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Moore, Hartline, Starks for Jake Long money

Money matters in the NFL.

Players want as much of it as possible -- and rightfully so. Teams want to horde as much of it as possible-- and rightfully so.

Interestingly, fans often side with players they like or follow and root for more than the teams and are upset when teams let good players walk. Last year, Texans fans were upset Mario Williams was allowed to leave via free agency and right tackle Eric Winston was cut.

In the coming days, many Pittsburgh Steelers fans will be unhappy if Mike Wallace leaves the team, as expected.

And I'm hearing many Dolphins fans, some on this very site, bemoaning the possibility Jake Long will be allowed to walk via free agency because he's been a good player.

Well, the reason let players you like walk is because they make priorities of other players. And sometimes quantity is just as important as quality.

Consider that Long initially considered himself "highest-paid NFL left tackle material" and wanted to maintain his $11 million per year salary he's enjoyed recently if not get a raise. That would have put Long in the $11-$12 million per year salary range.

Then consider what the Dolphins have done the past week on the contract front. They tied up Randy Starks with a one-year $8.45 million franchise tag. They tied up backup QB Matt Moore for a reported $8 million over two years. They re-signed No. 2 wide receiver Brian Hartline for $30.8 million over five years.

That's a total of $47.25 million.

If the Dolphins had met Long's intial contract desires, they would have paid him between $44-$48 million for four years or $55-$60 million for five years.

So the Dolphins got Hartline, Moore, and Starks tied up this year and in Hartline's and Moore's case, for multiple years, for the same money they might have gotten for Long alone.

Obviously, some fans will believe that would have been alright for the right to keep a starting albeit declining left tackle. Some fans will be upset if Long walks.

The Dolphins are happy with what they've done.

“I am excited that we have been able to reach an agreement with both Brian and Matt to keep them as members of the Miami Dolphins,” said Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland. “Brian is an ascending player that has steadily improved over his first four years with the organization. He has represented himself positively both on the field and throughout the South Florida community. Matt has been a valuable contributor to the Dolphins ever since he arrived two seasons ago. We are happy we were able to resign him, and we think he combines with Ryan Tannehill and Pat Devlin to give us an outstanding group of quarterbacks."

I believe it wise the Dolphins are likely to let Long test the market. I definitely don't think the guy is worth even $11 million per season. Not when you can get multiple good players for that price."


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Your negativity wouldn't be so irritating if you had a clue. I can't even take the time to figure out where to start mocking your every word. There's just too much material.

WNP, Ya I understand the philosophy but in this case what is Matt Moore saving? an 8.9 win season? What's the point?

This team is in a situation where it has to build to beyond next year so I can see why someone wuld've wanted to spend the $4m elsewhere in a position that would've benefitted the team beyond 2013.

DC...I expeced them to do nothing until FA started....

simple as that....

who else was Tanne going to throw to...he threw the MAJORITY of his passes to his #! OPTION of the majority of the pass plays called...

Tanne going in to the season as the UNCHALLENGED starter is a mistake imo....and if Moore is HAPPY to ride the PINE...then I have little use for him....I want a back-up who BURNS to be a starter...and will PUSH tanne to his limits EVERY DAY in practice....

Aaron Ross relases from the Jags, so much CBs out there

Leave YG alone. It's pretty evident that blogging here is a MAJOR portion of his life and I think any reasonably sane person would agree that's more than a little weird.

It doesn't make him a bad person or evil. Just...strange.

Projected Dolphin draft:

1. OL
2. OL
2. CB
3. DL
4. CB
5. HB
6. WR
7. WR

I still think you save cap space that you have after NECESSARY FA signings and sign your upcoming UFA's in 2014 you want to keep. Front load to fill the space leaving cap room in a few years when you are missing one piece. Like Bess, and Solai.

Good riddens.

Posted by: njdolfan | March 08, 2013 at 01:27 PM



Jesus Christ. My cat could spell better than some of you nitwits.

Let me get this straight, the Dolphins just signed Brian Hartline to a $30MM contract for catching 1 TD last year? Matt Moore $8MM for two years, whatever. At least Randy Starks isn't gone.

Sooo, does this mean the Dolphins are better than last year?

