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Moore, Hartline, Starks for Jake Long money

Money matters in the NFL.

Players want as much of it as possible -- and rightfully so. Teams want to horde as much of it as possible-- and rightfully so.

Interestingly, fans often side with players they like or follow and root for more than the teams and are upset when teams let good players walk. Last year, Texans fans were upset Mario Williams was allowed to leave via free agency and right tackle Eric Winston was cut.

In the coming days, many Pittsburgh Steelers fans will be unhappy if Mike Wallace leaves the team, as expected.

And I'm hearing many Dolphins fans, some on this very site, bemoaning the possibility Jake Long will be allowed to walk via free agency because he's been a good player.

Well, the reason let players you like walk is because they make priorities of other players. And sometimes quantity is just as important as quality.

Consider that Long initially considered himself "highest-paid NFL left tackle material" and wanted to maintain his $11 million per year salary he's enjoyed recently if not get a raise. That would have put Long in the $11-$12 million per year salary range.

Then consider what the Dolphins have done the past week on the contract front. They tied up Randy Starks with a one-year $8.45 million franchise tag. They tied up backup QB Matt Moore for a reported $8 million over two years. They re-signed No. 2 wide receiver Brian Hartline for $30.8 million over five years.

That's a total of $47.25 million.

If the Dolphins had met Long's intial contract desires, they would have paid him between $44-$48 million for four years or $55-$60 million for five years.

So the Dolphins got Hartline, Moore, and Starks tied up this year and in Hartline's and Moore's case, for multiple years, for the same money they might have gotten for Long alone.

Obviously, some fans will believe that would have been alright for the right to keep a starting albeit declining left tackle. Some fans will be upset if Long walks.

The Dolphins are happy with what they've done.

“I am excited that we have been able to reach an agreement with both Brian and Matt to keep them as members of the Miami Dolphins,” said Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland. “Brian is an ascending player that has steadily improved over his first four years with the organization. He has represented himself positively both on the field and throughout the South Florida community. Matt has been a valuable contributor to the Dolphins ever since he arrived two seasons ago. We are happy we were able to resign him, and we think he combines with Ryan Tannehill and Pat Devlin to give us an outstanding group of quarterbacks."

I believe it wise the Dolphins are likely to let Long test the market. I definitely don't think the guy is worth even $11 million per season. Not when you can get multiple good players for that price."


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Hating On Jake.

Love It!!

You Can Also Say Signing Starks, Hartline, and M&M Will Cost Less Than Signing Mike Wallace!!

But Why Would You Want To Admit That??



Best Value Available!!

This Is The Way Ireland Is Doing Business!!

This Is What We All Do When We Make Any Major Purchase!!

Fine w/ me. Good job Jeffy!

Let that fat bum Long walk, just keep replaying Freeny going around Long like a turnstile. Keep in mind Freeny was cut. Also keep in mind the Bills game where a post steroid Merriman obliterated Long on a sweep. F him if he think hes woth 11 miliion.

Good point Dashi, I was thinking the same.

Good article, Long has been injury prone the last 2 seasons and his production while healthy is average at best. Miami fans will be happy next season when Long is standing on the sidelines without his pads on for a different team.

All steps in the right direction...Lets keep it up. If Jake wants to walk for more money I can't blame him but he aint what he used to be with all the injuries.

Wow! Is this as exciting as it gets? So far nothing has been done that suggests an improvement to this debilitated team. Letting Long walk is football 101. A no brainer. He just simply is not worth the big money that will result yet in another year eventually on the IR list. PLAYMAKERS PLAYMAKERS PLAYMAKERS!!!

I don't care what anyone says or thinks. 3 good players for the cost of 1 is obviously great particularly when that 1 player is injury prone and declining. Good job Ireland (for a change)!

From Last Blog,


Agreed. At 42 We Can Only Pick 1 Of The 2. (Woods Or Hopkins)

1 Of The Reasons Why I Pull The Trigger On Patty In The First!

Get The Best Wr In The Draft With The #12 Pick! And 1 Of The Top 5 Wr's In The Top Of The Second.

Adrian Wilson was just cut by the Cardinals, could he be Clemmons replacement?

