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Moore, Hartline, Starks for Jake Long money

Money matters in the NFL.

Players want as much of it as possible -- and rightfully so. Teams want to horde as much of it as possible-- and rightfully so.

Interestingly, fans often side with players they like or follow and root for more than the teams and are upset when teams let good players walk. Last year, Texans fans were upset Mario Williams was allowed to leave via free agency and right tackle Eric Winston was cut.

In the coming days, many Pittsburgh Steelers fans will be unhappy if Mike Wallace leaves the team, as expected.

And I'm hearing many Dolphins fans, some on this very site, bemoaning the possibility Jake Long will be allowed to walk via free agency because he's been a good player.

Well, the reason let players you like walk is because they make priorities of other players. And sometimes quantity is just as important as quality.

Consider that Long initially considered himself "highest-paid NFL left tackle material" and wanted to maintain his $11 million per year salary he's enjoyed recently if not get a raise. That would have put Long in the $11-$12 million per year salary range.

Then consider what the Dolphins have done the past week on the contract front. They tied up Randy Starks with a one-year $8.45 million franchise tag. They tied up backup QB Matt Moore for a reported $8 million over two years. They re-signed No. 2 wide receiver Brian Hartline for $30.8 million over five years.

That's a total of $47.25 million.

If the Dolphins had met Long's intial contract desires, they would have paid him between $44-$48 million for four years or $55-$60 million for five years.

So the Dolphins got Hartline, Moore, and Starks tied up this year and in Hartline's and Moore's case, for multiple years, for the same money they might have gotten for Long alone.

Obviously, some fans will believe that would have been alright for the right to keep a starting albeit declining left tackle. Some fans will be upset if Long walks.

The Dolphins are happy with what they've done.

“I am excited that we have been able to reach an agreement with both Brian and Matt to keep them as members of the Miami Dolphins,” said Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland. “Brian is an ascending player that has steadily improved over his first four years with the organization. He has represented himself positively both on the field and throughout the South Florida community. Matt has been a valuable contributor to the Dolphins ever since he arrived two seasons ago. We are happy we were able to resign him, and we think he combines with Ryan Tannehill and Pat Devlin to give us an outstanding group of quarterbacks."

I believe it wise the Dolphins are likely to let Long test the market. I definitely don't think the guy is worth even $11 million per season. Not when you can get multiple good players for that price."


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Let's keep this real.

Reggie won 3 or 4 games by himself last year. Without Reggie, this team could sink to 3-13 this season.

I just don't see why we got Moore's contract wrapped up before we even got the entire Reggie situation resolved.

"Wallace is not Brandon Marshall either."


Marshall has the size & strength to do more things but his mental illness/baggage can't be overlooked. I also like Vincent Jackson over Wallace but V-Jax has had multiple DUI's so that's a concern too.

..Busy day here..

Time will tell us if resigning Moore was a good move. What I mean is that there are pretty decent odds Tannehill gets knicked up at some point next season. If Moore has to be alled to duty, and he can steady the ship..It was a good move. This also is a pretty big indicator that the team has no belief in Pat Devlin as the answer to the backup spot.

I am actually suprised. I thought Moore would have tested the market. I don't know if he could have got more money, or a chance at a starters spot somewhere else. I just think the team feels much better today, having a capable backup just in case rather then saving that money, searching the free agency market, or having to draft a guy that has a ton of question marks.

jack u foolish man, rbs dime a dozen. our offense will be much better next year with or without bush. let bush go to detroit, perfect fit for him

Yes, Mike Wallace is not a Megatron.

and jack they wrapped up the bush saga way before resigning moore. they decided weeks ago they didnt want bush back at his price, smart move

course darryl, devlin is a 3rd string qb, always will be. hope u didnt drink the koolaid on him also like many in here did last year

Dime a dozen huh? Well, Ireland has yet to spend 2 cents on RB's to replace Bush.

he already replaced bush with a solid pick in last years draft, its miller time bro.

i agree wallace isnt, thats why he will be a viking most likely. vikes want nothing to do with harvin, he will be traded or hold out till week 10


There's NO WAY the Vikings will not pay an offensive player more than they're paying Adrian Peterson.

theres every way possible the vikings will cause they have to. peterson will make 12 mill at least next year, pretty sure hes ok

That's one of the ramifications, DD, that the Team does not believe in Pat Devlin as backup QB. However, that goes contrary to what was heard from Philbin last year and what was seen. Somebody not telling the whole Truth here. Has to be played out.

