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Moore, Hartline, Starks for Jake Long money

Money matters in the NFL.

Players want as much of it as possible -- and rightfully so. Teams want to horde as much of it as possible-- and rightfully so.

Interestingly, fans often side with players they like or follow and root for more than the teams and are upset when teams let good players walk. Last year, Texans fans were upset Mario Williams was allowed to leave via free agency and right tackle Eric Winston was cut.

In the coming days, many Pittsburgh Steelers fans will be unhappy if Mike Wallace leaves the team, as expected.

And I'm hearing many Dolphins fans, some on this very site, bemoaning the possibility Jake Long will be allowed to walk via free agency because he's been a good player.

Well, the reason let players you like walk is because they make priorities of other players. And sometimes quantity is just as important as quality.

Consider that Long initially considered himself "highest-paid NFL left tackle material" and wanted to maintain his $11 million per year salary he's enjoyed recently if not get a raise. That would have put Long in the $11-$12 million per year salary range.

Then consider what the Dolphins have done the past week on the contract front. They tied up Randy Starks with a one-year $8.45 million franchise tag. They tied up backup QB Matt Moore for a reported $8 million over two years. They re-signed No. 2 wide receiver Brian Hartline for $30.8 million over five years.

That's a total of $47.25 million.

If the Dolphins had met Long's intial contract desires, they would have paid him between $44-$48 million for four years or $55-$60 million for five years.

So the Dolphins got Hartline, Moore, and Starks tied up this year and in Hartline's and Moore's case, for multiple years, for the same money they might have gotten for Long alone.

Obviously, some fans will believe that would have been alright for the right to keep a starting albeit declining left tackle. Some fans will be upset if Long walks.

The Dolphins are happy with what they've done.

“I am excited that we have been able to reach an agreement with both Brian and Matt to keep them as members of the Miami Dolphins,” said Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland. “Brian is an ascending player that has steadily improved over his first four years with the organization. He has represented himself positively both on the field and throughout the South Florida community. Matt has been a valuable contributor to the Dolphins ever since he arrived two seasons ago. We are happy we were able to resign him, and we think he combines with Ryan Tannehill and Pat Devlin to give us an outstanding group of quarterbacks."

I believe it wise the Dolphins are likely to let Long test the market. I definitely don't think the guy is worth even $11 million per season. Not when you can get multiple good players for that price."


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Senso I am with you. You need a quality back up and Moore is that. He is a great back up yet he is not a threat to Tannehill's stating job (at least not yet). Fins will not have to worry if Tannehill goes down as Moore can steer the ship in his absense.

You simply cannot go into the year with Pat Delvin as your starter and now we will not have to use a mid round pick on a QB (who probably would not be as good as Moore). Garrard or the other FA back up stifs would not be better than Moore. Kudos to Ireland on this move!

ray, you know ANYTHING about Hartlines contract?? Please enlighten us with your vast knowledge of the cap hit and guaranteed money oh Wizard.

ray shouldn't you be in bible study and not hating people?

..Kris..His salary is a lot for a backup..No doubt. I mentioned earlier that his value to this team(contract wise) can't be measured until, or if he has to play. If he sits on the bench all year. Sure it would be real easy to say..WTF??

But if he comes in and wins a few games. Especially if these games end up being important. Then the deal looks pretty good. Still. For the team, from their point of view. The luxury of knowing we have a capable guy.That we can move forward without the stress of finding a number 2...Is worth the money

So YG what move would you have made since you can only sign your own free agents. What are you talking about weak moves, those were the moves that should have been made. You don't don't sound as educated as you did once.


I'm not saying Patterson won't have a good career in the NFL. He's definitely a play maker, and very may well. I'm just pointing out that he doesn't seem to fit Philbin's mold of what he likes out of a football player. Philbin is meticulous, and has said he likes guys with football smarts. Even when Keenan Allen was interviewed he said Philbin asked him to draw up certain routes on the board for different scenarios. Patterson doesn't seem to fit that criteria, so I don't see him being high on Philbin's wish list.

All three players have shown their value and keeping 3 productive players is a great move. The Miami Dolphins are on the right track. I just hope that free agency and the draft will show the same wise choices.

Other then the Jets and Pats games will they even draw 20,000 next year?

Moore 8 mil to hold a clip board. Man it's nice living in this great country! But I told you guys. That JI will screw up the salary cap space. But most of the people in america wanted Obama back and look at gas prices and people still loosening jobs. Plus if you don't have Heath insurance or refuse Heath insurance from your job even though you can't afford it you get fine by the government
For not having insurance, plus you have earn less than 30 k a year to qualify for the Obama care! Hahahahaha America voted. PHINS wanted JI. Good luck!