Lets Do The Math:

1. Starks----- 10th season, likely to be his last as a quality dt. These guys take a helluva beating on the inside over the longterms of their careers.

2. Moore--- A 2012 preseason near disaster. Enuff said.

3. Brian Hartline--- Ascending? Yes, if talking the cellar ceiling. We all know that is only to the floor of the main house.

So when I look at the math, it suggests to me, keeping a descending Jake Long.

Advantage: By a gnat's hair, Jake Long!





What Will Happen If Dansby Gets Hurt For Real?

LB's Weakest Position On The Fins Defense!!


I feel very good about to day right now!

The money on Matty might have been little high for my taste though

it does seem a little high for Moore but so what. if tannehill doen't mind that Moore makes more than him.

waiting for Dummervill to be released.


Stop Playing. A.Wilson Cut For Real!!

Screw Wallace!! Forget Long!! F' S.Smith!!

Ireland Get On The Phone NOW!! It Is March 9th Somewhere In The World Right Now!!

We Wouldn't Need CB's With Wilson And R.Jones Back There!! Well Not Any #1 CB's!!

The Guy Is A Beast!!


You Talking About Verticals?

A.Wilson Can Hop!! The Guy Has A 60+ Inch Vertical!! Check Out His YouTube.


A week ago, Peter King made the comment that Jake Long might have more suitors that the Dolphins think. I say, great. Bring it on. If Long signs the 8-figure per season deal he wants, it increases the Dolphins' chances of getting a compensatory pick in the 2014 draft. Especially if Smith "gets paid" and Reggie Bush gets a deal more to his liking.

Well, nothing new, weak moves, Ireland has Armando sell us. Just like every other offseason.

Im out enjoy your treasures guys.

Jake Long isn't what he once was. He's a B minus pass blocker and a C run blocker at best. He struggles vs speed rushers more and more. He gave up a sack to the retiring and last street FA Shawne Merriman in a game. Long is over rated.

Starks the best player on Miami's defense besides Wake IMO. He's a valuable player who gets push inside the pocket on passing downs and a great run stopper.

Moore is the best backup in league by far. Name one better?

Hartline was Tannehill's number 1 Wr last year. They have familiarity and chemistry to an extent and subtracting him would have been a detriment to Tannehill's development.

Great job Ireland!

If Miami doesn't sign Wallace or someone of that caliber then Miami looks the same as last year but worse of they loose Long & Bush.....better get Wallace etc...or the dolphin stands will be empty for sure and Miami will continue to be the laughing stock of a front office and owner...and I'll save thousands of dollars in travel and lodging as no trip to Miami this year....

Dashi, I know Wilson has great vaule as a run stopper but Im not so sure about his cover skills, Wilson is a head hunter in the secondary I would def look to sign him.

That is why I have s suspicion that Miami will target Linebackers in this draft, Dashi. It has been the one position that no one has even associated with Miami... therefore.... well, there ya go....

I would also say this about overpaying for receivers in response to your retort on Armando. It is the fans and they're never ending desire for the big play that creates the market.... supply and demand... only so many elite receivers in the world... and because they are in such demand... Pay up sucka... Left Tackle are a important position.... but how many times have you read a post from some fan whining about Drafting Long instead of Matt Ryan..?


I don't see anything to be impressed about....

Only Dash seems to love these moves...and I guess Craig M. is somewhere smiling....

Wilson is terrible in coverage. Remember Hartline torching them last year. Where was the over the top help in those games. He's a very good in the box safety but doesn't compliment Reshad Jones.


"What Will Happen If Dansby Gets Hurt For Real?"

Simple answer. WE GET BETTER.

Let Long and SS go please. Long thinks hes worth 11 million and has gotten worse each season, SS thinks hes a stud of a CB and cant even pick a ball that falls right into his hands and cant cover smaller quick WRs. Good Riddace!

Yesterday's gone,
Starks is a pro bowler!
Morre is the best FA QB on the market
Hartline will be a beast in the next 5 years with Tanny throwing to him.
Please go root for another team, Pleaaasseee!!!

Andy, I was thinking the same about Wilson, his cover skills was always the issue. We need a FS not a SS. If Ireland picked Earl Thomas when he was suppose to instead of that scrub Odrick we wouldnt be in this predicament

I think I'll puke if I hear the Tannehill/Hartline chemistry line just one more time.