So Adrian Peterson is worth 83 cents? Especially since RB's are worth a dime a dozen.

Santana Moss may also be on the chopping block. Can't remember the last time a WR who had 8 TD's & was let go.

He may not be a starter at this point in his career but Moss can still play. I can see NE kicking the tire on him as well.

yup rbs are dime a dozen replaced often and easily . now peterson is on another planet, are u "idiot" comparing third down back bush to peterson. lol bet u r

LOL! Replaced with a solid back in the draft last year? LOL...the chicken? Didn't the coaches tell the chicken to act like a man and quit acting like a punk arse.

they can have s moss, that dude is about done

Whats for dinner?

"theres every way possible the vikings will cause they have to. peterson will make 12 mill at least next year, pretty sure hes ok"


I'm telling you that AP would be BEYOND pissed if that happens.

BTW--Maybe Wallace thinks Ponder sucks like I do.

kc just payed bowe 3 times what charles makes. its gonna happen as contracts get bigger and bigger. ap gets his 16 mill in 2017

sure the fins will offer 5 years 60 mill and wallace will have to decide between us and vikes. maybe he hates ponder and doesnt want to play outside in -67 degree weather

The Miami Dolphins Will Struggle if Lamar Miller is Their Feature Halfback

"if Bush walks and Miller is thrust into the spotlight, the Dolphins will struggle mightily because with Bush the running lanes are open far wider that enable quarterback Ryan Tannehill to run all over unsuspecting defenses."

"Miller frankly doesn’t have that much of a dynamic ability."


..DB..Nope. I never drank the Devlin Kool Aid. I debated a similar point a few weeks ago thinking what if Moore signs elswhere? I thought it didnt matter if we signed Moore or not, that I believed Devlin wasn't going to go into camp as the number 2 guy. (Even I get one right every now and then)..

Only those with the lowest of low self esteem would continue to engage with YesterJerk.

i can see the signing of Moore as insurance for Tannyhill or being able to trade him later on if somebody's #1 goes down in summer camp. It's a weak QB market for both Free Agency and the draft. Was Moore going to get a good contract out there? Possibly, but most of the teams are in cap hell. I think this was the smart move on his part. And with playing time escalators built in, if Tanny goes down or he gets traded, he might be getting a nice bonus. Willing to let the rest of free agency, the draft (hell he might get traded during) and then training camp play out. If he's here for game 1, great, i feel good about our backup Qb, if not, then i hope we got a good pick or players for him.

In the world of YesterJerk, there are only two types of people:

1. Those that agree with him
2. Dumb fools that should not have been born

The irony here is that YesterJerk rarely agrees with his own self of two weeks back!


YesetJerk has no respect for the very bloggers he blogs with, yet he keeps coming back to blog with them. Deduction: YesterJerk has no respect for himself either.


Let Long test the waters, Dump Sean Smith there are PLENTY of DB's out there getting cut loose & most of them are still better talent than Smith even the injured recovering ones!!!

It is a mystery to me why many of you continue to blog with such a belligerent aaahole like YG.

..As far as the Hartline contract..This is exactly what I was talking about the last few weeks. The reports of the 6 million dollar a year contract were just absurd. Even 5 million..Nobody was going to pay this. Now we haven't seen the structure of this contract yet. But it looks like it may be backloaded. So we are on the hook for nothing after 2015. Hartline at 2.5 to 3 million a year is what I suggested was a good deal..and it is looking like for the next few years this is what he will get.

Now..This means we can go after a reciever like Wallace, or Jennings. and go ahead and use the draft to upgrade the position as a group. Hartline has value on this team. To think he doesn't well, that is up to you. If you are caught up on just TD's. we still have the opportunity to aquire playmakers, and redzone threats at reciever, and other spots.

They are comfortable with Moore, he is a known quantity, he appears to be well liked and well respected. That makes for a great back up qb, so you keep him.

I hope Miami is not oblivious to the fact that Victor Cruz is going to FA and will come much cheaper than one trick Wallace.

I think you need receivers to perform certain roles. Lots of other people on here seem to fall into three camps of what roles they desire in free agency and the draft. One camp wants a field stretching burner, another camp wants a large sure handed red zone target, and the last camp wants a solid route runner for the west coast offense. Our current crop of receivers (Hartline included) don't really fit this bill we saw that last year.