Orlando, that is my take. Plus he is here, within the system already. One less unknown to worry about.

People cry that the FO is too cheap but as soon as they toss a guy a decent check for his ability, people want to criticize it. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

..Ray..We don't know what the structure of Hartlines contract is. The only thin we know is that 12 million is guaranteed. So he isn't making Jordy Nelson money. He should make around 2.5 3 million a year this season. Maybe a bit more, perhaps a bit less. But ballpark. This is exactly what he should make.

Ray where do you get your inside informaton on Wallace, I be he does go after him. Tell why he wouldn't.

I am not sold on breaking the bank on Wallace. 12 Million for a guy that had less total yards, yards per catch and receptions than Hartline with Big Ben throwing him the football should not get paid like an elite WR. He is not twice as good as Hartline (at least not by last years numbers) who only got 6 million. Why should Wallace get twice the money that Hartline got. Let's look at other positions in FA (OL, Pass rusher, TE) and build the WR group through the draft. I would rather draft Tavon Austin and Ryan Swope at a much cheaper price tag. A receiving group that includes Hartline, Bess, Austin, and Swope would be awesome.

ray, oh Wizard, your post goes to show what a clueless mor0n you are. Hartline's cap hit will cost the Fins 3 million, with 12 million guaranteed. I suggest ray you go elsewhere, since you add nothing to the conversation. Thank you for trying to participate

Yeah Ray let's see what's happening with the economy. 236,000 jobs added, unemploymeng at a 5 year low 7.7, and the Dow breaking records every day. Oh and gas prices still lower than during Bush, yeah retty bad, idiot.

People cry that the FO is too cheap but as soon as they toss a guy a decent check for his ability, people want to criticize it. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Posted by: Senso | March 08, 2013 at 08:08 PM


This is EXACTLY what Kris does. He whined about taking a chance on a first round QB for years and as soon as we pick one, he trashes the pick!

mike, because ray has no clue what he is talking about. He has ZERO clue about NFL contracts. He just likes to subtract numbers and think he knows what he is talking about, he doesnt

More information Ray S&P breaking records, mortgage loans still very low, and we now produce more oil than Saudi Arabia.

guys ray is a really dumb bible thumper, aren't they all really dumb?

statistics worldwide show that the most religious people are either very poor or very stupid or both.

Yea Senso it seems like most dolphin fans are just looking to be critical. Sometimes it is better to sign the guys you know that fit your system. Did we not learn our lesson after paying Dansby top dollar to be an average LB. Most teams that build through FA are not very good. Look at Philadelphia, Washington, etc. who have taken this approach. You have to spend your money wisely and re-signing Moore was a smart move. They are now set at QB position with a franchise QB (hopefully), a great veteran back up, and a young developmental QB in Delvin. Let's continue to buid through the draft, spend our money on our own quality FAs, and bring in minimal FAs from other teams.

I think some of you cats wouldn't be happy if the team announced we'd traded for Megatron, Adrian Peterson, and Aldon Smith and it only cost us a 5th,6th,and 7rd draft pick.

It appears their doing their due diligence with these signings and have done their homework on the free agent market. It looks like their making a serious attempt to build a winning team.

Time will tell if they know what their doing but I like what they've done so far.

..I am for paying a free agent WR..It will cost, no doubt. There will be risk, and probably the player will never be able to live up to the gross amount they get. But, even with these red flags. We have an opportunity to go for it. Ireland has conceded that he as not put enough stock into improving the WR position. Who is to say if we try to go the responsible route. That the guys we draft will be able to make any difference?

There would be a ton of pressure on an inexperieced group. I'm all for drafting a wide reciever. And who knows perhaps if we use a premium pick(first 2 rounds) we may even find a player. I don't think Ireland has enough capital left in his account to gamble on just the draft picks alone to be difference makers in the time he may be alloted to turn this team from a losing side, to a contender.

If he swings and misses..He goes down trying. I say go for it. This whole abundance of money and picks was by design..No time to get cold feet.





Moore 8 mil to hold a clip board. Man it's nice living in this great country! But I told you guys. That JI will screw up the salary cap space. But most of the people in america wanted Obama back and look at gas prices and people still loosening jobs. Plus if you don't have Heath insurance or refuse Heath insurance from your job even though you can't afford it you get fine by the government
For not having insurance, plus you have earn less than 30 k a year to qualify for the Obama care! Hahahahaha America voted. PHINS wanted JI. Good luck!