Who the fk else did he have to throw the ball to besides Hartline and best?

You guys tossed that chemistry word arond like theyve played together for 5yrs. Hell, you can bring a new wr in this year, and as you guys put it, have chemistry.

True chemistry would be connecting on 10 tds to go along with Hartline's 2012 numbers.

Where the hell was the tds chemistry?


Yeah that Earl Thomas possibility ticks me off everytime I see Thomas flying around the field making plays and impacting the game. Best safety in the league to me right now.

Dashi, that is some crazy vertical. With the muscle twitch in those legs, I'd rather be hit by a truck. 39.5 coming out of college. Almost as good as Vernon.

Posted by: MO | March 08, 2013 at 12:48 PM

Typical dolfan living in the past. Starks going into 10th season, thats max for DT's. Dont expect him to be here next season.

Moore didnt even look like a backup qb during preseason.

If this is your pride and joy sobeit. More power to you brutha!

Big fan of your block, but this time you made a silly comparison that is misplaced. You can only compare the yearly salaries and hit to the salary cap. Comparing the total amount of salaries with different length is unrealistic.
I still agree that Jake is too expensive and Dolphins need to let go. Same for other free agents if they don't reduce their demands a lot.

All I know is im thrilled dashi & mark toronto aren't & wil never be our GM. Jake Long? LOL

Does Charles Woodson have anything left in the tank?

Kris, I can understand where you are coming from. Moore hopefully never sees the field so there goes $4m down teh poophole, $8.4M for Starks in a player we already have one of in Soliai.

That $12.4M, I would've paid Bush and spent the rest on the open market ... but whatever man, can only harp for so long .

So many of you cried for Ireland doing dumb moves and what not. While not perfect, I think he's come a long way and he's doing things the right way. He is keeping good players and rewarding them for not just their good play but for their loyalty and locker presence.

These fraternity of players do talk to each other a lot, and do not give less merit to what Ireland is doing to reestablish the luster this once great organization had. Players like Hartline and Moore will for sure show their level of satisfaction with potential players that would now welcome a move to a team like the Phins instead of say the Pats where they are just a means to an end. Great offseason so fat, and it is only the beginning.

I expect Ireland to sign Wallace and Winston, and a 3rd and 4th FA could also be on the works. I suspect D. Goldson a D. Freeney to be atop the wish list then.

Kirk cousins is better then matt moore. Matt moore sucks and so do the dolphins.Better hope ricky Williams comes back.

Hater101, how's Sanchez's sausage taste? U swallow it whole or work ur way down?

I'm happy with these moves. Jake Long guys can cry me a river, get over it. 5 years, 1 Playoff appearance, 1 winning Season, boo-hoo.

Matt Moore was essential. WHEN (notice I didn't say "if") Tannehill gets hurt (just nature of today's NFL) we have a competent backup (guess Philbin has no confidence in Devlin, for the guys who thought he was the next coming of Joe Montana). Brian Hartline was Tannehill's favorite target, and had his best Season last year. Why let that guy walk and disturb that comfort for your young QB?

Starks is the only question mark, but I think it was done to prevent a possible hole in the best part of your team (defensive front 7), and if it works then it will be a good move.

To the guys that says the team did nothing, they are shoring up their players BEFORE FA hits and can start acquiring talent with a plan next week. Not sure what anyone expected they be doing this week ANYWAY. Can't talk to agents until tomorrow, FA doesn't start until Tuesday. Get a grip!

Every moron here saying these are weak moves and "were staying as bad as we were", "I am not impressed" is ignorant to the fact the until 3/9 we can't sign other team's free agents. I would be impressed if you graduated from middle school.
So far solid moves, the real improvement can only start 3/9 and in the draft. These fire Ireland idiots probably got fired from Dairy Queen themselves.

30 mill to Hartline are u Fing kidding me?? Ireland should be fired based solely on that ridiculous move never mind the countless other blunders in draft

Ireland did what he was supposed to do so far.

He now needs to either sign Chris Clemons or sign/draft a replacement.

He needs to sign Eric Winston or draft an offensive lineman. They have high regard for Josh Samuda. Is that enough? Maybe they hope he will replace Incognito in another year.

