of the best players on the team. We're so starved for change in Miami, that we should just say F' em' all.

You gotta have some balance people!

I like the Ellerbe signing, i think Burnett's days may be numbered and some more cap room coming the Dolphins way.

Does that mean dansby is gone? God I hope so!

No Cook = Debacle to the Maximum Extreme

Nothing else matters, no other players matter, only COOK.


Your dream of getting rid of Dansby may be happening. I think he is going to be cut with the signingn of Ellerbe.

rbs easily replaced didnt need bush

can you confirme that the Fins ave also signed Ellerbe away from the Ravens?

You guys are lying!?!?

We did NOT sign Ellerbe?

I would absolutely need a wet wipe if Ellerbe signed with us! No Joke!

Ellerbe in the Middle with Dansby moving back outside to his natural position? Are you kidding me?

I'm already having visions of Wake and Dansby blitzing Brady from the Blind Side!

Just STOP IT! Ireland couldn't get us Wallace and Ellerbe! No WAY........NO HOW!!!!

ellerbe is a beast...definite upgrade over dansby.

now, draft tavon austin. he is the second most explosive player i have ever seen play in person (bo jackson at auburn is #1).

odinseye wont mean a thing without any corners. we need cook and 2 legit corners, he better still be looking for that.

Who dat oh ya mr.jeffy keep going Jeff great job so far

Were talking to D.Hall as well, Ireland on FIRE!

Ellerbe is in the fold dudes our front seven is now NASTY

I am with you austin. Let's get Tavon Austin. He is the biggest playmaker in this draft.

d hall is horrible and a cancer, wtf is going on now


Your dream of getting rid of Dansby may be happening. I think he is going to be cut with the signingn of Ellerbe.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | March 12, 2013 at 05:57 PM

Dansby is already signed and counts against this years cap. There would be no possible benefit in cutting him.

I'm guessing he's moved back outside to wehere he's played his best ball.

Trusnik and Misi will be on the fringe.

Ireland Basher 4 Evah, give us a break!! NFL is buzzing over this Ellerbe deal. Kid is another one in his prime and should have been a Raven Priority. Losing Ed Reed and Ellerbe is devastating for that defense. Flacco's contract has really messed that team up, bad. Ireland gets 5 stars so far.

Clemmons resigns 1yr deal
Ellerbe from Ravens signs


Saw so many reports of the Ravens trying to hold on to Ellerbe...

Could it be Ireland actually scooped Ozzie????

Welcom to to Miami "Wallace"....I have one word "FREEEEEEEDDDDOOOOMMMM (from losing)!

dansby huge free agent bust. ireland dropping ball big time if he loses cook and doesnt find some corners

Had to pop in when I heard about the Ellerbe signing. Immediately laughed because I realized Dashi must have jumped through his roof!

Cautiously optimistic about Wallace.

I hate to say this but this reminds me a little of the Eagles a couple of years ago. A lot of FA signings but the shopping spree for them was a disaster. We were also all happy about the Dansby signing a few years ago and he has not lived up to the expectations (highest paid LB in the NFL). Hopefully, these guys play up to their contract.

I am excited for now but we will see how this plays out.

Just STOP IT! Ireland couldn't get us Wallace and Ellerbe! No WAY........NO HOW!!!!

odinseye | March 12, 2013 at 05:58 PM

Ellerbe signing KILLING Ravens who saw him as heir apparent to Lewis. They let Kruger walk because they wanted Ellerbe and had consolation Courtney Upshaw (Rookie last Yr.)

We're talikng to Hall and also C.Woodson (stop gap FA) were all in, go FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COACHES HERE THIS! After Ireland gets the weapons, the priority in training camp MUST be Ryan Tannehill. He did not impress in his rookie year. Have him throw 1000 balls every day in camp. At least half have to be long throws so he can keen in on accuracy. Have the d-line approach him with arms up high so he can get used to moving in the pocket and not get his throws batted down.

Wallace was a no brainer, but Ellerbe is a heck of a pick up if the deal gets done like it's being reported. Thanks Ireland for the birthday presents. I'll take them. I guess the fins have learned from the Henne debacle. Surround Tannehill and let's see what the kid has.

Uncle Jeff wasn't lieing when he said we will be active.

I want Cook so bad right now to shove it up Fisher's arse!!!!


I just saw a report that indicated that releasing Dansby would save 3.925 Million against the Cap and releasing Burnett could save 4.25 against the Cap. My guess is they release Dansby. As I recall, Dansby did not get along with Philbin last year and even complained when they released Chand Johnson.

Ravens lose Ellerbe, Rice, Reed and Kruger. The Browns might even be a .500 team this year and the Bengals should have the NFC North won.

Very impressed with Ellerbe in 2012. Great move.

No Cook = Debacle to the Maximum Extreme
Nothing else matters, no other players matter, only COOK.
Posted by: Ireland Basher 4Evah!.. | March 12, 2013 at 05:57 PM

Enough the Cook lovefest. If Ireland doesn't overpay for this guy I will cut him more slack than I ever have.
Like the Ellerbe signing. Keep adding defense Jeff! P.S. Our secondary sucks!

Ellerbe 5yr 35 mill

What are the odds of Ireland drafting Tyler Eiffert at first round if he fails to sign Cook???

Corners will come in the draft

Ross/Ireland will never produce a winner. We should all know this by now.

No question either Dansby or Burnett is gone.

Got to hand it to Ireland with Ellerbe. There weren't even RUMORS of tnat move. Young and fiery player B'more clearly did NOT want to lose.

Already a good day. If Cook signs, it becomes a stellar one.

Ans we'll see with Long. Let the Rams set the bar and then Miami can decide if the $ makes sens to them or not.

Apologies for the typos with this ancient keyboard of mine. I think it wants to type in hieroglyphs.

Jason Lacanfora is reporting dolphins expected to sign TE Cook. Didnt see Ellerbe coming. Liking the moves thus far and with the age of wallace 26, ellerbe 27 and cook 25, finally a talented youth movement going on in miami. Coming to get ya Patsies.

what does picking up Ellerbe mean for Dansby or Burnett

I would be alright trading Dansby.


Ellerbe is a huge move!!!!

Love it!!!

Another very good player on the rise!!!!!!!


OK now we need to sign a veteran TE (hopefully Cook) and a veteran CB.

We can then double up in the draft. If we sign our veteran TE and CB we can then worry about a RT and CB (1st 2 picks) and then take Gavin Escobar TE (heard the fins love him), Swope, and another pass rusher. Then we go with BPA.

Burnett is an average player. We need strong young LB's. Both Burnett and Dansby will never be on the roster in 2014.

Love this move!!

Sign Cook and the day is done.

Our CB's will be gotton on draft day.

Right now we need Fisher or Warmack to fall to 12.


This is probably bad timing for you. This may be the highlight of Ireland's time here so far.

CB, TE, and OT are the biggest needs right now.

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