Posted by: ray | March 08, 2013 at 08:07 PM

For sure Ray, our nation has a real problem with LOOSENING jobs and HEATH insurance. Leave it too a guy that is too stupid to even uppercase his own name to make a retarded comment about how a GM runs his football team!



Dez Bryant had 12 times the TD's that Hartline had last year.

Congrats to Ireland for resigning Hartline too. He is very under appreciated and not valued by this fan base. People don't want to pay 6 million (3 million against the cap this year) for a pro bowl receiver that we developed here but would rather pay 12 million for a WR who his own team is very willing to let walk. I don't see the Steelers wanting to break the bank for Wallace. I have been on some Steeler blogs and I don't see them lamenting the fact that Wallace is leaving. His is own coach called him a one trick pony.

The grass always looks greener on the other side. Not saying that I would not want Wallace here but not for 12 million a year. Brandon Marshall is making 10 Million and Wallace is not close to being the impact player that Marshall is. Marshall can take over a game.


Yeah Ray let's see what's happening with the economy. 236,000 jobs added, unemploymeng at a 5 year low 7.7, and the Dow breaking records every day. Oh and gas prices still lower than during Bush, yeah retty bad, idiot.

Posted by: mike | March 08, 2013 at 08:13 PM

SHUT UP! You low information dumb liberal!

Unemployment dropped because 130k people stopped looking for work. LOOK BEYOND THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE TO FIND OUT WHY THE RATE DROPPED!

Typical for a liberal to take pride in a number that is horrendous for american workers!

I bet you think $6 trillion in debt since Odumba took office is great. You needed stimulus, you needed health care etc.. THE RESULTS ARE WHAT? NOTHING HAS BEEN FIXED!

Gas prices when W left office were $1.83 natioanl average for a gallon of regular. I dare you to find it ANYWHERE for less than $3 a gallon today!

Don't sit here & think all of us are as dumb & uninformed as you are. You and your MSNBC liberal types are the sh*t stain of America.

ray dumbshit

facts for clueless out of touch people

the stock market reached record historical highs in history this week.

unemployment is falling rapidly for months

job growth has been postivie for well over 30 consecutive months and the most recent reports have been the highest.

we are rebounding very well from the worst financial crisis in our life time.

read more news and less bible and you won't appear so freaking dumb all the time.

Jason Campbell made 3.5 million as a backup for the Bears last year, and lets not forget Kyle Orton's 3 year 10.5 million contract he signed with Dallas. If Moore is to be considered the best backup QB in the league then his contract is right on par.

Yes, Hartline came into his own this year. He did not develop until this year. Some guys develop later and I also beleive that Marshall demanded the ball so much that it kind of hurt the development of Hartline. Also, Hartline has always had mediocre QBs throwing him the ball.

Again, I am not saying that Hartline is better than Wallace. I am just saying that Wallace does not deserve to earn twice the amount of money that Hartline is earning, not based on last year's stats. Wallace is not even the number 1 receiver on the Steelers and some here want to pay him like he is Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald.


i just did a few shots with god. he asked me to ask you not to come to this blog or his church anymore.

Agreed Orlando, Victor Cruz is a impact rec. aand in FA, He will come much cheaper than Wallace.

Agreed Orlando, Victor Cruz is a impact rec. aand in FA, He will come much cheaper than Wallace.

Posted by: Sinatra jr | March 08, 2013 at 08:34 PM

He is RFA, get off your lazy butt and do some research before blabbing false statements. Cruz will cost picks and will not be cheaper than Wallace.

Posted by: blim | March 08, 2013 at 08:31 PM


Unemployment jumped to 7.9% only 1-2 months ago yet, it's been dropping RAPIDLY for months? LMAO

Do you think everyone is as dumb as you? Seriously, dumb f-in uninformed idiots!

Sinatra Jr. You are another one. Victor Cruz is a RESTRICTED free agent. Look it up and see what it would cost the Fins to sign him.


I basically said the same thing earlier only i think you worded it a little better.

I was pissed we didn't do a better job of adding recievers last year but when you look at it there weren't that many options out there.

I think the Marshall trade was a little over the top but they were making a point to the rest of the team as to what type of attitude and work ethic is expected of a Dolphin under this new regime.