Am I going to get excited about this team and pay $300 for the NFL ticket to watch these 2013 Dolphins? Nah.


I will agree to this point.....signing Moore that much money says a LOT of what Sherman and Philbin think of Delvin....

Sorry Odin and Dashi.....

your boy must not be quite what you thought he was....and the FINS inability to develop him has now cost us 8.4 million bucks....

For the longest time Long has hogged a huge amount of salary for himself with little to show for it. Ciao!

30 MIL for Hartline...

the ONE thing that Ireland could cling to was not over-paying for his own players....

so much for that myth....

Hey Greg...go play with you cats.

Imagine if Tanne had connected with Hartline on some of those deep passes...

Ireland would have paid Hartline Mike Wallace/Brandon Marshall money...

Thanks Tanne....

Apparently, a few people here (Mojave, I'm thinking of you) are unaware that the Free Agency period HASN'T EVEN BEGUN YET and as such Miami CANNOT sign 'new' players yet.

A Mensa convention, this is not.

Kris, the cap hit on Hartline is 3 MILLION. He only gets 12 million guaranteed. That is not much.

Let me get this straight, the Dolphins just signed Brian Hartline to a $30MM contract for catching 1 TD last year? Matt Moore $8MM for two years, whatever. At least Randy Starks isn't gone.
Sooo, does this mean the Dolphins are better than last year?
Am I going to get excited about this team and pay $300 for the NFL ticket to watch these 2013 Dolphins? Nah.
Posted by: Mojave Dolphin | March 08, 2013 at 01:36 PM

calm down, free agency didn't even start yet....

Thanks for the info Bobby D....That makes me fee a bit better...I still would have let Hartline walk...

The signing of hartline for 31 million will look a lot dumber if a rookie comes here and exceeds his role to the #2 spot making much less and potentially paying hartline as a #3 or #4 reciever on the team...huge risk involved in overpaying the guy...

Your math needs MORE explaining.

How much is guaranteed and how much is not? Break it down by guaranteed money along with salary cap hit.

I'm thinking we just spent more money on --at least-- two 2nd tier players.

I'm rethinking the Starks issue. Still not sure he was worth a 5 million dollar raise for the year. He did have a pro bowl year back in 2010. So I will --reluctantly-- put him on the 1st tier.

But Moore and Hartline are not 1st tier players. I'm skeptical of making long term deals with 2nd tier players.

I'd rather got rid of Moore and kept Reggie. Sign VY to a one year deal for league minimum. He would take it for sure.

Posted by: Kris | March 08, 2013 at 01:38 PM

I pretty much echoed the same thing in the last blog, they should've waited to see what hartlines value was worth in free agency because I could not see another team offering what miami did...

Reggies role is being deminished, we can't give him big money for being a third down back, i like him too but can;t keep him for a lot of money.

Good moves, really pleasantly surprised Moore is staying. Philbin & Sherman must have some stroke and that is a good thing.

Yes it does count against the cap, but you can spread the signing bonus out over the life of the contract......... for example in a 5 year, 50 mil contract can be paid like this: 30 mil in salary, 20 mil bonus............ You roll the bonus out over the 5 years, so 4 mil a year towards cap, but you structure pay like this: 3/3/5/8/11.................. So years 1 through 3 of the contract, the cap hit is 7(3 salary + 4 bonus), 7 and 9 against the cap, instead of the straight 10...... Then when you get to years 4 and 5, you either restructure, or get released because you are too expensive...just sayin!!!

They always look like good moves in Miami until these season begins. It will be a pleasure laughing at you guys when the real work begins:


-Resigning Moore: Excellent move
-Franchising Starks: Mistake. Should have let him walk
and move Odrick inside.
-Hartline Contract: Huge mistake. Too many years and too many dollars.
- Letting Bush Go: Mistake. He was our best offensive player last year.
Has everyone now realized (including Mando) that the reason we had so much cap space was due to all the expired contracts rather than good cap management?

dont be surprised if by year 2 hartline and miami then try to restructure the deal for less which is why most players are sticklers for that guaranteed money up front...in some cases others never see their contracts fully paid out!!!