He needs to draft a LB to replace Dansby and/or Burnett down the road. They have high regard for Josh Kaddu. Is that enough? They need at least one more even if Kaddu turns out good.

He needs to bring in a kicker to eliminate the cap hit for DC.

Bottom line...At some point during this next season, he needs to find cheaper alternatives for Dansby, Burnett, and Incognito who together take up almost 20 million in cap space. Now that's called managing your cap!

So far so good. Keeping Moore is a great move, one of if not the best backup in the league (probably better than some starters too, looking at you Sanchez). Getting Hartline for reasonable money also a great move. Now if they just sign Winston.

Also just a thought, what about bringing Bell back as a situational (run) safety on the cheap?

Hell no to Bell, he cant cover anyone

I'm VERY pleased to say that Ireland got it right this year. Keeping Starks, Hartline, & Moore were all good decisions. I thought for sure Ireland would screw up & re-sign Long & Smith but he didn't.

1) Keeping Starks for at least another year keeps the best part of our team in tact
2) Hartline is coming off his best season & the chemistry he had with Tannehill was undeniable. Although he didn't produce enough TD's & we probably overpaid--we couldn't afford to lose him. To let him sign with the Patriots or the Bills & watch him light it up against our secondary would have been beyond embarrassing.
3) Didn't expect us to get this deal done with Moore. Keeping Moore continues to give us one of the best backup QB's in the NFL & a good locker room guy. If anything happens to Tannehill--I have confidence that Moore can play well.


Dawan Landry, cut, Adrian Wilson, cut, Chris Gamble, cut. Fins should have NO problems replacing 2 CBs and Safety in FA. Plus with the glut of players, do it at a discount price. Sean Smith, bad time to be a FA CB bro.

Kris, I can understand where you are coming from. Moore hopefully never sees the field so there goes $4m down teh poophole, $8.4M for Starks in a player we already have one of in Soliai.


What??? This is the NFL & you need a good backup QB. Yeah...I hope Tannehill never gets hurt either but it's never a bad idea to have insurance.




WNP, I agree in resigning Moore. Good insurance PLUS potential trade bait during the year.


Do you understand how important it is for a QB (and ESPECIALLY a young QB) to build trust with his WR core? Do you even get that? 30mil/5 yr, 12mil guaranteed. If you knew ANYTHING about football, you'd know Hartline won't ever see Year 5, so you're talking really 4 yr/24mil. Then, if you understood how this works, Dwayne Bowe just set the market on WRs. He got about 11mil/yr. For a #1. Divide by 2 and you get about what a #2 will get. Some better ones will get more, worse less. Hartline put up Marshall-like numbers when he was here, so that's why he got more. Plus he's young.

He might not be flashy, score TDs, but go watch Green Bay. Jordy Nelson came out of nowhere to now be one of the best WRs in the league. That's what Philbin likes. I'm expecting Hartline, a smart player, good hands, runs good routes to steadily improve in this offense (Sherman/Philbin).

So get over your hatred of Ireland and come back to reality.

"Dawan Landry, cut, Adrian Wilson, cut, Chris Gamble, cut. Fins should have NO problems replacing 2 CBs and Safety in FA. Plus with the glut of players, do it at a discount price. Sean Smith, bad time to be a FA CB bro."


I expecct that some team will still overpay for Smith based on his size. Doesn't change the fact that Smith is NOT a playmaker & has never been a consistent player.

WNP, I agree in resigning Moore. Good insurance PLUS potential trade bait during the year.


I didn't even consider that BUT there will be teams that have QB's that go down who don't have backups as good as Moore.

So far the cap hit is 8.4 for Starks and 3 for Hartline. Don't know cap hit for Moore yet. So at worse, Fins have spent 15 million of cap space. The Fins will open up at minimum another 10 million, maybe 15 million of space. Stop worrying about cap space, we can sign what we need and take care of what we need

I couldn't disagree with you more as far as lb perhaps they lack significant depth even though trusnik isn't bad. Bottom line though, you're a moron.

Long sucked all year , why would they pay him a boat load of money so he can be the next Marc Columbo on this team. Good riddens.

We Need Playmakers,

Great points! You hit the nail on the head on each player.

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