And whats the common theme among are unsigned players other than maybe Smith? They all want to return. Their buying in to what Philbin and co are selling and want to be a part of it. Of course they want to get paid too.


Hey blimbo, why don't you go ask the 130K who just last month ran out of unemployment & are no longer looking for work how great America is doing.

Or the 178K the month before. Get a friggin clue bub. You're destroying this country.

Those people aren't even counted anymore!

In 4.5 Obama years, most debt accumlated in HISTORY.

In 4.5 years, most people EVER on food stamps.

In 4.5 years most people every in poverty!

But, yea, I bet it's all W's fault LMAO

I bet it's W's fault too that Libya, N. Korea, Iran, Syria is exploding with unrest & not that Odumba has made America's strength become dimished



People like you morons don't deserve to vote. They should have a comptency test before they let people into a voting booth.

If you idiots think America is doing great, you OBVIOUSLY don't live in this country.

companies across the board are realling in huge profits, the stock market is at its highest levels in the history of time and you poor saps wanting to rely on government handouts are still crying that you lost your job at denny's.

wake up and get off your lazy azzzes


I don't get you, man. Is it because you can't stand Ireland? How come you always take the other end of the stick?

for the last time, the team and Philbin don't want Bush. If they did it would be done. So the money isn't being allocated for Bush....end of story.

Where is it written that you can't have a god back-up? Montana had Walsh. Kelly had Reich. Manning had?...oh yeah, he nobody and when he went down the team went 2-14. Big Ben last year had?.....oh yeah, the Steelers missed the playoffs because they had no one. Niners had Kaepernick and that saved their season.

So I'm really not getting your point. You wanted competition for Tannehill. You've got it in a capable back-up. Because the team has decided they want Tannehill to be the starter, you have a problem with that?

Question: who is it EXACTLY you wanted as the back-up because from all reports we got the top FA Qb out there. So I am REALLy missing what you are trying to say.

I hate the Hartline move.Its nothing persona! But 6 mil a yr for a #2 WR.T.Y Hilton had more tds his rookie yr then Hartline has has his whole career!

blim, go watch odumba play golf on cnn. thats where you belong.

uninformed ignoramous!


couldn't have had anything to do with who was throwing him the ball, could it? Or the fact that he has Reggie Wayne playing opposite him? Nah....

Just to show you how much fans look to other teams for FA help. I recently read an article from a Tampa newspaper talking about how Buc fans were excited about Sean Smith. They are talking about Smith like some here talk about Wallace. The grass is always greener on the other side. A sign of the greatness of a player is when their teams franchise them or lock them up long term. Players like Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, and Andre Johnson do not become FAs because they are great and that is why they make more than 12 million a year. The Steelers are not even blinking about letting Wallace walk. There is no way that the Steelers are going to pay that kind of money for a player that barely broke the 1000 yard mark last year (less receptions and yards than Hartline).

I'm sure there has to has be thousand of political blogs where you guys can piss and moan.

We piss and moan enough about football on here without adding that reteric.

Reggie Bush is a must sign.

proof for dummy's

Historic Week: Dow Sets All-Time High Above 14,400; Major Averages Rally 2% for Week

Stocks finished higher across the board Friday with the Dow setting a new record high and all three major averages up more than 2 percent for the week, boosted by a stronger-than-expected monthly government payrolls number.

Ur a Dumb Liberal, take your political B/S and go cry elsewhere. This is a dolphins blog, we can care less what you think about politics d0uche

Reggie Bush, GONE, Jake Long GONE, Sean Smith GONE none of this is going to change

The Republicans have alienated the world. They're shrinking faster then Dolphin fans!

boobyd you are the biggest moron douche bag to ever blog here. you were a nasty ahole to everybody until your father died, then you mellowed out for a couple of months, and then you got right back to your old nonsense,. you are a bitter loser.

bobbydouche just recently made fun of people who read books, that is how freakin stupid this guy is...dumber than a fart-n-the-wind.

No stadium handouts for the 4.4 BILLION DOLLAR man.

Reggie Bush is a must sign.

Posted by: CadillacDeVille
Bush was great for the Dolphins but they now have a younger cheaper replacement and need to spend to get a FA TE, WR or DB. It's a good football and business decision. There is only so much money to go around.

I see that Randy Starks has not signed his tender yet and it's 9PM. Trouble looming ahead.

blim, go lick your moms herpes infested pussie you troll with a million names

Bush will only take development time away from our younger players at this point. He is still a good player, but a better fit for another team now.

Or, why not just use Bush mainly as a receiver and occasional RB?

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