Only a scker would take the type contract you just describe. Especially after seeing what happened to even the great Peyton Manning. It isnt a bonus, it amounts to a damn incentives.

ou have to make the length of the contract to reach and management can prevent that. Notice Tom Brady's restructure is all guaranteed money and not Monopoly money?

After seeing what happened to Manning, no one with half a brain will sign a "Boardwalk" contract. Not if they have alternatives.

YG, you keep saying that BUT it happens in NFL contracts everyday. Look what just happened to Dewan Landry. Idk what your talking about. There are few Tom Brady's

Hartline is precisely the kind of smart, dependable, and tough player that Bill Belichick would have very eagerly gobbled up and turned into a star in that system.

You guys (some of you, anyway) just can't see the forest for the trees. Resigning Hartline does NOT mean the Dolphins are satisfied with their overall WR situation. It simply means they see him as a valuable, steady complementary player of the type that any good team would want on their roster.

Nobody in the NFL is lining up with 11 Pro Bowlers on offense, folks. You need steady, dependable performers in that mix along with the 'bang' of a real difference maker or two. Bring in a guy like Wallace and Miami will have a pretty decent supply of talent at that position--with EVERYONE benefiting by the addition of sorely needed speed.

Had Hartline left, Miami would have been looking for another...Hartline.

He was a 1000-yard wideout in an offense with a rookie QB, shaky OL play, and ZERO deep threat.

That's actually pretty damn impressive. They did not overpay.

"I pretty much echoed the same thing in the last blog, they should've waited to see what hartlines value was worth in free agency because I could not see another team offering what miami did..."


Did you watch the games last year??? He was the ONE FA that we couldn't afford to lose this off season. He's not going to turn 27 until November, his chemistry with Tannehill was excellent, & if he left & we couldn't have gotten Wallace or Jennings...Then what??? And don't say 'the draft' b/c NO ONE (assuming they can contribute right away) is going to match Hartline's production with Tannehill.

We gave the guy $12 Million in guaranteed money which is hardly 'breaking the bank' on a WR that went over 1000 yards & is still very young.

Posted by: the real world | March 08, 2013 at 02:08 PM

Are we going to always use Bellichik as an excuse to keep players? Please, enough already!

Good moves by Ireland so far.

This does NOT mean that Long is leaving. I think he will test the waters and find that no team is willing to pay him $11m or more per season.

There are at least 3 projected starting left tackles in the draft (maybe 4) who will all come at much less.

There are 2-3 starting left tackles in Free Agency that are as good if not better than Long.

I think Supply out weighs Damand here as there may not be enough teams looking for a starting left tackle.

I think Long will get no more than $8m per year. If that proves true he will resign with the Fins and I'll be happy to have him at that price.

"calm down, free agency didn't even start yet...."


It's typical Dolphin fan reaction. We FINALLY do something right & keep three extremely important players & people still cry like babies...

Dolphins suck megatron better then there whole team. Tannehill will b a nobody at the end of the day

For one thing, Don Shula would never have allowed the wr corp to become so depleted a true 3rd down possession wr could rise to starter.

12.5 million to a 3rd down possession wr is a helluva lot of money to pay. Don Shula should be rolling in the grave he hasnt gotten to yet!

Brian Hartline's usually getting great separation about the same time as Ryan Tannehill's running for his life.

Posted by: the real world | March 08, 2013 at 02:08 PM

its not about pro bowls, its about trying to fix a problem with what has been the ineptitude of this team over two decades...the offense!!!...how can you say for 100% certianty that hartline can deliver anything other than 3 TDs(his max) in a year span???

You cant but miami should be more willing to take chances on the unknown at this point especially with a young QB in drafting a rookie WR in 2013 and letting a guy that may have hit his peak in performances in yards rather than TD's in a year which very well could resort back to the marshall/hartline era of play next year even if we sign wallace or jennings...

And some feel that offering a guy with 5 yrs (31 mill) over the 4 years that he's been here with 6 total TDS could indicate overpaying...

it doesnt make you any more right and everyone else completely wrong about it either...

MICHAEL EGNEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agreed teams weak as hell

Tannehill had great protection when Long was playing.