I think all of the camps are right, we need all of those WR types to be successful with the passing game. You need guys for every situation.


Agreed. DRC is not only faster than Smith, but has 11 more picks, and has only been in the league one more year. CBS Sports has him listed as the 7th best free agent CB this year. Maybe we can pick him up cheap and hope Coyle can get him back to where he was when he made the pro bowl.

Sign DRC, Cook/Bennett, and Winston, double up on WR in the first 3 rounds, and pass on Wallace/Jennings.

I say take Patterson at 12 and one of the speedsters later. Use FA to fill some other needs, fill in the gaps with the rest of the picks.

Victor Cruz is a RESTRICTED FA. He would not be cheaper AND Fins would have to give Guanta draft picks.

Great back up QB....lol....

loser mentality....

Giants draft pick

when is the last time you read great...and back-up in the same sentence.....

only on a FINS blog....


I agree for the most part, but I don't see having a burner as a must have like many do. New England doesn't have burner to strech the field. If we can get a seam threat TE, and a #1 WR that needs to be doubled there will be plenty of sure handed WRs for Tanny to throw to.

Kris why is that a loser mentality to cover that base for this season?

cover the bases....

not @ 8.4 mil for 2 years....

I would rather give 12 to Bush for 2 years...and have a player that will see the field....

Great back up QB....lol....

loser mentality....

Posted by: Kris | March 08, 2013 at 07:33 PM

You are just not realistic. Perhaps you'd like to inform us how many teams have a great starting calibur QB as their back up?

I guess by your standards all of last seasons playoff teams had loser mentalities, with the exception of SF who had Alex Smith and has since let him go.


Don't see us taking Patterson with our first pick. Kid is raw, and from his combine interviews he doesn't come across as the brightest kid. Doesn't seem like a Philbin type player. Plus, 12 is way to high for him imo.

With our offensive tackle situation we might see alot of Moore this year. It's pretty rare

LAMAR MILLER HAS BEEN TRAINING SINCE THE SEASON ENDED— Defenses around the Nfl will be frustrated in 2013 when it comes to shutting down Lamar Miller. His skills are lethal and he will burst out on the scene— easily filling the shoes of Reggie if not More. I am excited to see him START next year. He is a playmaker who had very limited touches last year because our offense couldnt convert 3rd downs. This year Lamar Millers name will be heard all the time!


I don't want a back-up that is equal to my starter.....

I wamt Aaron Rodgers starter quality....and a back-up i need to google....

Tom Brady starter quality...and a back-up i need to google.....

Drew brees starter quality....and a back up I need to google....

see where i'm going with this....

Rare a starter finishes every game.

I hope so Micheal Rosen....

Mr. Tannehill was raw too. I think he has lots of potential to develop into a true alpha. Of course, what I think has no bearing on the situation.

I didn't see those interviews, but let's face it, Marino wasn't exactly the brightest bulb out there either. I believe there is such a thing as football smarts that don't translate much to other stuff.

..Kris..I think you whiffed on this one. We all would love to have a quality starter in the class of a Brees or Rodgers, or Chad Henne(joke)..The issue is that that quality is useless if they get hurt. Odds are your quarterback is going to get hurt. Having an insurance policy isn't a bad idea.

Well Kris,

Then we differ in opinion. I think Tannehill is hands down superior to Moore. He has a much stronger arm, is far better throwing on the run, and is a serious run threat.

I believe Tannehill has far more upsided and Moore has pretty much peaked.


always respect your opinion...but I think Moore is over paid....I will have to look @ the leauge back-up QB average salary to see if this makes sense...I have a feeling that the #s won't add up.....

Senso...its OK that we disagree.....that what makes this blog what it is....

gotta roll men....i'll answer all criticism tomorrow....

Hartline one TD last year and he gets paid Jody Nelson money.. I told you guys that by the time draft comes around the PHINS will have about 8 or 7 mile left. That's your buddy Jeff Ireland. Believe me Jeff won't even try to sign Mike Wallace. Loser don't win because they don't know how! Hahahahaha. If Hartline is worth I guess Mike Wallace is worth 50mil contract with 20mil signing bonus!

Haven't read the Moore contract but heard there are lots of risers in it. Toile the full amount he would have to start X number of games if Tanny gets hurt to get full value of contract. Curious to see if this is correct

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