Posted by: superPHIN | March 08, 2013 at 02:21 PM

It may not be completely about pro bowls, but, we know for certain once entering playoffs its all about scoring TD's.

You watched the post season, right?

Hartline would have gotten snatched up. Can't blame a WR for the lack of QB talent. He played with nothing, and then a rookie for a year (which happened to be his best year). It was a good move.

Also, on Devlin Kris, he was undrafted wasn't he? Did you expect him to develop into anything? When's the last time you heard of an undrafted QB being relevant in the NFL? It was a "hope and a prayer" pick. No loss either way.

Posted by: We Need Playmakers | March 08, 2013 at 02:16 PM

How the FK do you know that???...do you have a crystal ball that says for sure that what miami did was right and best for a team with four losing seasons of which all those players have been resigned again...you act like their irreplacable in what they do and without them miami is doomed to failure!!!

Agree Tannehill will be as worthless as Henne was in another year. I'd trade him for a 3rd in a heartbeat. What a dissapointment.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 08, 2013 at 02:24 PM

I certianly would like to ask a guy like Jocoby Jones that question too!!!


The only thing rectifies this for me is to sign Wallace and use at least 1 of the first 2 picks at wr.

We got to have more than 1 wr(Wallace) capable of consistently getting into the enzone moving forward. If not, defenses will take away Wallace and force us to try and beat them with our pea shooters(Hartline/Bess).

I can so see this coming. Ireland thought that he was done with the wr corp when he signed Brandon Marshall. Remember what happened last time, and Im not talking Marshall being traded.

Hater101, the only thing that "sucks" is the Jets and you. Go away

Hartline asked Armando do u have a question for me? Armando said "no"
Then Hartline said "why not? U sure have a lot to say on tweeter"

Posted by: DC Dolfan | March 08, 2013 at 02:25 PM

Sure Hartline would have been snatched up. By a team that already has weapon and only needs to keep the chains moving.

No one would have signed Hartline expecting him to become a td weapon. He ideally is a package wr and 3rd downs.


Agree Tannehill will be as worthless as Henne was in another year. I'd trade him for a 3rd in a heartbeat. What a dissapointment.


Why are you even a fan then??? What's the point???

Everyone knew Tannehill would be a project. Why he was drafted so high is baffling especially since he wasnt that much in college either.

WNP, being a fan doesnt mean you have to be delusionally happy with EVERY PLAYER.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 08, 2013 at 02:32 PM

You know whats real sad and funny, take away the game against ARZ with the 256 reception and 1 TD...you'd be looking at a guy with 827 yrds recieving and ZERO tds...this contract would'nt even be talked about today...

The cardinals made this mans payday...bottomline!!!

If we had of let Hartline test the market for his value, as some of u have suggested, then he would be moving the chains in N.E. probably against us. We will sign a burner and you will see his value as he picks up first down after first down. Ireland spent millions signing players last yr that will be cut this yr. Hartline will most likely play every game and produce, that's dependability. Moore was a must. Probably the best backup in the NFL. As for Starks, we should hav elet him go and moved Odrick inside.

I'm a 30 yr fan thats fed up with how low this franchise has fallen.

Posted by: Sinatra jr | March 08, 2013 at 02:42 PM

Who gives a sht if Hartline's moving the chains somewhere else. We know he wont be scoring tds.

Plus, the Pats move the chains and score tds seemigly at will most times without Hartline. So what will hange because Hartline's in New England?

Not a mofoking thing!

Hell, the Pats would still move the chains and score tds against us even if Hartline isnt there.

Why do you guys keep trying to make it seems the Pats become a sb calibre team with Hartline? Theyre already this.

The Pats beat hell out us because we cant score points, not because we cant move the chains.

Posted by: Sinatra jr | March 08, 2013 at 02:42 PM

Also, as Hartline picks up first down after first down for us, the playing field shrinks. When the playing field shrinks, your speedster wr(singular) becomes less of a factor.

We also know that as the field shrinks, Hartline and Bess become less of a factor too, because they dont score tds.

Cant wait for you ninnies to see it plays out on the playing field this year. Then you want be as happy as your are now. This dumbass will have the last laugh!

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